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STRANGE Things That Happen When You Go To OUTER SPACE

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With mankind making advancements in space technology and a trip to mars in our future, scientists need to take into account that journeys thought space certainly aren’t easy. If we’re going to make it to mars, some advancements need to be made Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 6. You Might Lose Your Lunch If you thought motion sickness was bad down on planet earth, imagine thrusting ino earth’s atmosphere at a rate of 0 to 18,000 miles per hour in 60 minutes. That’s gotta be a little upsetting to the stomach. Many astronauts claim they won’t even bother trying to eat right before take off because they know it’ll probably come back out. In the age of space tourism, where civilians get the chance to be an astronaut for a hefty price, this has become a serious issue. Many companies would like to train their clients about how handle themselves before the flight. You really don’t want to be this guy here who clearly is a lightweight and can’t handle his G forces. 5. Partial Blindness? Humans have really only ventured off into space for the past 50 years or so and it may take some time before we’re able to fully realize all the effects of this type of travel. Recent research would indicate that partial blindness can occur during longer periods out in final frontier. Those astronauts tend to have a higher volume of spinal fluid compared to those who aren’t floating around too long. This is typically a fluid that will help you out in the long run but too much of it will cause some problems. During times minimized gravity, the spinal fluid will build up around the eyes and disturb the optic nerves which connect your eyes to your brain. The first side effects are noticed in the retina where the shape is altered, then the optic nerve gets inflamed which will actually cause the eye to wrinkle. Some real cases of this has been reported back to nasa from astronauts who have spent more than 6 months. Their vision never fully recovered. This isn’t the only sense that is affected either. 4. Taste in Space During the 1960’s missions to space, astronauts realized rather quickly that they just couldn’t quite taste as good as they had back on the 3rd rock from the sun. Eating certainly helps boost morale and being well fed during important missions is crucial. Why does this happen? Again, since the fluids in our body aren’t properly distributed and shifting more often, when their face begins to become puffy, it blocks their nasal passages and reduces their sense of smell too. We’ve all tried eating things when our nose is stuffy and it doesn’t always work out. Even after this wears off a little bit, astronauts still tend to request larger amounts of hot sauce or other condiments to their food because it just doesn't taste right. 3. You Can’t Cry Are you starting to feel a little bit sad because you’re so far away from Earth? Are you going cry about it? Well too bad you, can’t! Even though your eyes are still capable of producing tears, no one is going to see that tear drop in space because there’s still no gravity! Tears will come in the form a ball of fluid around your eye until you wipe it out. Sad story but it’s true. 2. Coordination is Gone You might be slightly uncoordinated on Earth but you would do just fine in outer space with no gravity. The only problem is, that you go without using the part of your mind that controls coordination for so long, walking on earth again will probably become a problem. Readjusting to life as an earthling is no easy task and you no longer just get to float around everywhere you want to go. It might also be easy to forget that anything you place down for just a second is going float right back up and probably all over the space shuttle. Many astronauts report feeling just fine during the mission but the trip back home was always rough. Your inner ear which keeps you well-balanced is essentially shut off and it needs to reminded how to balance your body once it’s back on earth. Your mind must relearn what it’s like to live in a world with gravity. You Might See Aliens The government agency who could actually know the most about alien of life would of course be nasa. They’re always out in space and they have to be cautious about releasing the truth to the public, because some people wouldn’t be able to handle it! Even buzz aldrin, one of our most famous astronauts have claimed to see some mysterious orbs of light following them outside their spaceship. He claimed to have seen a suspicious object and it appeared to be following their spacecraft for 3 days. He stated that it was clearly not a rocket booster and didn’t want to tell command in Houston because he was worried they would tell him to turn back.There’s most likely more that he’s not willing to admit just yet it seems.
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ACE2FST (23 days ago)
A new study shows that prolonged stays in zero gravity actually changes one's DNA. They did a year long control test using identical twins.
