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Far cry 5 Hauling Away Old abandoned Vehicles

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Finding and hauling Old abandoned Vehicles that is close to the shop I will post Most of my gun blood gore stuff on this channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY0ABpZ3YXMknFMcq2gpJtw other than the hunting it will stay on this channel for now. If you want to see the shootouts and all the crazy fun I will be posting videos right here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY0ABpZ3YXMknFMcq2gpJtw It seems twitch is not for me.. The game https://far-cry.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/home/ Where to buy Pc https://amzn.to/2HFkvko Ps4 https://amzn.to/2Kstp2b Xbox one https://amzn.to/2HDR9D1 https://www.rambow145.com/videos.html https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCUc4caaFI_51FVsGWU8K0hw https://www.youtube.com/user/Rambow145/community https://www.patreon.com/Rambow145 https://go.twitch.tv/rambow145 https://plus.google.com/+Rambow145/posts http://www.rambow145.com/ https://twitter.com/Rambow145 https://www.facebook.com/Rambow145s
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Text Comments (154)
Froggy 111 (3 days ago)
Loving these vids
Are you the one that mods for the squad in farming simulator 17
Jequevon Durham (5 days ago)
This might be weird but I love your voice for some reason I wonder why?
Tim Kirkpatrick (7 days ago)
FAR CRY 5 NEEDS AN ACTUAL WRECKER!!! (With interactive boom/hook)
Ragin' Gaming (1 month ago)
I am calling the Better Business Bureau on you. You still didn't replace my fencing!
Rambow145 (1 month ago)
Hauling 24/7 no time lol!
Waiwan The Clock (2 months ago)
this is actually the best keep it up!!
RaeKwon Duckworth (2 months ago)
What game are you playing with the tow truck
Rambow145 (2 months ago)
Far Cry 5 and it's no mods.
Can u play this game offline too sorry cause I’m new I wanna get it ‭
Rambow145 (2 months ago)
I play on pc
Rambow145 ?
Rambow145 if I get the ps4 standard edition can I play what your playing and how long does it take to boot up
Rambow145 (2 months ago)
I don’t know you might need the updates tho
Joshua Pitchford (2 months ago)
What's the name of the truck?
_ NutterButter _ (3 months ago)
I am sorry but I feel like I have to say something that is a flatbed
Rambow145 (3 months ago)
That Works too 👍
zoops 111 (3 months ago)
Thanks for making this video I love these type of videos
Faze _spaghett (3 months ago)
When i just get bored of just doing outposts over and over again i do this kind of stuff
Logan Geisbert (3 months ago)
Yo I do the same thing 😜😜😜
Logan Geisbert (2 months ago)
Hey what do you play on
BluBrd324 #47 (3 months ago)
The car physics r awesome in this game.
Dark Storm (3 months ago)
How do you get the polaris on the tow truck without the two truck glitching out
Angela Storm (3 months ago)
What’s your Xbox username?
Jason Cripe (3 months ago)
Is this actually in the game or is this a mod?
Jennifer Esham (2 months ago)
Jason Cripe i
Rambow145 (3 months ago)
Yes in the game, no mods
Jesse (3 months ago)
So are the cult members gone once you take over that territory?
Rambow145 (3 months ago)
most of them
David (3 months ago)
claustrophobic fov
TADionysus (3 months ago)
i use the super strength potion and punch the animals you get twice the skins when you do that
MaxPower2149 (3 months ago)
я тебя не люблю, ехаи нахуи
Eric M (4 months ago)
Im impressed they could make the flatbed functional and the vehicles stays on. Billon dotta game gta 5, devs couldnt figurethat out
Jennifer Esham (2 months ago)
Eric M k
Rambow145 (3 months ago)
Very cool
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots (4 months ago)
I was watching those 2 dance in the game for a while. Then a cougar ran up and killed the woman.
Jr Marfil (4 months ago)
The guy sing siravana my girl
YABOICHAV 123 (4 months ago)
Just wanted to know is this a mod your using
laptop266 (4 months ago)
where is this?
Nelson (4 months ago)
Would be cool if you could acquire new vehicles you can't buy in the shop by finding them in the world and towing them back to your base. Makes me wonder why they even put a tow truck in the game.
T Vela (4 months ago)
That's a cool way to play. Nice to take it slow once in a while. I know I spend more time fishing than I should haha
Pink guy 4 lyfe (4 months ago)
Why so many dislikes?!
