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LIL TAY GETS WHAT SHE DESERVES! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! Last Lil Tay vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1OZtcy2pEE
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Text Comments (14558)
SSSniperWolf (2 months ago)
What do y’all think?
For.LaughsOnly (2 days ago)
Tador Gaming (3 days ago)
Hi im the last replier
Plush Tube (23 days ago)
SSSniperWolf I think Lil Tay is a idiot
App basheer Vipi (1 month ago)
It’s Sour (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf hi
Paydaywolf 2008 (5 hours ago)
0:03 me when I can’t find an anime I started watching and forgot to save to my watchlist
Robloxian Sealie (6 hours ago)
Lil tay is spoiled and also she say she can speak other fucking languages جعجع ಡಡಫಫಠಡಡಫಸ ளழ 방송함께봐요 ㅔ
Ati J (7 hours ago)
Wait Lil tay has fans?
markell f (7 hours ago)
Ximena Bravo (7 hours ago)
Everyone was blocking her!
Dwight Norton (9 hours ago)
Snoop 🐶 dog 🐕 is my cousin
Layla Best (10 hours ago)
- _ - lol
RAZX WILDS (11 hours ago)
My cousin is in 3rd grade and she is older than lil tay 😂😂😂
Brandon Villegas (13 hours ago)
No offense
Pheoniix Pyro (14 hours ago)
Fuckin math of like a fuckin 5 year old
Mirna Lopez (15 hours ago)
u posted this on my birthday
Juhanmarkus Aerep (16 hours ago)
When u look through her eyes u see the innocent child .. That trying to be wild.. She just want to be famous.. By acting ang prentending with sumbody else rhat shes not really who she is ..
Miss Ellie (16 hours ago)
That haircut costs more than my house smh
Cloud Neek45 (17 hours ago)
I feel bad for her she’s being forced
Devilblade 123YT (17 hours ago)
she bought a watch for 100,000 and I bought an apple watch that does EVERYTHING for 450
macfilms (18 hours ago)
She has to be in Dr. Phil.
VRDS Initiative (18 hours ago)
its so sad for tay.
Lil tay is a baby mommy stop Lil tay get a life
I am broke homeless poor
Laderoute 13 (1 day ago)
Smash or pass SSSniperwolf or Kim Kardashian
Bryan Portillo (1 day ago)
i subscribe!!!!!
Evie lila (1 day ago)
Mason Cable (1 day ago)
Ur a Texan
Marlene Akogyeram (1 day ago)
Her name is taylor cosgrove
Honey The Cat (1 day ago)
Your thumbnails are kinda cringy
Gabriel Santos (1 day ago)
Gabriel Santos (1 day ago)
Told ya
Not to be rude but she looks like Chara from Undertale. Short hair, red cheeks, and a child
The Golden Survivor (1 day ago)
I miss her for some reason
amy heart (1 day ago)
amy heart (1 day ago)
Mommy stop I was fiming
I love you Lia!! Your so fun to watch! :D
Sofia Plessis (1 day ago)
CUB WOLF (2 days ago)
See lil Tay is not bad
Zealand Bradshaw (2 days ago)
Who else feels bad for lil tay?
bambidtx (2 days ago)
i used to hate her but i found out what happened that she was used and shit. she didn't deserve anything do you really think a freaking 9 year old would do this? could've been she's influenced it's someone forcing her. lol tay is actually really nice behind her "character"
kai Lee (2 days ago)
And her mama on mad Nerve pills cause she gets on her nerves
kai Lee (2 days ago)
Lil tay would get the lil BELT
Alina Dietz (2 days ago)
I kind of feel bad for her.... she doesn't really seem mean. Anymore
Mirtha Urcia (2 days ago)
l feel so bad for her bc maybe her dad was so mean to his brother and then he was just so mad that did this to lil tay
Sad Mango Galaxy (2 days ago)
Karl Dumbrigue (2 days ago)
Who ever feels bad for her let me clear this up now she is being manipulated by her mom and brother and she ain’t even trying to stop it
Tough Cupcake (2 days ago)
Wait is that the metal gear solid theme at the beginning?
gaming girl roblox (2 days ago)
Lil tay relly dum whit muney
harlem games (2 days ago)
Your rich
Isabella Scott (2 days ago)
Her brother is a pain my well ya know.
