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How To Play PC Games On Your Gear VR Or Google Cardboard (How to Set Up Trinus + Tridef3D)

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Be sure to Susbcribe to catch new content and don't forget to leave a Like rating :D *This Is My First Ever Try On A Set Up/How To Video So Please Ask Any Questions In The Comments If Anything Confuses You* In todays video, I am showing you how to play PC games on your Gear VR and/or mobile device ready Head M ount Unit. If you have any questions, Be sure to ask in the commments below. Become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3405488&ty=h **Software Links** TrinusVR Lite App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.loxai.trinus.test&referrer=utm_source%3Dtweb Trinus Server Software - http://trinusvr.com/#download Tridef 3d software - https://www.tridef.com/cart/product.php?productid=3 Moonlight Game Streaming App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.limelight **Recommended Head Units** Homido Website - http://www.homido.com/en Homido On Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Homido-Virtual-Reality-Headset-Smartphone/dp/B00PQA5DVU Freefly VR Website - https://www.freeflyvr.com/ Freefly On Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Freefly-VR-Smartphone-wireless-controller/dp/B0127GIPPG VR ONE Website - http://vrone.us/ VR ONE on Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/ZEISS-VR-ONE-Virtual-Reality/dp/B00OEWQIMY Other Head Units On Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=VR+android&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3AVR+android *Contact me* ManVsVR@gmail.com
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Text Comments (1382)
Koop Van Der Wijk (15 days ago)
Im gonna check this out. I have the latest gear vr and a S8. When i had the older version i managed to get KODI to run tha was cool but i had no input device. Now you can just use the official software. But yeah we al want a cheap oculus rift😁.. hope it will work wit my old 680gtx.
VitaminZeth (1 month ago)
I cant get to calibrating steam vr in the room app setup. Im using an android phone and the newest version of trinus. Has anyone else had this problem?
Sneaky (1 month ago)
Hey you probably wont see this but i tested it on a relatives phnoe (Free version) and it was just two squares, it wasnt like in the screenshots
Tommy Jørgensen (1 month ago)
yeah , i got to have those glasses..awsome
CofiFox (2 months ago)
the google cardboard enabler is not in the play store :\
Gregory wm (3 months ago)
i cant use nvidia shield because my i7 with 16gb of ram has a gtx1050 ti !!! its totally crap! i cant stream to the device because of that. It says reccommended minimum card is a 960 3gb. My 1050ti has 4gb and out performs the 960 on all the benchmarks
Oliver Revillo (3 months ago)
I need a software that makes the laptop/pc screen into a vr screen, like it has 2 screens and a line in the middle, and then I will launch the game on the laptop, and use a screen mirroring app for laptop to phone and connect to a controller or you can use the keyboard but it's a bit weird, thats basically it Can someone recommend me a screen mirroring app for laptop to phone
Rahul Sinha (3 months ago)
+Man vs vr will it work for any vr ? and any smartphone without gyroscope?
MrBorderdown (3 months ago)
This is just stereoscopic, it's not vr quality. You aren't using two separate fovs from two separate cameras witch offsets. So this is very flat compared to anything really VR.
Man Vs VR (3 months ago)
MrBorderdown im gonna guess you didnt get to the tridef part. The software that does exactly that.
EpicMiner256 (4 months ago)
4 words, five nights at fredys
Kostas - (4 months ago)
thank you very much-!
saffi ahmed (5 months ago)
I run my game see my phone black screen game in phone
saffi ahmed (5 months ago)
I run my game see my phone black screen game in phone
LoxXD (5 months ago)
Christan Herning?
Mathéo Bui (5 months ago)
For iPhone there have kino vr
M692 (5 months ago)
Does this work on IOS?
Orkun Kartal (6 months ago)
can i play vr chat with google cardboard?
Orkun Kartal (6 months ago)
and can i connect controller to it? when yes which ones are good for vrchat?
Man Vs VR (6 months ago)
Orkun Kartal yes. Need vridge for that
The OG (6 months ago)
How do you use vr controllers with this
King Slayer01 (6 months ago)
If u guys don't want o buy it just go on the Internet and download an app called AC Market u can get apps and games free I gotcha you guys
swifty1969 (7 months ago)
it doesn't work with my oculus gear vr because it keeps launching oculus home instead of showing the desktop via trinus. I did select both gear vr a and b and it didn't make any difference.
gregory stubenazy (7 months ago)
Can't find website to download intugame on my pc. Keep getting the 404 error.
