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Leaked Footage - Military Armed Drone !! UFO sightings 2014 [ Don't WATCH that! ]

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Dennis Goe (2 years ago)
Roswell was proven to be a spy balloon.
Ben John (2 years ago)
no it hasnt. doesntmean it was an et craft either
Dennis Goe (2 years ago)
I have seen several top secret air force craft that most people don't know about. It's all ours: people and crazy people.
conlew (1 year ago)
Dennis Goe Are you allowed to disclose this since it was Top Secret?
Dennis Goe (2 years ago)
We also have another top secret stealth the size of a football field that gives the USA an advantage over everyone even Russia and China. It is triangle shaped.
conlew (1 year ago)
Dennis Goe If you saw it once you can see it again. Do you have proof?
Dennis Goe (2 years ago)
Not a UFO when it's identified as military craft, duh
conlew (1 year ago)
Dennis Goe Did the Military identify it as? That would be good
Themood69 (3 years ago)
What the name of music in back ground of video??
Marcos Carajol (3 years ago)
Why do you have to play this awful song? Just live it raw...
BOBtastic47 (3 years ago)
whats the instrumental called??? ps... Great vid...!!!
Gwynmor Roberts (4 years ago)
2012 2012 !!!!!!!!!
Phoenix Ever (4 years ago)
I saw a UFO before, or what seemed like one. I was in China about to walk my dog and when I turned I saw a circular moving object that I thought was dangerously close. It had like red and blue lights spinning counter-clockwise while it moved to the right. I got so freaked out I went inside, but I came back out a couple minutes later and it was gone. It wasn't a dark night and China has so much air pollution that you never see stars so I'm not sure what it was.
John Drak (4 years ago)
These videos can be easily faked. Some of them are real but the lights are just aircraft.
duncanmagee (4 years ago)
any three objects anywhere in the sky make a triangle. and the quality is always bad because with a better quality camera you can see that it's clearly not E.T.
Star Seed (4 years ago)
Mrmrbean1-problem is even if someone DID get close ups,do you think people would believe them? Its sad but half of the world would just say hes crazy and not worth listening to-thats not what the other half of the world thinks but what can we do? Its real sad to think if one day they did come down to say hello the government would most likely take it as a threat and shoot them down. What i believe is we will NEVER hear the truth or get any more proof then what we have now. The only way we the people are going to be able to see them or see a picture of them this close is the day we get disclosure. they say that day is coming really soon, that the day is close but its not. they're not going to come out and tell us nothing they don't want to lose power and much more...i dont think we will ever find more proof and plus some people no matter how hard you try,they just wont believe it. I mean hell-a alien could walk into the same room and they still wouldnt believe it so even if someone did get a close up,although it would be really cool but i dont think it would change anyones mind or make none believers believe. I do hope one day the government will stop worrieing about what people think and do the right thing and stop lieing but thats what there best at. Ok im done my rant for the day. Lmao jk.
Star Seed (1 year ago)
+conlew Wow. 😂😂 Thank you for the flashback. 👍 This was in 2014. Lol.
conlew (1 year ago)
Where'sMyPuddin Quinn today toy drones will soon get a video of it with their night vision cameras
zoinx4444 (4 years ago)
i wonder if ANYONE will ever get clear up close images one day?
LOCO FLACO (2 years ago)
Martin Bittencourt (2 years ago)
+flyboyissac1 "some women did" isn't good enough; where are those close images?
GamerHeadX (3 years ago)
Some women did but most people don't believe her UFO landed near her camp site
morpher44 (4 years ago)
likely sky-divers with flares.
gettheleadoutasshole (4 years ago)
More silly yawnsense
Kyle Coleman (4 years ago)
Your picture fits your comment and thought process.... Thanks!
Paul Clinton (4 years ago)
its porn music!!
Jericho Nation (4 years ago)
I think one of the more interesting things about the video is at the 32 seconds mark. Notice the shape of the cloud directly behind the orbs? 
duhaast1 (4 years ago)
Anyone know who the artist is of the song?
Angry Vet (4 years ago)
YTNFEdits (4 years ago)
I saw a triangle formation
Bruce Forster (4 years ago)
I have just ONE problem with this video....With the state of current technology being what it is, i.e. the GoPro Cameras, WHY are ALL of these ufo shots so grainy and out of focus, ESPECIALLY with these being as recent as 2012?! I want to believe, but am still extremely skeptical.
