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BioShock: The Collection - Before You Buy

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The BioShock series gets the remaster treatment for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Does this collection make it worth venturing forth once more? Let's talk about it! ★Follow Jake on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jakebaldino ★Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jakebaldino/ ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/gameranxTV
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Text Comments (3945)
J L (1 day ago)
Bioshock infinite was one of if not the last game i ever preordered
J L (1 day ago)
Bioshock 4 please
Harkins1721 (2 days ago)
The HUD size is trash on Infinite
Sinclair Dewitt (4 days ago)
Would you kindly tell me where to play bioshock 2 multi player
Simon Henriksson (3 days ago)
It's not in the remaster...
B1ackFr1day666 (6 days ago)
Definitely worth it for players that haven't played bioshock yet
Bill Will (7 days ago)
Biosock shucks
CorrosiveFenix (11 days ago)
anyone ever talk about how the port to PC verstions are complete shit pile that is filled with bugs and crashes
JewishBoyRages 69 (13 days ago)
Just started playing bioshock 1, might be to pussy to finish it.
Zoe (16 days ago)
OMG this guys bias towards infinite is just annoying, he acts like it's the be all and end all because it was the first one he played.
Got it because I played bioshock infinite a while back and I liked it. Not my personal top 10 best games of all time but still like it. So I decided why not get the collection. I didn't really like the first one to be honest but I quite liked the second one but infinite is still my favorite bioshock. Though first ones are way more challenging with tougher enemies, less protection, constant ammo shortage and cash limit. First two bioshock games start up difficult, then they will get easy and mid to end game is again difficult because tough enemies show up. I don't really see how first is favorite game ever for many. I don't ever want to play it again. It's difficult sure but so is the second one and I will replay that because I like it more in any way. But infinite is still best one imo. I guess it depends which was whose first bioshock. If original bioshock was my first I might prefer it over infinite. But none of those games are in my top 10 games if I had to pick 10 games for the rest of my life. Infinite would definitely be in top 20 though.
Bill Will (22 days ago)
Im going for it. Bioshock, here i come!
Sam Ram (21 days ago)
yeah its 18dollars now on ps store
Top Lobster (23 days ago)
Just got this for a 10nr 👍 never played any of them before
#DailyVlogs 165 (23 days ago)
Am I The Only One That Plays The Entire Collection On My Xbox One?
martin Lb (23 days ago)
I just paid £10.99 from the PS4 store! can't go wrong for that price 😎
Sneaky (24 days ago)
honestly bioshock 1 is one of the most overrated games i have ever played, personally had less fun with this than any other fps i have ever played... mainly due to the god awful level design tbh as the story and world building is excellent
niko parnetti (24 days ago)
i love that mission where you have to cut dead rotten dogs filthy cock and stuck it in that dogs rectal cavity. peace!
Benjamin Lopez (27 days ago)
Who else came back because it's on sale for $20 on PS plus?
KittenPyroNao (25 days ago)
Benjamin Lopez yep, got ps plus again just for the 10 extra percent but still worth it
Geralt Of Rivia (26 days ago)
Benjamin Lopez in the uk it is £10.49
Paul (28 days ago)
I'm glad this will be my first time playing Infinite.
KittenPyroNao (25 days ago)
Paul just dont expect the same greatness as bioshock 1 but its different for everyone
Paul (28 days ago)
I only ever played 2. So for $20 right now on PS4 this is so worth a buy. Get two games I've never played, and 2 was amazing back in the day so I can't wait.
Matt Odlum (29 days ago)
The only one i havent played was the original Bioshock, i played the demo in 2013aprox. and the gunplay and combat just felt too outdated and un polished, so my question is have they improved the gameplay at all? Id love to finally experience this game. (absolutely loved 2 and infinite)
Matt Odlum (28 days ago)
Lol nah man i just keep getn these notifications and its annoying, just wanna hear from someone who played both and can answer my question.We are both just wasting each others time right? Ty for trying to help.
TJ Fiso (28 days ago)
Matt Odlum But you can infer from his comments that nothing's changed, at the very least nothing notable. Or else he wouldn't have said what he did. Why the ego?
Matt Odlum (28 days ago)
He doesnt say whether it has been updated/changed from the original, please stop replying.
