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Prototype 2 All Powers/Weapons Fully Upgraded

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These are all the powers (Claws,Tendrils,Hammerfists,Blade and Whipfist) upgraded to their highest level.
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Freak Zeke (15 days ago)
If Venom had a video game it would just be compared to Prototype.
Indiano (4 months ago)
can any one help , how to remove those powers after equiping them , im using pc , please help
CollinJoseph (1 month ago)
Indiano you can’t if you upgraded them then that’s that
Vegito Black (7 months ago)
Claws suck but have one of the coolest helicopter finishers aside from the tendrils
R9 0G (3 months ago)
Vegito Black Again, claws are the best for DPS and Tendrils are ranged as well. Pair them up, use them right, and you’ll be untouchable
your whipfist isn't fully upgraded I noticed that fast
Crippling Depression (11 months ago)
You forgot the claws
R9 0G (3 months ago)
Tendrils are good for immobilizing enemies, and whipfist is usually good for grabbing enemies from a distance and killing brawlers and other infected from a safe distance.
R9 0G (3 months ago)
Claws are best for DPS actually...
Vegito Black (7 months ago)
Its Fear Claws suck
Martin (11 months ago)
It's the first one dumbass
Jerome Francisco (1 year ago)
My favorite power is the blade,whipfist and tendrills
Soul Taker (3 months ago)
Same but with the claws too
R9 0G (6 months ago)
Then my last option would be Whipfist and Tendrils. Because... well... Tendrils are good for almost any situation and Whipfist is.... the best.
R9 0G (6 months ago)
Or my second option would be Whipfist and Hammerfist. Because Hammerfist fully upgraded is OP. And Whipfist is the best in the game so....
R9 0G (6 months ago)
Jerome Francisco I think the Best might be the Blade and Whipfist. Because for tanks and helicopters, u can just use a finisher and one shot them. But Blade is really good for Brawlers and Supersoldiers.
Zhask bro Cool guy (1 year ago)
The leader pack shoud be 3 bars not fully upraded
Stuay hua cam ch (1 year ago)
My xbox 360 controller LS is broke
soda br (1 year ago)
the blade is da moste badass cuz is even in da game cape
CollinJoseph (1 month ago)
soda br retard
CannedPsycho (1 year ago)
Tendrils and whip fist are my favorite
NayKyGamer (1 year ago)
I have this game on pc I not got only whip first. I got blade and out come back can't continue (a Noob PC) :(
Shannon Salter (3 years ago)
they screwed the whole game up by taking out Muscle Mass Arms (the grey ones from prototype 1) and adding tendrils as a substitute! 
Okada k (11 months ago)
+Fuat Bukhari i agree the muscle mass was cool i guess but i like the tendrilss better cause they are way more useful that muscle mass for me at least
Tshego Mabungu (11 months ago)
Tendrills are awesome man
Fuat Bukhari (3 years ago)
+tz0tz093 nice choice. Dude
tz0tz093 (3 years ago)
+jeacson anderson agreed muscle mass arms are just boring :/
Fuat Bukhari (3 years ago)
That's nice tendrills is awesome then ur muscle mass just think about it
FoolishTV (4 years ago)
Game* I mean
FoolishTV (4 years ago)
The CEO Of The Gams Said Tendrils Abd The Strongest .
Lord Lycan (4 years ago)
Ever thought about doing a video where you show the evolution of the powers' appearance?
Xehemoth (4 years ago)
Love the game. I hate how they put so many F bombs all over the place. I was in the military and the amount of profanity disturbs me, now thats saying something. Thanks for your demonstration.
ScreenWash (6 months ago)
Well it's rated 18 it is violent and has bad launguage
Armoredantho (1 year ago)
Simon Andersson lol you can't handle your moms dìck in your mouth
Mr Simon (2 years ago)
Lol what u cant handle a few swears?
Gam1ngGenerati0n (4 years ago)
1:25 best thing in the game
Just Smokin (5 years ago)
I always use Claws and Whipfist...but anyone knows which is the deadliest combination ? claws or the blade ? which is better?
