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♪ Modded Griefers | Minecraft Parody | Lyrics

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♫ Parody: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XymWRweTo5U&index=8&list=LLfywS31tEmqbsgM5UgNUSHg ♫ Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbfpW0pbvaU → I do not own the song or the parody, I just make a video of the song lyrics. Contact me if you are the owner of the song and want me to remove it! → What lyrics should i make next time? Leave a comment :) → Like, comment and subscribe :) → Thanks for watching :) → Subscribers when this video is uploaded: 1335
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Text Comments (29)
Netherwolves (2 hours ago)
He wrote I’ll pillage ores in 0:36 but if you listen you will realize that it’s supposed to be: I’ll pillage your spawn
slenderdragons 1 (8 days ago)
New Chanel name is just minecraft lycris
Mary Rose Ramos (11 days ago)
My favorite song ever in minecraft
Lionceot (2 months ago)
Thanks for the lyrics this one of my favourite Minecraft song
Leigh Duffy (4 months ago)
poop hamer
Fredric Ayop (5 months ago)
lol he already put lyrics at the description at the official video go to it
Enderlord 8000 (6 months ago)
Qwe Qwe (9 months ago)
do you play minecraft? idk
Qwe Qwe (10 months ago)
my voice sound the same xD
hclshopping67 (10 months ago)
I love this song thanks so much for the lyrics
Kyera McFarland (10 months ago)
This song is now one of my faveriote minecraft songs!!!!!!!!!
Creepinson Productions (11 months ago)
Gix Zilmar (11 months ago)
My favorite Minecraft parody
Andrei Dela Cruz (1 year ago)
you wont stop griefing it to ashes
Jukebox480 (4 months ago)
They Can't Silent but not Harmless
Mining in the darkness vacant
Andrei Dela Cruz (1 year ago)
fight on!!!!
Kali Colwell (1 year ago)
Really you concured wiped out
Fyla (1 year ago)
hooooooooooooo yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah
person 8305 (1 year ago)
he failed with the lyrics 2 mistakes i noticed first the 2nd hunger was hunder ? and arent harmless was in the real thing heartless
Jukebox480 (4 months ago)
Oh No, Yea I found out about that So in my Video I also put Heartless and hunger D:>
Triceratops Studioz (10 months ago)
person 83005 Heartless isn't in the place of harmless and err it isn't even close to "even if I should come to hunder"
Xtabite 101 (11 months ago)
person 83005 finally someone else knows
Fayecraft Simmons (1 year ago)
Well you can not build with wood and think it's safe and also try and find obsidian
Netherwolves (2 hours ago)
Enderlord 8000 do you Play on hypixel? (I do) anyway my friend‘s YouTube channel is EnderAG
Enderlord 8000 (5 months ago)
Good point
Hypixel Minecraft (1 year ago)
Enderlord 8000 (6 months ago)
You are not Hypixel.
good but the letters is is ....

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