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STONELESS SURVIVAL ISLAND (Ep.1) ★ Minecraft: Dumb & Dumber

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Check this out! "SUPER MARIO HALLOWEEN ★ BLACK OPS 3 ZOMBIES MOD" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt_sdCW6LLY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Let Dumb and Dumber, YouTube Minecraft & Zombie Masters, guide you through various Minecraft maps, including adventure, survival and parkour. Sit back and enjoy a custom Minecraft Animation, as well as Minecraft Mods like Tekkit, Pixelmon, Hexxit, etc... Whether you play on Minecraft servers, XBOX 360, PS3 or Minecraft Pocket Edition, you'll love our videos. TALK TO GUNNS, https://twitter.com/#!/GUNNS4HIRE TALK TO MEATY, https://twitter.com/#!/meatwagon22 TALK TO NITRO, https://twitter.com/WorldGoonSquad GET A MINECRAFT SERVER HERE, https://www.aim2game.com/clients/aff.php?aff=245 USE THIS CODE TO GET 10% OFF ANY SERVER, "YAW10" GET A YOUALWAYSWIN T-SHIRT HERE, http://www.chopshopgoods.com/category_s/1843.htm MAP DOWNLOAD, http://www.minecraftmaps.com/survival-maps/stoneless-world-survival/viewdownload . FREE TO PLAY MOBILE GAME, UDLR:SWIPE. TRY TO BEAT GUNNS4HIRE'S TOP SCORE OF 93! iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/app/udlr-swipe/id686245456 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ElevenElevenStudios.UDLR
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Text Comments (500)
FaZe Dopply (15 days ago)
* IvE bEeN a SuBsCrIbEr ScInCe 156.432 OoOoOoOoOoOoOo*
Donald Mack (4 months ago)
i saw a pyramid in the desert biome
Mr Dingle (6 months ago)
i was kinda waiting for them to realize the lava in the black smiths
ElectricSkyPvP (6 months ago)
A La. A La Op Mobs Lollll!
Combative Medic267 (9 months ago)
Your house is Creeper Proof
IKA SHAH (10 months ago)
why did they build a ironpickaxe in a stoneless island??!!
SCREAM THAT MEME (1 year ago)
Killer MemeStar (1 year ago)
I still remember this. I watched on my wii bc I didn't have a phone at 8 years old
ThEtRUeNeeB (1 year ago)
this brings the danger of digging straight down to a whole nother level
Nancy Thorman (1 year ago)
not mod texture pack
Nancy Thorman (1 year ago)
what's your mod
RyanPlayz MC (1 year ago)
what resource pack is that?
Jackson Basar (1 year ago)
What is this texture pack
alkaun123 (1 year ago)
~11:00 he runs past the well and puts more effort in than he needed xD
Braedyn French (1 year ago)
13:34 that's a miners dream ohh ma gosh
jungkooks_hyung ___ (1 year ago)
Y do they not make a cobblestone generator there's lava and water
jungkooks_hyung ___ (1 year ago)
Yeah same
Musical AnimeFreak (1 year ago)
Ya true but there is SandStone under the sand so there is a chance that the SandStone will keep the sand from acting like gravel''Right''.....?''
Gamerkid H (1 year ago)
The lave in the blacksmith
Cain Bailey (1 year ago)
Your epic
JTJ_ 22 (1 year ago)
Watching this in 2017
Zack Barrios (1 year ago)
I saw lapis lazuli
Gene (2 years ago)
Marilyn Tidwell (2 years ago)
reid brien (2 years ago)
he could get Morwat that desert temple but your vids are the most awesome thing in the wold my dad loves all of thank you
Adrian Terry (2 years ago)
thank you
Rickey Andrews (2 years ago)
take lava from black smith shop
Grey Smoke (2 years ago)
its Sphax PureBDCraft
Grey Smoke (2 years ago)
Donna Earnhart (2 years ago)
You're videos are awesome!!!!!!!!!
Adrian Terry (2 years ago)
what resource pack are they useing
Jessica Barton (2 years ago)
+Jessica Barton it's what I use too
Jessica Barton (2 years ago)
Shane Hogan (2 years ago)
In tht first black smiths house if u look at the Side it's a nether portal
Shane Hogan (2 years ago)
It's just field with bricks
ruiying wu (2 years ago)
that villager sxared the fricking daylights out of me
NuclearNerf (2 years ago)
You guys are correct. You are dumb. You said that there is no way to get stone/cobblestone, but under the gravel paths in the village there is cobblestone.
RhubarbApplePie (2 years ago)
Girls can be gamers too you know...
Grey Smoke (2 years ago)
where HUH?!?!?
NuclearNerf (2 years ago)
+Irdina Sofiyyah Actually, there is cobblestone. I saw it.
CHEEKY MONKEY (2 years ago)
Onizuma13 (2 years ago)
Wait wait. If there is no stone.. Wouldn't that make the entire desert region a death trap? I mean its all sand and sand acts like gravel..
tristen pernell (1 month ago)
But someone does stand but if one near it is broken it all collapses
Lord 25 (1 year ago)
FrostedLightning (2 years ago)
sand stone is not considered stone
Mike Savage (2 years ago)
+Onizuma13 Sandstone. DW.