TheWedgieCraft TWC (1 month ago)
I am 6'3 so if I went to space I would be 6'5?? coooooooooooooooooooooooooool I will be that naturally but then I'd be 6'7 after being in space? coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Koko Live (1 month ago)
Bullshit they dnt know what happen when in space they never been
Ethan Ratliff (3 months ago)
50 place 😀😀
Matteo Lacroix (7 months ago)
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Speed racer (7 months ago)
Do astronauts masterbate in space ?
jason blake (7 months ago)
Compound essential attack accurate meat faculty like fear contract adequate continuing
Michael Williams (7 months ago)
Four ads, are you freaking kidding me?
Ginette Nobert (7 months ago)
try AdBlock
Yperite Gaming (7 months ago)
number 13, it also happens when you sleep... when you wake up you are higher then your normal height...
Mark Arvin Atendido (7 months ago)
The greatest video!!
Moi Javier (7 months ago)
what happened to u dude. hate the background music.
Damn surprised this doesn't have many likes :/
lookinthemirror (7 months ago)
it does now!
very hentai pony (7 months ago)
Lol XD space ice cream wasn't created for astronaughts
Wazzle paddle (7 months ago)
Bro the quality
ufopulse (7 months ago)
This is a youtube issue going on right now.
Madame Raven (7 months ago)
Your thumbnail grossed me Out!!
v1branc3* (7 months ago)
360p ? Rly...
Serge Fournier (7 months ago)
All this is call PROPAGANDA
Serge Fournier (7 months ago)
The money they spend, if american did wake up at that time it will as been a linching and destroy cap Canaveral .
Madame Raven (7 months ago)
My apologies, the mark at the end was meant to be a question mark. So do you believe Kubrick directed the moon landing? If so that would be a heavy secret to keep.
Serge Fournier (7 months ago)
You are wrong , i base my remark after analyzing scientifically all the observation other did and came to conclusion that space beyond the thermosphere is deadly , need heavy protection ( 3 feets + of lead ) , the anomaly and absurdity in the video from iss ( no star ), by the way earth is a globe
Madame Raven (7 months ago)
Serge Fournier flat earther?
Serge Fournier (7 months ago)
Nobody are in space, it's all fake put that in your head
Damarys Dingui (7 months ago)
🙈🙉🙊 Very interesting.. I like the video.. Except #6 bleh 😝
Damarys Dingui (7 months ago)
Geoff /// M Nelson; Have some manners. You are talking in front of your wife.. Have some respect at least..😒
Geoff /// M Nelson (7 months ago)
Damarys Torres you have an awesome rack! 😀
Lololoco gaming (7 months ago)
Eddie Sparks (7 months ago)
Another awesome video. Thank you!
very hentai pony (7 months ago)
Eddie Sparks yes, a 360p video in 2018 best video
ANDREW BAJANA (7 months ago)
pro_n3nja _ (7 months ago)
Yeetus That Fetus (7 months ago)
Too early sh*t quality
Geoff /// M Nelson (7 months ago)
7 years ago your name totally messed with me for a sec
YEEET BIGGERYEET (7 months ago)
All of the comments say"first"😢
LF G1ng3r (7 months ago)
This is Frank 🐠 dont let this fish sink
How Fish (7 months ago)
LF G1ng3r (7 months ago)
Still swimming up top
Ashia M (7 months ago)
Alexander Lafave hi frank how are you fishy
ArmoredSkull (7 months ago)
Jothia Walton (7 months ago)
Always first
Lee Akers (7 months ago)
WuzzyaWantz (7 months ago)
I’m kinda early
Wet Pants (7 months ago)
Hi kinda early, i'm dad
NorwegianFurry :3 (7 months ago)
Awsome i love your videos
iiSupremeTvii (7 months ago)
Astronauts will Return the same height
Ben Mckinney (7 months ago)
EntertainmentWithLA (7 months ago)
iiSupremeTvii (7 months ago)
Knife Bros (7 months ago)
Brat Bojan (7 months ago)
Giovanni Rod (7 months ago)
Knife Bros (7 months ago)
Giovanni Rod who cares

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