Dagaan Galakticos (4 years ago)
The claim that electromagnetic waves surrounding UFO causes photos to be blurry kind of makes sense.
solarstream4 (4 years ago)
enjoy the selection...
Robert Chols (4 years ago)
Josie Legaspi (4 years ago)
shakes7720 (4 years ago)
whats the name of the music ?
jeff thomas (4 years ago)
+patrick Beek WTF
Patrick van beek (4 years ago)
Found the song!  >>>>The Beatnuts - Lick The Pussy<<<<< :P
jeff thomas (4 years ago)
Its old school but ICE CUBE used that beat and i think it was Today was a good day.
Rex Blanchard (4 years ago)
Several astronauts testify to seeing UFO's in space during that period.
mybadvette (4 years ago)
Regardless of what they are , its very apparent nothing on earth can stop them . Be glad that they are not hungry...yet !
Martin Bowles (4 years ago)
LOL! That must have been before they started eating humans. The new alien reptilian "Happy Meal". :)
Al Swearingin (4 years ago)
Leaving garbage here.... why yes, You know that dinosaur bones are nothing more than discarded bones from giant alien picnickers :) .
Chicken Ass (4 years ago)
lol AFO
greenrefrigerator (4 years ago)
Definitely some of the better accompaniment music out there.
Mike Lee (4 years ago)
I cant remember what documentory it was now, but some bloody know it all stated that "There has never ben any evidence of any kind to suggest that UFO's or aliens has ever been here" Sorry what? I think she had her head stuck up her fanny when she said that. It makes me sick when the big wig know it alls say that,
bamartin02 (4 years ago)
If you live in the Southeastern United States, go outside tonight, and look at the sky. The same patterns, or shapes, the lights from the alleged UFOs in this video outline will be visible in the sky. I've noticed the same patterns being fixed in the sky since the government shutdown. It's fascinating what one can see when one looks.
Andy Byrd (4 years ago)
OMFG... I love the music. ..
WelshWidgetMan2O1O (4 years ago)
Some people don't "buy" into the whole alien thing because our technology today makes it so just about anybody can produce some very convincing video that rivals anything Hollywood can put out, but I remember seeing Apollo mission footage from back in the 1960's and early 70's showing what appeared to be flashing lights (ships) in the distance passing by, and this was WAY before anybody even had computers much-less knew what a computer was.
WelshWidgetMan2O1O (4 years ago)
Really makes you wish you had the power of spontaneous flight and could just fly right up there and see for ourselves what the hell these things are.
Kola Finger (4 years ago)
This was amazing! Next time I want to join UFO troops....
Martin Bowles (4 years ago)
lol.. I agree with you on most everything. These aliens must of had their star map upside down. :-)
downtourth (4 years ago)
I'm sure Aliens are smart enough to stay away from this Planet,if there are any. We have Beings even Scarier right here among us...Bankers. Lawyers and Politicians,with their Hidden Agendas,Endless lies,Conspiracies,Carelessness and GREED.Anyhoo,those bright balls look like Plasma balls Haarp Makes Clouds/Weather into any shape its programmed to.They also do Holographic ships w/satellites to mess with The Masses heads as part of their BrainWash.Iknow it sounds crazy,search for yourself. PEACE
BadMadPlay (4 years ago)
For crying out loud, UFOs are nothing but High tech man made space crafts , there are no aliens flying these things they are manned with humans, dont doubt human technology as youll be surprised what we can do. ALIENS DONT EXIST , grow up.
BadMadPlay (4 years ago)
Yes I can
mechanicalbu11 (4 years ago)
Sorry to here about your ordeal, sad that there is some kind of toxic agenda in all this and only they know really what it is. i seen the move the forth kind and i was shocked at the type of evil these thing are. Some folks take control of the situation by calling on the name of Jesus when these entities attack then they back off in fear. As oddly as this sounds it seems there is power in that name, try it sometime and see for yourself since you have encountered such entities.
Kyle Slaughter (4 years ago)
but they are describable did you mean indescribable? because i dont think a ufo would have to have a airline company on it its not from earth i dont get your question and they are real ive seen a ship with my own eyes
Kyle Slaughter (4 years ago)
Because the space craft and nippleate speeds and they can do it from a certain point of gravity and move from that point very fast, a plane is always moving, unlike the ufos shown in the video they are hovering
Kyle Slaughter (4 years ago)
i got a craft that look like one in video the circle on with three light at the bottom i was hovering a cople or 100 feet above my head moving slowly
Kyle Slaughter (4 years ago)
heyy ive seen a ship, if they communicated with you what did they say?
katiemilker (4 years ago)
Can you prove I haven't ?
