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How to TRIPLE Steam download speed [August 2018]

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In this video, I'll show you two small techniques that will surely increase you download speed, even triple it for some... Subscribe ►https://goo.gl/EJPAur - Uploaded by Frolikeye / Jack
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Text Comments (535)
JCarey (8 months ago)
Dude thank you so much. I went from 1mb/s to 20mb/s. Great videos!
RiskoLohnicky SK (3 days ago)
2.6MB to 2.9MB not very good but Okay.
SUB TO PEWDIEPIE (16 days ago)
+NXS_Tsunami same man. RIP
Lonely (19 days ago)
BMG (1 month ago)
you are bullshiting i went from 1 to 2 i think you are full of shit
joshua4470 (2 months ago)
nerver ever
Thank you i almost never see 600kb/s
ByeLaz Skylark (1 day ago)
OMG it's workkk!!!!! THX MANNN!! from 200kb's to 1 mb
reporter Hong Kong (2 days ago)
thx dude I can download steam game faster <3
thanks bro I went from 1mb/s to 18mb/s thanks bro :)
KiddMax (2 days ago)
Atøm (3 days ago)
Owain Morgan (4 days ago)
Put me from 6.2 - 9.1mb/s, cheers.
LIL DIBIL (5 days ago)
holy even if this vid is old af i had 500 kbs - now 800 ty
InsertGoodName HERE (6 days ago)
Thanks Dude, 200kb/s > 2.0Mb/s
FOX PLAY'S (6 days ago)
wow it went from 200kbs/s to 5 mb/s Thank you so much man
Birdous (6 days ago)
Thanks, my steam region was in Philadelphia, changed it to Washington, DC and my mbs went to 5 to 184!
usually I have 500KB/s> but now It's always between 50KB/s and 500KB/s>
I am forever grateful, I got Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, for my birthday and it helped with the download :>
Error 404 (6 days ago)
from 1.2 to 1.1 thank you so much.
novazs22 (6 days ago)
oh i fuckin love you
Dan Del Aguaro (9 days ago)
100 meg internet, and still get 2.4 megs. fail
Dan Del Aguaro (9 days ago)
Lol doesnt work
MR SIR (9 days ago)
my download speed was 18mb/S today it was 2.2 non of these methods worked. any idea what i can do?
Gianluca Badejo (10 days ago)
I can't believe you just made a video bout something that doesn't need a video making about it ! This is STEAM 101 !
KnifexD 2277 (10 days ago)
My best download speed is 69 mb Lol
Stealthy (10 days ago)
wow went from 4 hours to 10 hours really fucking helped
Professor Autismo (11 days ago)
thanks a million, actual useful guide.
Windows Tutorial (12 days ago)
60 kbps to 755 kbps
Lloyd Christmas (13 days ago)
I now have good download speed and couldn't understand why my Steam download was capped at 7Mbps down. Thanks for the tip!
BowMondz (14 days ago)
Thank you bro finally this fcking slow internet can download faster now! :D
InaneArtifactOH (14 days ago)
TY! Went from 200kb/s to 500kb/s!
Philip 21 (14 days ago)
thank you man, you helped me from 1.2 to 4.4mb
PK - Tech Gamer (15 days ago)
#SadLyf nothing happened :(
Crimson Chin (16 days ago)
Bro thx actually worked
Frol (15 days ago)
Nice! Glad to be able to help :)
Petr B. (18 days ago)
Frol (16 days ago)
No problem. Glad to help :)
Amin (19 days ago)
Nice one i went from 1.5mb/s to 6mb/s thanks bro
Frol (16 days ago)
Ooh very nice :)
Unknown User (21 days ago)
Went from 80kb/s to 60kb/s :)
ッAllu (28 days ago)
still get less than 1 mb/s
SPS- Eternal (29 days ago)
U are the best!!!
Frol (16 days ago)
Aw, thanks :)
ItsTomPollard (29 days ago)
Didn't work I'm still at 13mb/s.
G-Gnome505 (29 days ago)
My speed used to be around 7mb/s, but now it is down to under 1mb/s... No settings have changed, and this guide hasn't improved anything... Any suggestions as to what I should do about this?
