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All The Crew 2 Easter Eggs & Secrets

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Check out my countdown of the Top 100 Easter Eggs In Video Games - Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_d96WaoiOY --~-- All The Crew 2 Easter Eggs & Secrets The Crew 2 has so many Easter eggs and secrets to find its crazy. In this video I take a look at all of them! *Check out Boomerang Game Rentals!: https://goo.gl/fcYDbA *Be sure to follow me on Twitter: https://goo.gl/PFqGhx *Support Me On Patreon: https://goo.gl/giuey9 *Top 10 Far Cry Series Easter eggs: https://goo.gl/fjJoPu *Fortnite Easter eggs: https://goo.gl/zbrCQ2 *Battlefield 1 Easter eggs: https://goo.gl/m8nkyo Subscribe for more Easter eggs, secrets and sometimes the odd moan. All The Crew 2 Easter Eggs & Secrets All The Crew 2 Easter Eggs & Secrets All The Crew 2 Easter Eggs & Secrets All The Crew 2 Easter Eggs & Secrets All The Crew 2 Easter Eggs & Secrets
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Captain Eggcellent (20 days ago)
I forgot the Bigfoot Easter egg! Even though I made a separate video on that particular Easter egg I completely forgot to include it in this video! So sorry guys, I don't think I should upload this video again, so if you’re interested in that egg check this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVcHQj-SVXo
Base Bandit (10 days ago)
There tweeted the location and a pic
Base Bandit (10 days ago)
100% legit il send pics if u want
Captain Eggcellent (10 days ago)
Base Bandit what is this legit?!
Base Bandit (10 days ago)
You forgot the IT Easter egg I found it back in the beta if you go to the docks In California on the map go to the left i think and you’ll see a little indent if land you will then be in boat form when you get there, there is a sewage pipe with a clown inside
Blake Baynes (13 days ago)
Captain Eggcellent there is also an abandoned car in the same place as the murder scene Easter egg from the first game which may be something.
ramonrodriguezist (20 hours ago)
you missed Big Foot
J W (1 day ago)
The face was from the film evolution
Fabian Sahl (1 day ago)
U forgot to tell us about a far cry 3 easter egg of u Start a Special Monster Trick Race für gut asks u "Did i ever tell u the defination of insaniti"
KrazyKat 03 (1 day ago)
Are the civilian vehicles from Watch Dogs 2 back as well?.. you could see them driving around in the Crew 1
Great White (1 day ago)
4:10 evolution
RottenTV (1 day ago)
The three eyed alien is actually a reference to the movie evolution I believe
Toddbrains gaming (1 day ago)
You forgot the reference to the first crew, when doing one of the races the guy in the wheelchair says something about knowing or having a guy that ran with the 510 back In the day, the 510 was where you started out in the first Crew and you worked your way up
Hameed Falaknaz (2 days ago)
I found a burnt car, and two cops with crime scene, any reference, i also too a photo of it, but i forgot the location, someone tell me
ghost biker02 (2 days ago)
There is a farcry 3 reference
ghost biker02 (2 days ago)
On the monster truck race wreck and havoc
transfactory (2 days ago)
the numerous ammounts of emmet brown grave stones can only be answered by time travel
Niels van Nuland (3 days ago)
Did u find them yourself
SkeletonRealBo Pubg (3 days ago)
The space ship is also in the crew 1
Tommygames Lol (3 days ago)
R.I.P. Emmet mcbrown we will miss your time machines
SwWiSix (4 days ago)
you can also find the church from 21 jump street in miami
Ghost Marine (4 days ago)
The island ee is a reference to stranded deep
GameInfo TV (5 days ago)
This are not all Eastereggs! Much more are in the world of The Crew 2 😉 Fakenews! Wrong thumbnail title!
VicAlmeida1983 (5 days ago)
4.07 this is a movie reference , is the logo from evolution movie
Jack O'Neal (6 days ago)
So like, it's a stretch, but when you did the triforce, right below was Division. Potential Tom Clancey's The Division reference?
Sam Scott (7 days ago)
also i saw two overwatch character chinese name in one of building bush
Serg (9 days ago)
you forgot the island in florida at the bottom of the map with the guy
0TAKU_GAM1NG (10 days ago)
Ummbut theres a achievement with the assassins creed logo
SummersByCIDER (10 days ago)
Found an inn near los angeles, called Division...
Bart Schuitemaker (11 days ago)
I espected a The Crew Wildrun easter egg.
Alex Bubis (11 days ago)
Lmfao not even close to all the Easter eggs but nice video regardless. Just next time try to title your video accordingly.
S A M E F A C E (12 days ago)
When I do wheelies in this game it doesn’t show me the distance of the wheelie. Do I have to turn it on or something?
