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Battlefield 4 - Hilarious Moments Episode 2 with the Asdfs

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Battlefield.. Korea's a dangerous place ( Dragons Teeth DLC ) Available in 1080p* Twitter: https://twitter.com/BedBanana Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BedBananas Other Asdfs, BurritoBrian: https://www.youtube.com/user/BurritoBrians Dokudoku: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dokudokus Breaddystack: https://www.youtube.com/user/breaddystacks Grravy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeWrZUGIDAZgU7wW23ZFYbA MrCatButts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5MYxjdFhX0s_x_T3gB7DgQ Shout out to theses awesome artist! Music RoccoW_-_Weeklybeats_2_-_Daniels_Kruis https://www.youtube.com/user/Roccowschiptune Electric_Children_-_11_-_IAYD-When_I_Sleep_My_Heart_Speaks_EC_Insomniac_Remix
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Text Comments (160)
Boof Animations (5 months ago)
3:05 *_Spongebob In A Nutshell_*
grimm reapergaming58 (8 months ago)
Up to 1:33 was like something out of a movie.
The savage sponge (9 months ago)
The quad bike part looks like something that would be in a campain
brandon hughes (1 year ago)
Vademee (1 year ago)
"I think somebody is targeting me with a missile".....his famous last words
Logan Warner (1 year ago)
Grease fire can't be put out with water
Bluethys (1 year ago)
What map was the one where the room filled up with water?
Samuel pugglepuff (1 year ago)
what's the outro song
VanillaChocolateJ (1 year ago)
I think someone is targeting me with a missile
Rebecca Myers (1 year ago)
at the start of the video when they drive in to combat it was like the trailers.
Doku (1 year ago)
**Kitchen is fully flooded with water** "Well at least we won't starve"
A lonely loner (1 year ago)
what was the water map
no no (2 years ago)
the quadbike part at the start just needs the bf4 theme
Xeran Dereth (2 years ago)
I hate C4 suiciders.
jessica jamila (2 years ago)
Raptor cars
HarvNut! (2 years ago)
I think someones targeting me with a missileBOOM!
Motivegaming (2 years ago)
xD your too funny bro
Highpinghero (2 years ago)
goddamn the battle field chat sucks. HATEHATEHATESPAMBRAGHATE
Stan Marsh (2 years ago)
Ihr seit doch spasten xDDD
Big Lez (3 years ago)
oh sunken dragon never mind
Big Lez (3 years ago)
what map where they on when underwater?
Kaxanlax (3 years ago)
1:17 - 1:31 Movie Material
Jimmy Johns (3 years ago)
👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit good sHit 👌thats ✔️ some good 👌👌 shit right 👌👌 there 👌👌👌 right ✔️ there ✔️✔️ if I do say so myself 💯 I say so 💯 that's what I'm talking about right there right there (Chorus: right there) mMMMMMM 💯👌👌👌 HO0OoOOOOOOooOoooooooooo👌👌💯👌👀👀👀👌👌 Good shit
Gidgyz0rs (3 years ago)
god i love these guys
Jeremy The Jellyfish (3 years ago)
Korea is not that bad
Liam Gile (3 years ago)
"I think someones targeting me with a missile" BOOOOOM ~ Ahh god that had me laughing so much <3
LEO SHOWS (4 years ago)
LEO SHOWS (4 years ago)
You guys are awsome please make mir Videos that is a subscribe
Chance Sturrup (4 years ago)
"I think someones targeting me with a missile." *boom* XD
Elemental Flanders (4 years ago)
Banana this song yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! :') makes my day every time (titian fall)
Mercy (4 years ago)
"I think someone's targetting me with a missile.."  *boom* Never laughed so much in my life.
Y.M. Official (4 years ago)
Does any one know what asdf stands for? I've been watching their vids for a while but never figured it out
Knox Watson (3 years ago)
Awesome super duper funny squad
Beagán (3 years ago)
+_MetalGod_ its just there god damn name LOL
John Kane (3 years ago)
it's the first four letters on the second row of the keyboard ur welcome
Gustajuy (4 years ago)
Bed banana knows what happens at start.
Zapdog (4 years ago)
0:46 Grravy: I think somebody is targeting me with a missile! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
Cudradt (4 years ago)
pimple eyedrops
GThoughTz1 (4 years ago)
That ATV assault was sick!!lol
Shrub Gaming (4 years ago)
Challenge: Try and eat soup through the whole episode                                              Challenge 2: Try and drink some water through the whole video Prize: Have your Pc or tablet or iphone Soaked :D
Shrub Gaming (4 years ago)
Yup my computer is totally soaked......someone call an electrician. :L
tj chambers (4 years ago)
intro music is by roccow on soundcloud
keepTHEbeat (4 years ago)
1:07 BEEP BEEP! xD
Dope_ Dolphin (4 years ago)
Ooh.... Love these guys!
