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Call of Duty with No Campaign Is Definitely a Sign of the Times - Game Scoop! 480

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This week we're discussing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Castlevania, Shenmue, and more. Subscribe to Game Scoop! https://www.youtube.com/c/gamescoop ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (164)
IamJacksColon4 (3 months ago)
The only way I would say I would approve of a multiplayer only Call of Duty and then a separate Call of Duty for the campaign would be if they make it like a legitimate 25 hour awesome story, Kick-Ass full on game. Like alternate multiplayer game and then campaign game. I don't know maybe not but it could be cool
Greg Dawe (4 months ago)
Sorry mart it was called spec ops in mw2 which was wen it first appeared
Kyle B (4 months ago)
Besides the first Black Ops the other two campaigns were ass. So I'm not even worried.
David Castle (4 months ago)
If there was a campaign I think they would've come out already and shut the rumor down so I believe they won't have it. So right now I'm not going to buy it, they better have the best multiplayer of all time to get me interested
WRCupZ86 (4 months ago)
Just cause 3 has destructible environments
arcpegasus2002 (4 months ago)
Marty is pure 20 questions sabotage! Switch him out next time
Joel Bonilla (4 months ago)
The 1st AAA publisher jumping into battle Royal is Epic with Fortnite
Ruthless Savage Hatred (4 months ago)
Put this podcast on Spotify please
mrmarvel8 (4 months ago)
NO Justin, ALL iOS games are f**king crap!
Last Survivor (4 months ago)
Battle Royale is dying already
Naoto Tsukihana (4 months ago)
Pay 60$ for Multiplayer only that like you spend 60$ for less content compare to old game that has both single and multi... Well it's your money. I guess most AAA game will continue to have less content with 60+$.
Peyman (4 months ago)
Who invited Kermit the frog?!
Nintendad816 * (4 months ago)
I’ve been playing owlboy on switch and dead space 2 on Xbox . My first dead space game and I absolutely love it . Also owlboy is fantastic
Nintendad816 * (4 months ago)
I liked Mordor way better then dragon age sorry Justin but yes Marty sunset overdrive still my fav Xbox game I cannot believe they aren’t making a second
Jin Kazama (4 months ago)
No one will applaud COD and Battlefield without SP when they announce their new game at E3. If they really need to push this, it should be free to play.
TeslaChad (4 months ago)
This is a comment fro the dude from Southern Illinois. I am also from Southern Illinois and if you were at SIUC then that makes sense because they are harsh af. Shout out to you homie.
bryan burdick (4 months ago)
So I’m confused.. wearing earbuds is illegal? Why?
Brandon Hill Photos (4 months ago)
It's illegal to hold your phone in Washington while driving so wearing hands-free headphones IS the law.
Stephen Z. Ridley (4 months ago)
Hey bring Tina on more. She was great!
Migz Mx (4 months ago)
Three Fking Years to work on BO4? and six months before launch the campaign not done? WTF were they doing?
wnxdafriz (4 months ago)
??? remove a feature is now considered innovation.... also... in direct sales to consumers gta V already beat call of duty ghosts when it was launched back in 2013
Natasha Cavata (4 months ago)
cant wait for daemons video on video game full course dinner XD
Death Grips (4 months ago)
I guess I’m the outlier in this for I only play COD for the campaigns nowadays and only dabble in multiplayer for a bit this is crazy like why not hold off the release ?!?
Patrick Casey (4 months ago)
Love this panel! This was my favorite scoop in awhile, keep it up.
Krytern UK (4 months ago)
She thinks "in a way it is innovative". Cutting out an entire mode and replacing it by copying a popular trend isn't innovative.
Krytern UK (4 months ago)
"To scrap it or release it not to standard" Oooor delay the game to release a full game like any decent developer/publisher.
Pedro Rodrigues (4 months ago)
Shenmue II came out in the Dreamcast....
