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Text Comments (41885)
Roasted Toast (23 minutes ago)
0:56 pewds calm down
My name a *JIFF!!!*
Kevin Sheng (22 hours ago)
Tryl Clone (23 hours ago)
Gif is like flat earth
Tryl Clone (23 hours ago)
da enjish lanjuaje
KookieDough (1 day ago)
I see DO 😏
Queewn Dawnn (1 day ago)
Was it just me or did anybody else spot Jimin? 😳
NinjaMayne30 (1 day ago)
The rap at the end fairly dope homie friends.
lisa (1 day ago)
Jif is more audibly pleasing
FreddyXD123 cuevas (2 days ago)
Thio Joe is a troll channel xD
ProjectAvery (2 days ago)
the audio is amazingggg
Laila Eam (2 days ago)
7:22 bottom right corner I’m not thirsty I swear
BambamPewpew32 (2 days ago)
1:33 I died when I saw his headset fall off XD
Weirdo (2 days ago)
I despise pointless arguments like this. It's an acronym; pronounce it however you want.
Nick Louns (2 days ago)
Nothing Cheeseburger (2 days ago)
He blinks less. That ain't right.
Marsi (2 days ago)
I still like gifs though
Marsi (2 days ago)
but like the old ones (cartoons n stuff) why am I even trying to point out smt like nobody cares pfffff
Marsi (2 days ago)
I can't stand that mans face damn
In the middle of that guys video talking about jiffy peanut butter or some shit, my heart did some weird ass thing and beat harder and faster or some shit, and I literally think he gave me a stroke delete yourself for the safety of the people
Sleeper_Sam (3 days ago)
Marz and him are so cute😂😂
Marcela (3 days ago)
Bo-jivan Parker (3 days ago)
you jive your friends a jift. he asked what the jift was and you said it was a funny jimmicky jismo. you felt jilty for not jiving him the the goldfish with the big jills he told you he wanted after he canceled his jig when his jirlfriend dumbed him. but in the end that jismo you got him was a hard drive with a jigabyte of space. and in that hard drive was a funny jif about a jibbon jiggling at his own small jirth.
fundip51426 (3 days ago)
No u
killer keem___blox (3 days ago)
I wanna die in 2010
charles kacirek (3 days ago)
How about Gesus? Also Gews.
QcY (3 days ago)
It's prounounced with a g because gif stands for graphics interchange image, and graphics (which the the g in gif stands for) is not prounounced with the sound of a J but with a g then it must be prounounced with a G Hmmmmmmmm
Sr. Sacaninha (3 days ago)
huguidesr (4 days ago)
Is he saying lzWEE?
Gaspar Tiznado (4 days ago)
Ginko anyone? Not "jinko".
Colin McConnell (4 days ago)
His Jirlfriend like to post Gifs apparently
Ned from spiderman (4 days ago)
Rita Z (4 days ago)
Why was it red
Pualy McCoy (4 days ago)
thats Yiff not Jiff pewds
Henti Kirby (4 days ago)
If you pronounce it Jif. You're a fuking beta male, fook otta mei face!
TurtleCoop * (4 days ago)
The only gif I use(rarely though) is the virtual hug one.
I’m a Panda (4 days ago)
Pewds, Do ypu remember Stephano?
You made a show of that dude at the start haha
Mystic (4 days ago)
I call them funny moving looped images or fmli for short
Eneli Klumbytė (5 days ago)
GIF is more logical way to pronounce this word. The creator of GIFS said Jifs because he wanted to make a little rhyme for the peanutbutter ad JIF. The word examples like GIRAFE is not logical. NOT LOGICAL AT ALL. Every youtuber who says Jif they using bad examples. All single-syllable words of English origin that start with a "G" are pronounced with a hard G (not J but G). All those examples from youtubers don't follow this rule. They are either from foreign origin or are multi-syllable.
GolzyZombie (5 days ago)
1:26 8:16
I'm Short (5 days ago)
I love Marzias side comments 😂
Will Pierce (5 days ago)
9:20 did you say L O S S ?
Onii Chan (5 days ago)
I swear he said "engrilsh language" XD XD XD 3:18
Jere Pesonen (5 days ago)
Paradoxia (5 days ago)
Roberto Duque (6 days ago)
josh sorevitnac (6 days ago)
theo is gay, his mom gay too
muther1997 (6 days ago)
Bald pewdiepie looks like pornstar jonny sinns
funnybus3rd (6 days ago)
No u
Grumpy Toast (6 days ago)
I hope he realizes. It's not going to stop. It'll never stop.
strangerpainter (6 days ago)
im with Marzia on this one
Sune Palmin (6 days ago)
I love Jacksepticeye
BTS Namjoon (6 days ago)
If you pronounce gif, jif, then you pronounce god, jod.
yuiop speklastong (6 days ago)
So your gf is now wicky wow
Game God (7 days ago)
It's gif
BurstFire BBC (7 days ago)
3:09 what is that shit on his face
Captain Autismo (7 days ago)
The one of John Dena in the background was pretty funny
Tyrannus (7 days ago)
i once caught jerms from a jiraffe in jermany.
