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STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2 Live Action Trailer NEW (2017)

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Text Comments (1874)
MKIceAndFire (10 months ago)
Part 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6_L5NY9gVE
bestworldolive (8 months ago)
MKIceAndFire h
Dicti Fly (8 months ago)
MKIceAndFire oålek
Sum_nigga BOOLIN' (8 months ago)
+Rikudo Sennin I got you fam. Her instagram is @emmaroselincoln
Wylfiuddin Wisam (8 months ago)
MKIceAndFire initially
Wylfiuddin Wisam (8 months ago)
MKIceAndFire i
Tech Traitor (6 days ago)
She’s so LOVELY 🖤
Captain Lukas (25 days ago)
How does that work!?!?!? I want my own AT-AT
kumander bawang (1 month ago)
Dark side for lyfw
Boopy Doopy (1 month ago)
Well he's getting laid
TheInfernityZero (1 month ago)
A commercial this good is wasted on a game this bad.
Lorenzo La Bella (1 month ago)
Live-action trailers for videogames always make laugh😁😂
Illidan Stormrage (1 month ago)
*payness awaits
Justtrykiller (1 month ago)
so cool
Surice (1 month ago)
Wow. what a nice trailer
Kavi Martin (1 month ago)
Realy ?
CyrilRigolo (1 month ago)
Rebelion kill the first order
R6 Da Best (1 month ago)
Rebel guy will win cause stormtrooper aim is trash
JS M (1 month ago)
@emmaroselincoln is so Hot
Abu Fadhil (1 month ago)
Insert credit card
Tired feminism in gaming ! Why girl on side of The best?! Man on side of the worst?!
JP 002 (2 months ago)
I join the dark side Just because of the HOT GIRL She is so beautiful 😍😍
How does this relate to playing battlefront 2
Sqorck (2 months ago)
Are they really the same person since kindergarten?
doanutTHEnut (2 months ago)
So if i play this game alone on my couch i will meet such a beautiful girl and make cool friends staying behind me to fight evil. 🤔👌
Vadim Batyrhanov (2 months ago)
Круто естественно сдлали, однако в реальной жизни если женщина знает что такое республика и империя (в контексте STAR WARS) , - это уже достижение))
罗传欢 (2 months ago)
Shiroi kemuri (2 months ago)
is still a fucking game
Dismont DeSire (2 months ago)
What a tasteless crap lol
Kay M (2 months ago)
They aged 20 years in about 6 months.
007DMX007 (2 months ago)
If you only knew how sexy the dark side :)
Dead Anime Channel (2 months ago)
*Purchase and Unlock 2000 loot boxes to unlock the FINAL CUTSCENE*
Leroy D'souza (2 months ago)
The Kid eventually married the girl. Classic Luke/Mara Jade scenario
Thesavagesouls (2 months ago)
Stormtroopers aren't thots.
вышло даже круче чем Последние джедаи у Дисней
Jose Vitor Calfa (2 months ago)
A bold commercial to theese days standards. Nice.
daimyo2k (2 months ago)
WOW!!  That chick is a real b!tch!
Kristian Madsen (2 months ago)
thats one hot storm trooper
Grothag (2 months ago)
Nice ad. No more EA games for though. Hope they burn in hell.
Vitor Leão (2 months ago)
Nice trailer but still AE shit
Jasper Who'Knows (2 months ago)
Wow a girl who is a diehard StarWars fan... didn't know those existed. I thought they were all SJWs bent on destroying Star Wars
Noah Ren (2 months ago)
Can't they just get married?????
Jo Miles (2 months ago)
Well, that escalated quickly
JustBcuz iCAN (2 months ago)
makes you wish star wars was real ;-;
FKY Rips (2 months ago)
damn she is so hot :o what name?
Jazz Gonzaga (2 months ago)
Oh god it was epic
Josh (2 months ago)
That had more star wars in it than episode 8 :).
Jit Mitra (3 months ago)
5/10 need more loot boxes
Dairy is not juice (3 months ago)
He one shot me with a nt 242 stupid hacker
Luke Skywalker endor (3 months ago)
"your pathetic emipre ends here"
Alex Ya (3 months ago)
We thougt this is our dream but we were wrong, this is were our nightmare. -501st Journal
RinzlerKia (3 months ago)
This isnt battlefront 2, you might've misspelled something. Its Battlefront 3.