Everyone the are lying i just saw, sand "stone". :P
Mason Blodgett (2 years ago)
this is a good series
Dana Denson (2 years ago)
dats gwavel lady
Dana Denson (2 years ago)
When meaty looked from the church did he notice the sand temple
MPC22B (2 years ago)
Meaty! Use the iron pick to break through the iron bars at the blacksmith to access the lava!
jack white (2 years ago)
you sound like David cross
FormalHydra (2 years ago)
6:35 stop making fun of me 😀😀😀😀
Mabrok Eshou (2 years ago)
Mabrok Eshou (2 years ago)
Haleyxmusic (2 years ago)
but isn't there stone on the path... couldn't they just use that?
LordSodaPig (2 years ago)
That's gravel
MJ Prior (2 years ago)
DONT GO TO TE TEMPLE the floor is made out of stone
cy sanchez (2 years ago)
gunns is a poop
6foot rider's (2 years ago)
what texter pack
6foot rider's (2 years ago)
Jamie Donaldson (2 years ago)
+Alan Yingling sphax texture pack I think
Mike Fisher (2 years ago)
Joey Giles (2 years ago)
U guys need to do a treeless survival
Alees Sudi (2 years ago)
sorry im being wierd :P
Alees Sudi (2 years ago)
fart :P
its a new univers
OOF! (3 years ago)
you should off used the lava in the blackshith shop to make a cobble genorator
Manuel Ponce (3 years ago)
FaZe ChAoS D (3 years ago)
Free kick
andrew zalaker (3 years ago)
if you weren't so fuckin annoying I'd watch it but you're like fuckin children
Joy Jones (3 years ago)
i love your videos my name is landon
Magnus (3 years ago)
At 15:58 you can see Dimonds on the left side and sometimes the right side of the screen
Isaac Peres (3 years ago)
What's the seed
Zachary W (3 years ago)
Eriko Ferdian (2 years ago)
+Brandon Cummings make it infinity lava generator
Brandon Cummings (3 years ago)
Only two pieces so don't waste your time on it
ROBLOX Plays Games (3 years ago)
Soulstealer 915 (3 years ago)
You guys should get the map sky salir
Ronni Briggs (3 years ago)
You should do some lucky block mod challenge videos
You can craft a fishing rod,(I'm sure you know how to craft one ) and fish for a bucket.
RicottaCheesecak Gaming meaty found a bucket and fishing rod
jesse Flores (3 years ago)
ground is cobblestone
no its not its gravel
heaven lindquist (3 years ago)
if there is no stone then how is there stone brick
Nate Schulte (3 years ago)
How do I get this map to work with my game? Are there steps I have to do or something?
Zarryn Moreno (3 years ago)
They had lava at the blacksmiths house
DigitalPenguin (3 years ago)
idiots you could have grabbed the lava from the blacksmith to get cobblestone LOL XD
Rosie Chavez (3 years ago)
I love your video
Isma (3 years ago)
Wat game are u playing
Kiba Okami (3 years ago)
I saw diamonds
Jenna Spence (3 years ago)
just get a creeper to blow up the iron and stuff
ImaMindCrafter -Talk About Craft why all the effort if he has a iron pick?
Thomas Futch (3 years ago)
Please do some more hexit videos!
rod ivie (3 years ago)
if you put two sticks you can make a bat.
Silas Reel (3 years ago)
You were standing on stone the whole episode... the village.
Silas Reel you mean gravel the road is gravel
Maria Stiegelmeier (3 years ago)
julian vv (3 years ago)
make cobble stone generator
Erin Gray (3 years ago)
Wow, extremely terrifying
Elise Clarke (3 years ago)
You do know there is a sand thing
You earned a sub ^°^
Leslie Lewis (3 years ago)
is there any mods
Gary Long (3 years ago)
You guys should put the lava in a bucket and make a cobble gen
Marc Spider (3 years ago)
"good thing I shaved my head" LOL
candace atwood (3 years ago)
I love it
johnny Eberhard (3 years ago)
what is the name of the texture pack???
Casiel 368 (3 years ago)
What's the intro song name?
n8thegr83008 (3 years ago)
Jaquan Mine (3 years ago)
Texture pack
Shits Mcfucks (3 years ago)
I need help installing the map for 1.7.10 i'm wanting to play with mods.
Exotic Tech (3 years ago)
Lava and water make stone and there is water everywhere and lava in the blacksmiths
Exotic Tech they know how to make a cobblestone gen
Darth Rheagal (3 years ago)
what is the texture pack u use?
n8thegr83008 (3 years ago)
sphax pure BD craft
Darth Rheagal (3 years ago)
there was a tower omg... he didn't see it.... and the temple.. i want to check it
Lol i have no clue (3 years ago)
I wonder wants bellow bedrock Mable diamond blocks
Lol i have no clue (3 years ago)
ho chu
n8thegr83008 (3 years ago)
u cant build under bedrock
Thanh Tran (3 years ago)
U&S-Gamers (3 years ago)
Texture pack???
Z0m6iexG4m1ng 1 (3 years ago)
omg... there was 2 blocks of lava... they really are dumb and dumber... they found a bucket with water and an empety bucket, and there was lava....

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