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GTA V on Intel HD Graphics 3000

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Itz just a gameplay of GTA V on intel HD Graphics 3000.Hope you should enjoy it and please subscribe. My system pecs are: Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit Intel core i3 2350M 2.30GHZ Intel hd graphics 3000 6 gb ram
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Text Comments (482)
STATUS CORNER (3 days ago)
Ente windows 10 aanu i3 processor 4gb ram ithil far cry 5 kalikkan pattumo
Jithin Prakash (11 days ago)
Bro 4gb ram and inte hd 5500 work akumo....pls reply!
CRASHLANDR MUSIC (12 days ago)
why play on hardware juzt game it on alienware
Fida Fardin (13 days ago)
Plz give the link to download gta 5
MALMER PC (13 days ago)
sarang p (14 days ago)
I want this game
down town (14 days ago)
show as graphical game
Affin (15 days ago)
Why am i watching this shit..its like everybody playin Whats the big deal
JITHIN PRAKASH (15 days ago)
Bro could u provide pc games on parts like battleking do? Then it would b awesome. Everyone could download and play
NEW GEN TECHNICAL (15 days ago)
Bro my graphics card also intel hd 3000 but i can't play gta 5 in smooth how its posible
MALMER PC (14 days ago)
it is not smooth u can get around 9-15 fps maximum in low
Sabu ks (16 days ago)
Gta 5 stopworking crash engane fix cheyyam
Alen Joy (16 days ago)
Is it work in AMD
Ayman BP (16 days ago)
I have intel pentium Dualcore e5700 8gb ram gt 610 2 gb win 7 64 bit i have gta 5 and iam getting playable fps in 1366x768 res with medium settings.
Ayman BP (16 days ago)
MALMER PC Thank you for replying. Could you please tell me your current pc specs.
MALMER PC (16 days ago)
Ayman BP my old desktop spec 🤣
ABHISHEK vloger KS (16 days ago)
graphic card athRa Vanam
MALMER PC (16 days ago)
For next 2 years buy Gtx 1060 bro
* (17 days ago)
Enteel GTA 5 ultra realistic graphics mod und.
MALMER PC (16 days ago)
Nandu N.m (17 days ago)
INDIAN GAMER (17 days ago)
Plz support my channel plz
Abhin S (17 days ago)
GTA 5 Kalikkan PC nte Features enthaa? Ram free space
xKirito Doo (3 days ago)
Recommended onnum paranjkodukalle minmium paray
MALMER PC (17 days ago)
Recommended System Requirements OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1.Processor: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHZ (4 CPUs) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHZ (8 CPUs)Memory: 8GB.Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD7870 2GB.Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible.HDD Space: 65GB.DVD Drive.
GAME GADGETS (17 days ago)
bro whats app num tharao.kurach karyangal chodickaan aan
MALMER PC (17 days ago)
+91 89214 34710
Salman Sulfikar (17 days ago)
Gta 5 highly compressed undoo
MALMER PC (17 days ago)
Ajay Sebastian (17 days ago)
Gta 5 nte compressed file kittumo
Ajay Sebastian (17 days ago)
MALMER PC number kittumo
MALMER PC (17 days ago)
U need to download from net or ask in our whatsapp group
Ajay Sebastian (17 days ago)
Allathe eppo enganeya kittuka
Ajay Sebastian (17 days ago)
MALMER PC (17 days ago)
THE COMEDY NETWORK (17 days ago)
mod ano gta 5
THE COMEDY NETWORK (17 days ago)
apol sorry
MALMER PC (17 days ago)
alla bro
it look like the old GTA SA
luck boy , some guys like me don't even have that luxury ....
