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Nintendo's Online is Bad and Here's How to Fix it

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With Nintendo's new online multiplayer app for the Switch and other games like Splatoon 2, I think it's time to talk about what they're doing wrong with that system and what should change, especially considering voice chat... ---------------------------FOLLOW!­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­--------------------­-­-­-­-­-­-­­-­­­-­­­-­­­-­-- My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/haedox Twitter: https://twitter.com/Haedox Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/haedox ------------------------------­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­--------------------­-­-­-­-­-­-­­-­­­-­­­-­­­-­--------------- Footage from: Xbox Live - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfo-v577QHQ&list=WL&index=214 The Nintendo Switch App - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Utj9jRJhZDk&list=WL&index=212 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ABkGHF0TRc&list=WL&index=211 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2KxjAftj9Q&list=WL&index=213 Splatoon 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUFeC62xkfQ&list=WL&index=210&t=5279s
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Text Comments (1440)
SwagDoll420 (1 day ago)
Um... Not use Mobile or Money?
james kilroy (23 days ago)
because the switch has limited processor
KIRBSTER (1 month ago)
Raw Gameplay (1 month ago)
I just really don't want voice chat for Splatoon tbh. It'd ruin the game, lead to too much shouting matches, make stealth almost impossible, and would put teams with non-chatting members at massive disadvantages. What I really don't get, though, is why the hell they require the phone...and then only let you chat with friends. If we're already protected with friends only, why do we need the app too?!
Trev Barlow (1 month ago)
This was made 10 months ago. Is the online any better now?
AweSplat (2 months ago)
Nintendo used to have a multiplayer banning option like the blacklist in Triforce Heroes.
Andrew Harris (2 months ago)
20$ a year for online? I thought 5$ a year for pokebank was crazy...
Joseph Watts (2 months ago)
It just got worse, are you going to cover it?
Hasan Uddin (2 months ago)
The Ds lite had better voice chat then the switch lmfao. Can't belive how backwards Nintendo moved on this...
David B. (2 months ago)
I Made one for this https://discord.gg/bqBjBg
catychu (2 months ago)
get discord
David B. (2 months ago)
catychu I actually made one for this https://discord.gg/bqBjBg
Diet Cake Gaming (2 months ago)
I’m a kid I like Nintendo and this is bull crap
Master Triball (2 months ago)
The switch (i'm pretty sure) doesn't have a mic so...
Giro camus (2 months ago)
30$ for online i would do my reserch before saying that its going to be 12$ a year i dont see your point when u say we shouldnt pay for not having voice chat juat cause splatoon 2 dosnt have voixe chat dosnt mean im nit going to play it i really like splatoon 2 and im going to play it regardless wether it has voice chat or not would voice chat make the game easier yes but i wouldnt not buy it just brcause it dosnt have it but other than that nice vid
mixon606 (2 months ago)
maybe people under 16 will not be able to use voice chat and you can turn it on if your under 16 and don't have parental controls
??? ??? (2 months ago)
Cute Animal (2 months ago)
i am a kid
Chloe Mcholoe (3 months ago)
Lets all hope that the paid Online service will mean they'll improve it, cause I d'on't see why anyone would want money for a P2p connection... Like what on earth are you even talking about... if anything I should be paid for a p2p connections cause the consoles are hosting it afaik!
Chloe Mcholoe (3 months ago)
Ugh you don't have to make it hell for adults to be kid friendly. Just make the parenting app disable voice chat, and so what if a kid hears swearing or something? you just have to explain to them that it's not nice, if you swear yourself, then why don't you want your kid to do so? see! It's not a big deal. Also they already watch people blog about people killing themselves and can hear harassment just anywhere else! they act like the switch is the only thing they'll ever use >.<
Andreas Olsen (3 months ago)
The only problem I have with this game is Turf Wars. I mean I have internet and all, but this fucking game won't let me play Turf Wars!!!! WHY???!!!
ender tails (3 months ago)
I am a kid
This is why we have Discord :)
your complaing about something free with Nintendo online service at the moment your not thinking what they may have with the paid services Nintendo isn't as big as the other competiton
Jamie Riley (3 months ago)
I'm a 12 year old bitch
Kurosaki Tagami (3 months ago)
Tbh parent at this generation suck ass I Remeber my dad whipping me and scream at me when I do bad stuff sets me straight and mom explains me why I shouldn’t do bad parents these days are gay
[EPT] Samu (3 months ago)
Nintendo switch is not what you think bcs it's not a light SWITCH :V
Rutty Kamil (3 months ago)
Nintendo really has been laying back on online games excluding splatoon two
Xavier590 (4 months ago)
Mike Man 2005 (4 months ago)
Just use discord
TOAD (4 months ago)
Maybe (incomeing possible sarcasim) its using a seperate app because nintendo doesnt currently trust their servers connectability to the switch. Thats the only senseable reason I can give for the voice chat being a seperate app. OR they know the servers/the connections to the servers can't take the extra strain of voice chat?
