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HITMAN 2 - Official E3 2018 Trailer

2015 ratings | 62209 views
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Text Comments (290)
Grant (3 months ago)
Please make it like blood money and not like the last disappointing one, fingers crossed.
S19 Pajua (3 months ago)
I don’t think he would die though if he only wrecked. The carbon fiber on race cars along with the toll cage is strong asf
Philip's Stuff (3 months ago)
One does not simply have someone that is not sean bean narrate your trailer
Ali Najim25 (3 months ago)
Sound of Edard Stark
Isavirs (3 months ago)
Okay I didn’t play the 2016 game in its entirety, but this looks awesome so I am hyped!
hitmanm818 (3 months ago)
Didnt buy the first cause of the stupid way they released the game we shall see about this one
EnormityGamer (3 months ago)
nobody is gonna buy these shit anymore super downgraded last game
Zomgkaboozle (3 months ago)
Massive props on getting Sean Bean to voice act this.
I'm a Cat? Stop Lying (3 months ago)
Need a Hitman vr game
Francesco Grandicelli (3 months ago)
(New Open World Game)
Super Gamer (3 months ago)
Can you please stop cobying anything in the gaming industri, AND TRY TO MAKE YOUR!!!! OWNE CONTENT?
junkie diskkiller (3 months ago)
Johnny Sins is now Hitman
bloodcorer (3 months ago)
No box version for pc?
CannabisMaximus02 (3 months ago)
All I need is something like blood money, please!
Tangobaboon (3 months ago)
These fuckers really made me buy 5 missions and called it season one just so they could release another 5 missions and pretend the seasons don't exist anymore and it's a brand new game
VictorOrc Sparda (3 months ago)
is this made by EA?
VictorOrc Sparda (3 months ago)
So.. hitman is gonna be a race competition
theuncanspan (3 months ago)
Race Driver: 47
LucaPlays (3 months ago)
i hope it will have more blood and gore
TheDared Vermin (3 months ago)
Finally....Johnny Sins as "HITMAN".....jk....the game is great!!
Peter Basalos (3 months ago)
We need a battle royale in this
BHANU PRAKASH (3 months ago)
MG FARMA A (3 months ago)
Always Steal Videos and Re-Upload it DAMN FUCKING CHANNEL
RyRy XX (3 months ago)
Better be open world.
Der Loki (3 months ago)
Please without Episodes
patrick (3 months ago)
Pit stop simulator
Huey Nguyen (3 months ago)
so is this like...season 2 of the other hitman game? there was a strong lack of narrative outside of the episodes and contracts...
Sasykin S (3 months ago)
The reboot was trash plus the ai was so stupid. Let’s see how this game does. I don’t like the trailer already.
Sasykin S (3 months ago)
Why am I not impressed?
sooooo is this a new hitman game or ?
josht2239 (3 months ago)
My question is...can I get the animation of walking up and down stairs again? If so here's my money!!!! 💰
This looks good. What's with the dislikes though?
Saad Amin (3 months ago)
Oh for the love of god, just come up with a real deep story instead of selling episodes after every few months. Personally i'd wanna know what happens after the Absolution and they should come up with a gameplay and missions like Blood money. YEAH THATS RIGHT, we loved, how well the music was played in the background of the game when something appealing comes up.
SAMythHunter (3 months ago)
GRZ NGT (3 months ago)
Didn't they made Hitman 2 in like 2002?
Deatharius (3 months ago)
well i guess that this is Hitman 2 2
Jesus Christ (3 months ago)
If they add a Hillary mission i will be the happiest person alive
Polar Seal (3 months ago)
Should I buy the first one or wait for this one???
Rome Dela Rosa (3 months ago)
Jaivardhan Deshwal (3 months ago)
I like how they stick to the true fan base and dont change the main character in each entry like every other game
Vince Masuka (3 months ago)
Actually sabotaging the suspension to cause an accident won't kill the driver in this day and age. Safety is the main focus and it's gotten to a point where you can crash at 220mph and just walk away without injury. This game is already unrealistic.
TheJakub345 (3 months ago)
This better have decent sized levels, I hate small claustrophobic linear levels.
TheJakub345 (3 months ago)
The last few hitmans where shit so I'm expecting this to be worse.
Namida (3 months ago)
Next DLC : Singapore Sentosa island Target : 2 VVIP dictator
Jaxon W (3 months ago)
This over a superman game, You have failed me for the last time WB
Holy Griffon (3 months ago)
we should have mission of killing trump
DREAM666 (3 months ago)
Yep and maybe a throwback where you play as Agent 46 Oswald
Jesus Christ (3 months ago)
nah hillary clinton after what happend in benghazi and haiti
soul 0of0 dragon (3 months ago)
Please don't be episodes😭
Fabiran joshua (3 months ago)
thia remind me or android
PRO GAME FIXERS (3 months ago)
Cars 2 in a game
Dion (3 months ago)
Rip wallet
Vai Fitz (3 months ago)
Sean Bean
SirTimmy (3 months ago)
I hope it's more like blood money i did not really like the last two
Magic Bagel (3 months ago)
I can't fucking wait for Achievement Hunter to do videos in this
Ramzy (3 months ago)
They shouldve gone with the original idea and just called it the second season...
