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STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2 Live Action Trailer NEW (2017)

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Text Comments (1827)
MKIceAndFire (6 months ago)
Part 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6_L5NY9gVE
bestworldolive (4 months ago)
MKIceAndFire h
Dicti Fly (4 months ago)
MKIceAndFire oålek
Sum_nigga BOOLIN' (4 months ago)
+Rikudo Sennin I got you fam. Her instagram is @emmaroselincoln
Wylfiuddin Wisam (4 months ago)
MKIceAndFire initially
Wylfiuddin Wisam (4 months ago)
MKIceAndFire i
fallout3600 (17 hours ago)
They're going to bang lol
Blanko7 (1 day ago)
...in the end they marry each other and have little jedi
Kane Schenn (1 day ago)
they should have a sex
Husnul Fahmi (6 days ago)
She cute
Alex Ybarra (6 days ago)
cool trailer too bad the game sucks
İhlas Alçayır (8 days ago)
Still 2005 Battlefront so much better
vivi44 (13 days ago)
Greatness awaits.. the greatest failure in modern gaming history that is.
MegaLonewolf20 (14 days ago)
What no kiss at the end? i thought this was a Hallmark Movie........
紳士 (16 days ago)
kioself1975 (17 days ago)
конечно брань это же забавно, груда мяса кровавого, кишки, мозги разбрызганные на снегу, краса и ляпота...
Bartłomiej Seklecki (18 days ago)
Eagle in korean Sky (18 days ago)
Maybe it is better than last jedi
ShadowGuardX (19 days ago)
the black kid ruined it for me.....
x0xAdrianx0x (20 days ago)
What , no loot boxes in this trailer ?
lolz2435 (21 days ago)
Actually they are in love with each other
lolz2435 (21 days ago)
Not a jedi in any way. Immature guy
lolz2435 (21 days ago)
Lol the jedi is one irritating brat. Keeps disturbing the sith girl
Emmanuel Rayas (21 days ago)
Tyler Coonce (22 days ago)
I ship it and I ship it hard.
The way I see it, Rebel started first.
Yshomatsu (23 days ago)
False advertisement, the player didn't die from an overpowered hero seconds after spawning! =P
Graf Jenja Standart (23 days ago)
ad is to good for the actual game. sadly
Preda Y. (23 days ago)
"Straight people be like"
lurnfitness (23 days ago)
...and then they bone.
DunnoKnowles (24 days ago)
you can;t defeat me with my daddy's credit card
ZioBorisitalia (24 days ago)
Holy shit i never saw this before it's cool and the girl woow what a beauty
Epyrian (24 days ago)
They can only wear crappy nobody foot soldier armor because they don't have enough $ to pay to unlock the good heroes. xD
Comradcommodore (24 days ago)
Didnt know you could select what side you wanted to play on in Battlefront 2....
Maria Vitoria (25 days ago)
K B (25 days ago)
This game wasn't the worst, it was actually kind of fun
Chuck Norris [GER] (25 days ago)
More realistic would be that girl throwing money at a EA symbol and the boy getting stomped by an at-st lol
OG LOC (26 days ago)
80% of the people in the comment section are saying how hot she is 20% of people are talking bout the game
Harmagedon (26 days ago)
Boyang Sun (27 days ago)
Bruce Aitken (28 days ago)
Bloody humans and their screwed up mating rituals...
DJQ 15 (28 days ago)
Ghaz013 (29 days ago)
You can buy pretty lady with just 9765 microtransactions or 965 hours of grind or just pony up $9564 USD. Lets keep the loot crate/MTA jokes going.
Debtish Everyday (29 days ago)
this is the cutest trailer
reape1987 (1 month ago)
I think she kinda over did it with the AT-AT
YokaiDemon (23 days ago)
reape1987 Real Question Is Where She Get It And How Many Credits Did You Have To Give Up To Own It 😂
Tomasz Tomasz (1 month ago)
Empire(Russian) vs Rebels (Europe and USA)
wildevil (1 month ago)
Isnt she a little short for a storm trooper? But seriously, her outfit was made for a much larger dude. Should have custom fitted her with something more complimentary to her slim physique.
direbane (1 month ago)
Most photo realistic graphics I've ever seen
d r e a m s (1 month ago)
The only storm trooper that hits everything
Cooper Denninghoff (1 month ago)
I'd be the girl because i'm all about the sith
calum brown (1 month ago)
Still a great game
Jaeyoung Lee (1 month ago)
Anddddd.... her name is?