Zh ng (4 months ago)
Bad thing is, iOS users who live in a unsupported country has to inconveniently make another account or change the account region. I tried downloading the app online on my Samsung Tablet and Splatnet 2 doesn't work. Need help btw.
Mr. Comment (4 months ago)
I’m a kid and I like Nintendo or is everyone who plays Nintendo games above 20
The Joystick Spammer (4 months ago)
agreed but it IS Better Then nothing...
E. E. McCutcheon (4 months ago)
The more we bash on Nintendo's Online Service the likelier they are to bundle Mother 3 with it Online service is a shitty idea and everyone at Nintendo should shoot themselves in the ton-tons
What's in the Egg? (4 months ago)
The switch has no mic, end of
MLGpikachuEX (5 months ago)
we also need nintendo to fix the NAT problem whit nintendo
ilfourios (5 months ago)
I think that Theay have the app becaus Theay want money
Raptor_Guy (5 months ago)
Hey guess what. It’s not $30 a month. It’s $20 a YEAR.
Whb014 (5 months ago)
I believe that Nintendo should have voice chat but you can toggle it so you can chat with everyone or chat with just your team.
Arthur Wacker (5 months ago)
Miiverse was great.... I miss that app. I agree, I love being engrossed in the Community too.
Arthur Wacker (5 months ago)
PlayStation and Xbox also have a bad Online Network, because you have to pay for it.
The entire argument that it's for protecting the children pretty much gets debunked when you look at how they had NO security what so ever in their own voice chat games such as Animal Crossing City Folk.. In that game there were USB text chat AND voice chat. No way to monitor what anyone said, no way to report anyone. It was a open space for anyone to do whatever they wanted and talk about whatever they wanted. Seriously, I'd say Animal Crossing City folk to this day is one of the most secure ways to keep a conversation private from ANYONE.
Ask Lovania (5 months ago)
Paying for online is a terrible idea, especially when you also need to pay for Wi-Fi too
Octo Gamer (5 months ago)
I only use this to check stages when I don’t have my switch with me. I thought you were gonna say something about there online service to play online
Emmet Force Four (5 months ago)
i see a fellow phoenix wright fan!
LA Free (5 months ago)
The app is cool because it lets you VC with people that you meet in online matches. Although the voice quality sucks. My friend's mic kept cutting out his voice and picking up noise in the background. With discord, there was no background noise and his voice didnt cut out anymore. It would be cool if you got put into a team only vc if you were running the app while playing regular or ranked.
Cyn2Craft71 (5 months ago)
Haedox.more like hateox
User Name (5 months ago)
I swear talking to people on a gmod server text or voice is the most fun I had in an online game. I made more friends there than I did this school year *Cries*
Sheogorath (5 months ago)
Screw the children and their over protective parents!
Blockbuster Gaming (5 months ago)
FYI the switch doesn't have the hardware for voice chat. Additionally, in team based games, if one person doesn't do voice chat it can put the whole team at a disadvantage
Diaren (5 months ago)
The online system will cost $20 US per year.
CXG (5 months ago)
Look, the Wii U has a great online system in my opinion. I don’t really need voice chat in Splatoon because I have no friends playing it.
Kevin Kirkham (5 months ago)
It’s not $30/month, it’s $20/year
raoul smits (5 months ago)
i just realized that miiverse is online pictochat
JayCee Creates (5 months ago)
*sees Haedox using discord light theme* REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Gamer Bro360 (5 months ago)
Anyways, if there was voice chat, kids would just spam the "YOU'RE A KID YOU'RE SQUID YOU'RE A KID" song.
Galaxy_05 (5 months ago)
I feel like Nintendo is trying too hard to be different and have an identity, but it's hurting them in the process.
