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Side by Side - The Witcher vs. The Witcher 2 vs. The Witcher 3

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Text Comments (111)
Brandon Daniel (9 days ago)
TW1 is underrated af. I'm in love with it idk if I wanna play the next one cause it doesn't look as good.
Akilah Tucker (1 month ago)
They should've ported witcher 1 to ps2 11 years ago cuz it does have ps2 graphics and it looked suitable for a ps2 game
Akilah Tucker (3 months ago)
Witcher 2 had a way better story and side quest and way better writing out of all of the witcher games
Akilah Tucker (4 months ago)
The witcher 2 had a much shorter and linear story compare to witcher 1 the witcher 1 had more side quests to do and it had a much better and longer story the witcher 1 was way better than witcher 2
SmiileyFace (1 year ago)
60fps Witcher, 60fps Witcher 2, 30fps Witcher 3. Where did it all go wrong.
Bloody Persistent (8 months ago)
We have 60 on the Xbox One X now. A bit of a framerate drop in the busier areas but nothing too bad.
Delsin Rowe (1 year ago)
UnknownYT 30 fps only on console
Alex (1 year ago)
we need tw2 remastered,we see a lot of trash upscaling to 1080,just upscaling the game and take my money cd progeckt
Jason Innes (1 year ago)
Just booted up witcher 2 and maxed out the graphics. Wow, I can't believe how good this game still looks. Witcher 1 looks and plays like butthole.
Hjard Kuk (2 months ago)
The story was really good though
John Ford (2 years ago)
Why the hell cant you, or anyone for that matter, say his name right? its not Gralt, garalt, or Jeralt, it is GERALT.
tim t (7 months ago)
John Ford because he is a stupid American.
fr0zeN (2 years ago)
Liam Leonard (2 years ago)
I got witcher 3 like 6 months ago maybe but I never remember having to meditate for potions to be made. Was this changed in an update, or is it only for pc players that I have to meditate? I have witcher 3 on ps4 and don't remember any of that. And also how the hell does witcher 2 look so damn good in this video? I got it on Xbox 360 and the graphics honestly look like oblivion from eso lol
Timothy 1395 (8 months ago)
A year late but anyways I think they meant meditating replenishes potion stock fully.
xClutchDaily (1 year ago)
It barely runs at 30. If you're in the city or you're in a fight with 3 or more enemy's and you set them on fire, you're PS4 will just shit itself and drop frames.
Iceflower (2 years ago)
In my opinion 3 is only better in the technical aspect, but not even a very big amount. Witcher 2 on PC at ultra settings, looks fabulous and its artistic design to me is a milestone in artdesign. Witcher 3 looks less original and less like a wonderfull fairytale than Witcher 2 ever did. But offcourse im talking about the PC-version at the highest settings.
Iceflower (2 years ago)
A PS4 will easily run it at ULTRA at 30 fps.
Iceflower (2 years ago)
You only have to meditate in Witcher 2 to make AND use potions... Graphics on PC are much better naturally... PS4 could definitely do 1080p30 ultra settings though...
Dante (2 years ago)
"It's possible to die early even on the easiest difficulty settings" Well of course lmao, it's more action oriented but you still have to think. All i saw was you running into a group of enemies like an idiot. Where is your Quen? Why didn't you use Axii to distract two so you can already finish off one? Why didnt you use yrden to trap the shield user so you can stab him in the back from behind? Why didnt you use Aard or Igni when they got too close? Why didn't you roll out of the way when you were surrounded? Git gud
Aleksa Petrovic (1 year ago)
That's no excuse. You can't just blindly rush and expect to win even during first fight.
Chnams (2 years ago)
This is almost the first fight in the game. You shouldn't immediately be expected to know how to deal with enemies efficiently at that point in the game. Although you do have to learn pretty fast if you don't want to get rekt.
cha0s506507 (2 years ago)
Set up traps, kill the archers, run towards traps.