Tinu Tinu (1 month ago)
What's best for Romania?
anthony martinez (1 month ago)
Sorry 90mps and climbing
Frol (16 days ago)
Sorry for the late reply, but awesome! :)
anthony martinez (1 month ago)
47mbps thanks a lot
CanadianBluePants (13 days ago)
jesus christ what are you using?
valvefortress 2 (1 month ago)
Can't find task manager
Hoxtalicous (1 month ago)
green gost (1 month ago)
PanelPlayz (1 month ago)
I went from 32.9 to 36.5 thanks, bro (Lifesaver) [instant sarcasm]
Ainsley Taco (1 month ago)
from 12.5kbps to 9.9kbps
IamToastie (1 month ago)
WOW! Went from 50 mbs to 250mbs Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Frol (16 days ago)
NICE! Glad to help :)
Annabeth Chase (1 month ago)
From 500Kb to 1.4MB Thanks Dude
Frol (16 days ago)
ooh very nice :)
Annabeth Chase (1 month ago)
Will the Priority stay or do I have to change it every time?
Frol (16 days ago)
No, it should stay the same
Woddie YT (1 month ago)
RbgHacker4 (1 month ago)
I went from 1.6mb/s to 20mb/s and my disk usage went to 40mb/s thanks for the help
Frol (16 days ago)
No problem :)
Scp Games (1 month ago)
Also thanks for the video. I was upgraded by .1 mb..... (Why me)
Scp Games (1 month ago)
Wait if this was in augest. Then waht does "Published on Jan 24, 2018" mean? HMMMMMM
Frol (16 days ago)
squidtube 6 (1 month ago)
Oh my God this actually worked :0
Frol (16 days ago)
Hehe :)
Kyo Svoboda (1 month ago)
Thank god...thank you, my man. This was making me so damn angry last night, changed the settings but no matter what it wouldn't help. Changing the priority did.
Frol (16 days ago)
Sorry for such a late reply, but awesome :)
Joel S. (1 month ago)
I went from 500kb/s to 200kb/s. Thanks?
Jonni_Darko (1 month ago)
This didn't change anything. I still have a 30 mb/s supplier, even speed tests confirm this, but Steam and Battle.net and similar are all downloading at 3-5 mb/s. What else could it be?
Amera Dirie (1 month ago)
what server is the best for canada anybody know ?
Kit Snow (1 month ago)
Im still at 18mb/s it didn't change it at all
Tyrant (1 month ago)
Example download speed conversions Advertised Connection Speed Est. Max Steam Download Speed 3 megabits/second 384 KB/S 5 megabits/second 640 KB/S 15 megabits/second 1.9 MB/S 20 megabits/second 2.5 MB/S 30 megabits/second 3.75 MB/S 50 megabits/second 6.25 MB/S
Shadowmage01234 (1 month ago)
didint help at all. i live in the Caribbean
ali usman (1 month ago)
300kbps to 700
Frol (16 days ago)
A slight improvement, but an improvement nonetheless :)
Savke X (1 month ago)
from 1.0 mb/s to 1.2mb/s LOLL
Frol (16 days ago)
Hey, an improvement's an improvement :)
itsrexo here (1 month ago)
holy shit 1 kbs to over 9000000000 mbs oh my godddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will (1 month ago)
anar eliyev (1 month ago)
omg it not worked :(
the lonelyranger s (1 month ago)
thank you its down loading it more faster
Probably Not A Chicken (1 month ago)
Total crap. This only took me from 42mbps to 45. :/
Frol (16 days ago)
Woah, from what I can see, this has helped you. Enjoy your extra 3mbps
Jay (1 month ago)
took me from 150 kbs to 300 kbs. Before last week i was downloading at 5 mbs. idk what the fucks happened. Its just my pc too.
bluej511 (1 month ago)
Closest region doesn't actually work, it might be great for ping but for downloading speeds ping doesn't matter much. Steam is trash for downloading, i have 950mbps download speed and i usually get 50-60MB/s on steam, Uplay (depending on the game) will get me either 20-30MB/s or 110MB/s, Origin gets me full speed all the time. And the priority setting is just for CPU usage, doesn't do much for networking speed. The issue with steam is how it uses disk usage, that's the biggest problem with steam.
OutDated Memes.exe. (1 month ago)
i went from 1 year to 123 days while downloading R6 Siege
Frol (16 days ago)
Sorry for the late reply, but *very nice* :)
Jäger (1 month ago)
I Went to 3.0MBPS to 4.7MBPS lol.