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
ya unfortunately using intel.HD 🤣
i mean the graphics
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
ya man but its gta 5
Denver Entertainment (1 month ago)
i can run the game with shadows at 30+fps specs Intel Core I5 4cores 3.20Ghz Intel HD 3000(upgraded to 2Gb Vram) 10Gb RAM ddr3 1850Mhz 500Gb Hdd 8200Rpm Windows 10 pro
Denver Entertainment (1 month ago)
and some tweaks for the weather☺
Denver Entertainment (1 month ago)
i have try it and i can play it with shadows on 30fps limited for the laggspikes but with gta v.exe on realtime gta v launcher/socialclubsubprocces on low with task manager
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
i think so just try it bro
G M VIDEOS (2 months ago)
Can I run GTA 5 on my laptop Laptop specification Intel core i5 2520M 2.50 GHz Intel HD 3000 4 GB ram
MALMER PC (2 months ago)
G M VIDEOS of course you can, if you face any problems just upgrade the ram to 6 or 8, and low the settings
Foxy (2 months ago)
How much you got without recording ?
Foxy (2 months ago)
MALMER PC (2 months ago)
5fps + bro
Jokku S Kattakkayam (2 months ago)
One of the best game of all time...nicely played 👍
MALMER PC (1 month ago)
wow 😊 thanks
sonia sajeev (2 months ago)
Hello I have a Dell XPS 14z it was a beast but the graphics card is Intel hd 3000... And an i7 2640m
Dimas IndoGaming (3 months ago)
elPeladoMedyna (3 months ago)
Mirando al piso cualquiera
Hugo Manzanos (4 months ago)
Can i run gta v Intel hd graphics 3000 Intel Core i5
roda no meu de Boa? i7 2670qm 2.20ghz 8 de ram Intel hd graphics 3000 ??????? pfv responde aí
Fabian FR7 (3 months ago)
Michael Douglas i have 4 GB RAM and i have 5 fps on the lowest with intel hd is not playable
Ashfaq Shah (4 months ago)
Can I run GTA v my specs are Core i5 2450m 2.5gz 6GB ram Intel HD 3000
akagami crack (2 months ago)
Ashfaq Shah Yes but low grapich
YosepNo BBX (5 months ago)
Can i run? i3 2310M cpu 2.10 Ghz (4 CPU s)~2. 1Ghz ???? Ram: 6GB Intel graphic 3000🤔 W7 64 bit
akagami crack (2 months ago)
YosepNo BBX no so lag
Wesley Lima (5 months ago)
igual aqui nao pode olha pra frente que cai de 20fps pra 5fps
gaming warrior (5 months ago)
can i run it intel core i7 16gb ram 2tb harddisk nvidia gtx titan x pascal how much fps i will get on ultra setting
akagami crack (2 months ago)
Shadow Meder (5 months ago)
2-5 fps
Centripidle (6 months ago)
Hey Sorry for the repetitive questions but do you think I can run this with of course the modifications applied in this video? System Specs: Quad Core i3 2330M 2.20GHz 12GB Ram Intel HD Graphics 3000 750 GB HDD Cheers :)
Ali (6 months ago)
Can I run it on a hp probook 6560b : Intel graphics 3000 8gb RAM Intel i5-2410M ?
Jo Nak Beringin (6 months ago)
can i run this? Intel i3 2370m 2,4ghz Ram 4gb Intel hd 3000
The Marvel Dad (6 months ago)
Can I run this: 4GB DDR3 ram I5-2520M 2.50 Ghz Intel HD 3000
Arun Mishra (6 months ago)
Myspec 16gb ram i5 processor nd Intel HD 5500 graphics can I run
COOL PRO (1 month ago)
Arun Mishra Easily you can run it
Hairul's Channel (6 months ago)
I think its imposible to play GTA V on Intel HD 3000
Hairul's Channel (6 months ago)
MAN MACHINE i have intel hd 3000 but Bad CPU
Hairul's Channel (6 months ago)
MAN MACHINE i mean for me
Anderson Silva (6 months ago)
Can I run this: Core i5 2450M 2.50 GHz. 4GB DDR3 RAM. NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 520MX 1GB DDR3.