Kind Old Raven (2 years ago)
How not to die in Witcher 2 prologue: dodge roll <3 Seriously. Oh and Witcher 2 would still tax current gen consoles for anything close to ultra and 40+ fps. My GTX980 can easily max it of course but not with ubersampling on if I want to hit 60fps ;p
Kamran Keyium (2 years ago)
+Josh Estipona dx 9 m8
Josh Estipona (2 years ago)
The problem isn't that there was a bottleneck but the optimizing was bad. It had a lot of assets in the game that already stretched the limits of DX10. It's what caused the game to be super taxing even on today's machines. Put it this way, it had soo much detail for things trivial that it actually hindered performance. It is the reason the game looks soo good because of all the work to detail every crevice of the game. Had they gone and used DX11 and used better methods to reduce the amount of assets present but still retain the detail it would've performed way better.
Dante (2 years ago)
+Kind Old Raven Yeah i agree, you should be able to hit 60fps what's your cpu?
TotalXPvideos (2 years ago)
+Kind Old Raven there is a bottleneck/problem with your pc if you can't hit 60fps on witcher 2 with ubersampling (i hit constant 60fps with GTX 760)
Kind Old Raven (2 years ago)
Witcher 2 still looks VERY good for a game 'that old'. Just started playing it and maxed out... or with DSR on its still a beastly game, just the faces/armor that could use a slight facelift here and there.
Ottoman1299 1907 (9 months ago)
i hate witcher 2 its so unneccesarly hard and i didnt even felt like a witcher in witcher 2 contracts were so stupid witcher 1 was way too better for me
Ruok (11 months ago)
Aleksa Petrovic it doesnt seem like it, but 2011 is 6 years ago. it is kinda a long time ago.
Aleksa Petrovic (1 year ago)
Kind Old Raven Witcher 2 is fron 2011. It's not old...
lukkasz323 (2 years ago)
I hate it's colors sometimes and i fell better in Witcher 1, but gameplay was awesome.
CJ YR (2 years ago)
I have all the witcher series thanks to steam sale. :)
Fex (2 years ago)
I love every Witcher ;D
GromPL (2 years ago)
Great Franchise and great develepers (Polish)
Textureguy 846 (2 years ago)
I bet ur from there
GromPL (2 years ago)
+deveroth I dont know what you mean but Poland is a very nice country and are very welcoming
deveroth (2 years ago)
LITERALLY the only thing good to ever come out of Poland. nice going you dumb fucks.
Michael Farenborn (3 years ago)
Excellent video!! Seriously.
HF Integrale (3 years ago)
Excellent concept! Please keep them coming :-) Subbed
Gerard03 (3 years ago)
Dislike cause of the intro, i fuckin hate them, they're pointless. I don0t understand it
duracotton (2 years ago)
Thx man!
Gerard03 (2 years ago)
+wfdevet sseww i wish too
Neonai 1984 (2 years ago)
+Ger Landau I wish what you wrote would make any sense. :)
TheCheetahLP (3 years ago)
they all look good
President. Z (2 years ago)
they're all great
Grim Bonkers (3 years ago)
The impact of the console versions really fucked the Witcher 3 up the ass. The controls in both movement and combat are some of the worst I've seen on PC in many years. If there wouldn't be such great quests and a sweet world, I would have quit playing after an hour. You can't move the camera in all directions (standing on a cliff? you won't be able to look down to see where you would land - camera only goes up a little bit, but not in all directions) Geralt is always doing stuff without you giving the imput (Walking near water? Don't get to close or he might turn towards the waters, sprints and does a dive into it.) Climbing out of water, running on uneven landscape, having to walk around an object for a minute before standing in the sweet spot to loot it - all a pain in the ass. The combat is as braindead as it gets. Either just spam your way through human enemies or roll around like a soccer ball with monsters, while the game does everything else for you - facing the enemy, deciding the direction of the sword slash, and so on. The controls are crippled by the influence of a controller (with totally sloppy and inaccurate movement), have the console-port-illness of having several different actions bound on the same key (My keyboard has so many unused keys, aswell as my mouse - why is looting objects, lighting up candles with Igni-magic, opening doors and talking to people all the same key? As soon as some of those things are near to each other, chances are Geralt does the wrong thing. Same goes for every time when you have to "double click and then hold" a key to make a different action than just clicking it once or holding it normally. A pain in the ass. I don't play this with a controller that has just 4 buttons + shoulder pads. My mouse alone has more buttons than that.) In the Witcher 3, you really feel how the whole combat got nerf'd and dumbed down so those casual console players won't cry about needing to develop skills to own the enemy. (And let's not talk again what influence the consoles had on the graphics. I have an very old I5 @2,66ghz  + a GTX 670 that is a few years old in my living room PC and U can play the game with everything to the maximum setting like nothing. No need at all to play the game with my newer rig that I built for GTA V, because this game is in no way challanging what other games did several years ago. )
memestarmarlow (6 months ago)
i had no issue
nygeek64 (1 year ago)
you realize TW2 was also released for a console, the XBOX 360, right?