The Do's The Dont's (1 month ago)
IceCreamPiez (1 month ago)
nice fron 1 mb/s to 15 but i have i gbit connection
The Lazy Editor 101 (1 month ago)
my internet speed is 50mbps and when i download something on steam (closest region) it only does around 5-7 mbps. anyone have any solutions?
Megumin hoho (1 month ago)
from 2mb to 4.3mb thank man note:its also Fix download keep goes to 0kbs
Jakob Schmelling (1 month ago)
I normally have 400 mb internet but changing server region didnt do anything. This is the first place that said how to change the priority. I was normally getting 55mb, after I changed the priority it shot up to 300mb. Thank you!
Frol (16 days ago)
Sorry for the late reply, but nice!
JackSmacks (2 months ago)
Went from 900kbs to 6mps thx
Frol (16 days ago)
Eyy, very nice. Glad to help :)
Luke Ramsey (2 months ago)
Mine went from 5mb/s to to 1.3mb/s for fuck sake knew I shouldn’t have watched this
Frol (16 days ago)
Sorry, but this works for most people.
Shan Tuvshonoo (2 months ago)
Thanks dude, my internet just jumped from 300kbps to 2mbps
Frol (16 days ago)
Sorry for the late response, but awesome! Glad I could help :)
s0n1c_Aff3ct (2 months ago)
holy thanks so much it went from 3 hours to 30 minutes ur a legend
Frol (16 days ago)
Eyy, very nice :)
Sandry (2 months ago)
i turned off firewall and went to beta client and it worked
La Sombra Del LoBo (2 months ago)
Didn't work at all... Update: Hey man I had to come back and correct myself, THIS DID WORK. I went from wait time of 18+ hours and this trick brought it down to 33min. I was an idiot and didn't finish the process, thanks man!
Frol (16 days ago)
Sorry for the late reply, but nice! Glad to help :)
from 30 minutes remaining to 16 minutes thanks! :D
Frol (16 days ago)
Very nice
TopDog (2 months ago)
biggest bulshit ever
Frol (16 days ago)
I'm sorry you feel that way. Maybe read everyone else's positive comments to cheer you up?
woooow thanks dude . It went from 2.9 mbps to 2 mbps
Zenzeki (2 months ago)
changed nothing, im sad now because theres a 25gig gta v update apparently. It took me 2 days to download the entire game and now I have to wait for this? SHIT.
Wilhelm I. (2 months ago)
My problem: Internet: 40MMbps but my my hdd is sat 9Mbps write speed. IT TAKES 4 HOURS TO DOWNLOAD the 75GB for COD:WW2
Silverio Torres (2 months ago)
The sims 3 went from will be finished in 2 days to 2 hours. Thanks man!
Frol (16 days ago)
Ohh very nice.Glad to help :) Sorry for the late reply
Darkom1972 (2 months ago)
It realy doesnt matter if your isp has a DL cap of 10 MB/s then u will never go over that
Hesham (2 months ago)
Still the same?
Good Tsipar (2 months ago)
i couldnt go to details
Revanatic ThePlayer (2 months ago)
dude ur voice is so relaxing
Frol (16 days ago)
Aww, thanks :) Might start an ASMR channel soon. Sorry for the late reply
Santosh (2 months ago)
i did not see a massive difference tho idk why
Thomas Duffy (2 months ago)
I already download at 145mbps and now I can download at 163mbps
Tyler Holmes (2 months ago)
Went from 1.3 mb/s to 1.3mb/s... my wifi is actually homo
Ml Lo (2 months ago)
my steam download is always capped @ 25Mb/s instead of the 150Mb/s of my connection's max potential. Changing region and down speed has no effect whatsoever, and always downloads at 25Mb/s. I was looking for a way to reach the full 150Mb/s potential. ty.
Egyptian gamer7 (2 months ago)
it worked
Crypto Gaming (2 months ago)
thanks man i was on 1mbps now im 20mbps thx
Frol (16 days ago)
Sorry for the late repsone, but nice :)
Marc Peters (2 months ago)
didn´t really work… i have a 200 mbs Connection and a 900 kB/s donwlload Speed -.-
Ron Palaca (2 months ago)

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