Rambow145 (4 months ago)
No clue
UNIcorns Are alive (4 months ago)
All u have to do I load the truck on the ramp ON THE RAMP NOT OVER IT and the brakes will kick in
Why youtube why (4 months ago)
And what's the point of this?
Rambow145 (4 months ago)
Something to do with friends
Emmanuel Perez (4 months ago)
How did the cult not fight with you? I cannot play the game without them killing me all the time. I cannot play in peace like you.
I I (4 months ago)
You can beat a region and there would be no cults around except for an outpost
Emmanuel Perez (4 months ago)
Jonathan Tejada No worries Jonathan.
russiandolphin (4 months ago)
Emmanuel Perez ah I see. I felt the same before I liberated every region, every turn i made brought upon me a horde of annoying ass cultists. Although for me personally, the game was empty as fuck after completing it and i found myself missing all those random encounters with enemies. Sorry for coming off as aggressive
Emmanuel Perez (4 months ago)
Jonathan Tejada it's not about the difficulty of the combat; it's finding a space of peace. This game feels like a constant five star police chase in Grand Theft Auto games. Why would they Implement so many things and beauty if we were not going to enjoy them wasting time killing the cult? There's so many shit to do in this game and I can't do anything because of the God damn cult.
russiandolphin (4 months ago)
Emmanuel Perez play on the easiest difficulty. Lemme just be honest with you man if you’re dying from them on easier difficulties even after completing the game, then you’re straight trash. The AI is absolutely horrendous
Mike Gillie (4 months ago)
whats the point of doing this? do you get money or something for doing this? I mean its cool they allow you to do this but again whats the point?
+Absolutely Pro eat a poo pie
Absolutely Pro (3 months ago)
Jesus... Buncha rednecks enjoying towing in a simulator. Get a life..
emansdrawkcab4 (4 months ago)
Haha I came to the comments to find that out myself. I was hopin it was a new way to make money I didn’t know about
Milan Marten (4 months ago)
What's the point of playing any game? Having fun I suppose.
Rambow145 (4 months ago)
Yes yes
Ed Borges (4 months ago)
"Let's see what that truck is about" *Truck gets t-boned .5 seconds later
Uncharted Gaming (3 months ago)
Hugh Mongus (4 months ago)
Please don't ever become a tow truck or flat bed driver. Lol
Vicks Schmidt (4 months ago)
Im a trucker irl. I used to be a mechanic. I love to role play wrecked business etc in games or rping with dump trucks and such. Where did you get this fine International 2004 flat bed?
Antiquetractors (4 months ago)
Carver Duncan are you sure it’s not an old GMC Brigader or Chevy C60
The Dirtybut (4 months ago)
Wow I am a tow truck driver in real life I want this game
Bowing Gaming (4 months ago)
Plz do this again but when you unload the cars try releasing the brakes on the car
GRAND HIT (4 months ago)
why this map look like Mud Runners lmao
Mitch Puterbaugh (3 months ago)
GRAND HIT lol it does
pablo falero (4 months ago)
Someone finaly clipped the random couple in the woods
Daniel Sonn (4 months ago)
Is this game worth buying. I'm thinking about buying it, looks fun to me.
Nicholas Stankiewicz (2 months ago)
Daniel Sonn hey bro if you haven't got it yet then get it. It's a great game, with a co op mode.
Jennifer Esham (2 months ago)
It's worth it
Absolutely Pro (3 months ago)
It’s complete ass don’t buy it
Jeffrey L (4 months ago)
Sander Ødegård doubt it.
Sander Ødegård (4 months ago)
But is the season pass and the deluxe packs worth it?
Sherides0 3thenight (4 months ago)
My god I have to get this game. Should I get this or shadow of war?
Antiquetractors (4 months ago)
Sherides0 3thenight this!!!
Nawazuddin Shaik (4 months ago)
What is your system configuration?
Justin Mitch (4 months ago)
Add me on ps justinmitch21
Furrygamer 229 (4 months ago)
Alright what console does this guy play
Uncharted Gaming (3 months ago)
Xbox One S
Ragin' Gaming (4 months ago)
jon doe (4 months ago)
I came across that scene at the beginning of the video and halfway through the song a wolf came and started attacking the dancing couple,was dsmn funny.
