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Card Game: Speed

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A fun fast card game for two players
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TB12BRUH (4 months ago)
3:32 what was that lol
Braelee Borden (4 months ago)
thats not how you play
CowsDaBest (4 months ago)
How come I play this game differently from this video?
Furbbles stuff (5 months ago)
I play speed but differently i put 5 cards on the outer side
Kash Steiner (11 months ago)
You set it up wrong because there is 5 cards on the side not 2 the rest of it was right
mochababy1990 (1 year ago)
Wrong. You have five cards on either side.
I already knew how to play this
CS Little Cesars (1 year ago)
Thanks for showing how to to play this fun and simple card game
Splash Games (1 year ago)
You are welcome! More to come!
Jesus Sandoval (1 year ago)
This is not how u play speed
Oscar Orea (1 year ago)
Us kids call this spit
Splash Games (1 year ago)
We have a different version we call Spit check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKIjL1WrDLg
Gamer Queen_Charisma (1 year ago)
No no no! All wrong! Each player should have a deck of 20 cards. There should be two cards sided to each other and two decks of 5 card on the side of them. And it's only limited to the maximum of 5 cards at hand
sel ;-; (1 year ago)
When I flipped over the card, it was also a 7 and King 😮😭
Splash Games (1 year ago)
ha-ha! Funny!
S Austinn (1 year ago)
when you win you you say speed!
Arianna Guevara (1 year ago)
So speed is kind of like spit???
Rick Sanchez (1 year ago)
This girl is going places.
Michael VanFleet (1 year ago)
That's not how you play
Blooddragon Gaming (1 year ago)
the position should be : 5-1-1-5
peachfuzz1204 (1 year ago)
Great choice of music starting at 2:27.  Jazzy!
Abdulrahman Khaled (2 years ago)
ur soooo cute
ElephantGirl03 Toth (2 years ago)
I call this game Spit but it is set up differently
Suelen C. (1 year ago)
ElephantGirl03 Toth it isint spit tho its sosas they made a turorial to spit
Junkyard (2 years ago)
Need subtitles
keawea27 (2 years ago)
hey i was wondering if you guys could teach me how to shuffle cards? for a school project i need to learn a new motor skill, without using a video we found off youtube, and reach out to people from outside our community. i would really appreciate the help, thanks.
Splash Games (2 years ago)
We will put it on our list of videos to do. That is a great idea!
Killian's Swan (2 years ago)
one day when I was 12 after I played solitaire my 9 year old cousin asked me if she could play a card game with me so I said "yeah have you ever played 52 card pick up and she said no" so I threw the cards in the air and said "the winner is the person who picks up the most card". I picked up one card and she picked up 51 😂
Keelin That's me (6 months ago)
Killian's Swan that's genius😂😂😂😂
Algirdas Akelaitis (3 years ago)
gg :)

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