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Video Game 20 Questions - Game Scoop! 413

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We've got just 20 yes or no questions to guess this mystery game. Play along at home!
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EvilKnightFox (1 year ago)
I have an idea for a special/bonus episode of "Video Game 20 Questions". What if each "x" amount of episodes you add all left questions from the "x" past episodes and make another "Video Game 20 Questions". For example : Let's pretend that the last 3 episodes you guys had left 2+5+4 questions left, then a "special episode could be done to be answered with only 11 question. It would be really cool to get it correct and could have a one time use prize for the other episodes like a "extra question" or a "not yes or no question" Hope you like it, I really enjoy Game Scoop, keep up the great work! (Sorry for bad english, it's not native language)

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