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Lift the Hammer - Avengers 2: Age of Ultron | official FIRST LOOK clip (2015) Thor Hulk Iron Man

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official clip from Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron
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Manju (1 month ago)
Thor picked up the hammer. Hulk picked up thor. So indirectly hulk picked up hammer. But hulk is not worthy that means what he picked is not worthy. So thor is also not worthy.
AllAbout Games (2 months ago)
Captain America almost worthy
Lazyjulio 20 (2 months ago)
It's funny how thor got scared when Captain America almost lifted the hammer
Doggy (2 months ago)
1:14 when your teacher tells you the quiz isn't multiple choice
정덕현 (2 months ago)
*Captain lifted the hammer little bit this could be the double line for avengers 4 which captain fights thanos with mjornir*
Jaya Syah (2 months ago)
idk why but 0:57 killed me 😂
Shubham Shubham (2 months ago)
Trick: Instead of lifting hammer, lift the whole table👍
GalaxyGirl Malissa (3 months ago)
*when cap moves it slightly* “How?!?!” *when he fails* “Ya haha nothing” Me: he moved it slightly not nothing or are ya jelly thor
Nathan Matsuguma (3 months ago)
According to marvel the hammer is 42.3 pounds and to people who says oh why isn’t breaking the table. Well it resists from unworthy organisms, table is not a living thing. USE YOUR BRAIN
AToz suggestion (3 months ago)
Elite Monster (3 months ago)
Haha nothing
Fahd Farooq (3 months ago)
Ma man was scared shitless
The Wasdye (3 months ago)
I’m sad seeing this after civil war
Edward Miller (3 months ago)
I heard something crack on cap try #2
Renārs Magone (3 months ago)
1:14 *Thor*: Oh no, I shouldn't have put the bet on.
Sophie Jones (3 months ago)
Cap: *lifts hammer slightly* Thor: MJOLNIR NO NO NO WTF STAWP HOW WHY DUDE PLS NO NO WHY THIS CANT BE STOP NO NO NO OMG WTF WTF Cap: oh shit better fake my strength
*Slap My Nuts* (3 months ago)
Does that mean vision rules asgard now
Chicken Rap Studios (3 months ago)
This gotta mean something in the future
iNouT (3 months ago)
Chicken Rap Studios nope
TN UK (3 months ago)
I like this scene 🤣
Yarin Elul (3 months ago)
"Did he fail? Or did he stop?"
Nate W (3 months ago)
I totally wanted to see Cap weird Mjolnir. He did in the comics
waj khaj (3 months ago)
cap is worthy but not at this moment
Pat (3 months ago)
I think the part when Steve attempted to lift the hammer was incredibly important for thors dev as a character. It conveyed a sense of humor that was missing from the last movies. This humor was the infancy of what to expect from ragnorack years later
Eli Jones (3 months ago)
I love how Hawkeye says “you know I’ve seen this before” referring back to the first Thor movie. Little moments like these are why these movies are so good
Raul Patino (3 months ago)
I hope in the future Captain America can lift the hammer in the movies
brandonhausner (3 months ago)
Still the best scene in the MCU
brandonhausner (3 months ago)
“Haha nothing”
John Goodwin (3 months ago)
“You know I’ve seen this before” pretty cool throwback to the first Thor movie.
Carlos Rivera (3 months ago)
1:21 that false chuckle
dan foff (3 months ago)
supes would have
Wilmay Cayanong (3 months ago)
Did Loki stole Tony's suit
Mito Luil (3 months ago)
thors face while Captain try to pull up is the only reason why I am watching it...
samantha libby (3 months ago)
Where is Natasha's turn. Just because she is a girl doesn't mean she can't try... Thank goodness she is getting her own movie. (In the works) #blackwidowisfinallygettingamovie
samantha libby (28 days ago)
John Manzuki I understand what you are saying but you don't think that she should have gotten a turn you know to try.
John Manzuki (2 months ago)
Who says sexism is in this scene? The fact is, women in general are less likely to try and make a show of things, while the men are more challenge-accepting. That's just basic psychology.
JSC 190104 (3 months ago)
I just want to say. Prima Nocta refers to a supposed legal right in medieval Europe, allowing feudal lords to have sexual relations with subordinate women, in particular, on their wedding nights. Yeah. Tony you sly dog.
