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Black bear visit in Tennessee in Aug 2011

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We went searching for Black Bears in Gatlinburg last year and never got to see one. This year they came to us. The back porch was 15 to 20 feet off the ground that is how high they climbed! There were actually 4 babies and a momma. The momma doesn't look that big she is the one near the door and she climbs down and leaves her babies behind. I bet if she had stood up though and leaned on that door it would have broke.This is actually the 2nd of 3 videos. I have another video of them on the front porch. That is where they were at first eating the garbage that raccoons knocked over. I am having trouble loading that one but hope to have it up soon.
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fostered333 (1 year ago)
blast them with bear spray to keep them away.
Aza 80 (3 years ago)
She told you that you weren't going out there😂😂 and you take that
Jeannine Horton (3 years ago)
It is because of the actions of people thinking wild bears are so cute and cuddly and such a "funny" entertaining thing, thinking that the humans could so easily take down a bear by hand and humans leaving food, litter and garbage out that so many of the bears are killed each year because they become problems for those who live in the area or loose their fear of people. These are wild animals and should be treated as such. They were probably climbing on that porch because people fed them or left garbage around for them to eat and to them it was fair hunting grounds. At least you stayed your distance, but what did you teach your children about them?
Mo Shak (1 year ago)
Bitch please...
Holly Hodge (5 years ago)
Awesome video! How cute! I work in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area. Most of these bear videos either make me sad because the bears are begging for food because they're used to people feeding them. Or make me mad because people don't respect our wildlife & corner the bears & scare them. You guys handled it well...stayed inside & didn't feed them. Bravo! And what an awesome experience!
Paul Young (5 years ago)
Yes i did see that!! People were walking right up to the thing to take pictures! We were just there in august! I'll never be able to convince my mom to go back again.lol When we go down there I always like getting cabins that are high up and don't have wrap around porches. Obviously that clearly doesn't matter! lol
iMetallisa (5 years ago)
Yeah they were, but had I been outside I probably wouldn't have thought so. LOL
iMetallisa (5 years ago)
Oh goodness I didn't mean to worry anyone. We went back this year and were only visited by raccoons this time. I do admit I was a bit leery when sitting outside and in hot tub. Did you see the video this week of the bear running through the streets right there on main strip in Gatlinburg? Crazy people were not even trying to get away from it. Thanks for viewing.
iMetallisa (5 years ago)
I know right. I don't know if we ever did! It happened so fast. But I had grandbabies right by us and I would have taken a bear down over my kids and grandkids that is for sure. We went back this year and were only visited by raccoons this time. Thanks for viewing.
moon blue (5 years ago)
Is the door closed up stairs?Ummm,Ummmm,I am not sure?(little kids wanted to see the baby bears getting in hot tub).Where did mama bear go babe?Ummmm,Ummmm,I am not sure.(still video tapeing)I keep thinking,are they going to check on the door upstairs?LOL Cute baby bears.Thanks for sharing.Love to all.
Paul Young (5 years ago)
Ummmm I rent cabins in Pigeon Forge all the time and this makes me feel real good knowing bears can climb up the back deck no matter how high it is.
Laura Jones (5 years ago)
Aww they're so cute

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