Hyup Lee (1 month ago)
wth.... Girl is fan of empire.... And man is fan of Rebel?
Jaeyoung Lee (1 month ago)
그게 어때서요?
cuminc (1 month ago)
These two people will be dissatisfied with this game. Because every fight camp will change.
KiragIG (1 month ago)
Adorable girl joined right side... Time to marry?
DeadlyDuel (1 month ago)
and then they have sex. The End.
Billy Peng (1 month ago)
damn, i thought he going to kiss her at the end.
dovey dove (1 month ago)
Wow this storyline is still better than the last Jedi! 🤣😂
The Bad Guys (1 month ago)
is this like battlefront 99?, at the rate the quality of EA star wars games are made this must be bf99
Kharn526 (1 month ago)
Only in movies and video games can a woman be a bad ass, sorry ladies.
yuri40100 (1 month ago)
I want that girl as my girlfriend.
Yours (1 month ago)
Disappointed. Didn't see a single loot crate.
thaipan katima (1 month ago)
you two are just like Ben and Ray. Just freakin kiss already.
The Billionaire (1 month ago)
Oh my god
MrGamePlayer1000CHNL (1 month ago)
Bruh why not just be a hero??
Persephone Morgan (1 month ago)
Better than The Last JEdi.
KI J (2 months ago)
여자 이뿌네...
The Teller (2 months ago)
Yea i'm definitely on the chicks side. Idgaf about her though, its cause Empire XD
DaDuck (2 months ago)
Watched the whole thing but didnt saw any loot box?
Kunal M (2 months ago)
WTH is this..
Garp Simon (2 months ago)
soo did they pork after all? i can´t sleep now
Bagss Bagss (2 months ago)
а позже они поженились
Tyler Coonce (2 months ago)
I ship it
Diego Cavajal (2 months ago)
Get a room you 2...
Competitive Cure (2 months ago)
wait where the loot boxes at?
Luiz Carlos (2 months ago)
Sou leau au inperio
Cinnamon-Skateboarding (2 months ago)
all the guy wanted to do is play some star wars but he got his apartment fucked up...poor man
A Robot Channel (2 months ago)
So long live the empire since we can't hit a female lol
Good Trailer... Game BAD!
PolarPhantom (2 months ago)
Is this canon?
Daniel Taylor (2 months ago)
It’s all fun and games until an at at comes and blows up your apartment
Kaizser Pokoina (3 months ago)
Omg that at at walker destroyed his home why!?
Niek Hendriks (3 months ago)
Microtransactions await!
Jay Kubz (3 months ago)
Damn she is smoking hot
Stunt Wolf (3 months ago)
they should have made a movie not a shit game
Doni Yt (3 months ago)
Ps4 pro?
Ruby Rose (3 months ago)
trailer better than game
Spencer L (3 months ago)
Only if the real game was this epic...
Victor Johnson (3 months ago)
greatness awaits. but first you need to pay 9.99
Intellectual Badass (3 months ago)
They totally boned
Hori Izumi (3 months ago)
Truth Carter (3 months ago)
What star cards did she have
VENUS GAMING (3 months ago)
What blaster did that guy use?
STARFNAF GAMER (3 months ago)
I join the bad guys
Eto ne vitrualnaya realnost a galagrafiheskaja realnost vzal galagrafiheskiy blaster v ruki i powel vseh kruwit galagrafihesk8h monstrov
Ehsan LV (3 months ago)
My favorite the empire sith
Ehsan LV (3 months ago)
Damn she is hot
The girl from the cover looks sexy!
Luke Rawlinson (3 months ago)
I like the light side more
lordvader1313 (3 months ago)
elangelOMG elangelOMG (3 months ago)
Is amazing battlefront
aleleotta (3 months ago)
They had to choose a really beautiful girl. XD
Lord Junes (3 months ago)
Das meine Freunde der gepflegten Star Wars Gemeinschaft nennt man "Ein Bisschen Überzogen" xDDD Ich liebe es xD

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