Aakhil Rahman (3 months ago)
Agent 47🔥⚡
Trey Wilson (3 months ago)
I'll definitely be playing this. The last game was amazingly good.
Jay Plays (3 months ago)
Is anyone else upset that companies keep reusing the names of their previous games? Call it "The Hitman" or "Agent 47" or something.
Korky Buchek (3 months ago)
Full game or dlc episode bs 😠
acerimmer2000 (3 months ago)
Is that Sean Bean's voice I hear? "Me lady".
Mr.Stranger (3 months ago)
The better not role this out like they did the last Hitman game where you have to pay for each mission.
Awad k (3 months ago)
Its full from day one
Rye (3 months ago)
Mr.Stranger paying for each mission added up to 60$ total, so it was like buying the pieces of a triple a game or you could just buy it like a normal human being
Moe Nasri (3 months ago)
Plz no episode
THE DAMN TRAIN (3 months ago)
Yamete Kudasai!!! (3 months ago)
Is this coming with a battle royale too?
Goochikins (3 months ago)
Please remaster some old missions. I love the new mechanics and gameplay
Tyler Phillips (3 months ago)
Goochikins (3 months ago)
Eric Williams (3 months ago)
Can't wait huge hitman fan
Cesspit sid (3 months ago)
one does not simply choose a single path to assassin a target.
Catch Gravity (3 months ago)
He will assassinate the Avengers
KAP 111 (3 months ago)
Can you kill the target by beating him in the race and ruining his career?
anderson xavier Silva (3 months ago)
😱! Take my money now!!!!
Tommaso Caccia (3 months ago)
jonny sins has a game. wow
Pure Garbage (3 months ago)
*Video Successfully Stolen*
Not Nice (3 months ago)
I really hope its a full game, not episode shit
Homeless-Brazilian (3 months ago)
So they're gonna show how Williams killed Senna
Kosmonaut (3 months ago)
Ooh thank god, I thought Square Enix was pulling the plug on Hitman
Kosmonaut (3 months ago)
Dufake Owen ooh neat
Dufake Owen (3 months ago)
Now it's warner bros.
greenpsychobabe (3 months ago)
I love this cold badass!!
corniel (3 months ago)
Is that sean bean narrating?
Floris Schuurink (3 months ago)
What do they call the cord he uses at 0:37
Derk Ender (3 months ago)
This looks like a huge step up
TheClassicSpaceman (3 months ago)
no battle royale, no buy.
XWXS2 (3 months ago)
Silent Assassin ?
Luigi Thebaud (3 months ago)
Agent 47 is actually regressing in age xD
WHAAAT (3 months ago)
A assasins creed game in the modern age is basically hitman
ShadowFox (3 months ago)
are they really rebooting the series what happened to hitman 2 silent assassin?!
Dufake Owen (3 months ago)
Dr Roidhammer (3 months ago)
Hopefully they bring back the weapon customisation that was excellent in the older games, where u earned money from the contract and used it to upgrade and buy equipment.
Samuel Segovia (3 months ago)
So basically same game, new maps... I hope they include the suitcase and human shield
Sherlock (3 months ago)
Despacito 2
Ivan Bishop (3 months ago)
Welp I guess I have to buy the first one..
RAGEArcher (3 months ago)
First mission: Assassinate Mike Hunt Contractor: Me
Le Godfather frog (3 months ago)
Please be good.
Betreyal Justice (3 months ago)
Oh boy here I go killing again
Ceribo (3 months ago)
Ayyy i got that reference
Awenic (3 months ago)
Aaru (3 months ago)
still no weapon customization like bloodmoney im so dissapointed but atleast they already put briefcase i think hitman 3 for customization FOR FUCK SAKE WHY !
Ted Godfrey (3 months ago)
this franchise has so much potential. I'd love to see other studios make it
Dufake Owen (3 months ago)
Agree. I hope to see something new.
Tacio OB (3 months ago)
Never pre order
Captain Cluster (3 months ago)
Trump & Kim Jong Un as elusive targets please! Oh and Justin Bieber.
SovietGuy (3 months ago)
Just get rid of the "Online only" bs and we're good to go
SlackAlot (3 months ago)
Give me some multiplayer ffs.
Konstantin Igorevich (3 months ago)
frank nb (3 months ago)
But Hitman 2016 is still an unfinished product. I'm confused.
Cityguysims (3 months ago)
Cityguysims (3 months ago)
How is it not finished??!
Dufake Owen (3 months ago)
People love unfinished early access game these days. It's not finished, so it can't be bad!!

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