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Vietnam War in 13 Minutes

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Find out about the long and gruelling war fought in Vietnam, how it happened and how it affected the the world superpower of USA! BUY MY NEW BOOK ABOUT REVOLUTIONARY IRELAND HERE: https://www.collinspress.ie/manny-man... HELP SUPPORT THE CREATION OF MORE HISTORY VIDEOS BY DONATING ON http://www.patreon.com/JohnDRuddy Any donations are welcome!! Like John D Ruddy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JohnDRuddy Follow John D Ruddy on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/johndruddy/ Follow John D Ruddy on Twitter: http://twitter.com/johndruddy Subscribe on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/JohnDRuddy
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Text Comments (4005)
Son Le (2 hours ago)
Excuse me, what the hell?. "Ho Chi Minh city is becoming capital of whole country?"
TÀI TỬ PHIM HEO (2 hours ago)
na ni
HieuAmerica (2 hours ago)
Hmmm still better than book
DTH Game (8 hours ago)
Video của bạn rất hay,chiến tranh rất đáng sợ ,hậu quả chất độc sau chiến tranh đến bây giờ vẫn còn , Your video is very good, the war is very scary, the aftermath of toxic effects after the war to now still
VLADIMIR PAZUR (14 hours ago)
agent orange napalm... involving usa to other countries.good guys.everybody should do this including Russia,just involve please.
Phuc Tran (16 hours ago)
cry for the south... we still have no love for the north invasion
thamdaivtcb thamdaivtcb (17 hours ago)
So Vietnam is a good guy
Phúc Gia Lê (20 hours ago)
the capital is still Hanoi!
dafid 25 (22 hours ago)
7:03 but clearly , americans like coke so they didnt want to have tea.
lap ha (1 day ago)
Đất nước tôi nhỏ bé nhưng anh hùng.
Đỗ Anh (1 day ago)
https://youtu.be/rqLYZ-oZkOQ can y see this
Bryan Yandel (1 day ago)
Why do i keep returning to this vid do i like it find it entertaining or educational or *BOTH*
MrTigerjake (1 day ago)
Cuong Huong (2 days ago)
Fuck you our Ho Chi Minh Look Like That, Fuck You
Tom Scott (2 days ago)
Look if u say “America is actually bad guys” then ur stupid - there is no good and bad we both killed each other’s people- so what the Americans bombed them the Viet Cong were putting hidden land mines that could blow a soldiers legs off in a heartbeat- there is no good or bad in war
Binder White (2 days ago)
Khế_Channel (3 days ago)
Im from vietnam bro
Either Or (3 days ago)
Sub for good accurate objective historical facts. And animation style is very on point. This is pure dedication.
It looks like a banana lol
Nah, Pathet Lao suck
dung hoang (3 days ago)
Hay lắm địt mẹ tụi mày
Thang Vo (3 days ago)
Việt nam vĩ đại
Andy Larkin (4 days ago)
After those wars, nobody would respect Americans in the whole world.
Kiên Nguyễn (4 days ago)
địt mẹ bọn mỹ chúng m xuốt ngày mở miệng ra là nhân quyền, nhân quyền mà chúng m ns là bom chúng m ném bệnh việt trường học. là chất độc da cam chúng m giải làm hại giống nòi bọn tao t hỏi nhân quyền ở đâu? chúng m xuyên tạc vãi lồn, tư bản chúng m chỉ thế thôi sao. chiến tranh đã chỉ ra ai ms là người chiến thắng,
TheVulture (4 days ago)
Who would win? The strongest military in the world with the most advanced weapons and technology, backed by 30 other nations. vs Some untrained rice farmers that don’t even know how to shoot
TheVulture (2 hours ago)
Unixcorn can we just end this argument already? I see no good coming out of it.
Unixcorn (11 hours ago)
TheVulture do I really have to tell you? You can just look yourself, and like you said, there’s no point in arguing.
TheVulture (11 hours ago)
Unixcorn (11 hours ago)
TheVulture (11 hours ago)
Unixcorn I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you. I was just making a joke. It was just satire, alright? I had no intention of offending anybody. There are tons of other “USA vs Vietnam” comments out there and do you see anyone else getting triggered? No.