MSRT ROUGE (12 days ago)
Was kinda hoping some 5-10 motor club referrence
Aidan York (12 days ago)
In the first Crew there was a dead person in a bush in Iowa I think with a newspaper tied up to a tree that reads “world ending” or something along those lines.
iTempz Reaperz (12 days ago)
In every single american petrol you can see old memes inside the windows
Andy Käser (13 days ago)
another easteregg is that if you look closely, the map looks like the USA just try it!
SunburstYT (1 day ago)
Woah, amazing.
Sir Pootington (4 days ago)
oh my god! dude, this is the greatest easter egg in gaming!
eric stevenson (8 days ago)
Andy Käser wait, seriously?
steven god (13 days ago)
you can also get an achievement referencing assassins creed
sevee mcdonnell (13 days ago)
The ufo spot is probably Area 51, not roswell. The town of roswell is actually in the game somewhere else.
illest (13 days ago)
the island dude must be strong
P3gasusmayk3 __ (13 days ago)
I found one Easter egg Of far cry 3 in portuguese edition
TheCardude98 (13 days ago)
You forgot that ailta cameos in the crew 2 from the first the crew
Vasile Pintilie (13 days ago)
How did you know they are all?
Borple (13 days ago)
There is a voice line that says "where we're going we won't need roads"
Dust Sans (13 days ago)
The guy on the island can just swim you can see a city not that far in the distance
Mustanglvr007 - (14 days ago)
2:11 I think the devs we're eating Doritos while designing that building.
mnchil (14 days ago)
One of the achievements literally has the assassins creed logo, it’s the one where you have to do a 100 meter jump with a bike
VD Gaming (14 days ago)
great video, new sub
Mici HD (14 days ago)
There is also a the crew wild run book in the HQ
Rhysbailey52 (14 days ago)
the help island has nothing fyi
MVP사서 (14 days ago)
Clem Demort (15 days ago)
if you go to boneville's salt flats you can see bloodhound ssc near the camps
Zishawn Malik (15 days ago)
2:40 wait, wtf? Did they cut off the northern half of Michigan from the map???? Detroit is supposed to be at the very bottom left corner so the rest is just gone lol
Paotix (15 days ago)
And graphic downgrade is an easter from Watch_Dogs 1 ?
DeanieeBoii (15 days ago)
At 2.08 the green sign is a reference to The Division
Nikita (15 days ago)
what's the background music
T V (15 days ago)
Why does Michigan look like that?
Pierre Cognard (15 days ago)
Somebody told me there's a Rainbow 6 easter egg in The Crew 2, did he bullshit me ?
Hyper YT (16 days ago)
There's a guy on another island full of rocks. Edit: near Florida Keys
castigate. (16 days ago)
Southwest from Miami is an island with another stranded man sitting on a rock.
Cordell Sundstrom (16 days ago)
Trash game
Zytronix X 23 (16 days ago)
You can also find Bigfoot near Washington state
J Keating (16 days ago)
You forgot the Wilson Easter egg that’s near the Florida keys
Halo Guy (16 days ago)
Raccoons sunglasses?
sancho pie (16 days ago)
What about the AI racer Wayne? He drives black cars and a murcielago. And Carrie who always drives a red car?
I hope they replaced the battleships with arleigh burke destroyers
Its_Me_Romano _ (16 days ago)
3:50 Exact same easter Egg was in crew one lol
Great White (1 day ago)
Its_Me_Romano _ and gta 5
Mustanglvr007 - (14 days ago)
Its_Me_Romano _, and NFS Paycheck.
beamerboy (16 days ago)
Why do you sound like Don Joewon Son? 😂
- Drundy - (16 days ago)
The three eyes alien is actually a reference to a Movie called Evolution
Kalimero Game (16 days ago)
Probably a reference to Robinson Crusoe
Tijmen van de Ven (17 days ago)
When you were at the last easter egg i saw another one: there was a mountain range called te fergus pass
crazy chicken (17 days ago)
There is also a pole in the north east part of the map in the sea
Buford07 4 Life (17 days ago)
What about the music from watch dogs 2 Attak
MysteryKillerOne (17 days ago)
There’s also an Assassins Creed achievement
Blues120 (17 days ago)
There is also a reference to Yoda!