TJ Fiso (28 days ago)
Matt Odlum 1:33
Matt Odlum (28 days ago)
Doesn't answer my question, im asking because the video Doesn't mention the gameplay, only visuals.
jacky (1 month ago)
Interested to play Bioshock 1, 2 and infinite before atomic hearts comes out since it atomic hearts looks like bioshock-y type game
Fruity Puffs (1 month ago)
The first BioShock game I played was BioShock 2 and I loved it, even though I didn’t get half of what was going on..
Kieth Crazy (1 month ago)
bought the collection for 20$ after seeing big daddies on youtube, best 20$ i've ever spent. the first 2 games were amazing, great heart pounding stories and good gameplay, bioshock 3 however.. halfway through i couldnt wait for it to end, grinded through it just for the story.
Gecko o (1 month ago)
So... just another bioshock remake, you know I played bioshock 11 years ago why would I like to play it again, I mean Im not going to pay full price just for the minerva's den.
Hendricks559 (1 month ago)
i don't know if this is the same for everyone but when you get to fonaine futuristics on the pc version the game crashes...a lot. forcing you to save and save and save every 10 seconds and god forbid you don't. so if you want to save heartache go with the console version
Vault Dweller (1 month ago)
Bioshock Infinite may not have been a real Bioshock game but I have a big emotional attachment to it. My heart ached for such a long time after the first time I passed it.
tehn00bpwn3r (1 month ago)
Does anyone else not really care about the graphics if they're a crisp 1080 without jaggies. To me these games look great. In fact most games from 10-11 years ago in full HD are more than playable.
LOCUST SnIpErr (1 month ago)
Bioshock 2 was my first intro to the series. I would love to play it again.
samsquatch bich (1 month ago)
Bioshock 1 has amazing story, BioShock 2 has amazing gameplay, and BioShock Infinite is easy for me to shit on. I didn't like it because it doesn't feel like a BioShock game but that is only because it does not take place in rapture. Aside from that it is a good game as well.
The Lunatic Cultist (1 month ago)
That thumbnail, though.
Baylor Rachow (1 month ago)
I want a bio shock 5 real bad
lik everytiem (1 month ago)
bioshock sseries is like gears of war series. you dont really have to play all 3 to know whats it aabout. you can get away with just playing the last game for the ultimate experience. Because they just refine the formula up to that point. games are very similar otherwise
Look athatdingo (2 months ago)
Are they worth it if I already know the twist?
Blanketcrab4241 ' (2 months ago)
No listen before you buy fucking buy it but fuck infinite bioshock 2 was the fuckin best kay done
drinkyourtea (2 months ago)
I hated Bioshock Infinite to be honest.
Benjamin Lopez (2 months ago)
Who else came back because it's on sale ps plus?
John Dubay (13 days ago)
I did for sure. First played Bioshock back in 2007, but never had time or $$$ for games due to school etc. But now it's cool to go back and play stuff that I missed out on.
Memento Mori (1 month ago)
Yep, i came here after i bought it lol
Underground Plug (2 months ago)
Benjamin Lopez LOL me
Joel The Pizza Wizard (2 months ago)
Just got this in a Friday the 13th sale. Im ready to dive in for the first time!
coennman (2 months ago)
Played all games back in the day on the 360, bought the Remastered collection on Xbox One for $25. Totally worth it. Bioshock Infinite is my favorite, amazing story and mindfuck in the end.
Nathan Lacey (2 months ago)
Bought yesterday for 14.85 on Xbox store
Ryan Carter (2 months ago)
1 then infinite then 2. Most inventive, mysterious and exciting games ever...ever!!!!
danny ingersoll (2 months ago)
from best to worst easily bioshock 1 then 2 and infinite.
Luis Serrano (2 months ago)
Bioshock I was always running out of ammo/resources. Bioshock 2 I was flooding in resources (except for drill fuel in mid and late game).
Red Drift Gaming (2 months ago)
when the PC version is horrific, wish you did one when that came out, maybe the low sales would have urged them on to fix it.
xyhmo (2 months ago)
Before you buy... put on some runners shoes and run like fucking hell to the store and just get it. GET ITTTTTTT.
Merchan Joel (2 months ago)
help me I install the disc 1 bioshock the collection xbox one but I can't find de bioshock 2
Merchan Joel (2 months ago)
help me I install the disc 1 bioshock the collection xbox one but I can't find de bioshock 2
Samuel Klemis (2 months ago)
Just paid 14:99 on this collection 3 days ago on ps store, best 14:99 I've ever spent.