Marwan Azhari (2 days ago)
I just want 50$
Brooke Taddy (2 days ago)
Sniper *LilTay be getting straight A's what y'all doing with your lifes!?* Me *Getting F's*
This girl had worse coolness then my ex boyfriend HE AINT FAMOUS wow I hate lil tay
Tavaria Major (2 days ago)
This girl had worse coolness then my ex boyfriend HE AINT FAMOUS wow I hate lil tay
Alhanna Tyler (2 days ago)
I feel so bad for her I mean it's not really her fault it's her brother and he is so awful:/
Annalise Currie (2 days ago)
I kind of feel bad because her mum and brother could have told her to show off what she doesn’t have you never know she could be forced to say that because they might not have money or whatever but because she is a nine year old she thinks she can get away with it
JD Kreeper (2 days ago)
2:55 Behind the seeds
Abby Frease (2 days ago)
If you want outrages, cheak out KISS's vevo or david bowie's vevo. THAT'S outrages, not a cussing 9-year old.
SlimeBoyGamer YT (2 days ago)
Yo lil tay here I got 1 dollar bills you not do like tay of lil people and idk what I'm doing with my life...
Yana Paguio (2 days ago)
I kinda feel bad cause its her brother forcing her *sorry Lil Tay Im a human*
Nafe Jarrah (2 days ago)
Yeah I agree
daisy-mae parkinson (2 days ago)
i have 100 pound trainers 99 pound fiorelli school bag i just bin to Jamaica a Michel cores coat 45 pound school shoos 126 pound worth of juicy ctore
daisy-mae parkinson (2 days ago)
and i don't flex its rude
daisy-mae parkinson (2 days ago)
I have that top
Julie Varela (2 days ago)
I kinda feel bad for lil tay.. :/
Bryanultragaming 19 (3 days ago)
Ruby the gamer (3 days ago)
Her name is Taylor
Ngappou Romuald (3 days ago)
I have a video of her smoking
MinecraftGamer 675 (3 days ago)
lil Tay gonna get up and sell bricks again lol
But some people say it’s not illegal for kids to smoke but they can’t buy cigarettes BUT DONT THINK I DO I DONT I PROMISE I SWEAR ON MY LIFE BECAUSE EVEN THOUGH IT MIGHT BE LEGAL I STILL DONT IM JUST PUTTING THAT OUT THERE
Braylon easterling (3 days ago)
The only fucking thing that lil tay says in I'm 9 years old
Baileigh Cardenas (3 days ago)
Baileigh Cardenas (3 days ago)
You bla bla bla
sanity h him trt (3 days ago)
I thought it was all little tay it was actually her freaking brother thank you very much whoever made this video
2:25 u know what to do SPAM IT
rarediamond68 (3 days ago)
baddddddd girl😈😯😂😐😠😈
karma akabane (3 days ago)
At 1:45 my grandma ownes that bag XD
Jill Stuteville (3 days ago)
Her brother is fxucked up!
Tucker Andrews (3 days ago)
Why do you keep pausing the video I like 2 seconds or every two seconds
NH BFF (3 days ago)
1 like = 1 pray for Lil Tay, her brother and her mom
Jonathan Toledo (3 days ago)
She stopped sines xxxtentacion died
Treasure Life (3 days ago)
Tommy Kelly (3 days ago)
you are funy
Alex Mejia (3 days ago)
I thought lil tay said i can breed and write in many langueges
Blurryy Coco (3 days ago)
i swear more poo comes out her mouth then her butt
koh koon (3 days ago)
Me and my brother is a BIG fan of jake paul
Cody Smith (3 days ago)
I think little tay is nice in real life but her mom and brother force her to do these things
Mira Harris (3 days ago)
what city is Harvard in?
Oscar Salazar (3 days ago)
SSSniperWolf she is about to cry
DanyalTech (3 days ago)
4:05 I honestly thought that was a carrot.
Karina Millar (4 days ago)
I do feel bad but at the same time I don’t
John Glenn Viray (4 days ago)
When she said Harvard drop out that a rip-off thing of lil pump!!!
The bag that she has it's a facke my aunt has it to
Tan Sesien (4 days ago)
So she actually a nice girl
Xavier Blood (4 days ago)
Wait lil tay called her mom mommy lmao 😂😂😂
Adriyana Bush (4 days ago)
no she bibnot la 3,000
margaret valentine (4 days ago)
Ill tags biggest talent is "moving bricks"
margaret valentine (4 days ago)
Little Tay better not ever say I'm not cool because I'm actually ten and she's nine!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😝😝😝
margaret valentine (4 days ago)
The video where she was at her mirror with her phone she wasn't taking picture she was reading her lines
nora alicia navarro (4 days ago)
Its not Lil tay's fault its the person who is forsing her to be like that. Lil tay's brother is shit!! And dont say that its Lil tay's fault because its not, its her pairents fault for letting her do that! By the way Lil tay's brother should know better!!
nitroplitvice (4 days ago)
You are making money what that family did. You are the same as her mother.
WTF_ Lelee (4 days ago)
How to be the WORST brother 101

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