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I'M BACK!! Far Cry 4 Footage

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Text Comments (91)
M0neill CSGO (3 years ago)
More dayz mate
figgywurmack (3 years ago)
Only Austin would post a video called: "im back" and then upload nothing for 3 weeks. Gas man
SecondBest (3 years ago)
you must be one of the best youtubers there is, keep up the good work buddy.
Jason Keeler (3 years ago)
Thanks for uploading again! Looking forward to those (possible) DayZ videos.
xMaZi100 (3 years ago)
love your commentary as always man. cant wait for regular uploads again. Merry Christmas and happy new year, much love and good night.
naD - Blaqlist (3 years ago)
hope you had a good Christmas Aust :P
GOAT Sport Films (3 years ago)
Glad to see you back!
AbsolemLNG (3 years ago)
Cool, I've been playing ArmA 3 Overpoch, and it's alright.  I've been thinking about installing overpoch for ArmA 2 again.  Altis is just way too big for overpoch, especially with only 60 character slots, so many hours of downtime between action, and their Chernarus servers use the old shitty map with like 4 functional buildings per town. They've also made building materials and lockboxes WAY too rare.  I'm not really down to run on foot and loot towns for 18 hours before I can start setting up somewhere to store loot.  I'm talking about the CCG servers here.  If anyone knows a good ArmA 3 epoch/overpoch server that has decent building material droprate, lemme know! I prefer epoch to overpoch really.  I don't really enjoy everyone running around in their underwear with 50 cals and LMGs KOSing outside of spawn.  Less guns, more vehicles, more building mats.
TheKingCatFish (3 years ago)
who the fuck came on to the video and just thought i might just dislike this, yea thats what im going to do! WELL FUCK YOU WHO EVER THAT IS FUCK YOU!
W5R1GHT (3 years ago)
You silly goose you was meant to get he 980 not the 970
jesse van vliet (3 years ago)
Love the videos man!, keep it up ;)
Q dizzle (3 years ago)
Took  your FUCKING TIME  {Jks love you Welcome back !}
m0uster 1337 (3 years ago)
I hope so man. I know this means shit in real life but I was almost trhinking of unsubbing because you just don't upload but, hopefully this time you'll see that a lot of people enjoy your brand of comedy and commentary over fps survival games. Please come back Aust!
IamZani (3 years ago)
Yes! Finally! U crack me up man hopefully some more vids to go!
SmokeWise Ganja (3 years ago)
Get some Breaking Point vids out mate, I'd watch that shit all day long. 
Rousch (3 years ago)
Jeez want some tissues Austin, you got a bit mushy at the end there...
Spectre Gamers (3 years ago)
glad your back in action man, been a bit stale without you... H1Z1 looks to be cool, you know the Pre Release on January 15th is $100 though I think?  I might be thinking of another game, but check that, cos thats just insane.
draanexle (3 years ago)
Have a nice xmas and hopefully a happy upcoming year with the new Graphics card and the hopefully good upcoming games.  Hopefully they're properly optimized, atleast GTA V since it'll be an official release.
SNAKE DΞLTA (3 years ago)
nice to see ya back austin :) matey , glad you got your pc sorted i know how you feel when your pc fails , i had 2 hard drives go and a graphics card all in the space of three weeks, glad to see you back mate 
Chris dildo (3 years ago)
You are the man. My favorite youtuber and the only streamer i watch. Considering the fact that you don't upload much or stream much and you're actually terrible at the games you play (fps at least) you can take that as one massive compliment.
andrew armour (3 years ago)
nice one austin i find braking point less broken, less annoying than day z these days. 
Czarty (3 years ago)
I'll still be watching no matter what :)
Crow T Robot (3 years ago)
Alien Isolation
Angus Hinnigan (3 years ago)
You said your GPU committed suicide, i dont know if i heard wrong or you said the wrong thing, but i have no idea what that is
Lode Star (3 years ago)
austin uf u want to play arma 3 overpoch and its full wait for a restart and haul ass 
RechargingBatteries (3 years ago)
No matter how infrequent the uploads, youre fucking funny, so im sticking around...
mrande913a (3 years ago)
We are still here for you Aust<333
figgywurmack (3 years ago)
please do the Dayz and arma videos man
jonowee (3 years ago)
We still love you, ya nobhead.
LimerickTV (3 years ago)
Whale cum back bro
TTillahFK (3 years ago)
merry christmas and happy new years to you too man
IamB88 (3 years ago)
You should take a look at STALKER: Call of Pripyat for a "Never Again" type video. Or just a lark, even, since there's plenty on funny translations and wonky interface to give you some comedic material to work with. Especially since it's such a serious game.
razt125 (3 years ago)
You are funny mate. Keep being funny and I'll keep watching.
Snorre Pedersen (3 years ago)
You should consider playing P.T. if you're looking for a scary game.
Kyon (3 years ago)
If you want a scary game, why not Alien: Isolation?
MrNolanRobinson (3 years ago)
WB to Youtube, not much has changed, just a bit of redecorating.
Ban drizzle (3 years ago)
Don't need dayz sa too keep me around. Keep at it, guy.
Silo Entertainment (3 years ago)
I'm still watchin :3
Ryan Dunnion (3 years ago)
Its good to have ya back austin. missed your stream the last, now im sad.