BadMadPlay (4 years ago)
What we have here are just paper lanterns that float with heat from the candle in side of them thats why they shine so bright. So no aliens here people...they don't exist.
BadMadPlay (4 years ago)
Can you prove you met one ?
katiemilker (4 years ago)
Usually going door to door masquerading as Jehovah's witnesses, I have meet a couple of them, man there creepy.
katiemilker (4 years ago)
Aliens do exist I have personal meet some, you can believe all you want that they don't, but many Governments around the world and Astronauts have already openly disclosed. I bet you will be one of the people when this all comes out fully that will be saying "I always know there was something" lol, it's only a matter of time now before they declare themselves publicly, so basically your wrong.
katiemilker (4 years ago)
I don't mean to scare you, but once you openly see them whilst awake they will probably visit you in dreams and at night, usually how it works.
katiemilker (4 years ago)
Because they use technology to hide, cloaking and stuff.
katiemilker (4 years ago)
Yes this could be demonic, but it could also be the case that its aliens, from other planets, in fact it could even be the case that Demons are sometimes pretending to be Aliens, and both actually exist. I have personally seen demons and I believe I have meet with aliens, been abducted and stuff. When I seen demons they came in the form of family members until I noticed they weren't and they would take on a smokey appearance, The aliens were totally different. In both cases I didn't enjoy it..
mechanicalbu11 (4 years ago)
That is demonic activity, The book of Enoch and the account in Genesis 6:4 dose testify of this activity. Check out shieldoftheson here on u-tub about this. This display makes no scientific sense unless it to attack you psychologically into believing a lie. I understand the hateful spirit of anti-Christ in many of you, so even making such a claim that i have most likely makes your blood boil. you cant help it though because that spirit of antichrist has control of you.
George Trew (4 years ago)
if i take a picture on my phone/ tablet, or camera, its normally crystal clear, how is it however, that every time people take photos of U.F.Os , they are always describable .. .I have taken pictures of planes in flight,, and they ,, are crystal to the point of reading the airline company HUH1 HUH1
shari whiting (4 years ago)
it says at the start of the video 2012 not 2013. Deception...
skyler kay (4 years ago)
great vids nothin like NDU phoney fest
Mc Elroy (4 years ago)
Has nothing to do with your post....you just put them all together like usual....why would you post that but not have exactly what you posted?
Jonathan Rice (4 years ago)
ufo's over Mexico have no shame
Anon Mason (4 years ago)
4:30 is just me playing good old Freelancer with a speed mod.
alejandro montes (5 years ago)
solo es un misterio para la humanidad incrédula............
adolfo ramirez (5 years ago)
The Beatnuts - Lick The P**sy
Over Opinionated Bogan (5 years ago)
Dude you rick rolled me I was expecting a drone to attack a ufo like shooting a missile at the black knight.
Cole Rasmussen (5 years ago)
Whats the name of this track?????????????
Neil Armstrong (5 years ago)
If you want to see one go outside around 1am and check all quadrants of the night sky including right above you. Don't know how long they've been using these to survey us but the last 2 nights there have been very high altitude drones/ufo's that fly in fairly rapid circles. They look like a fairly bright star and there has been at least 2 in the air both nights, both in different quadrants of the night sky north, south, east, west, and directly above.
NicTheGreek1979 (5 years ago)
The description needs a disclaimer saying you've got the video from AnonymousFO
Javed Shaikh (5 years ago)
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Gemcor (5 years ago)
I was a skeptic till a month ago one of the white orbs flew over me one night while out for a smoke. It was the first time I could honestly say, wtf was that. I had no explanations for it and I work in the aerospace industry. I think all religions are true but just misinterpreted. They are observing us and have been for thousands of years and they have also had a hand in our creation. They are not here to destroy us, otherwise they would have already. The government is covering it up.
BadMadPlay (5 years ago)
too bad aliens dont exist
Kevin Fulton (5 years ago)
where is men in black when u need them?
Feral stone (5 years ago)
Not very stealthy lighting up the sky like that, meaning?
s templar (5 years ago)
Should come in handy in the war with syria?.But thee people i used to work for will ever use it there.
what site of surveys ? you said . can you put in again?
