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PUBG montage #6 @Lollian

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Long story short. new PC = better quality videoes, including more "Fun to watch" clips then all my previous chicken dinner games. (sorry about that.) This time i sat down and got around 10-15 proper clips for a video, rather then just taking some random fights innto the videoes. i will make a new video again soon, but work has arrived so IRL is my main priority, and i hope you peeps won't mind. Thanks for watching!!! Artist and song name: I prevail - Scars Song Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZzL4jI60p4
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Jonas Andree Halvorsen (10 months ago)
Ikke rart du har sittesår i rumpa vett ;*
lollian1 (10 months ago)
hemoroidene har det godt i underdelen ;*
Joachim Johansen (10 months ago)

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