Hampurilias (4 years ago)
TRIGUND (4 years ago)
pc master race
Snake Eyes (4 years ago)
I do to Kami' my self xD
Nutty Messiah (4 years ago)
"Were getting the bomb!" "But our team has the bomb" "Fuck that!" lol
Josh Pie (4 years ago)
Darube - Sandstorm
Sean M (4 years ago)
More Garry's Mod RP please :D
Kārlis B (4 years ago)
u need more subs
Maelstrom (4 years ago)
How old are you guys?
shadowfire96 (4 years ago)
gta 6  vice city 2 (coming2017) look it up on youtube theres 1 video on it a guy found proof on gta v on a website in the game it said vercetti coming back dont be afraid be happy so yah!
MC JoshuaHMB (4 years ago)
I remember seeing some of these clips in a older video.
asmus2511 (4 years ago)
- This is the best shit on youtube :)
IC3D ZOMBIE (4 years ago)
bedbananas your the best youtuber every you deserve more subs
AGenericAccount (4 years ago)
hahaha the bit with the horns really DOES sound like Tim and Eric. It's not Jackie Chan, if I'm correct
Trevor Gehrmann (4 years ago)
Thanks BedBannanas for reminding me of what I'm missing out on :P, definitely playing BF4 once I get super fast internets.
Novax Sumeru (4 years ago)
My spidey senses are tingleing, but i fail to react to tHE FUCKING MISSLE XC
Vonglory 176 (4 years ago)
The ending was badass XD
Novel Gamer (4 years ago)
These frequent uploads are great =D
Enchanted Lepe (4 years ago)
That [Mongoose] clip was so [Only in Battlefield] :D *Mongoose because i don't know the name of that Vehicle
Becky Wilson (4 years ago)
Ummmm quad bike?
Cailean O'keeffe (4 years ago)
'I think some ones targeting me with a missal'. Classic.
American stupid
Becky Wilson (4 years ago)
Russia bankrupt and stupid lol
Hail King Devin (4 years ago)
kill north korea
Maurz GG (4 years ago)
Pretty sure they were drunk
Rachel Amato (4 years ago)
keep up the vids dude!
Evil (4 years ago)
'We're in Korea , we're in Korea ' Yeah....... You do realize that was a Chinese Flag right?
Ambush (2 years ago)
Ayyy, Koreaaaaaa!
Cow_Boi _Greg (2 years ago)
+BedBananas hey man I'm one of your subs and just gonna say good work man
Evil (2 years ago)
+Allistur E Hadn't played battlefield 4 before nor watched it so I guess I should have done some research :/
Highpinghero (2 years ago)
+Allistur E oh i see
Allistur (2 years ago)
Not thinking before commenting, but maybe Idiot is a better term
Hybrid Wolf (4 years ago)
More school rp more more MORE!!!!!
Bossdaddy 22 (4 years ago)
Haven't even started the video but I can already tell its gunna be racist
Bossdaddy 22 (4 years ago)
Wow it actually was not
Håkon Wisnes Søreng (4 years ago)
Another great video! THANKS!
TheTrollsNextDoor (4 years ago)
wacky and silly stuff i
Sami Saijari (4 years ago)
the Darude - Sandstorm is really getting old and lame now...
austin mallow (4 years ago)
+Hokki Darude - Sandstorm
Hokki (4 years ago)
Darude - Sandstorm
killerbrainjuice (4 years ago)
Only in Battlefield.
peper jack (4 years ago)
I got wicked spaghettis poisoning from watching this
EpicDonutDude (4 years ago)
what does Asdfs stand for? :S im just wondering :)
TheTrollsNextDoor (4 years ago)
i don't believe so, but I've seen all sorts of videos named asdf movie, and of course the asdfs that we've all grown to love. i see a pattern in the two videos which is a bunch of random funny clips all put together in a video. so I'm guessing ASDF just means a bunch of individual non related clips put into a whole video.
EpicDonutDude (4 years ago)
+TheTrollsNextDoor yea i know, so it doesnt have any meaning or some sort?