James Miller (4 months ago)
GET>>>>ON>>>WITH IT. A tip for anyone making videos for youtube, do a very brief introduction then get to it. Nobody wants to see someone fumble through a video like this. You are asking people to waste their time.
Hunter Black (4 months ago)
Yea I thought that you may get money from this and just watched for like 5 minutes before i found he was roleplaying in the comments
10,000_H0Ez (4 months ago)
James Miller All y'all is fukin dum. Dis coments are stupid af mumfuckas
Cody Adams (4 months ago)
Who cares it's a youtube video.
James Miller (4 months ago)
Run along snowflake, no one was offended but you.
KaotikRC (4 months ago)
James Miller He didn't ask anyone to do shit.... You stuck around & watched it all by yourself... You're a big boy, don't blame other people for what you do.
Warrick (4 months ago)
Great Video bro! :)
chris balfe (4 months ago)
far cry 5 tow truck sim 2018
Lasciel The-Fallen (4 months ago)
I love it. I'm going to do this with my character when she is not being a fishing and hunting guide. I really love how this game let's your imagination run free between the war with the cult. Great video.
Octobros Gaming (4 months ago)
Lasciel The-Fallen well said
LRC Gamer (4 months ago)
nice video
Blake Nowling (4 months ago)
Where's this location located
Jennifer Esham (2 months ago)
elkassassincreed (4 months ago)
Blake Nowling a prepper stash in faths region Edit: Faith's region I meant
matthew david jarvis (4 months ago)
3:16 "Errrm, Bob? Yeah, we're going to need to send you on a training course...."
萊爾富 (4 months ago)
The thumbnail looks like real life
Jordan Fowler (5 months ago)
Is that mods or no
Jennifer Esham (2 months ago)
Jordan Fowler u
random chanle (3 months ago)
Jordan Fowler this is no mods
Rambow145 (4 months ago)
No mods
RK Animation Maps (4 months ago)
Jordan Fowler of course no
Joseph Wyban (5 months ago)
I really liked the video. KEEP IT UP. I just got farcry 5 today
Jacob Gonzales (5 months ago)
WTF THERES A 2004 Mustang!!! I’m getting this game RIGHT NOW!
Taylor Perkins (1 month ago)
Should've been the s198 not the sn95
Mike Litoris (1 month ago)
Have you beaten the Mar's expansion DLC? If you do you will get all those sweet Alien weapons that you can actually use in the main story and its totally worth it. I'm not sure if you even have to beat the Mar's expansion to get the guns but after I beat it I started a new Far Cry 5 game and when I got to the shop all those weapons are available to use from the Mars DLC and it makes the game incredibly fun and extremely easy! :D
Keith Stengel (3 months ago)
Barf i rather have a olds 440
cook 7039 (4 months ago)
Is that towing actually in it even on PS4! I am into hauling stuff to create the first junkyard in every game (if possible).
cjm518 (4 months ago)
Jjason Theroux I ran into an issue where John fly’s his plane outta bounds and you can’t get the key but all you do is exit to game menu reload and ur right back with him
reb1138 (5 months ago)
Wow Nirvana unplugged at the start lol
siiv (5 months ago)
reb1138 well nirvana covered original artist is leadbelly
Vintagecat40 gaming (5 months ago)
can you buy this game for me?
noice job on changing yo minecraft puc to a shitty pic still got mc vids
Colton Boyette really
Vintagecat40 gaming get a better sense of humour
Colton Boyette (5 months ago)
3219 shelby dr benton arkansas 72015
Colton Boyette (5 months ago)
Commander Faie (5 months ago)
You play like me lol I love role playing
BluBrd324 #47 (3 months ago)
Commander Faie same
Max.auzzz (3 months ago)
Commander Faie okay so I am normal then haha
Richard Fain (4 months ago)
Commander Faie p
Deborah Nicholson (4 months ago)
Commander Faie same
HIPSTERS FOR TRUMP (4 months ago)
I rp as the montana national guard. I wish the game had more military ground vehicles like a tank or something
Cameron Devereux (5 months ago)
Were you useing mods or if i get this game for xbox could i act like a flatbed truck driver?
Plunkett - LIVE• (4 months ago)
ThisNoobChannel it's good m8. All gud
Marco Diaz Jr (4 months ago)
No mods
crazyperson3245 (5 months ago)
You can
Rambow145 (5 months ago)
No mods used, not sure how it will be on Xbox but it was on pc

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