Rex Feragan Nielsen (4 days ago)
Hochiminh city is not the capital of socialist republic of Vietnam. Now is the business center of vietnam and Hanoi is the capital
Tan NGuyen (1 day ago)
Thank you for noticing that! It's a very big mistake and need to be fixed.
Boy ender (4 days ago)
Us is suck
ツGhostツ (4 days ago)
0:37 khmer boy
Sir Wannabe Guy (4 days ago)
Huy Phạm (4 days ago)
Save us. Viet Nam is being sell to China
Minh Nguyễn Sĩ (3 days ago)
i think you have ever seen video that made from " /// ". instead of chatting ,you should construct your contry (and mine)
Owais Khan (4 days ago)
Gulf of Tonkin accident Fake falseflag CIA action
ngu rồng (5 days ago)
Who would win ? The most strongest army at that time Or RiCe FaRmeRs
FinalSlayer (6 days ago)
We LOST. We will never recover from that embarrassing loss...
Jimmy Spacetv (6 days ago)
sergey 77 (6 days ago)
The communiacs never won anybody. In Vietnam there was a political defeat.
HK Chan (6 days ago)
Funny that today, USA is welcomed by the Viet Cong govt as a counter balance to China. American are setting business there. Hearts and minds cannot be won with guns, but can be win with jobs and investments
Mircea A (7 days ago)
The Vietnam War only became a problem in the U.S. after the draft was widened to include middle-class white kids.
Gaurav Dubey (7 days ago)
I Love Vietnam from INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳😘😘 We always support Vietnam !!! We are with you always !!!
NCT VIETNAM (4 days ago)
Nice ! We love indian from Việt Nam
Thai's channel (4 days ago)
love India from Vietnam
Russ Majarreis (8 days ago)
The US and the South Vietnamese armies should have won the Vietnam war. But since North Vietnam is filled with lies during the peace they had agreed to (not the leading to Tet Offensive) they won the war. We should have kicked more ass like drop more Napalm and/or ask help from other nations. After that we should now agree to the peace and then send troops to keep an eye on North Vietnam. Edit: This is what I think I don't want to cause a small war
Nick Hal (8 days ago)
Only good thing to come out of the Vietnam War were the Iconic films. WTF is the US counter culture now ? It's turned into a nation that adores the Military and Never-ending war...
Ben He (8 days ago)
take the L ya fckin pricks
Rocketman0 Ggglog (8 days ago)
Soldier: sir we are surrounded Sergeant: good now we can fire in all directions
Indonesian Hero (9 days ago)
Now vietnam is a shithole country, many girls comes to Malaysia and Indonesia become sex workers, LOl, i fucked tons of vietnamese girl in a month with half of my salary
Indonesian Hero (8 days ago)
+Tony BO come to Indonesia, if you were vietnamese i bet you will feel shame
Tony BO (8 days ago)
seriously....Can you at least stop being such a moron?
AnearPlayz (9 days ago)
1. Like this comment 2. Reply to this comment 3. Subscribe to my channel 4. I will do the same to yours,
Chris Hansen (9 days ago)
Fuck america and fuck vietnam.
L Nguyen (9 days ago)
11:50 All Vietnamese seeing this are gonna be triggered when you say HCM city is the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam :v
Fliyo MB (9 days ago)
6:40 He went Surfing when we told him not to.
T bone (9 days ago)
Never trust the American government. Why would anyone join the military after what happened in the Vietnam War? Our government is so corrupt.
Ngoc hân Nguyen (10 days ago)
Accurate? Idk 😂
The lamp from pixar (10 days ago)
Do one on the Korean War!