KcLee677 (7 months ago)
Y I one question, l just started using it and work. But, l don't know where is barrel distorted? To get in VR setting.. how you get it?
lorenz perez (7 months ago)
Is there a lag in the video? If yes, is it noticeable?
Emulation Everything (7 months ago)
Would this not be easiest with tridef and Parsec
Gamer1Up (7 months ago)
does this work on s3 or sc7
Fox GΔMING (8 months ago)
What game where you playing at the beginning?
ThatManWhosASpooder (8 months ago)
He's on cherno
Simple (8 months ago)
I have no idea what you just said but thanks!
Ayaan Mirza (8 months ago)
For anyone wonder To get it setup 0:00 - 12:30 All rest are optional but make a better outcome
sakispunk (8 months ago)
does need root the phone to play games with this setup and gear vr ?
Dr. SargeX (8 months ago)
Dr. SargeX (8 months ago)
Man Vs VR Good Going !
Man Vs VR (8 months ago)
Dr.DeathX sorry it was my swcond video had no idea this would happen. Sorry. I got better a little bit of that helps any lol
Skelath (9 months ago)
Yeah this wasn't tested with Gear VR because as soon as you put the Gear VR headset on "Gear VR app" loads up and goodbye Trinus. This is for Google cardboard only because the only way my Galaxy S8+ fits in my Gear VR headset is by "plugging" it into the usb port which auto loads Gear VR.
Man Vs VR (9 months ago)
Skelath I'm guessing you missed the part about cardboard enabler. You have to disable your gear services in order to run the app in the headset
25dnorric (9 months ago)
Great tut but gee you blab
Geometry Dash Pixel Snowy (10 months ago)
first app is not free anymore
CuntNoTopic (10 months ago)
i cant find the enabler app
тнє EηdєrGσd (10 months ago)
Is there a specific phone to use other than Samsung or anything?
TV Rust (10 months ago)
i want to know if this tilting fake3d works with VRChat on Steam, like the character doing it like htc vive, cus i tried riftcat and it does, but you need to pay for that app, thats the sad part.
DungXaAnh (10 months ago)
i dont get it how do you connect wii controller to that ??
DungXaAnh (10 months ago)
wii controller??
Glazzing Sun (10 months ago)
it dont work with no gyrascope lel
Phtan Khan (10 months ago)
Which mobile u can use in vr
Tom Johnson (10 months ago)
The app went to up to $2
CRC Fran (10 months ago)
My phone doesnt have gyroscope, this way its not fun at all :o(
Abdou Jouma (10 months ago)
does it work on AMD cards ?
Cody Haskell (10 months ago)
you need to do an updated video the software has completely changed.
Sheng Plays (10 months ago)
will this work with my Nokia n-gage?
Shubham S. (11 months ago)
Got problems with fov on my gear vr , the games take up whole screen on my phone so much of the screen is out of sight when i put it on , any fix ?
tomica83 (11 months ago)
Which phone do you use with Gear VR? What is the quality of video streaming into your Gear VR? Do you get any video lagging?
MayTheDuck (11 months ago)
MayTheDuck (11 months ago)
Ben Richards (11 months ago)
"want to be one of the top channels" => jank like this with no redos.
Man Vs VR (11 months ago)
Did you even look?? Lol
With0utHeart (1 year ago)
Man Vs VR (1 year ago)
Sumer Strike kinda late for that right?
ChaoticLion (1 year ago)
do i need to have google cardboard on my phone, since its not avalible for my phone
Thing king (1 year ago)
what about AMD graphic card?
Man Vs VR (1 year ago)
Thing king use intugame. Works well with amd tridef. I made a 2.0 video which shows how
Sanjay Wilson (1 year ago)
Thank god we can speed up videos now, I almost would rather read instructions from somewhere online lol
Sanjay Wilson (1 year ago)
Man Vs VR oh I definitely could but this is the first thing I clicked on and I don't feel like putting much effort into this, so congrats you win by default lol
Man Vs VR (1 year ago)
Sanjay Wilson I'm sure you could :)
Voss Playz (1 year ago)
it does not exist on IOS !?!?!?
Tomas Devat (1 year ago)
Hello great video, can you give me a link on the video how to set up the paystation nav, sticks, and which one are you using, and and if i have the (samsung)GearVR 2017 with the remote is there a possibility to use that one plus the one from playstation so i have two remotes for more button options or am i going to be good with just the one that comes with the gear Vr 2017? just an idea for your next video, and how to set it up...
