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Horizon Zero Dawn - Which Skills to Level First

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Deadpool (21 hours ago)
I just started to play the game and I took all 1skill point skills now my focus is to get Tinker so I can remove mod from wepons and armor. Should I do it and is Tinker usefull or I dont need it.
Brahlam (3 months ago)
First Skills to pick... tells you to skill half the Skillbook.
SnapJD (3 months ago)
In my opinion the people who are watching this video haven't played the game yet so explaining in spoiler detail how you going use each skill tha you recommend is ruins a lot of surprises. Also I think explaining how you use the skills in such a heavy handed way is unnecessary and insults the players intelligence. Had to stop watching and thumbs down.
JustOneForAll (9 months ago)
Thank you so much. Been stuck on this for hours watched about 6 videos and could not do it. When I shot a canister they ran or dropped dead. I think a update has made this trial much harder and the old videos are of much easier game. Your method worked a treat. Many of the bows have a similar name you need Carja Sharpshot Bow plus the Tearblast Arrows. Double check each weapon as I said they have similar names. When you go down. Hit the arrows near the canister or it won't work. If you hit the spot you will get 3 canister per hit. If you hit the grazer on the body or head only other parts will fall off. The canister will not. Good luck. This video helped me and left a MASSIVE LIKE
ErinaYukihira (10 months ago)
You should show actual evidence and video footage of what you're talking about rather than something that is redundant.
ZZ K (1 year ago)
Thanks Far Cry
Ray Ray (1 year ago)
Wrong. The most important skills: 1) Silent strike 2) Concentration 3) Tinker
osiito lindo (1 year ago)
my level is on max 50 but I can't make points to learn three last skills, what I do?
Curious Wind (1 year ago)
Lure call can be spammed if you aim with something and its really funny
NoNameC68 (1 year ago)
The most useful skill in the game is balanced aim by a long shot. No other skill comes close to being as useful.
Joshua Hideki (1 year ago)
Awesome game, awesome soundtrack!! Thanks for sharing, liked and subscribed! Love this game so much that i'm in the process of doing a a complete playthrough....it's gonna take a looooongggg time. part 4 is finally up and you can check it out here - https://youtu.be/ZPbaTBaHEUA
asifur rahman (1 year ago)
u must show us the skill u choose from each skill tree. u must show us that. it will then be pretty helpful
Pay Jus TV (1 year ago)
there aren't enough skills really for these videos to be helpful
SuperK677 (1 year ago)
Personally i did all of the stealth.
Mc_Dc_4891 (1 year ago)
it all varies on your playing style on what you should pick on the early stage of the game. here are the seven skills I level first 1. Silent Strike 2. Lure Call 3. Concentration 4. Critical Hit 5. Precision 6. Gatherer 7. Healer
Joe Felony (3 months ago)
Same, but healer will be one of my last
julian corps torres (1 year ago)
So you didn't tell us at all which skills should we upgrade first you just explained them. Wasted 7 minutes of my life.
Jacob Freeman (1 year ago)
Be nice, people. While I am sure you are all correct the video wasn't as useful as it could have been it is also true not everyone is a pro at these games and would like some food for thought before diving in.
Casey Newton (1 year ago)
This video promises to show "which skills to level first" and then immediately starts describing skills that are useful FOURTEEN HOURS INTO THE GAME ... while showing video that has nothing to do with the skill. Thanks
J B (1 year ago)
and the award for useless video goes to....
Zaris (1 year ago)
After finishing the game i would say the most useful skills are in unlock order: 1) sneak attack + bullet time zoom + crit attack 2) the whole right branch for more loot / reduced ammo cost (near the end i could sell stacks of fuel and so on for 200 caps each stack regulary and swim in money) 3) double/triple arrow shot (with that you can oneshot even heavy bandits on range instead of skilling the sneak attack for heavies and its also useful against some robot fights where you only need to hit one time instead of 3 times at specific places for example shocking / rope trapping a bot and shoot 3 arrows in his belly before he can stood up) 4) faster healing + increased heal bag size (main source of healing and allows more fails especially later on where they throw you in arena like situations without real hiding options) After that the other skills are more or less equal useless if you play smart.
Bilal Khoja (9 months ago)
Zaris mg
K.A. Peereboom (9 months ago)
Zaris 200 CAPS? (Not shards?) Someone has been playing fallout
Sebastian Mika (9 months ago)
Thanks Zaris, i never looked at skill guides until now and what u said is what i exactly have so its a relief in a way.
Anthony ramos (1 year ago)
Zaris sounds great! thanks
Brian Lebida (1 year ago)
Honestly after listen to this video after finishing the game. I dont think this "Guide" is very good. Some points are good but there are better ways to go about your skills in the game
abmola (1 month ago)
I just started the game and I am level 12 ..which skills do you recommend me to obtain early game??
Fatih V (1 year ago)
people want as much choice and freedom as they can in games, so they can go on the internet to check what to do. So glad I went in blind to fully experience, explore & learn mechanics.
thejmeister (1 year ago)
This was just a list of the skills which any idiot can deduce the usefulness of. The skills which people actually have questions about aren't covered at all.
TheDeathwalker86 (1 year ago)
spoiler you fuck
TheDeathwalker86 (1 year ago)
You explain way too much about simple things ...we don't need to be told how to hit r1 ..you insult our intelligence
Branden Grellmore (1 year ago)
Currently lvl 10, so far I went straight down and got the prowler silent strike skill, it 1 shots everything if you're quiet. you can often kill an entire herd without alerting the rest this way. Easy xp
Evan Spaulding (1 year ago)
You could always try just using your own skill...you know...like timing movement, viewing the battlefield and using the vast weaponry they give you access to.
Jonathan Neves (1 year ago)
there are no skills to level first you do as you intend to play
Genericname123 (1 year ago)
lure/ss is totally broken lol
Orca Whale (1 year ago)
Ikr it basically lets you insta kill all watchers and striders
M Hutson (1 year ago)
Not a great video at all. Play your own game, have fun with it.
The Truth (1 year ago)
How about retitle your dumb video to "get all the skills" since you named more that half. Stupid
RoLLs D33P (1 year ago)
You should show examples of all the skills your talking about instead of just showing her running around when your talking about luring enemies for example.
GameRevolution GR (1 year ago)
This would have been great, for sure! Unfortunately, we were pretty limited with what we could actually show at time of video creation. (Embargo) ^Mack
RoLLs D33P (1 year ago)
You should show examples of all the skills your talking about instead of just showing her running around when your talking about luring enemies for example.
IHATELOZERZ (1 year ago)
You basically named half the skills
Paul Thomas (1 year ago)
IHATELOZERZ I personally think most the skills needed are subjective to your play style besides lure and silent strike being the first skills rest I feel could be leveled how you play
J Williams (1 year ago)
IHATELOZERZ yes but all that can be gained in the first 4-5 hours after that it's an uphill battle I think he's just trying to get you started on the right path
ALI ALI (1 year ago)
You should've showed actual skills tree... u talking about..
Mark Ulrich (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot for the advice! Cheers😊
Devon Jenkins (1 year ago)
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