YUNGBUDDHA (3 years ago)
Looking forward to your future content c:
Copper Beard (3 years ago)
:) Merry Christmas Austin!
Brian Hancock (3 years ago)
Good to see you're back mate! Cant wait to see more from you. You have so many subs and you will get so many more! Keep it up mate! Do you work or will you switch to this full time when you get enough revenue? 
Bubba Gurt (3 years ago)
Try DayzRP StandAlone if you're interested. Might have a few better encounters than usually, ya never know.
dangus (3 years ago)
Thanks Austin! Glad to hear the 970 is the tits. your vids are always entertaining. I hope you keep em coming. 
SV67943 (3 years ago)
By the "Anne Frank" comment, you'd entirely won me back. Just play games and be funny. It doesn't have to be DayZ, though you could stop talking about until you DO try it again. I get enough of that annoying shit out of Frankie.
fubarferment (3 years ago)
Welcome back, Aust!! And happy birthday! :D
Jaggy TV (3 years ago)
Don Noyes (3 years ago)
Glad to here you are coming back to DayZ.
Susan Doyle (3 years ago)
Keep up the great work Aust :) Me along with all the other active subscribers stuck around because you're content is so original and awesome to watch. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and I can't wait for your videos in 2015!
TheRustySpoon (3 years ago)
Good to see you back mate.
saltwaterdickslap (3 years ago)
You're the most hilarious video game commentator on the interwebz. For realziez. I always look forward to your content. Keep it up!  Also, happy holidays!
Ben (3 years ago)
would you shut the fuck up about your life and get on with playing the game
Dylan Arjo (3 years ago)
great to hear youre finally back again, wish i could catch you on twitch but im looking forward to your next uploads.
Skellingtor (3 years ago)
I didn't actually know your PC was broken, and that twat Jordan told me you retired. Glad you're coming back.
Mizu Ming (3 years ago)
Nice to see you back.
Howiethief (3 years ago)
Still watching <3
EatmeChowdown (3 years ago)
Very pleased to see you back dude. I watch everyone single one of your vids but I can't be arsed with the whole commenting, sharing or twitter bollocks. I know that makes me an "inactive sub" but rest assured my man love for you is turned up to 11.
Sam Tabib (3 years ago)
Austin please play alien isolation for never again.
J Robson (3 years ago)
Yeah, you best be back. Bitch.
Roby the Red (3 years ago)
Great to see more content keep it up Austin!
chesh21-0 (3 years ago)
Awesome news mate! Can't wait.
Aaron McHale (3 years ago)
Thank BYZE that your back man, love it!!!
skajme (3 years ago)
Good to see you back man!
SpareTime Network (3 years ago)
Good to see you back and running :D look forward to the gta stuff and all the other future videos you have planned. Merry Christmas mate :)
HE NEED SOME MILK (3 years ago)
sometimes when i close my eyes i cant see?
7A TheKnightOfIsla (3 years ago)
I've missed you Austin, I'm sure come 2015 you'll be back on your feet running faster than Usain Bolt. Keep it up man!
Callum .G (3 years ago)
oi oi saveloy!!
EvantMedia (3 years ago)
Glad your back :)
BaconAniimal (3 years ago)
fuck yodel
Techmical (3 years ago)
Love your work mate. Keep it up
Red King (3 years ago)
Love you austin
BattleBeard (3 years ago)
So glad you're back fella! Love watching you play, so funny!
TheLastWish (3 years ago)
Glad you're back Austin, just got myself my own PC, which is amazing! Looking forward for more content, keep up the perfect work! :)
Zer0 (3 years ago)
The legend has returned! Good on ya mate! Love the videos! Glad you're back, missed you, to be honest. :'( but now that you have returned I can live my life knowing I can enjoy your videos again! Cheers
Igame4life55 (3 years ago)
I fucking love you mate I love the way you play games I tried your style of play on day z standalone with a mate it was so funny I would PAY!!!! To play with you I think you are so funny please keep doing what your doing because it is AMAZING!!!!! (Btw I fuckin laughed so had with the power supply joke) it's just my sense of humor!!!!!! Good luck and I hope to see you grow to 1000000000000 some how haha
The Austin Experience (3 years ago)
Thanks man
Idiomorphous (3 years ago)
Glad your back m9
BeggarsBelief (3 years ago)
M9? As in mine? As in mein? As in mein kampf?
ItsAvalxnche (3 years ago)
The wait for new videos is coming to an end!
jackyboy39 (3 years ago)
Glad your back aust kick 2015 off with a bang love your vids keep it up
ArandomGuyLOL (3 years ago)
Kiwi (3 years ago)
good to see you back mate !!!!!!
Kiwi (3 years ago)
cant wait for the new content :D
The Austin Experience (3 years ago)
Finally back on the PC! Sorry about the shitty render, I need to tinker a bit more with sony vegas after a fresh install
Pr4bbit (3 years ago)
I hope your CPU dies next
Rat Dad (3 years ago)
Definitely more DayZ!
DrBlundergat (3 years ago)
So glad you're back Aust youtube's been really dry (except BYZE and Robbaz) since you stopped making vids have a great Christmas :D
Moriquende (3 years ago)
Good to have you back Aust :)
King Barry Scott (3 years ago)
No how you feel. 5 weeks I was out of action. 

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