CrimZon Gaming (1 year ago)
I agree with several others in here: This video is swamped with filler and ramblings and the YouTuber takes far too long to get to the point. Some of the details aren't even correct. No reason video couldn't have been 5 min or less. Will be avoiding any further videos in the future.
Man Vs VR (1 year ago)
CrimZon Gaming thank you
joe badabuchi aka MGD (1 year ago)
great video.. I'm really happy that my oculus vr disspointment is actually turning out good. Since I that didn't work on my 1500 dollar laptop I purchased the Gear VR for my S8+ which at the time I had no Idea I can play pc games. Man Talk about being stoked. Great job. Any chance you could find how to make the Samsung VR controller work with pc possiable 2 of them since they are motion sensitive controllers. Thanks again ...
Ryan Smith (1 year ago)
How would one go about tethering with this system?
Michael Ramirez (1 year ago)
When I play using moonlight the whole phone screen displays the game, which causes it to be zoomed quite a bit on the headset. Is there a way to make it less zoomed in so I can see all of the screen?
claus claus (1 year ago)
Thanks man, now i know about this software and don't bother with those who say "More info, less talk" they don't know that is neccesary and if you won't talk tey will say " Talk more man.". Be satifacted with your vids! I support you with a sub and a like.
jackvleming (1 year ago)
can you make an update video. pls?
jackvleming (1 year ago)
hello dude the app for gear vr to google cardboard is removed from the store pls a update video
iAmFlare (1 year ago)
What controllers are you using and how do you set them up for the games???
Mochamad Azhar (1 year ago)
are you using keyboard to control movement?
Man Vs VR (1 year ago)
Mochamad Azhar im using ps nav sticks with xpadder via bluetooth. I made a tutorial for that also due to all the request
Bob's biggest fan (1 year ago)
I am using an Ethernet cable on my pc but wifi on my phone is there any way to connect?
tiger of the sky (1 year ago)
will it work on my iBrick?
Are there one without gyroscope?
Enrique Marino (1 year ago)
hey so i got it work from following these steps but when i stream it onto monlight all i get is a black screen on my phone, i hear the game in the background but i cant see it ,,, help me pleeeease and thank you
Enrique Marino (1 year ago)
Awesome video! But can you please help me, my GeForce app does not look like yours probably because it's the newer version, it does not have the same tabs like the shield one.. have u got a way to get around this ? Would really appreciate it! Thanks
Enrique Marino (1 year ago)
Man Vs VR wow you're quick ! Haha I was hesitant to use that because of all the bad reviews on play store .. plus I just purchased the trinus app ... But okay I'll give that a try thank you
Man Vs VR (1 year ago)
Enrique Marino try intugame. works really well
Alexandru Carjan (1 year ago)
Google Cardboard enabler doesnt exist. I cant find it
yasinozkan (1 year ago)
Do I have to uninstall the Samsung Gear software ?
yasinozkan (1 year ago)
I see. What about overheating issues ? When I use my s7 with VR Gear, it overheats in 20 mins and I receive a message that phone is too hot, and I have to close it. Thats because it runs everything from the phone (battery, cpu,..). How is it when you connect your pc ? It uses PC gpu and cpu, right ?
Man Vs VR (1 year ago)
+yasinozkan no you just need a disabler for it
hunteranubis (1 year ago)
so can you actualy use this as a cheap oculus replacer to find out if HTC vive is worth it?
Man Vs VR (1 year ago)
hunteranubis its what I did. Now the quality is nowhere near the level of the actual hmds cuz theyre going straight through hdmi.
Pogi Problems (1 year ago)
its ugly though, I use Gear VR, and I believe thats the highest quality option for doing this concept... btw its easy just go trinus/vridge website and don't waste your time with this dumb video...
Luke McCormick (1 year ago)
Jesus fucking christ you talk way too fucking much. Like I enjoyed the video and It was a great tutorial, but PLEASE man just shut the fuck up
Luke McCormick (1 year ago)
Haha thats cool. Sorry If I seemed slightly agressive in my comment, I really enjoyed the tutorial and It helped me out a ton! thanks a bunch!
Man Vs VR (1 year ago)
Luke McCormick thank you! thats personally my favorite quality about myself. i just never shut up
Abderrahmane Zouakh (1 year ago)
what about amd will moonlight work with amd graphics card (rx 480)?
joey.skull (1 year ago)
Do I need a gryscope sensor to be able to do this?
I can never connect! I fucking hate it! It's not my internet because I have good internet! I have the best internet that people in my area can have and I still can't fucking connect. You don't give tips on how to connect. I'm done. Fuck my life!