Aleksa Petrovic (1 year ago)
Rodrigo Reis He exaturate. Personaly I didn't find most of those problems, but seriously camera and some controls are poorly made. But give me one reason why should I buy controler? It's stupid and impractical. And no, it's developers job to make proper controls and camera for PC.
Marko Vuckovic (2 years ago)
+Whit Baez I only use controlers for sport and fighting games
DJ (2 years ago)
+Grim Bonkers I have no problems with KB+M. I'm just now so used to The Witcher 1's controls and I have to switch.
Dee (3 years ago)
The Witcher 3 Graphics Might Look Good But Was Completely Developed For Consoles  You Only Need To Look At The UI And The Hud , Huge On Screen Map Map Markers For Everything Even The Controls Are Displayed On Screen All The Time .... Do People Really Need A Map Marker To Find Harvestable Plants And Dead Bodies .... What A Joke .....
Akilah Tucker (4 months ago)
The witcher 2 was developed for consoles to it came for xbox 360
ahmet çavuş (1 year ago)
Dee it actually is really helpful for me, and i am playing on pc
Tito (2 years ago)
You're typing is a joke. Why do kids think that shit is cool
joNt (2 years ago)
Please Do Not Type Like This, It Is Very Annoying And Hard To Read
Rodrigo Reis (2 years ago)
+bagpuss121 ? the marker only appears if you're using witcher sense. If you don't like it, then don't use it
Iorveth (3 years ago)
I miss the group fighting style from The first Witcher. But it made grups fights all too easy :P In The Witcher 3 when fighting groups, you constantly need to be on your toes, utilize your signs for crowd control and look closely for an opening before you strike! If you don't watch your back you well be soon be surrounded and horribly horribly ganked ^^,
Bloody Persistent (8 months ago)
Fights with packs of wolves can be brutal on the hardest two difficulties in Witcher 3. If you’re not spamming quen, that is. It’s a nice challenge, though. And realistic. In reality, a pack of wolves would be an almost guaranteed horrible death.
Iceflower (2 years ago)
+Grim Bonkers What you probably need to do on easy while getting hit 10 times each fight.
Piotr Wybranowski (2 years ago)
+Santa Claus Combat mode which easilie allow you take down 4 enemy sorounding you by just clicking lmb once per something about 1 sec
Gerard03 (3 years ago)
+Iorveth Hi can you tell me what is a group fight?? (please)
Deveroth (3 years ago)
+Franky Split holy fuck you're an idiot
JonnyBeoulve (3 years ago)
Great video.
LN2233 (3 years ago)
Combat in this series has ranged from bad to mediocre. Witcher 3 also suffered from a downgrade but looks good.
thetizzle (2 years ago)
i find Witcher 3 combat quite good, bordering on amazing. I don't know why but i love boxing in this game.
Charles Lee Ray (2 years ago)
+LN2233 more or less claims on yourube
Iceflower (2 years ago)
Its just simpler in its style. Witcher has much more depth in the basic combat system... Which naturally causes some minor glitches, bugs. Dark souls is easy to pickup, extraordaniry hard to master... Witcher is hard to pickup, moderately hard to master...
Jailson Mendes (2 years ago)
Phhh, Bloodborne combat's better than The Witcher 3? Resuming, DS and BloodBorne combat is dodge, attack, death, attack death, dodge, death.
Joel Clarke (2 years ago)
+Piotr Wybranowski so because you like to play on pc everyone else should and no one else deserves to have an alternative? You know, for $450 (aus) consoles are amazing. and they can be taken to friends places if need be. Pc gamers need to take that stick out of their arse for their own sake.

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