Ari Palefski (2 months ago)
I like bioshock 1 have
the Batman (2 months ago)
Never played these games but bought it for my b day and I'm freaking loving them
Angel Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Haha.. $60... steam sale my dudes, $15
Emydius Montes (2 months ago)
Lol this is an especially good deal when it's $15 on steam.
Juniorslothsix (2 months ago)
I want bioshock VR!
Callum Smith (2 months ago)
As a big fallout fan, should i buy this?
Scot Heron (2 months ago)
15 bucks on steam right now!!
Annoobi (2 months ago)
I love these games. I recommend to any gamer give it a try. You wont be disappointed
Annoobi (2 months ago)
Yeah i understand what you mean. You may be waiting a while haha
master D (2 months ago)
Lol i might just wait toll ps5 come out.
Annoobi (2 months ago)
master D no i don’t man sorry. i do have them all on the xbox one and ps4 haha
master D (2 months ago)
Annoobi Do you have a ps3 with any borderlands games?
Annoobi (2 months ago)
Hey thats good all are great. infinite is amazing one of the best games and stories to a game iv ever played. 1 & 2 are awesome as well but in their own unique way. Definably worth it.
iaxelxd (3 months ago)
Just got them for 20
Swirox (3 months ago)
Got the entire collection on Steam a few days ago, can't wait to play them all. This series has been on my to-play list for a long time, and considering how highly praised these games are, i'm eager to see if they'll become part of my all time favourites alongside FNV, TLOU and ME2. Gotta love complex, deep, meaningful and great singleplayer focused games. It's kinda sad to see that such a big part of the game industry nowadays focuses more on more simple and superficial, maybe multiplayer, and quick cash-grab games and mechanics for an extra buck. It really shows when a game is done with passion and when it is not
Atlas Fosphero (3 months ago)
Wont lie I was too pussy when this game first came out but now im gonna buy this shit
William Morizio (3 months ago)
I adore Bioshock 2. All the great story beats and themes and atmosphere of the first one but with improved gameplay. It is one of my favourite games of all time.
Rant Man (3 months ago)
Easily one of my favorite franchises ever.
Agnetha (3 months ago)
this collection is amazing, way better than any of the newer releases that have been coming out! fall in love with Elizabeth all over again!!
Matthew Brown (3 months ago)
I remember playing this game years ago when I was about 7 or 8 on the Xbox 360. Definitely buying this version, and would consider this one of the best games of all time.
Knight_of_Toast (3 months ago)
No idea if anyone will read this but : BioShock: The Collection on sale on Steam right now.
pie lama (3 months ago)
I love all 3 equally, they weren't just sequels of each other but a new story in their world. BS1 was more of a survival horror with twist that makes M.night shaymalon wet his pants, BS2 let come back to rapture with a vengeance this time it's YOU they should fear, BS infinite had an amazing story (minus the endeing) and fantastic characters and an A.I. follower who's actually useful. All in all amazing series.
Beer Told (3 months ago)
I waaaaant!!!
ALTON BENALLY (3 months ago)
Compulsive Purchase
Golden Assassin (3 months ago)
I have the museum for my xbox 360 bioshock in ultimate rapture edition
X Zero One Armour (3 months ago)
& any ideas whats Ken Levine doing nowadays ? looks like he got his dough & pushed off ....we needed more adam
Ella T Grasso (3 months ago)
If I had to rank them I would go 1. Bioshock 1. 2. Infinite. 3. Bioshock 2 I actually liked Bioshock 2 a lot, I even enjoyed the multiplayer a lot. One shotting people the Elephant Guns was sick. Definitely an underrated game. It's not my favorite in the season but it's a good game.
Craig Patrick Maloley (3 months ago)
I never played any of them until the collection since than I have played through each one more than once
Craig Patrick Maloley (3 months ago)
Nordic Alien have you played through them alll yet
Agnetha (3 months ago)
I just got the collection and its better than any of the newer games that have been coming out
attiume yami (3 months ago)
Trully dont understand why people dont like bioshock 2. Like this guy said, it wasent iconic like the first one but the story was absolutly amazing, the effects and lighting where much better and above all it showes the crumbling of rapture into socializm after andrew ryans death. More importantly the choices u make in bioshock two ultimatly affect the world Spoiler alert: Depending on the choices u make in the secound bioshock, ellenor will become either good or evil in the end, meaning she can either save the little sisters or end up killing them all to harness the power to conquer the planet. She even says it in the neutral ending.
