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MOST EXPENSIVE FAILS EVER! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and don't want to experience an expensive fail! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! GIRL THINKS SHE IS PREGNANT WITH BABY JESUS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgM3QFQFn58
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SSSniperWolf (2 months ago)
sorry for the late upload! i have TWO fortnite gameplay videos coming, one tomorrow as a double upload (it will go up early at like 12-1pm PST with reacting video at 3-4pm) and then another the next day OR thursday when season 5 drops (also a double upload as the first video of the day) :D
Tomato Juice (3 days ago)
your cute(:D
Jj Meadowcroft (10 days ago)
SSSniperWolf I love you videos
Skull Face (12 days ago)
I want a part ow
Alma paiz (12 days ago)
SSSniperWolf how many worst nightmares do you have?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔👍🤚🙂🙂
Rainbow Queen (30 days ago)
Jdhhdhbdkdgd Gylf Mskngnzvzvmn. B t hhtfugchhbv inn vhcgdvg xggdchj f2f ggcbbfcybfdhxsgvxvcbcx. Bvkhoyiyjtjfcvhhvnnkfeghhfruufgoi8tguujjhfuutn Chaffee l
Lorelai Cain (1 hour ago)
That car is lit
Leanne Bye (4 hours ago)
so funny
Micah Sparkle (5 hours ago)
I broke my sisters phone and now she’s. grounded until she get a job and buy a new phone lol I was mad bc she broke my iPad now we’re even
Elena Milea (6 hours ago)
There are Bulls in spain and there are some times on the street
Abigail Urena (6 hours ago)
One time I was recording my cousin doing this guard I think and I used my brothers iPad. While I was holding it the case broke and the iPad fell out and the screen fell off and other parts did too. I started crying because I thought I was in trouble. But my brother broke my iPad and my moms sooo?
Anna Margret (8 hours ago)
I think there was one Icelandic fail😂🇮🇸
11hails 11 (9 hours ago)
Broke my iPhone in water
Luellegamer M (10 hours ago)
I phone 6
Mich DIY (11 hours ago)
that money is from china
The Charizard Tamer (12 hours ago)
0:50 anyone else hear it
Yannagaming_ 208 (13 hours ago)
The hundred dollars were Chines currency
samuel darlington (16 hours ago)
Them money is chineese and its like 180 dollah one of them so there was like 30 of them so that was 5.4 k
Liza Gomez (17 hours ago)
I have broken 3 phones kill me all ready lmao ❤sssniperwolf
Spyro (18 hours ago)
The one with the Range Rover gets me everytime
Tiger Waffles (19 hours ago)
if there so rich why dident they just buy a new chair
Jordan Cassell (19 hours ago)
You have some big boby sexy
Noah Buchanan (20 hours ago)
i feel like a car nerd now.......
Noah Buchanan (20 hours ago)
8:33 those were both Lambos.... different models... red one was a lamborghini countach, orange one was a murcielago
Lucky13 Trotter (20 hours ago)
And that’s how you drive a car kids! (If you’re an idiot)
Kiera Ruehlen (21 hours ago)
"this is low-key my worst nightmare" U said that like 8 times
No joke when the ball hit the camera an ad immediately turned on
creepster 108 (1 day ago)
My lap top
WIGGLE WORM (1 day ago)
my dads &439,000 white gold diamond Rolex watch
Diamond Ranch (1 day ago)
Broken toilet and no wine? If they got the wine open... oh well no toilet to puke in!
NightShadows (1 day ago)
My life...
Aaronzvidz 8 (1 day ago)
0:16 they has the exact same laugh!
Hassan Ali (1 day ago)
I cracked a iPad mini 3
Jordyn Faulkner (1 day ago)
He threw himself at the boat lol
Kitty GamingNL (1 day ago)
The video with the Guy dropping his laptop in the water is dutch. He is from my home country
Chanel Xuen (1 day ago)
Good thing that is a gopro. Gopro cost only $10
Chanel Xuen (1 day ago)
The car is a range rover!!!!!! If you know what i am saying hit that like button
I'm happy bc you posted this on my birthday
The Gaming Nerd (1 day ago)
Her::Low key that is my worst nightmare Me::which one
iPhones pfffft use legos
Tilted towers tilted cars
SilverWolfie (1 day ago)
_What up my dudes_
Alexandria Smith (1 day ago)
That's yen and 100 yen = $1
Mattie Hall Home (1 day ago)
React to jeffy 😂😂😂😂😂
isabel saavedra (1 day ago)
Who else is watching in 2018😀
Squirtle Gamez (1 day ago)
His car is was on fire because was going BACK TO THE FUTURE
Naudia DeMaria (1 day ago)
5:53 xddddd whatever or whoever had that phone dropped on them I feel so bad for XDDDD
Naudia DeMaria (1 day ago)
5:11 this is exactly why you DONT speed....
Lillyn Darbonne (2 days ago)
everything is her worst nightmare
izzy (2 days ago)
*sees drone*. *eats it*.
Stranger frankis (2 days ago)
lol these ppl probably cried when they broke their range rover, i cried when there was a tiny crack in my first phone
The four Amigos (2 days ago)
you are beautiful
Lucky Gamer2006 (2 days ago)
7:34 i almost fecking passed out.