Martin (11 months ago)
Just use thndrils and something else
Conor McGuire (5 years ago)
Wat is music at start?
whipfist is awesome
snakehead135 (5 years ago)
The weapons look way better in this game than the first
snakehead135 (5 years ago)
just play through the game, you will see some enemies like juggernaughts, an th like with an o symbol on op of them, above all else, absorb them, not kill them
hubertoss bertuss (5 years ago)
Lord Lycan (5 years ago)
Here's an idea: Everyone has seen the fully upgraded powrs, yes yes, but what shoukd be shown is their evolution. You know make a video showing pictures of Lvl 1 then 2 then 3 and then 4 How about that?
Kaillord (5 years ago)
Hey you dinnt show hammerfist elbow slam
Kaillord (5 years ago)
when i see the tendrils i think its: ITS RAPING TIME!
Kaillord (5 years ago)
No i think the best combination is the whipfist and the hammerfist :D
Vegito Black (7 months ago)
Kaillord Blade and Hammer fist
Mihail Dimitrov (5 years ago)
not every thing bro :D
noanils123 (5 years ago)
how do u hijacker ?
Respiir (5 years ago)
Are the tendril fists on the first one plz answer
RAY SEVER (5 years ago)
u can consume some special man and monster to upgrade(including guns tanks) all the powers unlock in the mission
Box-of-Nightmares 000 (5 years ago)
@coopdville317 ....
Box-of-Nightmares 000 (5 years ago)
@cobrathetoxic Heller is a noob that's why mercer had cooler powers.
Sanguine-Tenshi (5 years ago)
you have to find a special brawler and consume it
Kercy Clay (5 years ago)
cuando eu jogo com os tentaculos eu me sinto o homen aranha
cobrathetoxic (5 years ago)
i dont inderstand what is the tendrail and were is the muscle mass or the or the giant arms power
sethjay (5 years ago)
i have one more till fully upgraded claws and tendrils im so wanna get hammer
jack watters (6 years ago)
u complete lairs witch u will find as u wander about the streets and by completing other levles
אבי דגן (6 years ago)
the blade is the most stronge
Marcus C (6 years ago)
you upgrade powers when you evolve and you get weapons when you kill monsters/bosses
Christopher Doyle (6 years ago)
I honestly don't remember. I only rented it for a week months ago. You can probably find everything you need to know on the Prototype wiki.
Angel (6 years ago)
How do upgrade all these because i bought it yesterday and it's coming today, so how?
Firdaus Maligan (6 years ago)
How u upgrade them ?
rex llanes (6 years ago)
does prototype 2 have thermal vision,muscle mass,
Rene' Descartes (6 years ago)
Just go into disguise and smash everyone as an old lady XD
rex llanes (6 years ago)
is the prototype 2 like the prototype 1 that your gonna upgrade the weapons with evolution points??
Sea Shell (6 years ago)
what is your specs
Sk8i8 (6 years ago)
i cant find the way to upgrade the blade..
River Smith (6 years ago)
beat the evolved chick that has the whipfist, somewhere in between the middle and end of the main story
Viridus (6 years ago)
0:16 1:01 1:36 2:15 3:01
Aprolite (6 years ago)
The sheild is more of a reflector than much else. It can tank damage, but its not as great as it was in the first one. My opinion of course.
alcatraz younes (6 years ago)
what about mutations
iBionical (6 years ago)
claw for speed, whipfist for reach
Nick Pena (6 years ago)
Tendrills and hammerfist seem pretty good
blade runner (6 years ago)
best combo claws n blade
blade runner (6 years ago)
its the whipfist
Christopher Doyle (6 years ago)
I'm fucking sorry for not including it.
markguevarra22 (6 years ago)
Christopher Doyle (6 years ago)
I never really used the tendrils much but the whipfist did come in handy.
Savedbymusic〈3 (6 years ago)
I got it on x box bet the story in 2 1/2 hours and got all the collectibles in 1 1/2 :) and I have every mutation (still working on the Radnet edition ones)
Christopher Doyle (6 years ago)
No problem.
1randomlol (6 years ago)
nice man thanks!

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