EvoDrift (17 days ago)
Who remembers the body in the woods from the first crew
Henri Botha (17 days ago)
How did that guy move all those huge rocks
Its probably not all cause the came is olmost a weak old
Lord Ended (17 days ago)
someone got your play button
Elite Monkeyz (17 days ago)
If you visit your apartment on a table you can see a magazine with the crew wild run on it
Nous Resterons La (17 days ago)
There is also an Assassins Creed referenced Trophy you can get for doing a 500 yard jump on a bike, it's called "Leap of Faith, No Straw"
Cone55 (18 days ago)
Above the Storm X Arena are Two houses in the Forest with some Police barricades, maybe an easter Egg too?
boyler77 (18 days ago)
OMG, they've put Doc Brown easter egg, but there is no DeLorean to drive in this game! Come On Ivory Tower or Ubisoft! There should be one with the special customization from the BTTF movies. + We should be able to drive and fly with it. That would be the best thing ever. I know Ubi could afford the license.
Top Tier Studios (15 days ago)
There was a DeLorean in Driver San Francisco, which was a game also made by Ubisoft
Jakob Aylesbury (16 days ago)
boyler77 yeah I hope delorean is added later on and the flying would actually kinda make sense for the crew 2 maybe they could add it as an ultimate vehicle
Typowy Kowalski (18 days ago)
I have one more easter egg. The map in the crew 2 are copy of USA map!! 1111!!!!11
Jakob Aylesbury (16 days ago)
MC Nolan (18 days ago)
You forgot at the start of the steel forge drift event latrell mentions the 5/10s from the first the crew game
Marco Brancorsini (1 day ago)
Yeah, I noticed that too!
officertem88 (7 days ago)
it counts
THCSKYCRAPPER97 (9 days ago)
MC Nolan and that is the only reference to the first crew game
Māris Linde (18 days ago)
dde i bought the crew 2 deluxe editition and it gave be bonus real life stickers and game map the game map had some small texts on place where yyou found pacman and space inwaders and in washinkton
i cant think of a name (18 days ago)
The dialogue before one of the monster truck events, (I believe the third one) the guy talking to you says "Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?" You probably already know where that's from.
NutCrackerz (18 days ago)
There’s a ghostbusters Easter egg as well. One of the achievements is are you a god? (Say yes) a joke from the climax of the film.
Spoter Man (18 days ago)
You included the WKZ easter egg but what about the WKZ news station? (It's on the east side of the map)
_ Gus (18 days ago)
In Kingman there's some memes inside of buildings (fry shut up and take my money and a doge) too
SONDOT (18 days ago)
Nice videooo 👍🏻👍🏻
Joonatan Nurminen (18 days ago)
the man on the island just stood like an idiot when i arrived to rescue with my ferrari
Sir Pootington (4 days ago)
because he just watched a ferrari come out of buttfuck nowhere. I don't know about you but I would stand there like an idiot too
Moncef Saadi (18 days ago)
I don't have money to buy a ps4 or this game
SuperDrinkingPepsi (18 days ago)
Then get it for the PC.
Batman1911 (18 days ago)
I found a hotel named Ivory Hotel
Dommoo2 (18 days ago)
The building that has the don't text and drive sign on it has three chimneys and two of them are inside of each other
Zebra Popcorn (18 days ago)
There is an achievement called “leap of faith, no straw” and on xbox the achievement logo is the assassins creed logo
lee zephyr (18 days ago)
there is even a Chinese joke in tc2 lol
BuzzerBee (18 days ago)
i think i filmed a new easter egg, not too sure what it is tho. i uploaded it to yt
Kami Jishin (19 days ago)
4:17 Jumpscare warning
K1LL3R (19 days ago)
the crew 2 be like *MISSION FAILED WE WILL GET EM NEXT TIME* and the easter eggs which refer to pacman are like hell ya cuz they are popular again in 2018 xDDDD
minigatlingun (19 days ago)
you forgot about bigfoot
F150 Raptor (19 days ago)
You missed the X-Files I Want to Believe easter egg
Link, o Stalker (19 days ago)
2:06 Triforce? I liked :)
lwaves (18 days ago)
And he missed a Division reference right under it in the same shot.
Vasilis Tsacouridis (19 days ago)
If you go to the street racing hq, you will find the cover from the first game on the orange bus
Mint Memes (19 days ago)
there is actually a reference to Far Cry 3 at the beginning of a race the character says “did i ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?” the mission is a monster truck event help in florida
Byson M (19 days ago)
Has anybody found a Whale yet?
Byson M (17 days ago)
I heard there was and in one of the first videos at the start of the game, it shows one jumping out of the water around the statue of liberty.
Joonatan Nurminen (18 days ago)
is there a whale?
Yuggle (19 days ago)
Theres an ET Easter egg. Its a photo opportunity. If i remember correctly, it was called "Home" or something home, im pretty sure. (Aka ET phone home) You have to jump in the air on a bike at night and take a picture with the moon in view. In reference to the well known image of ET on his flying bike in front of the moon.
Zebra Popcorn (18 days ago)
Yuggle yep its HOME and and you have to take a photo of a bike in front of the moon

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