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Mass Effect 3: Liara uses Biotics on James Vega While Drunk - Citadel (DLC)

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Text Comments (14)
LostMercenary99 (1 year ago)
Dear God and people complain about Shepard's dancing
nintendoboy17 (3 years ago)
+mesner5x Jack: Don't fucking worry about me! *cracks sixth bottle of beer*
Kris Norge (4 years ago)
I need to find James's dancing teacher . . . and shoot him . . . or ask him to teach me . . .
Plikky Dee (4 years ago)
Dance like no ones sober enough to watch!
Stuck Daydreamin (4 years ago)
Oh my God James!!! XD
Stuck Daydreamin (4 years ago)
Kaidan though :D ♡
[Connection Lost] (4 years ago)
dat kaidan dance
celebi734 (4 years ago)
I like your Shepard.
TheChoujinVirus (4 years ago)
PSA from Citadel C-Sec Don't drink and use Biotics
Mati Pryjomko (5 years ago)
Jacob and Miranda not invited?
Hannah Meaker (5 years ago)
kaidan wants a turn Q.Q
Mesner096 (5 years ago)
And also note to self: Never let biotics get drunk.
Mesner096 (5 years ago)
I think this is the only way to see Liara cut loose from work...get her drunk.
Zevran08 (5 years ago)
So... Biotics make you dance like a woman who is drunk... Weird

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