Anh Dương Trần (10 days ago)
Thế mà nhiều 3 que vẫn bảo nó rất nhân quyền lương thiện, không đánh chiếm miền bắc, chỉ miền bắc đánh chiếm việt nam, rồi nào là làm gì có chiến tranh việt nam, mà đâu biết được đằng sau đó là 1 câu chuyện dài, mỹ là tác nhân lớn, thả bom, giết chóc. Dân tộc vn nhỏ bé nhưng ý chí kiên cường, đánh thắng cả đế quốc lớn như mỹ :)
littleNightK (10 days ago)
HOLDDD ON 11:52 Ho Chi Minh city is NOT the capital is Hanoi I hope you can fix this misunderstanding
Trần Thanh Tùng (10 days ago)
what is communist's dirty ???
Shioko Ichisada (11 days ago)
Hey. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam.
Max Truong (12 days ago)
What your will find in the comments section: 1) Rice farmer choke. 2) People support communist can talk bad US 3) Vietnamese 4) Me
Lang Lor (12 days ago)
UltimateJieForce (12 days ago)
The americans and the french portray the Viet Cong as evil, bloody killers, even though they suffered. Yet, it was america that committed war crimes and turned into Nazis.
Quince McCloud (1 day ago)
Shuned I ment
Quince McCloud (1 day ago)
In the Spanish American war the us massicurd 50,000 people. The Philippine war the us killed 70,000. In the American slave trade 5 million estimated were killed. In Korea, 150,000 were killed. In vietnam, the us killed an estimated 1million. In the uprising of government backed hate groups 1,700 were killed. In the war on terror the us killed a estimated 10,000. And currently in the middle east the us has killed 250,000 civilians in failed operations, these are civilians by the way. In Hiroshima and Nagasaki ,along with the firebombing of Japan the us killed over 500,000. This isn't including other crimes like raping civilians,mass execution, and testing people in experiments. So in theory the us in all history is worse than Nazi Germany. The US has shined and killed anything that tries to becom the majority. Don't believe me, look at the African Americanans, the musslems, the Arabs, the Buddhist, the Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, the Spanish, the natives, and the Koreans all were victims if war crimes caused by the USA.
Tom Scott (2 days ago)
We may be bad but not as bad as the Nazis who nearly wiped out a whole religion
Quince McCloud (4 days ago)
Its not Anti American, Its a fact
Ranoelo Leonar (5 days ago)
The amount of Anti-American Bias is so real. It’s as if the American people are already Nazis.
Lantern Noob (12 days ago)
Die capitalism scum!!
Ken Kline (13 days ago)
Great video
Meme Boi (13 days ago)
It wasn't worth it
Sans Vanoss (13 days ago)
Thank you dude you make me renember about my grandfather :D
nhan nguyenthi (13 days ago)
Anyone talk about vietnam war Me: let the past die, kill it if you have to
Zip Zip (13 days ago)
Vietnam not like china
Nước Việt là của người Việt chứ không phải của bọn Cộng sản
King Foxclaw (14 days ago)
There was no point of this war...it caused meaningless deaths and we were helping a corrupt country because “Duhhh murica no like communism” we could have left it alone and leave the corrupt government to fall...but of course we had to get in the war...
Some Gamer (14 days ago)
This war never happened
Phi Dương (15 days ago)
People are hating "Hồ Chí Minh" now because he established communism here. Which that make half the country nice and half the country hell
Norg1 (15 days ago)
yeah that war a a cluster mess big waste of American money time and lives
Random Stuff (15 days ago)
America is best at making themselves good but when someone turned 21 years old they would realized that (you know it anyways)
Euan Reid (15 days ago)
Sham video no mention of Minh's seven letters written to Truman learn history dumb ass...
Mingkun Ng (15 days ago)
Some folks are born
Anh Tú Phạm (15 days ago)
I am from vietnam
Karl (15 days ago)
At 13:09 , What? YOU KNIW THIS REGIME KILLED IT'S OWN PEOPLE RIGHT? America just defended the suffered ones. It was worth the risk to take otherwise the it would be not tyrranical... oh wait no they did not win and now they are one if the poorest,worst countries in the world.
Nhật Anh Nguyễn (16 days ago)
The fuck ? Ho Chi Minh became the capital of whole country ? Vietnam's capital is HaNoi dude!