Demonic Jirachi (7 months ago)
This Means i can run it Very Smooth Because my Pc Specs Are Intel core i3 2370m 2.40ghz 8gb ram Intel hd 3000 Maxed Hitachi 320gb Harddrive 186 Gb free
user yucub (8 months ago)
Intel hd graphics 3000 and ram 8gb
PRINCE GAMING (8 months ago)
hey can I run gta5 in Acer 32 bit processor 4 GB ram and 2.40@ghz and Intel 3000 hd graphic and Intel core i3
PRINCE GAMING (8 months ago)
hey can I run gta5 in Acer 32 bit processor 4 GB ram and 2.40@ghz and Intel 3000 hd graphic and Intel core i3
PRINCE GAMING (8 months ago)
hey can I run gta5 in Acer 32 bit processor 4 GB ram and 2.40@ghz and Intel 3000 hd graphic and Intel core i3
PRINCE GAMING (8 months ago)
hey can I run gta5 in Acer 32 bit processor 4 GB ram and 2.40@ghz and Intel 3000 hd graphic and Intel core i3
TheAugis (9 months ago)
Why do does my computers specs 4gb ram i3 2.20ghz intel hd 3000 64bits and when i run games it says crashes and i cant play :(
Furious Gamer (9 months ago)
can i run GTA 4 ?my specs R= Intel Pentium G2030 Intel HD 3000 (onboard)(max clock speed=1050mhz) motherboard:Asus H61M-CS DDR3 2 GB ram (1333mhz) Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit plz help i am a poor gamer :( Balance Money In bank = 0$
Furious Gamer don't wanna break it to ya but 2 gb of ram probably can't even run most games these days.and if it can on GTA 5 (idk how tho) but if it can it would probably run about 2-5 frames on the lowest settings
ADRSH TV (9 months ago)
can i run pc Processor-Intel(R)Core(TM)i5-2450M CPU@2.50GHz 2.50GHz intel hd 3000 4GB Ram
marvel mcu (9 months ago)
hey can i run this in win 7 64 bits i3 2330m 2.20ghz gt 520m 1gb 4 gb ram intel hd 3000 pls reply me..
go to ((www.ocean of games .com ))
and u shuld install direct x 11 😁✋
marvel mcu yuup yes u can
Foxlivecraft (10 months ago)
i can run? i3 2350 intel hd 3000 8gb ram
RingtoneCentral (10 months ago)
To don't have 6GB ram that's a lie RAM when u look at floor you get more fps
RingtoneCentral (10 months ago)
yeah,i guess its kinda playable in lowest settings.
SPARTAN (10 months ago)
CAN I RUN i3 1.5ghz 8 gb ram intel hd graphics 3000
akagami crack (2 months ago)
Loading (10 months ago)
bro can u tell me your settings plz i legit have pretty much same specs but it lags way more than this.If i could get it to run like this i would be satisfied lol
isabel5200 (10 months ago)
Do you use mods or something?
Ryan Lama (10 months ago)
how did you make it run smoothly?? mine is intel hd 3000 core i5 2.50 ghz. Ram is 4 gb but it lags a lot. HELP!!!
Loading (10 months ago)
Ryan Lama same bro i have intel 3000,core i5,6gb ram,2.4ghz and is pretty bad man.
Deniz Türkücü (11 months ago)
can i run it intel hd graphics 3000 8 gb ram intel i5-2520M windows 10 pro 64 bits
{Boris Teh Galaxy Wolf} (5 months ago)
Deniz Türkücü i think you should with high graphics because intel i5 is the best for Gta V
Ayberk Tarhan (10 months ago)
Deniz Türkücü Açar ancak bir ekran kartı alsan iyi olur. Gtx1050 şuan 500 lira gibi bir fiyata ve oyunu gayet iyi oynatıyor
Omer23 (11 months ago)
Same specs as mine :P Thank you ^^
Prasanna Pathak (11 months ago)
can i run it on core i3 2.30 ghz 6gb ram intel r hd 3000
Spectic Ashish (1 year ago)
can u run in amd hd54501gb , 3gb ddr2 ram
Spectic Ashish 10-15 fps
Duy Ngọc (1 year ago)
Can i run it: Intel hd 3000 Core i3 2.4GHz RAM 4gb
Matthew Bell (1 year ago)
if I have only 4 gb ram will there be some slow-downs perhaps ?