Darkness Playz (5 months ago)
Phoenix Mann (5 months ago)
Ignore and use discord
JustRightGaming (6 months ago)
It's hard to tell why Nintendo doesn't allow open voice chat, people jump to the conclusion that it is for kids, but there is an interview with one of the creators and they said it was all of the horrible stuff that's spewed online that's not just gross for kids but adults as well. It also gives Nintendo a better public appearance than something like the online system of Xbox which is notoriously terrible. However since their isn't much for online chatting having to pay for almost nothing is infuriating.
when i first saw your channel i thought it was just leafy but x10 worse but when i actually watch your videos they are actually good
Kermit TMF (6 months ago)
How come I can't play regular battle on splatoon 2?
Bacon Party (6 months ago)
I agree with you but here is the thing i don't think that nintendo even needs a voice app - because all of my friends have skype or discord so i don't really need the app to communicate with friends But what about the people who i play with?-well i personally think that most nintendo gamers don't rage or swear as other people on xbox or playstaiton And also when im playing splatoon 2 i never raged when i got splatted or in mario kart 8 deluxe a blueshell hit me So i dont have any problem with the app and i like splatnet2
ZentaliaTV (6 months ago)
Wtf dude false video name I wanted to fix my online not hear about what games you like and how bad online is.
Nilda Torriente (6 months ago)
Its not nintendo Its your net work Maby...
Shrek Buttstein (6 months ago)
I cannot play splatoon 2 because I'm in dubai... Fuck.
Deadkow (6 months ago)
Me a kid
LionTheGreat (6 months ago)
Online for me is complete shit So many errors occur for example Error 2618-0502 Its ridiculous and i can’t play online at all I don’t care if you can socialize or not i just want to play splatoon 2 The switch’s online might be worse the the wii u servers Which is already bad enough as it is Hopefully nintendo fixes this Since i can’t play splatoon if i can’t play online O and don’t forgot other games like arms
Pazl (6 months ago)
Pray4Discord on Switch
Edgiest Cobra (6 months ago)
I'm an Xbox user, but I'm Nintendo through and through, and voice chat can SUCK. A little while ago I was play Plants vs Zombies GW2, and this was this one 7 year old calling everyone gay. I muted him, and had an enjoyable match. Just make a damn voice chat feature that can be disabled in parental controls.
J Frye (6 months ago)
good riddance to nintendo's new God Awful Garbage online trash that filth was a peice of shit a peice of shittie brand.
J Frye (6 months ago)
oh if they think its a kid friendly i don't think so well more Shit Friendly thier nintendo these fuckers are greedy bastards cocksucking assholes thier content sucks ass and im going to terminate this trash.
That Dude (6 months ago)
This guy is right
Bauzli GG (6 months ago)
Just make an Option like „Enable Voice Chat?“ And then Options like Yes or No. IS THAT SO DIFFICULT?
steven van calcar (6 months ago)
Monsterhunter Tri had a pretty good online community on Wii. But yea they shut it down.
33LB (7 months ago)
however, the good aspect of a paid online service is that the consumer can hold nintendo's feet to the fire. if nonsense like this continues, subscriptions will be cancelled (when the subscription service is implemented next year that is).
33LB (7 months ago)
if i try to look up a pornographic website on my phone, i get a message saying i need to phone up the service provider and verify my age to have the service unlocked. why can't the switch just have a similar system?? voice chat is disabled by default. if people want to use it, they have to phone a number to verify their age. once it's verified that they're over 18, they're free to use uncensored voice chat. nintendo just needs a few reasonable barriers in their games to stop kids from using voice chat. if a kid gets past those barriers, it's the parent's fault.
Light Cookies (7 months ago)
1. Nintendo Switch should have Skype and Discord, with a headset (plugged) in, and the apps ALWAYS open. 2. Get closer to the router.
Hyper Nova (7 months ago)
one way to fix nitendo online would be cross play, but that would require Nintendo actually porting there games to other consoles
Av Nothing (7 months ago)
That part about the disconnects are painfully true, I swear like every other match I get into in splatoon always results in a disconnect
Jesus Da lawd (7 months ago)
Its actually like 5 for a month or less
zakthepower (8 months ago)
I don't like paying for online. Here's why. You already have to pay for internet. And then you have to pay for the console. Then you have to pay for the game. Paying a monthly fee to play online on top of that just doesn't seem right to me. On the PS3, Xbox 360 and more, online was free. All I want is to play online without paying $20 per month. I don't know why nintendo had to do this. Free online was one of the reasons I wanted a nintendo console. And the online service isn't even that great. I don't care what you think. If you agree with me, great. If you don't, great.
