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The Monster Of Monkey King - Best Fighting Attack " Boss Cinema

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New Monkey : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpyZE8e4HGY&t=3608s Follow update! 🎬 ● https://www.facebook.com/Wantedhdscene/ ● https://twitter.com/Wantedhdscenes ● Enjoy this Channel sub here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLiLJB6cphHO5Ho54G5PXdQ?sub_confirmation=1 EnJOy!
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Text Comments (82)
WanTedcinemax (4 months ago)
New Monkey! New Monkey : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpyZE8e4HGY&t=3608s
Nouri Foo (4 months ago)
Oke wait the archers is monkey king clones right? Or were is he?!?!?!
rudolf valen (5 months ago)
wow...great!!if is this a movie can someone tell me which site i can watch full video?
Burhan Cuex (6 months ago)
mantap jeleknya asyk
TRILL (6 months ago)
Wow this CGI really makes me feel like Im watching something thats not a piece of shit
아아거참 (6 months ago)
니기미좆도 씨벙세 세키야 몽키킹 아니구만
Fz Fr (6 months ago)
kilic Mo (6 months ago)
Is that a game or a movie
LurkingFinger (6 months ago)
is this from a game or a movie?
Is it me or does someone else also thinks that it's kinda Ramayana????
Barry Ford (6 months ago)
Bayu Aji 8011 (7 months ago)
2:12 kingaku (naruto) 😂
Jai Sharma (7 months ago)
Full move send kero yrr
Victor Gim (7 months ago)
Very similar with 'ABATA'
yogaman shlush (7 months ago)
We need movies like this
Spring Summer (7 months ago)
What's it called movie
Md sohag (7 months ago)
Rahman Bunaryo (7 months ago)
Little Link (7 months ago)
Monkey king wouldnt need an army to sweep a whole army he does it single handedly
FamilyMan 420 (7 months ago)
What game is this
funny Arman (7 months ago)
what the name of this movie
Dat 1 Song (7 months ago)
ToFester (7 months ago)
This is Asura a online game.
Robiel Tesfamichael (7 months ago)
Akhmad Baihaqi Abdillah (7 months ago)
This is asura online
Iccank Andisyamrisal (7 months ago)
You monkey
Neil Carlson Tan Sy (7 months ago)
What movie is this?
mef12727 (7 months ago)
Neil Carlson Tan Sy asura online not a movie
Ohayo (7 months ago)
Phantom lancer
dadd y (7 months ago)
Idk If this is a movie or a game but it looks fucking sick
Michael Mann (7 months ago)
Why did you say this was monkey king?
Bobby Chudoba (7 months ago)
You got to get your facts straight kid. This has nothing to do with monkey king, just like your mummy against werewolf.
CustomFig (7 months ago)
Bobby Chudoba nigga. All the villains is from money king.
Zossent tanto (7 months ago)
They should put the next video below the screen play for us to choose whether to play it or not
Zossent tanto (7 months ago)
Ads completely bloking the view, come on, ...
ARSD ARSD (7 months ago)
ممكن اسم الفلم
Ricky Vanlalpek (7 months ago)
That Avatar Ambush Scene ahahaha..but nice work
Masomi Kullai (7 months ago)
No monkey king
Ilul Eneres (7 months ago)
Apakah itu ada full film nya?
channel tak berguna (6 months ago)
Ilul Eneres penasaran kelanjutannya 😂
Ilul Eneres (7 months ago)
gamer life iya tau. Kali aja ada filmnya yang hampir sama wkwk
gamer life (7 months ago)
Ilul Eneres ini intro game lh
Leang Vorleak (7 months ago)
Damm fuck this not movie this about asura Game play not MKK
Sunny Rishi (7 months ago)
This is a game intro.... Asura
sixtwo sit (7 months ago)
is this game for ps4 or what..
baunbaun82 (7 months ago)
Audie Maesa kenta (7 months ago)
sixtwo sit movie
*what game*
Daphi W (7 months ago)
its a game cinematics not movie
tiumdek (7 months ago)
Asura online :)
AGung NUrse (7 months ago)
Apa judul filmnya min?
Safrudin Khalwani (7 months ago)
AGung NUrse ini intro game
Mahendra Shahi (7 months ago)
Aravinth M (7 months ago)
What is the name of the movie
Kanat Orinbaev (7 months ago)
Bam Bamo (7 months ago)
Wrath of asura ... a fucking game trailer... son of a bitch
Zaheer Shaikh (7 months ago)
Name pla
Bhargav Praveen (7 months ago)
seems most like AVATAR
Abhay Sharma (8 months ago)
nice movies
Faizan ali (9 months ago)
Movie ka name kiya hai reply kar dena
Manjunatha Manju (10 months ago)
김김정훈 (11 months ago)
Jimi Päiviö (11 months ago)
,,,,, että gvzkxv. Gn,,, gigvo€5/877,9/,,z,,,.
durga prasad prasad (1 year ago)
Thuan Mai (1 year ago)
Ai cho e xin cái tên phim ạh
💚💛💜mukesh rajk jamu
Mukesh raj to jamu
Ignis King (1 year ago)
We really can't get a good movie where nothing remotely human beats oppressive humans can we? (Avatar doesn't count)
ThisIs Daylight (7 months ago)
Tanveer khan
Captain Levi (6 months ago)
Tanveer khan Tanveer khan is a bitch
Ntlantla Emihle (1 year ago)
who is this lady?
Ali Ali (1 year ago)
name ???
Devidas Nagrale (1 year ago)
deva n
Duronto Sorkar 2829 (1 year ago)
nice movi
Ahsan ul-Haq (1 year ago)
محمود موافي (1 year ago)
عبدو عبدو (1 year ago)
محمود موافي. مًروٌرکْ أّروٌعٌ
Toan Ngo (1 year ago)
Entertainment Zone (1 year ago)
Love this version great upload
Kesava Dunne (1 year ago)
GooDDay (1 year ago)
Nice one

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