Stuntmandouble08 (1 year ago)
Do you have SS-Drive build in?
Talha 121 (1 year ago)
can I play this game i5 2500k 8gb intel hd 3000
akagami crack (2 months ago)
Talha 121 yes
Akuila Opo (1 year ago)
cai i play i5 2410m intel hd 3000 6gb ram
MCiencia (1 year ago)
sashuahuahuhuahu sem laga sahuashuasuhashas duvido
his ram is 4gb not 6gb
abdelmalek doumi (1 year ago)
Intel i3 2310m 2.10ghz Intel hd graphics 3000 4 gb ram windows 7 professional 64bt can i run it?
Waleed (11 months ago)
Bro did it work please tell?
TECH MATICS (1 year ago)
abdelmalek doumi same here downloading hope it will work
Its Teknik (1 year ago)
Can I run this? I have an HP elitebook 2560p CPU: intel core i5 vpro Gpu : intel hd 3000 Ram: 8gb Ssd: 160gb sanddisk x300 I'm not sure how well the fps would be but i would appreciate if anyone could help me before I make a mistake of buying the game.
Darko Markov (1 year ago)
Can you give me yours settings.xml please?It would be awesome..my specs is the same with your but its still lagging ... Please dude,Thanks :D
Omer23 (11 months ago)
Check LowSpecGamer. He's using the same .XML
Harteg Singh (1 year ago)
hey , everyone i have ram 6 GB graphics card i have two AMD and Intel Intel i have AMD radeon 7400 m hd and Intel HD graphics 3000.. will it run in low?
akagami crack (2 months ago)
Yes Grapich med
Ekky Wahyu (1 year ago)
can i run it with intel core i5 win 7 64 bit 4 Gb Ram Intel hd 3000
MR. Emp (1 year ago)
I have double the pecs and my game was glitching like crazy
Jerry Tan (1 year ago)
can i run it on my laptop the spec is : intel core i5 2410m 2.3 GHZ with turbo boost up to 2.9GHZ intel hd graphics 3000,up to 818 mb dynamic video memory(1,7gb from ram) windows 7 ultimate 64 bit ram 4 gb acer aspire 4750
Jerry Tan (1 year ago)
thanks , do I have download app too?
Jerry Tan (1 year ago)
hi guys
Jerrychen Mdc (1 year ago)
please help me out I really want to play
Miss Tiacht (1 year ago)
Jerrychen Mdc What do you need help with?
Jerrychen Mdc (1 year ago)
can I run it with intel core i5 2410m 2.3 ghz with turbo boost up to 2.9 ghz,4 gb ram ,intel hd graphics 3000 up to 818 dynamic video memory
RennyLG (1 year ago)
Eso es san andreas con mods !
Winner J (1 year ago)
parece gta san Andrés
The AD Carry (1 year ago)
Can i run it ? Intel core i3-2348M CPU : 2.30GHz 8GB RAM Intel HD 3000 Graphics
The AD Carry (1 year ago)
+MAN MACHINE Thakns dude u got a sub and a like
Keshav Singhal (1 year ago)
What fps do you get and with which settings do you play
Rubeniz05YT (1 year ago)
can i run Intel Core i3 2350M 4GB RAM INTEL HD GRAPHICS 3000 WINDOWS 10 64 BITS
Kemo Ayman (4 days ago)
MG TECHS (9 days ago)
THE COMEDY NETWORK (17 days ago)
good to play but i thougt some miner lag on your pc
akagami crack (2 months ago)
ghost xd IQ (9 months ago)
bro same specs as hime but 6gb ram and it lags so much at low end graphics
Vlik (1 year ago)
Intel i7 2630QM 2.00GHZ Intel HD Graphics 3000 8 GB RAM Can I run it?