TheTrollsNextDoor (4 years ago)
its just easy to type. asdfadfasdfasdfasfasasfadfdasfdsafdfdafdsaedfdsfdfsafsadf ds
Arch Infinity (4 years ago)
This would make a great racing game idea.
davidocall (4 years ago)
4:48 - I guess it's not technically leaving a man behind if you throw yourself from the car and blow yourself up while they fly comfortable into a steel barrier..
NoviceGaming (4 years ago)
This must have been recorded months ago.
NoviceGaming (4 years ago)
I was referring to the beginning clips.
B Shof (4 years ago)
They were on Dragon's Teeth in the video.
yllnor13 (4 years ago)
How come buildings were reflected from the water at 2:53
xpvtxsoldierx (4 years ago)
1:02 - 1:31 That is an epic scene.
D Marquist (4 years ago)
Isn't an asdf video without a good old helicopter crash.
Fart Snake (4 years ago)
you guys never play with Fart Snake anymore :(
TheTrollsNextDoor (4 years ago)
watch one of the atlas life videos dokudokus made, you'll understand
Lord Derpington (4 years ago)
Someone fill me in on this. Was it mentioned in one of their older videos or something?
TheTrollsNextDoor (4 years ago)
one day. one day.... you will be resurrected by the power of the hambugers
obereen (4 years ago)
And only 5 minutes?! WTF?!
Basil Züllig (4 years ago)
More bf 4 pls!!
Kangaroo Joe90 (4 years ago)
Hit it again....BOOM! XD!!!!
FreeZey (4 years ago)
Amazing.. as always.
Jihadi Turtle (4 years ago)
They should put Germany in one of their dlc and I should be an Easter egg Ps nazi-sand Steiner
Your dead to me
Nery (4 years ago)
What battlefield is worth buying in 2015? hardline or just stay with bf4? or maybe even bf3 if people still play it ._.
Jan Sobieski (3 years ago)
TagMyBat 76 (4 years ago)
Nery (4 years ago)
+Nick Duclos Ye hardline seems like a good option.
Nick Duclos (4 years ago)
+pedronery2000 I heard that Battlefield Hardline was really good. Better than the other BF3 and BF4. So maybe Hardline. The beta was hella fun imo. 
Greyy (4 years ago)
+stoil bozhilov dude Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises in history, EA can call it Star Wars Titty Sprinkles and it'll still sell because of the name
FinalStarman1 (4 years ago)
We're getting the bomb! But our team has the bomb. ...Fuck them!
climaxstriker (4 years ago)
"I think someone's targeting me with a missle" *missle destroys him* XD
Templar Knight (4 years ago)
BedBananas is the best Youtuber EVER1!1!1!1!!! ^^
CarlosSB (4 years ago)
Does someone know the credits song?
Thomas Roe (4 years ago)
check the description, he always puts the music in there- which is good because it's always fucking great
Goofy Hayden (4 years ago)
i love these videos
Johnny Ghosst (4 years ago)
That water was wet
Arch Infinity (4 years ago)
+TheDAWinz Fuck you.
TheDAWinz (4 years ago)
Darude - Sandstorm
KingIncarnate (4 years ago)
Fuck yaaaaaaa
Emil Kjellberg (4 years ago)
Ahahahaha "I think someone is targeting with a missile" 
Saitama (4 years ago)
Definetly one of my favorite youtubers :)
RHOKiT (4 years ago)
i still dont get that joke....
RHOKiT (4 years ago)
and vanos
BonetheBaker (4 years ago)
dood, when did you record the first clips? looks like unpatched bf4 to me :D
Cameron (4 years ago)
3:05 bf4 net code so bad it takes ages for the fire to go out, y'know when it's being submerged
Connor Haynes (4 years ago)
Spelling error? Battledield?
Kai Alvin (4 years ago)
Welcome to battlefield 4 mothafucka!
PandaGaming (4 years ago)
+deathawaits22 WHAT THE FUCK! 
aquabuffet (4 years ago)
+TheGreenHeagOne isn't that the dildo with blade spikes covering the sides and a blade tip and a shield at the bottom?
Kai Alvin (4 years ago)
It a figment of your tiny imagination
TheGreenHeagOne (4 years ago)
Battledildo is pretty hardcore. Or so I've been told.
The Frisky Frisk (4 years ago)
Koen Kievits (4 years ago)
Haha Rodocop
Kingsly AG (4 years ago)
First comment!
Dman Lolno (4 years ago)
+wii68100 First reply to the first reply of the first comment...
Teague (4 years ago)
First to say go rot in a hole
wii68100 (4 years ago)
first reply!

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