Dylan O'Connor (8 months ago)
I am a kid and I like Nintendo. Actually, I am a squid and a kid.
SmashFan03 (8 months ago)
"It wasn't a creepy thing or anything" >Completely Erect
Vasily Krushev (8 months ago)
Nintendo doesn't give a single fuck about the fans
fire wars (8 months ago)
Why couldn't they just have a mute button like on the xbox
Retierashia (8 months ago)
I love Nintendo, but they have so much potential to improve and fix so they can keep up with our current generation.
Buckyboy404 (8 months ago)
i am a kid and i like Nintendo btw dude this video is clickbaited you have to be more specific i though you were talking about online gameplay for like the 3ds
Buckyboy404 (8 months ago)
SonicChaoCPPS (9 months ago)
I saw a Nintendo ad before this video
Hans Doerr (9 months ago)
You know, it is SO nice to hear someone criticize a system BUT give ideas for how to fix it. Too many people just complain, yet never act.
Nancy Almazan (9 months ago)
Play online with me I'm Blue don't have online friends for splatoon hope this could help
MrGoblin1000 (9 months ago)
Honestly I think Nintendo does have some responsibility regarding it's online Splatoon 2 community. I mean despite a parent's best efforts they can't shield their kids from everything that they need protection from. It's why we have more adult tv shows take place later at night. So to just say Nintendo has zero responsibility is just kind of silly.
TheSpaceDwarf (2 months ago)
Well, they do have 0 responsibility and cannot get sued for their child getting harmed as it's the parent's choice to buy the switch or any other Nintendo product. There's also parental controls which i think can pretty much stop all harassment, but will also stop you from chatting with anyone
Bella Swan (9 months ago)
Couple months later people signed up with Nintendo can't stream their games and also Nintendo shut down Miiverse...
Agent Woomy (9 months ago)
I just using discord
Sean Toons (9 months ago)
And the weird thing is that the 3ds had voice chat in certain games
Jackson Wald (9 months ago)
honestly don't bother with the app just use discord
Jacob Barbee (9 months ago)
Ethan Clark (9 months ago)
My biggest issue isn't that the Switch dosen't have voice chat, but that it dosen't have any form of communication whatsoever. Once when I was playing Splatoon 2 I met someone who was really good and they felt like a good challenge for me so I friended them in hopes of being able to play against them. They accepted it but the issue is that I wasn't able to message them so we could become friends or just set up a time to play together. I think that's what is most important to the Switch at the moment. They need to get some form of communication, even if it's just a message system, in their games so people could meet and make friends with people who play the same games as them
Katie Date (9 months ago)
Nintendo having one of their company mottoes to be very family-friendly is an issue. The games they help distribute are good. However, it feels kind of strange playing something such as Animal Crossing with an online friend that has heavy chat restrictions as some developers didn't want to link in parenting controls for all the online games so older audiences aren't treated like babies by having the option to adjust it so we can hang out with specific players we like without a laundry list of strict rules. I remember setting up my new 3ds when I was 17 and being greeted by the system suggesting that parenting controls should be added rather than just pointing it out. The motto can be a bit self-contradictory sometimes as in the past they've helped distribute games, where the classification rating is higher than games for the teenage audience. Examples, include GTA: Chinatown Wars, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater, Resident Evil Deadly Silence, No More Heroes, and Bayonetta 2. I'm not exactly saying to completely exile young children from games with online activity per say to make room for older audiences. Rather expanding the parenting controls and give more varied options to kind of match-up players that are around their age and/or add an option for the intention of the online use - competitive, casual, socialisation, trading stuff etc. However, the above improvements will be difficult if the specific game is classified as not suitable for minors and the parents are tricked into giving their children a game not suitable for them or don't care enough to evaluate the positive & negative outcomes. We have all seen too many shitty parents that blame the video game for a negative outcome rather than refusing to buy the game until they're old enough to access that sort of entertainment and admitting they will make a mistake as a parent if they give in.
I'm 14, but I usually never use voice chat, and when I do, it's in a party with friends. I know people don't enjoy hearing kids through voice chat, even though (atleast I think) I'm not a so called "squeaker". So I just shut up and play the game even if other people are talking. It may be part of my social anxiety but idk. Every kid I run into gets yelled at by an adult cause they hate kids.
Cute Animal (9 months ago)
i am kid and I like nintendo

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