Working Class Tattoo (4 months ago)
Shenmue 2 was definitely on Dreamcast. My buddy has an original copy of it. I also completed it back in the day. It was also PORTED to the original Xbox
Andreas Kleanthous (4 months ago)
Did a Google search of what came out in 2014. Ign was wrong then and still wrong now. Hearthstone, South park stick of truth, Mario kart, smash bros, Bayonneta 2, binding of Isaac, I'm forgetting so many but seriously.
Erick Orduno (5 months ago)
Man, Tina’s so cool!
Nysro1640 (5 months ago)
WTB Sam!
Iam Justafan (5 months ago)
Am I the only one who feels the vibe of the show is a bit off when Tina is on? She is clearly very knowledgable and competent but it just doesn't mesh well with the rest. It feels like a visit of the boss on the work floor who asks everyone to "just act like normal"
Matthew Longo (5 months ago)
Red Dead will outsell it easily. GTA 5 has sold more than any CoD by miles.
Paul Marshall (5 months ago)
I played both Shenmue games on Dreamcast. Shenmue 2 was definitely on Dreamcast.
Luke Steichen (5 months ago)
Marty says ps4 is fine , were not getting ps5 for a while it still runs fine ... seconds later they talk about how God of War makes their launch ps4 sound like a jet e engine.. if 5 yr old consoles are already straining to run new stuff like GOW I don't see how we can get even a year more out of it
Aaron Jones (5 months ago)
In the future could games be either Single-player or Multiplayer?
LaZy. B. (5 months ago)
there is no Fing guns in diablo......
Ebbin Jones (5 months ago)
So if it doesn't have a campaign what would make it a black ops game?
TimeTeaser (5 months ago)
41:10 I 100% agree, my next game also will be SSX 3 on XB1 backwards compatability ! 🏂
Bill C. (5 months ago)
Dig Dug completely destructible 😀
David String (5 months ago)
I miss Sam when he's not on. The show is not the same without him
Irish Jester (4 months ago)
David String Sam is always interrupting people with silly comments. He never lets someone just make a point
Matthew - san (5 months ago)
Great Scoops, crew!! My Friday afternoon thanks you.
slickvicXLII (5 months ago)
I'm here for Tina. Sorry Marty. You're not the prettiest one on the show anymore =)
InfiniteDarkMass (5 months ago)
Maybe you should add some hints after every 5th question or so?.. I don't really like how rarely they successfully name the game in 20 Questions, and it takes a really long time.
shadowmane55 (5 months ago)
Justin was actually correct about the link between the dreamcast and the xbox. Watch the peter moore unfiltered episode.
Michael Miller (5 months ago)
Shenmue 2 was on the Dreamcast in Japan.
Razamadaz (5 months ago)
Unless they do something radical with the multiplayer and it's mechanics it's gonna affect there profits for sure,though it'll be interesting to see which direction they go in with the so called battle royale.Make or break...
Lance Strange (5 months ago)
Subtracting campaign and adding battle royale is all about money and loot boxes. Bad move for long time fans.
dontnickmyname (5 months ago)
Shenmue 2 was on Dreamcast and SEGA did had an partnership with Microsoft. There was even the Microsoft logo on the Dreamcast. Shenmue is basically the daddy of all modern games. And they will change the controls for the ps4 edition. (at least they said)
Tim Krista (5 months ago)
Another great video from the Goose Camp!
InfiniteDarkMass (5 months ago)
Clever people suggest: COD story - every year, multiplayer - for several years with updates. Activision does: remove single player, focus on multiplayer every year...
ZWICK 6 (5 months ago)
That 20 questions was... wait for it... BRUTAL 🤪
Ryan Eichler (5 months ago)
The campaign provides the initial attraction to the game, and draws millions in. The multiplayer keeps them around. Without a campaign, the game lacks the "trailer moments" that spark the hype.
Richard Perez (5 months ago)
Red Dead and Smash Bros/ Madden is all I'm playing this fall. Money is tight.
Movie Muscle (5 months ago)
I’m so glad we still have Yakuza, God of War, and all these other awesome Sony single-player games while the rest of the video game industry shamelessly sells out to the latest trend. Anyway, a fun show as usual. Keep it up, guys!