Dank Dogger (7 days ago)
i spot furries!, lets see how much internet boys will hate me for being one
Just Leave It Blank (7 days ago)
No U ahahhaha
Andy Semmight (8 days ago)
I need to see why this is popular. Mr Egg : All words are J jewdie pie. Literally Jitler from Jisrael, owns JWikipedia! And egg Egg must edit: forgot pray thus egg J3GG, advert, Juck off! No for you denied EGG? Bored, too long egg no child
Artists stuff (8 days ago)
Sad thing is... today I got sent that creepy baby!😂
Terryss95 (8 days ago)
Html 5 is for 3d graphics artists, while GIFs are more suitable for sketch artistis. Both formats will still be used in a cancerous way. Having different formats for all the stuff there is, can be only a good thing, while on the contrary having only few formats shoved down everybody' s troath, when there will always be somebody that can' t find it useful or efficient, is utter bullshit. I really hope that was only a rant on how some unrelatable folk empty inside are ruining the "reputation" of one of your favourite, nostalgic things that were part of the platform that shaped your whole life and your future self. I mean, i like GIFs myself, why demonetiz... i mean, demonizing them. You'll hate anything if related to negative things in life like Tumblr (has good hentai tough) and that abomination of Thojo Jojo. C'mon, smile bitch \ ^ _ ^ / I'm actually quite pissed off at companies who tried in the recent times to kill slowly native support for GIFs :,) My funny library on my ipad, wich isn't filled with shitty celebrity-related ones, will not play anymore in the Gallery or Notes, will only show a static image... In Windows 10 (8 and 8.1 too, if i remember correctly) even if i rehabilitated the IMMORTAL photo viewer with a registry editor tweak, the GIFs wouldn' t still play, i needed to download a modded version compatible with the new OS :,) This is bullshit if you ask me and luckily the Android developers had the same thought when implementing butter-smooth GIF playback in the whole system, natively. Please don' t give more "courage" to those companies Felix, they might even invite you to their WWDC or something, lol... it' s not the GIFs fault if some hoomans are retarded xD Mannen-fist
Omerta Primal (8 days ago)
I think it's the beard... The things I used to find immature and cringey, now seem like they are making fun of young people. Because he has a beard so he is obviously not young. Do i win now?
Angello Cauich (8 days ago)
thanks for notice my pathetic pervert fandom :3 ewe owo *murrs *lick paw
4زايد1 زايدنفسي 6 وست سنوات حكم الملك عبدالله احمد1978
capcarp89033 g (8 days ago)
Geoff 213 (8 days ago)
denise persson (9 days ago)
I will always use gifs thank you very much
MrFishSticks (9 days ago)
My mom gay? She must like you 🤔
Nike Does (9 days ago)
gif = jeff
Alexander Augustus (9 days ago)
ive never seen such an aggressively passive aggressive video in my life and i love it
Maxwell (9 days ago)
No u
venomkiler (10 days ago)
Porn gifs tho ammarite?
SKÖRPION (10 days ago)
Gifs are only useful for masturbating on Google images.
PIZZACOOKIE (10 days ago)
the diad (10 days ago)
the dislik are salty peaple
Tomatoffel (10 days ago)
saying teeth are bones...
The Ludwig Gamer (10 days ago)
4:55 to be fair, it was google that did that, not Wikipedia
Jack Killer (10 days ago)
There is only one good gif that I could fine on my journey, and it was shrek saying OH HELLO THERE.
Jack Killer (10 days ago)
The difference between pewdiepie and joe in this video is that pewdiepie is actually having some what of a good time while joe is just straight up angry with people pronouncing it differently.
Ansuya Sharma (11 days ago)
Just call it 'jee aii eff' Simple.
Tengri Bog (11 days ago)
tahutoa (11 days ago)
I officially like Marzia 15.5% more now
Ashley Hudgins (11 days ago)
Meepin Snek (11 days ago)
PewDiePie dies and comes back to life all in one minute.
Michaela Corkum (11 days ago)
Literally when Pewds started going nuts the video stopped playing lmao
Emma Weber (11 days ago)
I mean it’s pronounced both ways but whatever
Francesco Bianchi (11 days ago)
But gifs are one of the most important things for Telegram shitposting!!!
GavinoBambino ! (11 days ago)
gerbil, gym, gel, general, giant, ginger, gypsy, gyrate, giraffe, GIF
Borfameme (11 days ago)
I am pronouncing it with a hard G. And that’s that. 😅
Emily-TrueGod117 (11 days ago)
Pewdiepie stop being a smart ass it makes lots of people look dumb.
Radek Němčanský (11 days ago)
And you even pronounced "yiff" badly
Robert Emerson (11 days ago)
I pronounce it geof
Hefvulon Iilah (11 days ago)
im in luv with th e editing on pewdiepies channel its so good makes such a good difference
arvesto (11 days ago)
I looked up the ThioJoe video just so i can dislike it
XthedeadsoulX (11 days ago)
It’s pronounced yiff
Marshwajr (12 days ago)
Its pronounced G I F you all dum dums
K24 (12 days ago)
6:04 no u

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