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★★NEW WONDER WOMAN★★ Slot Machine MAX BET Bonus Won ! First Attempt | Live Slot Play w/NG Slot

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Super Big Win Slot Machine Bonuses ! MASSIVE WIN At Dragon's Law Twin Fever Slot Machine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZS0vussqrY&index=5&list=PLse60e6EjWxWKzwPYmVMD3XXy4lXpAXDy&t=0s ........ Cleopatra 2 Slot Machine Bonus BIG WIN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRgyonuvGNY&index=8&list=PLse60e6EjWxWKzwPYmVMD3XXy4lXpAXDy&t=0s ........ SUPER BIG WIN at The Walking Dead 2 Slot Machine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUMyWEELtDk&index=11&list=PLse60e6EjWxWKzwPYmVMD3XXy4lXpAXDy&t=0s ........ MASSIVE WIN Lucky Honeycomb Twin Fever Slot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0ocJPIbMSk&index=21&list=PLse60e6EjWxWKzwPYmVMD3XXy4lXpAXDy&t=0s ........ These videos are intended for 18+ only. If you have troubles with gambling, please seek help. Don't look at gambling as a way to get rich and make fast money. Look at it as a way to spend an evening of fun. Set a budget, stick to it, and quit after you have spent your allotment. If you end up ahead after an evening of gambling, look at it as an unexpected bonus. .................................... © All uploads are the intellectual property of NG Slot . You do not have permission to re-use or publish any part of them without my written approval.
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Text Comments (32)
Tracey Stevens (12 days ago)
My casino just got this one.
NG Slot (12 days ago)
This games paytable is very low, I dont play this game , just play one time to share with you
Mariaelena Robledo (2 months ago)
Thank you for trying new machines you are the best. I liked your video even wasn't what I was expecting of the bonus. May you have Good Luck every time you play. Blessings Always
NG Slot (2 months ago)
Mariaelena thanks for watching, This game doesnt have potential to give a big win, i will play this game only for his beauty graphic and only$100 no more!
Patti Ondish (5 months ago)
Yep!! Wonder were my money went..😂😂
NG Slot (5 months ago)
alexandre martin (5 months ago)
are you gonna show your face&? its getting annoying
NG Slot (5 months ago)
alexandre martin I already told about that, I will start to show my face on my 20K subscribers, I will make special Live stream from LAS VEGAS , I am sorry that it is annoying for you
Orchidcorolla (6 months ago)
Interesting game anyway your baby Wonder women was nice to you ;-) When will be another live slot play day on?
NG Slot (6 months ago)
Orchidcorolla Thanks a lot :):):) ! Next live slot play will bet around 9 or 10 may with THEBIGJACKPOT !
ngaupoko vaine (6 months ago)
Thank you NG that was intresting, always look forward to your post. Goodluck always🍾👑
NG Slot (6 months ago)
ngaupoko vaine thanks a lot ,good luck to you too !😉
I was rooting for you! I played this game at $5 max this past week and when I finally got the bonus wheel, all I got was the minor X3...was let down that it wasn't the free spins. Next time at max bet it was credits. Frustrated me LOL!
MattMichaela Crelly (6 months ago)
Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos o
NG Slot (6 months ago)
I dont think i am so much lucky LOL
Just did! You are so lucky!!! Now do it too on WW2 ;-)
NG Slot (6 months ago)
Albert did you check my channel Community page, I share something there for my patreon members, but you can watch the thumbnail
NG Slot (6 months ago)
Oh man, I think old version is much better Albert ! I dont think i will play this game often, maybe 2 times in a year LOL
curteyethecat700 (6 months ago)
Good try on New a Wonder Woman Slot Machine! This machine looks tough to get a decent bonus payout! Are you going to see new Avengers movie that comes out tomorrow!?! My girlfriend & I are seeing the 11pm showing at red rock casino ... i can’t wait 😊
NG Slot (6 months ago)
Not tomorrow but i am gonna see that movie. Thanks for watching and comment bro
Margaret Kalaj (6 months ago)
Thank you NG for always finding new slot machines to share with your viewers!!! You have an awesome variety of slot game play on your channel!!!!
NG Slot (6 months ago)
Thank you for your nice comment also dear MARGARET !😘
The Weatherman29 (6 months ago)
RAJA said alot of good things about you, looking forward to your videos!!
NG Slot (6 months ago)
The Weatherman29 Thanks a lot , I upload new video every day, So I share real slot videos, I mean Big wins,Jackpots and videos where I lost also, to keep everything real that people know both side of slots, and thank you very much to RAJA also !
Kutiepie Slotz (6 months ago)
That was a hard game. I like the old Wonder Woman slot. You don't have to struggle for a win. Nice video. I wanted you to win big lol
NG Slot (6 months ago)
I alos thought that was 4x Minor but no, I think it was multiplied my bet !
Kutiepie Slotz (6 months ago)
NG Slot yeah. When I saw the 4x for the minor, I thought it was going to multiply that amount, not geting the minor 4 more Times lol
NG Slot (6 months ago)
Yeah it is hard game,I think old version is better
Jonathan Myers (6 months ago)
NG Slot (6 months ago)
Rackay O (6 months ago)
When you say "come on baby" to the machine, it makes me cringe. Reminds me of that cheesy movie with Adam Sandler "You Don't Mess With The Zohan". 🤣🤣
NG Slot (6 months ago)
LOL.. Thanks for your support RACKAY 😉😉😉

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