Richard Perez (5 months ago)
No campaign means half a game. I'm not buying it. EA wins if BF has a single player story.
Eric V (5 months ago)
I like the fact that Damon mentioned that he's jumped into Mad Max. I had a blast with that game. To me it is criminally underrated.
Benjamin Wothe (5 months ago)
Yay! Glad to have Tina at IGN. Always loved her articles on Kotaku.
Robot LABO is a new all destructible game!
Navi And Mii (5 months ago)
Tina sure has some champion Video Game 20 Questions potential! ..sterling effort from you guys - Kevin (with one 'K') was ruthless! To all of you Omega Cops over at Camp Goose - that Game Scoop was truly A Scoop Gem!
Shawn Houde (5 months ago)
Love my Game Scoop! But Sam is the Man. He is our Retro Gaming God.
Lawrence whittemore (5 months ago)
Morphies Law is the shooter you were talking about where your limbs change size.
Steve (5 months ago)
Just FYI, I definitely played Shenmue II on the Dreamcast in the UK, but it had only Japanese voice acting and English subs. The Xbox version featured English voices and slightly improved graphics I think, but I wanted to carry my save data over from Shenmue I (which was so cool for the time!) so I picked up II on the Dreamcast :)
HoodedDude (5 months ago)
Great chat as usual, Scoop bros !
GrimReaper4383 (5 months ago)
I hope BO4 fails...
Shayne's World (5 months ago)
This is one of the first 20 questions that I actually won...that I can remember.
Julian Salazar (5 months ago)
The rumors also state that they aren’t aiming for 100 players from the start; considering the engines and the production quality of Call of Duty, that would be a big letdown. If it comes out with only a 50 player BR mode, I feel like that just won’t be enough for Fortnite and PUBG players to jump ship. There are a lot of us that actually just buy/rent COD annually to play the campaign, and I’m one of those people. They’re like mindless popcorn flicks; going to the movies for pure enjoyment and fun. This all just seems so strange to me. COD has 3 different studios for a reason so these companies can get their games developed with a decent amount of time. The reason being that the single player campaign wouldn’t be ready in time for launch is a pathetic excuse. Also, the Black Ops games are probably the best in the series so to reduce it to a MP only focused game is a damn shame. They had such amazing campaigns... I don’t understand where their head is at. This is also rumored for Switch, how is that going to work?! Disaster waiting to happen.
notchomania (5 months ago)
Marty is really knowledgeable about games and the industry but he really needs to stop talking about how he plays games drunk. He pretty much says it every podcast he’s on.
andrew malone (5 months ago)
Shenmue 2 was on Dreamcast
B man (5 months ago)
No campaign = no buy from me. Im one of the few who actually buys it for the campaigns and enjoys it. But i know im in the minority
rustypwns (5 months ago)
Hey I'm also graduating from UF this May! Cheers to college and games!
EagleEye6486 (5 months ago)
Time Stamps 00:05 Start 00:15 Episode Overview 00:24 Black Ops 4 Loses Its Campaign 08:31 Battle Royale In COD 13:15 New Castlevania Game 17:34 Shenmue 25:58 Listener Feedback - Will Destructibility Make A Comeback? 31:20 Listener Feedback - Late To The PS4 Party 34:08 Listener Feedback - Game Recommendations For This Generation 39:33 What We're Playing 42:34 Video Game 20 Questions 57:08 Outro
Shamim Narayan (5 months ago)
Campaign is the only reason I play COD. That sucks.
tagonizer (5 months ago)
Seemed like Daemon didn't pick up on Tina's sarcasm on the "death of single player" narrative 😂 Love the 20 Q's when Marty is there, I never would have guessed the game either.
Julian Salazar (5 months ago)
Taking a short break from God Of War to get my SCOOPS!.. It’s absolutely incredible, I haven’t been this blown away overall by a game since The Last Of Us. They completely nailed it. The story has me hooked, the graphics (4K/HDR) are amazing, and the combat is addicting and visceral. Absolutely going to be in my running for my GOTY.. and we still have Super Smash Bros, Kingdom Hearts 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and Spider-Man. This year is going to be as incredible as last year.