JheanXZ O.T. (3 months ago)
Ojala existan mujeres asi
Kunst Wunderkammer (3 months ago)
How is this trailer more awesome than the video game itself? I mean, even watching the walkthrough and cutscene digest made me realize it was a dumpster fire.
Skydrathik (3 months ago)
I really loved this advertisement
David N. Brett (3 months ago)
Al qaeda versus nazis.
Maria Lang (3 months ago)
Monitor speed vital index controversial technology sun load spot report master exact obviously laser.
Metro Ranger (3 months ago)
a movie about these two would have been better than latest movies
Wolfen443 (3 months ago)
낙지개구리 (3 months ago)
who's that girl?
User says (3 months ago)
it wouldve been more badass if she was wearing inferno squad outfit
Don Elion (3 months ago)
Palpatin would love her , y3eeeeeesssss , feeeel the dark side
Don Elion (3 months ago)
I wish they did a version where they are hiding on earth
Maks Wan (3 months ago)
Its the coolest ad which I have ever seen!!!!
Blade Runner (3 months ago)
if she is in that game, I will fight to entire empire forces.
FireBlade98HUN (3 months ago)
Cringe AF
たいと (3 months ago)
Nik core (3 months ago)
HellFire (3 months ago)
EA: Welcome sheep!!! Time for sucking.
808JOKER (3 months ago)
Kid at first look like kid with Brom from end force awaken
John Lenin (3 months ago)
So where are all the couch Nazis complaining about the feminization of Star Wars? Oh, that’s right. This girl’s hot so it’s ok.
Megumi Hayashida (3 months ago)
Can't they just date already ?!?
fallout3600 (3 months ago)
They're going to bang lol
Blanko7 (3 months ago)
...in the end they marry each other and have little jedi
Kane Schenn (3 months ago)
they should have a sex
humi chan (4 months ago)
She cute
Alex Ybarra (4 months ago)
cool trailer too bad the game sucks
İhlas Alçayır (4 months ago)
Darth Killhoon (4 months ago)
Still 2005 Battlefront so much better
vivi44 (4 months ago)
Greatness awaits.. the greatest failure in modern gaming history that is.
MegaLonewolf20 (4 months ago)
What no kiss at the end? i thought this was a Hallmark Movie........
紳士 (4 months ago)
kioself1975 (4 months ago)
конечно брань это же забавно, груда мяса кровавого, кишки, мозги разбрызганные на снегу, краса и ляпота...
Bartłomiej Seklecki (4 months ago)
Eagle in korean Sky (4 months ago)
Maybe it is better than last jedi
ShadowGuardX (4 months ago)
the black kid ruined it for me.....
x0xAdrianx0x (4 months ago)
What , no loot boxes in this trailer ?
lolz2435 (4 months ago)
Actually they are in love with each other
lolz2435 (4 months ago)
Not a jedi in any way. Immature guy
lolz2435 (4 months ago)
Lol the jedi is one irritating brat. Keeps disturbing the sith girl
Emmanuel Rayas (4 months ago)
Tyler Coonce (4 months ago)
I ship it and I ship it hard.
Chantawat Chantarapanya (4 months ago)
The way I see it, Rebel started first.
Yshomatsu (4 months ago)
False advertisement, the player didn't die from an overpowered hero seconds after spawning! =P
Graf Jenja Standart (4 months ago)
ad is to good for the actual game. sadly
Preda Y. (4 months ago)
"Straight people be like"
lurnfitness (4 months ago)
...and then they bone.
DunnoKnowles (4 months ago)
you can;t defeat me with my daddy's credit card
ZioBorisitalia (4 months ago)
Holy shit i never saw this before it's cool and the girl woow what a beauty
Epyrian (4 months ago)
They can only wear crappy nobody foot soldier armor because they don't have enough $ to pay to unlock the good heroes. xD
ComradCommodore (4 months ago)
Didnt know you could select what side you wanted to play on in Battlefront 2....
Maria Vitoria (4 months ago)
K B (4 months ago)
This game wasn't the worst, it was actually kind of fun
Chuck Norris [GER] (4 months ago)
More realistic would be that girl throwing money at a EA symbol and the boy getting stomped by an at-st lol

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