SnuffitLabs (5 years ago)
Who did the music for this video? It's the best music I've heard on one of these videos! You have some pretty good and clear clips in this vid too.
karthik ramnathan (5 years ago)
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Toxic Haze (5 years ago)
offer weed to aliens , party galaxy thats were we at, so smoke it smoke it smoke it like.... THAT. Gonna snatch their spacecraft and take it for a spin , aint no sin only mother fucking win win. Push this chronic smokin beat thru ur speakers , smoke it , smoke it smoke it smoke it till you feel heat in your motta fukkin sneakers. lalala lol
Bear DarkDawnActual (5 years ago)
If you want to watch that just type it in then you can drool on your keyboard Dipstick.
Bear DarkDawnActual (5 years ago)
Most ancient Gods were depected as tall, white hair and white skined.
Bear DarkDawnActual (5 years ago)
Are they a former God of an ancient civilization?
Bear DarkDawnActual (5 years ago)
Interesting formation, Orion's Belt?
shem ways (5 years ago)
prophecies, very difficult to just explain away, if are to stay truly open minded on all possibilities, Angel, alien, demons, fairies, or maybe a mix. plus some unknown military technologies. so few know what to make of any of it. some are content with weather balloons & swamp gas, ball lightning? perhaps.
kitty roxus (5 years ago)
Dont watch that!! Fucking hate these titles! just type naked young girls if u want ppl to watch so much
Mike 17 (5 years ago)
Looks like super sayans to me...
Martin Bowles (5 years ago)
Some say there is no evidence that any other intelligent life has ever walked on earth. Do they expect them to leave their garbage here? Then you got the Poofheads that wants someone to hand them proof. I say look for it yourself ! Seeing is believing if you've eliminated all other possibilities. Even then you still go over it in your head and ask yourself if you really saw what you think you saw. If you share it with others your always a target for those that refuse to consider it. Good video!
David Low (5 years ago)
why the 80s porn music?
He Bo (5 years ago)
So... I guess all of those countries that have publicly and officially disclosed files regarding UFOs and extra-terrestrial life (Argentina Australia Brazil Canada Chile China Denmark Finland France Germany India Ireland Japan Mexico New Zealand Peru Russia Spain Sweden Ukraine United Nations UnitedKingdom Uruguay Vatican City), they are all fiction ha? Get over yourself people!
He Bo (5 years ago)
Thanks for monitoring every inch of the Earth for us! I hope we simple people will someday be able to repay you somehow.
He Bo (5 years ago)
WHAT? now you're getting likes too?!?!? my god...
mike wade (5 years ago)
No other intelligent life has ever walked on the earth ,no evidence!
mike wade (5 years ago)
There is no sold evidence which is why we still call them ufo's
pimple22 (5 years ago)
What I will say the UFO activity in England as come to a stand still. please don't give your reasons because there aren't any.
what? (5 years ago)
I came here for the beat.
Ageof Aquarius (5 years ago)
I've always believed in the possibility in UFOS', especially since were here and why not else where. Last Monday the 5th or Tuesday the 6, one sphere appeared over the Mississauga and Oakville border, possibly the Hamilton area. The split in two the flew to scarbourough in less than a minute then disappeared. Now I'm a believer.
mark sanchez (5 years ago)
dumass below lmao Bitches
Joe Gamer (5 years ago)
Urearealjackass there is some hard core proof of aliens and none of god besides the bible even said the earth is flat lol
Gorgi Dimeski (5 years ago)
only inteligent race*
Richard Berger (5 years ago)
I am looking forward meeting Aliens that are good of heart and can help us make this world a better place again!!! Any Alien with bad intention,well...those better stay the hell away,because there's only room for good Aliens on this planets!!! Good Aliens are welcome and bad Aliens...stay AWAY!!!
KnightoftheCross1 (5 years ago)
You believe in aliens but you don't believe in God? don't be stupid yourself. You said it yourself we'r not the only onse in this universe, and we have no idea what lies out there. Did you know some aliens spieces too believe in a Supreme God? aliens we know of are just the tip of the iceberg out there.
KnightoftheCross1 (5 years ago)
Oh yeah? u fucking stupid idiot, i saw them with my own eyes, and no man, government or agency has such technology that vanishes in thin air & travels the super speeds in a second. The most stupid are those like you who believe we are the only living creatures in this entire universe.

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