SuperHassan (1 year ago)
Can i run it on:- Processor:- Core i5 RAM:- 4GB Graphic Card:- Intel HD Graphics 3000
ConsejosGaming (1 year ago)
can i run Dragon age inquisition? intel graphics hd 3000 2gb ram intel core i3
Fransiscus Laurent (1 year ago)
u can play it dude, i already play it on that spec lol
ConsejosGaming (1 year ago)
+boygabrielp i know, i did it, fail total :C
boygabrielp (1 year ago)
ConsejosGaming nope
ConsejosGaming (1 year ago)
can i run it? intel graphics 3000 intel core i3 2gb ram
akagami crack (2 months ago)
Wow,same spec with me😅
Get 8gb of ram
ConsejosGaming (1 year ago)
+MAN MACHINE Thanks, i will buy better video memory
Keshav Singhal (1 year ago)
I have same specs but it lags while driving
Microbic Dawn811 (1 year ago)
I am having issues it won't go after rockstar games display it crashes by saying GTA V Stopped working... Specs: Intel i5 2.5 GHZ 2nd gen 4GB RAM Intel hd 3000
I get crashes sometimes too and I have a gtx 1060 overclocked and an intel 15-7400 with 8gb of ddr4 ram.
xVexera (1 year ago)
Look on floor for more FPS HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH
Meshouzx LOLZ (10 days ago)
DROSE SOUTH Kirill (1 month ago)
xVexera , problem?
sonia sajeev (2 months ago)
TheyCallMeAG Yeah I always do that while playing firewatch partially on the sky and the rest on the ground
TheyCallMeAG (7 months ago)
no,look on sky and get 999+ fps
what is your resolution?
Erick Trinidad (1 year ago)
Inten (R)core (TM) i3-2350 CPU @ 2.3GHz. 8gb Ram. Windows 10,64 bit. Intel(R) 3000 graphics can I run it?
AweSomeLife Darius (1 year ago)
hey , i have an i7 2.0 ghz ,2.9 turbo boost , processor, 8 gb RAM, the same video card integrated , and nvidia 540m 2.0 gb dedicated (i have a problem with dedicated , appears BSOD error when i install the driver), win 10 64 bit , and the game isnt working for me , i was trying to start it with win 7 too , and the same ”application is stopping working”..whart to do?
Ecole Ighir (1 year ago)
is the game runs smoth i have same specs please awnser
samson smith (1 year ago)
smooth as sand paper.
RENAN NANTES (1 year ago)
anda olhando para o chão para dar mais fps
Denny Cao (1 year ago)
Can I even open GTA V? Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30 GHz Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 4 GB Ram 64 Bit
samson smith (1 year ago)
yeah just prepare a glass of water in case your laptop burns out.
yes it will. runs on high graphics 23 fps
LowEndPcGamer (1 year ago)
Pirate it and find out
HydraPlays (1 year ago)
Can I run it?? Intel Core i7-2637M 1.70GHz Turbo Mode, 2.80GHz 4GB RAM Intel HD Graphics 3000 Dell XPS 13
Justin Hogue (1 year ago)
HydraPlays run on low settings no fxsa or mxsa
Justin Hogue (1 year ago)
HydraPlays yes u can
Sweety (1 year ago)
+HydraGamerHD not at all ☺
HydraPlays (1 year ago)
+ImMoRTaL __ ok Thnx a lot
Sweety (1 year ago)
+HydraGamerHD I think, 20 fps. At first, download pirates copy in game and playing. And then buy the original, i think so
FooT HD (1 year ago)
memoire video ?
CHIH3B (1 year ago)
how much is your intel hd graphics 3000 vram
akagami crack (2 months ago)
Movie Monky i'm 128Mb
twatyfat swatt (1 year ago)
Siddhesh Nandurkar ur wrong u dont have 32 dedicated vram u have 512mb even with 2 gb of ram
Ahmed sheehab (1 year ago)
samson smith (1 year ago)
there is no such a dedicated video memory in those iGpu's it's referred as shared memory.
CHIH3B (1 year ago)
ok thanks
Antony TutorialesHD (1 year ago)
Tengo el mismo procesador y grafica pero con 4gb de ram Sera que me corre?
ConsejosGaming (1 year ago)
Si en low, no sabes si con 2 de ram y el mismo procesador y video me corre dragon age inquisition?

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