Julian Salazar (5 months ago)
Not a Sandwich Their last few trailers have said 2018. It’s absolutely coming this year. It’s time.
Not a Sandwich (5 months ago)
Julian Salazar kingdom hearts 3?? Yeah right 😂
Deepak M (5 months ago)
Great Job on show really enjoy watching Game Scoop
Gregory Joslin (5 months ago)
When I first started watching games coop (probably 8-9 years ago) I wasn't a fan of Sam but I've grown to love his humor. Not insulting Justin or anything but I believe Sam should take over the 1st mate position.
Solo Fox (5 months ago)
So if they didn't finish something that they were original going to have in the game does that mean we will only have to pay like half as much for BO4?
david ha (5 months ago)
I wonder if Greg would come by and play 20 questions
Jermel Purse (5 months ago)
If they ditch the campaign for $60 i need one heck of a multiplayer I'm not sure they can deliver
abum22 (5 months ago)
Nintendo's take on the "Battle Royale" craze, "Animal Crossing: Villager Squabble!"
BlowCartz (5 months ago)
hating on Shenmue is a no no, any older gamer should have no time playing these amazing games now or in 10 years. And shenmue 2 did come out on Dreamcast just not in the states, it was Japan and PAL only.
Chris Hahn (5 months ago)
9:42 Marty you’re really illuminating your lack of knowledge; PUBG has a rather popular first person only mode.
Dragon969Reviews (5 months ago)
Shame on you three making Justin feel crazy, Shenmue 2 was totally on Dreamcast.
Pedro Rodrigues (4 months ago)
They made the same mistake on Beyond. They really don't know it was a Dreamcast game as well. With a save import from the first game as well!
Brian Hallett (5 months ago)
Dragon969Reviews I never bought mine till much later from eBay.
Dragon969Reviews (5 months ago)
My friends and I bought our copies from Electronic Boutique, the stores imported the EU version and sold them.
Brian Hallett (5 months ago)
Dragon969Reviews don't believe it ever came out in North America which is why they don't know it was on the Dreamcast
Andy Davies (5 months ago)
It was a good effort on 20 questions. Brutal Legends is such a fusion genre it makes it hard to zero in on.
Man Whatever (5 months ago)
Damn, Tina is Hot 🔥
kdkseven (4 months ago)
Man, this is one *intelligent* conversation.
FACEOFBEAR (5 months ago)
If only she had arms.
leonardojob (5 months ago)
no shes ugly
Movie Muscle (5 months ago)
Man Whatever She’s really cute.
Man Whatever (5 months ago)
Gun Play Gaming (5 months ago)
They trying to get 59.99 with no campaign? They better have some amazing game modes and that multiplayer better be impressive as fk.
Miles Williams (5 months ago)
Didn't know you guys had another fan from Southern Illinois. Scoop!
Big Cow Productions (5 months ago)
39:16 I'm sick and fucking tired of people knocking on the last third of RE7. It was fantastic and had a great send-off.
eli pinilla (5 months ago)
buy COD every year and havent ran through a campaign since MW2
Tyler Caraffi (5 months ago)
Shoot that thing fat baby!
Rayza NC (5 months ago)
Long live Game Scoop
Corey Galvan (5 months ago)
I could see the battlefield battle royale mode being 50 vs 50 and you only get one life.
Charlie Milroy (5 months ago)
I just remembered who Gregg in night in the woods reminds me of: Justin
Nintendad816 * (5 months ago)
I guess with cod battle royal would be somewhat like their free for all mode but perma-death instead
RoddZ4 (5 months ago)
You guys are the best!!
CP3 Fan (5 months ago)
When was the last treyarch COD? 3yrs ago? Lol didn't have time smh....
Kate Ground (5 months ago)
After battlefront and EA being forced by fans to add a single player campaign this will be very interesting to me to see how people react for me no campaign means no buy I really enjoy the challenge of beating single player on every difficulty on battle royale I would love them to add it to battlefront 2 as a thank you to people who got that game plus the mode would work great in star wars

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