Friend lessmess (4 months ago)
"This collection is so good that my local game store was constantly out of stock, I was lucky that I managed to get the last one they had in stock on my third time checking the store. Plus it was half price, heh heh. It's a bummer I can't play bioshock 2 Multiplayer, I strangely enjoyed it"
AntiNWO US (4 months ago)
Bought it from the PlayStation Store. It's awesome.
shamitoson (4 months ago)
Just stayed playing 1 and a couple hours in I had two crashes already. Definitely not bug free. Awesome game though, but disappointed they haven't fixed bugs. It's actually about the only time I've had a game completely crash on the ps4.
Haunter Dragon (4 months ago)
But the audio problems/glitches on console...
TrueProGamer (4 months ago)
Haven’t played bioshock before... well one time I played the original bioshock one time when I was like 8 and haven’t even beat the first lvl... I hope you guys are jealous that I have a hole story to play. Because that’s how I feel about people who haven’t played portal before. But ya I’m about the buy the collection right now. Hope it’s good
centralscrutinizer66 (4 months ago)
There were parts of Infinite that pushed my console (360) to the limit of its processing horsepower. Especially when fighting on the rails and the last battle especially.
willz HatesU (4 months ago)
Its fucking Bioshock, the whole collection remastered.. Nothing left to say. *SPOILER* Good game(s).
PhantomKid143 (4 months ago)
I wish they added the multiplayer from Bioshock 2. IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD!
Tukoman (4 months ago)
Love Bioshock 2!
Admiral Fyyar (4 months ago)
So all the PC playthroughs I've found of the first game's remaster seem to be missing most of the reflection effects that existed in the original, even a playthrough that was allegedly set to "max" settings. Did you compare the two?
Vinxheart (4 months ago)
Too late already bought the games
JanickGers0 (4 months ago)
Bioshock 2 remastered is broken on PC. It randomly crashes every 5-10 minutes of gameplay, no matter what you do, even if you open the game and leave it 10 minutes in the main menu, the fucking thing crashes. It's impossible to play that game.
Blue (4 months ago)
Bioshcok 2 was actually my favorite I love the story and characters and subject delta even more
It's AhhhRealMonsters (4 months ago)
BioShock is my favorite videogame so yeah I will eventually pick this up... I didn't pick it up day one because I played the original BioShock soo many times
TheHeroicJunior (4 months ago)
Definitely worth it now. I got the Xbox one version new for around $22 (US).
the Batman (4 months ago)
Im new to this seris should i get this??? Looks pretty cool
Zac Serrer (4 months ago)
fuck yes love Bioshock 2 hands down the best
Paul Michael Shields (4 months ago)
Who gives a thumbs up for Guillermo Del Toro making the movie version of Bioshock & this was before I watched his recent Oscar nominated The Shape Of Water...
Gordon (4 months ago)
Never played these games before. Should I? What games are they similar to?
kameloran 27 (4 months ago)
What should i buy wolfenstien 2 season pass or this game with doom?
BigAlvideos101 (4 months ago)
No mention of the countless freezing issues at all? This game freezes so many times on PS4 it's not even funny!
StarGazzer1984 (4 months ago)
Never played them before then got the collection. All I can say is that’s the best 24 quid I ever spent
The Satyr (5 months ago)
Bioshock gives me a raging boner everytime I think about it.
Justin Castillo (5 months ago)
I'm pissed off at bioshock 1, I live it and it's great but there is always a crash after 2-3 hours, and no autosave until your in the next level. It's crashed about twice now and twice uve had to replay long sections of the game. I'm still at the beginning-middle of the game so I'm taking a break from it rn.
Alex Biersner (5 months ago)
The one series I always come back to. Some of thee best fps games of all time. Yes, including the 2nd game
Andrew Finley (5 months ago)
Bio shock 1
Kalypso Belador (5 months ago)
This game freezes way too much. How the hell have they not patched it yet?! Lazy.....
TheHeroicJunior (4 months ago)
Kalypso Belador Agreed, I had a couple crashes on 1 and 2 (haven't played infinite yet other than burial at sea). I learned to save often - which isn't that bad if you want to complete the game anyway without dying.
Othman Salih (5 months ago)
the first one, a masterpiece. the other two... not so much
Reb3nga (4 months ago)
Othman Salih Infinite was also an instant classic.
MidLife Crisis (5 months ago)
Not debatable, this is the best trilogy.

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