Hồ Chí Minh ngu như bò
Sgeyw Shs (16 days ago)
chúng mày vẽ bác hồ xấu thế
Xilun Jiang (16 days ago)
We were wrong, the Vietnam war was about the Vietnam people's freedom from imperialism
3 red lines dont like this video.
vinh nguyen (17 days ago)
Viet cong ho chi minh bad
sawdaam (17 days ago)
saom folkz are boaren maaaade toe waev teh flegg
badrya alamri (18 days ago)
I like how the text repsents the countries.
Bomber Harris (18 days ago)
The US backed the Viet Minh because of "muh evil colonialism" though
K. C. (18 days ago)
I don’t care what peeps said, America did LOST the Vietnam war. Don’t try to bend the truth guys
LemoN Nam (18 days ago)
Yeah. That's true.
Bam boo (18 days ago)
Captain American vs captain Vietnam, who would win?
Duy Ho (19 days ago)
김범우 (19 days ago)
fuck imperialism. fuck nazi. fuck imp japan.
Jeff Fletcher (19 days ago)
G.I. didn't lose the war, pigs in washinton made them
Holyshay animations (19 days ago)
Holyshay animations (10 days ago)
xxx Diego24 xxx (10 days ago)
Holyshay animations So you like agent orange
rollingtrain87 (20 days ago)
two words America lost .
Preston Ted (20 days ago)
Wow! History being re-written. Please have another go at this round about the mid 1940's. onwards.
Craig Blow (20 days ago)
Soviet union must be proud that vietman farmer with homemade gun defeat a super powerful nation
erasmus55 (21 days ago)
vietnam defeated the most advanced military in history fucking hilarious
Mo G (21 days ago)
You forgot to mention Nixon secretly persuaded South Vietnam to not engage in potentially war-ending peace talks with LBJ and North Vietnam in '68.
Johnathan Harris (21 days ago)
What happened on thx giving to inspire people?
Danny Boy (21 days ago)
Lol I love you idiots. America can't lose a war it didn't fight. Would have taken 30 to 60 days to wipe these fuckers out. If I were president I would have completely depopulated Hanoi. Merciless sorties and daisy cutters for 30 days would have brought them to their knees. Indiscriminate naval bombing of their coastal cities and destroying their food infrastructure would be a horrible way to win but it's a win nonetheless. We fought stupid so it ended stupid. You idiots think America fought this war to win. Lol. This was a war for the military industrial complex. They wanted it to last this long. Russia tried to do this in Afghanistan and they failed. Nuclear weapons would reduce that 60 day mark. Obviously. At ANY time we could have destroyed the north. Any time.
James R (21 days ago)
I don't blame u. US did the right thing
Spinelli (21 days ago)
How about Gulf Wars, or Operation Enduring Freedom? That’d be interesting
Shuhrat Kessikbayev (22 days ago)
Is that you John Wayne? Is this me?
Михаил К (22 days ago)
Cool comments in the pictures and a good perspective on the war overall, thanks for the video! Speaking of communism not working in Vietnam and elsewhere. We are in the era of reaction now, all that is socially progressive in the world is struggling, while civil rights and social guarantees are under huge pressure from capitalists. All the major socialists powers fell because of inner creeping counter-revolution, so no wonder "it didn't work in Vietnam". But this is temporary. All great social revolutions initially failed. The capitalist ones too: monarchist restoration in France, in England, Spain kicking the shit outta Dutch, you name it. But look at this sequence: the Paris Commune — 2 months, the Russian revolution of 1905 — about 2 years. The USSR plus the socialist block — about 70 years. Guess what's coming with the next stage of the world socialist revolution? :) And back to the topic. Long live Viet Cong and North Vietnam! True heroes and the example to follow for us all, be it in today's Vietnam, or Russia, or the United States.
Sam Bassett (22 days ago)
What type of music do you listen to?
Teacher Mark (23 days ago)
How could anyone make such a superb video outlining the entire war in just a few minutes, but make such a silly mistake as saying Ho Chi Minh City became the capital of the entire country? Hanoi remained the capital.
This remind me of fortnite somehow
gamer 101 (23 days ago)
Why not just pull a Hiroshima?

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