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Emperor - Monolith VIP [Free]

1518 ratings | 111358 views
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Text Comments (32)
Dubordinate UK (5 months ago)
that is one of the best synths ive heard
skrite dnb (8 months ago)
loving this baseline very simlier to what i would make using kontakt
Pozla93 (1 year ago)
Holy goosebumps
Binaca Yo Shie (1 year ago)
54 sec is the illiest drop i know of right now
Maroš V. (2 years ago)
0:45 holy shit that fucking thing destroyed my whole house...
Binaca Yo Shie (1 year ago)
Maroš V. me tooooo fuckin church yo
NorteK (2 years ago)
0:44 volume 200%
Binaca Yo Shie (1 year ago)
Sphyn0x thats what im saying like drop my shit and shake it up. fuck the ice!
Binaca Yo Shie (1 year ago)
NorteK thank you i saw this right in time fuckeeeeen siiiiiickk as fuck dawg! fuck this is how i do church
Sphyn0x (2 years ago)
+Juraj Švec GOD DAYUM
Joonas Kirss (2 years ago)
this confuses my ears when headphones on
peter phillips (2 years ago)
krone01 (2 years ago)
dem drums
ganstas777 (3 years ago)
Junglist Rob (3 years ago)
holy shittt what a chooon!
nedis pocius (3 years ago)
hollay shiet this is the mid leeevel of observing
Brom (3 years ago)
This wobble mimics the sounds of jelly with oreo in it.
vexozFFA (3 years ago)
Vlad Gzibovski (3 years ago)
That sound at 0:45
Vlad Gzibovski (3 years ago)
Oh God! This is something amazing!
XxEngin3xX (4 years ago)
fonkyman (4 years ago)
shagia (4 years ago)
the original was great but omg this deep as hell
Binaca Yo Shie (1 year ago)
shagia right! just throws me in a direction i like
Benny TheBuffer (4 years ago)
Awesome shit!
you are shit
Martin Rajnoha (4 years ago)
Alex Dean (4 years ago)
Formedneets (4 years ago)
Why am i disliking this so hard?
Richard Janda (4 years ago)
It's not bad or something it's just different and off course it's not original because normal Monolith is crushing with that drop! =3
Formedneets (4 years ago)
Are you? of are you not? i dont know i liked the Original alot but this just isnt for me.
Adrian Canti (4 years ago)

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