Teal (2 days ago)
Greyson Riegel (2 days ago)
I love cars and that's not a Ferrari it a Porsche 911
AK Draws (2 days ago)
Oh my lord I have ray bands XD earlier today some one at my school who was very mean he brung wierd herry Potter glasses and I was laughing when he said “Hey you have glasses too.” Before he could finish his friends stopped him like “Boi, she got fricking ray bands you can’t roast her.” That’s literally what they said. I don’t understand why they said that.
Gisselle Castro (2 days ago)
omg the car one scared me sooo day lol
fortnite dancer 309 (2 days ago)
I broke my iPhone x
Charlene Axtman (3 days ago)
R.I.P RED MONEY You don't need that shiza.
Tsunami The Tsunami (3 days ago)
What happened with your door at 7:43? Wind?
Tsunami The Tsunami (3 days ago)
Maybe the dog snatched the drone (7:25) because of the high-pitched ringing noise? Maybe it works like a dog whistle kind of thing 🤷‍♀️
720 Sebbe (3 days ago)
At 4:19 In the vid the was swedish
Tomato Juice (3 days ago)
ur cute(:D😘😍😗😚😙
Rube jeal (3 days ago)
Sssniperwold you need to react to Chinese people throwing themselves in front of cars. Idk if you have done this already, but I'm New! 😘
Dr.Edward richtofen (4 days ago)
S SS SSS SSSn SSSni SSSnip SSSnipe SSSniper SSSniper W SSSniper W SSSniper Wo SSSniper wol SSSniper wolf SSSniper wol SSSniper wo SSSniper SSSnipe SSSnip SSSni SSSn SSS SS S
Dr.Edward richtofen (4 days ago)
Ur reaction is so funny
Liam Madrigale (4 days ago)
How did the Porsche not tip but the Range Rover did
agust yoongi (4 days ago)
7:34 actually hurt me
Angelina Terruso (4 days ago)
Can I trick you? Read more
Arnav Ramjuan (4 days ago)
I hope you know Range Rovers are way overpriced and suspension is crap
Muaz Yildirim (4 days ago)
*something happens* "that's my worst nightmare" *something happens* "that's my worst nightmare" *something happens* "that's my worst nightmare" *something happens* "that's my worst nightmare" *something happens* "that's my worst nightmare" *something happens* "that's my worst nightmare" *something happens* "that's my worst nightmare" *something happens* "that's my worst nightmare" *something happens* "that's my worst nightmare" *something happens* "that's my worst nightmare" *something happens* "that's my worst nightmare" *something happens* "that's my worst nightmare"
Ninja_sox09 YT (4 days ago)
5:12 me in gta v
I broke my 400$ laptop but good thong the company repaired it for free
One time my ms friends owned her some money and she was not paying attention and tossed it in the garbage and they kept thinking where it could be and my mom looks in the garbage and she starting laughing and said "omg the money is in the garbage" lol
Eric Bell (4 days ago)
1:27 honey im home!!!
Yoonjee Kim (4 days ago)
The most expensive thing I’ve broken was our garage.... so here’s the story... *ahem* I was a wee little child that was only the age of.... 5/6 (or something) that was eager to close the garage BEFORE THE CARS TRUNK WAS CLOSED. *smh* y’know... I regret everything
Conner Crum (4 days ago)
The viper was trying to do a burnout or as inside edition calls them “smokiedoes
syree vlogging (4 days ago)
If you want a part ow
Sophie World (4 days ago)
I want 22
Booty Hole (4 days ago)
The Range Rover was driving in reverse
Manuel Ortiz (4 days ago)
Rebekah Ludlow (4 days ago)
8:38 Ferrari and Lambo wanna give birth...Some how
Sophie World (5 days ago)
Bad micky
Cindy Granados (5 days ago)
Her: HOW LET GOAT.....its not a goat its a bull 😐😑
Dylan Cowan (5 days ago)
0:50 when he landed it made a "badon-chhhh
Sahari Mack (5 days ago)
You got a bug on the door at 3:32
Mason Taylor (5 days ago)
A tv boiiiiiiiiiiiiïiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Dan adam (5 days ago)
Bruh Hahahahhaha he fell
Sri Yantra (5 days ago)
Oh sniper...... I would make love to you for days. On the LOVE BOAT! ❤️
Dylan Plays (5 days ago)
XD the dong
Kio Nickel (5 days ago)
Everything is her worst nightmare
Ray Rivera (5 days ago)
9:30 those look like Lucas and Marcus cars
Phillip Mathura (6 days ago)
those are chinese yuan and that 100 dollar bill is worth like 50 cents
The most expensive thing I ever broke was my life.
Jafar Melhem (6 days ago)
Shaun Billy (6 days ago)
My heart 😥
Kitcat Sky (6 days ago)
They more than hundrads
ClutchAssassin (6 days ago)
i wach this a minet a go
Nghiệp Dương (6 days ago)
I love you
Natalie Dale (6 days ago)
My family and I were on a boat and we were listening to country music and an empty soda cup and a straw flew at my grandmas face and hit her eye thank god she had her sunglasses on whew
Doge The Meme (6 days ago)
1:10 - NAILED IT!
DarkMajykGaming (6 days ago)
10:36 Can I please say that I'm not rich and have a freezer full of tons of different kinds of bread?
K C (7 days ago)
9:44 100 chinese dollars is about 20 american dollars
and the guy drove off so the speed would make the car go out and the bikers helped him to put it out without a scratch
0:42-0:45 close youre eyes

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