Lol I got it working. Sorry for that comment. I was mad last night...
Man Vs VR (1 year ago)
The Real Eric Mitchell it has nothing to do with internet. your just using the router to connect your device wirelessly. 5ghz AC router works best
Szabolcs Molnár (1 year ago)
hello! could you tell me some competible games?
I couldn't find the app "CB enabler for gear VR" all I could find was "Play Cardboard apps on Gear VR" and my android is an S4, how badley will this not work?
Ati Ati (1 year ago)
work with my darude sandstorm?
shp0ngle (1 year ago)
This video is good. I will build a computer in a week. A nice gaming pc, and then i will try this out!!! Need to try bioshock infinite, because it's the best game. One of the best. I tried this with my laptop a while back, but i could not get the picture to look good in the options or when i adjusted the picture and setting it up. I will look for some universal setting later on for gear vr... ;) I guess that the picture or view should look close to the view in gear vr games! Will try it in a couple weeks. ;) And use a gaming pad perhaps.
nooben (1 year ago)
really 10 min
Arnav Sangal (1 year ago)
will it work with oppo A37f
Wyatt Rue (1 year ago)
So say i play a game using this, can i user an xbox one controller plugged into my computer a a controller?
Wyatt Rue (1 year ago)
okay, thanks
Man Vs VR (1 year ago)
+Maken Minez yeah sure. But some games may give you some issues with mouse + controller being used at the same time. I fixed that with xpadder tho
Dev Hathi (1 year ago)
Awesome Video..... but can u tell me that will this work on i3 4150, 8GB RAM, Win 8.1, 1TB HDD, GTX 750 TI 2GB.........
Fenokineza (1 year ago)
What with AMD?!?!
Fenokineza (1 year ago)
Man Vs VR wow thanks guy a lot woow really!
Man Vs VR (1 year ago)
Radeon Rx 470 & Intel i7 3770 i made a version 2.0 that works with amd
SWAG (1 year ago)
with the cardboard emulator for the gear vr app I found a way to not need this head set you slide it normal you close the side without the charger port and pull up the side with the charger port and slide the phone in fully and close that side on top of the phone and it closes and clamps it in to place
KingTairun (1 year ago)
this video could be 75% shorter if you spare us the nonsense
KingTairun (1 year ago)
whatever dude I'm not subscribed do what you want
Man Vs VR (1 year ago)
KingTairun well of you watched 10 minutes and only got 30 seconds of info you may have add and need some aderol. At the ten minute mark ive completely walked through the main trinus steps and have dayz running. takes more than 30 seconds to do this for me alone haha. cant change a year old video sorry. all rambling here serves its purpose and will not change.
KingTairun (1 year ago)
don't need to pause every second but also don't need to hear rewiel for dayz while add it. besides listen to your viewers previous comment for example "i have watched 10 mins,,, i had info worth of 30 seconds... talk less,, show info... we dont have time, we need info" just giving you feedback if you dont want to hear it its your damn problem when several people tell you the same it might be true
Man Vs VR (1 year ago)
KingTairun the goal was to make a video you dont have to pause every second and rewind. it was also my 3rd video i made and first time doing this type of video. this channel started out as nothing but a test but became so much more.
JK C (1 year ago)
VR desperately needs someone to streamline the whole process. All these asshats making an interface to interface with another interface so you can interface with your PC, and each has their own slew of options and configs you need to configure. Someone like Steve Jobs needs to come around and bitch slap all these exuberant developers out of their eggheads so VR can become mainstream and simple.
DJ EARTH'S TAXI (1 year ago)
could you do a teamviewer link up to my pc and help me set this up please.
Joshua Gerlach (1 year ago)
hey man, what are you using for controllers there? I'm super new to VR, in fact, I'm getting my gear VR (S8) tomorrow. EDIT: and how would I set them up?
Max Cool (1 year ago)
it fucks my audio and the menu doesn't work for me
Almendra Pizarro (1 year ago)
how did you conect the controllers to te pc(?) thanks amazing video!
ravenblaylock13 (1 year ago)
i cant find the app is there another one that works?
Mick Detruz Müller (1 year ago)
This is a 31 min long commercial for software.
Luis C (1 year ago)
or you can get trinus full for free :P
Luis C (1 year ago)
will it work if your pc has no bluetooth ?
Kenny Villamil (1 year ago)
you connect your controlers to your phone or to your computer???
terrablader (1 year ago)
how is the latency?

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