TheCoquifrog (3 months ago)
I will be re-instituting prima noca😂😂😂😂
Area-51 (3 months ago)
Lol I died
joek money (3 months ago)
Funny that gay ass vision/redman can lift it and gay asss hera destroyed it lol a
Joey Frainee (3 months ago)
The table is worthy
ismael hussain (3 months ago)
Peter Parker can lift it.
maxVloggs (3 months ago)
0:44 when Tony says ``be right back`` the captions say ``dirtbag``
Captain Flash (4 months ago)
Cap is worthy
Luke Cherry (4 months ago)
Thor was like oh shit when cap did it
Justin X. (4 months ago)
Thor got a mild heart attack
SuperSurprize!!!!!!! (4 months ago)
When captain America got up Thor was like, “Dang it he might lift it....”
NoblePhantasmable (4 months ago)
Poor Banner
Iron man should be able to lift the hammer because the table can hold it up because the table is a thing and the iron man suit is a thing and also vision is Jarvis so does that mean Jarvis is the ruler of Asgard cause vision lifted the hammer?
Jace Alatorre (4 months ago)
Pradeepa Raja (4 months ago)
What if ant man shrinks the hammer And then cap lifts the hammer
Richard Lopez (4 months ago)
Thought Civil War was Avengers 2
Venom The Dying Cat (4 months ago)
I thought I just saw Cap move the hammer slightly.
Owen Dillon (4 months ago)
u missed the part were vision passes it to thor
Shula The Airbender (4 months ago)
My favourite character in Age of Ultron is Pietro
Dawn The Kawaii Cat (4 months ago)
Lol that was just embarrassment but captain America was the closest
arul arasu (4 months ago)
Aan thala captain lift hammer
레오 (4 months ago)
캡틴 살짝 들려서 토르 표정 ㅋㅋ
Sean Tey (4 months ago)
Did the hammer moved a bit during Cap turn
Xpert Ch (5 months ago)
Cap Is So Strong
Mahak Gagrani (5 months ago)
https://youtu.be/0NIBoLExgSU please subscribe my video
Big Brody (5 months ago)
When Steve Rogers kinda slightly pulled the hammer I can tell what is happening in Thor’s mind “Oh no fathers going to kill me” lol XD
Achi Marselinno (5 months ago)
Capt almost had it
#wonder #girl (5 months ago)
When vision was able to pick the hammer their reaction and the expression on face was so freaking funny
Shahid Chauhan (5 months ago)
Captain can lift the hammer.. but when he realised then he act smart infront of all..
JB KI VINES (5 months ago)
how caption was able to very small lift thor's hammer
Mohd. Firoz Ahmad (5 months ago)
a god...by his voice....u knw what i mean...amazing voice ...thor..😊😊😊
quinn aqas (8 months ago)
1:00 when i try to scare my little sister
Benjamin F. (10 months ago)
I love Thor's expression when Cap lifted it a bit
Rayhan Nurramadhan (10 months ago)
I love you thor
Critical Gamers (11 months ago)
Without hammer iron man easily beat the thor
Govind kumar singh (2 months ago)
No man he can't
Rain (1 year ago)
Tha face though 😂
Nasreenabid Beg (1 year ago)
Poor Bruce could not joke
Jake Johnston (1 year ago)
that moment proved that gods can have mini heart attacks too
King Cheetha (1 year ago)
There was a kit Kat commercial before this and before the commercial I was eating one
TheGhost_Igor ROBLOX (1 year ago)
''Thor: My God! Captain American: Nothing''
Frida Säterö (1 year ago)
1:02 Love how cap tries so hard not to laugh
Easy Grin (1 year ago)
Steve Rogers shouldn't be worthy.... He a symbol for the corrupt
2WolvesMedia (1 year ago)
they need stan lee to be a custodian, come in and pick up the hammer, dust under it, put it back down, then leave...
MuhRiz Official (1 year ago)
1:14 Thor reaction "oh my . . . . "
Louise Hastings (1 year ago)
why does hawkeye have drumstics ?
Sam Ash (1 year ago)
Thor's face!!! He knows!!! He's hiding something!!!
Essen Vicente (2 years ago)
*Cap tries to lift* *Hammer moves by a millimeter* Thor: No way. *Cap cannot lift* Hammer: Just kidding! Thor: Ah ha. ha. ha. *you little shit*
ajanami (1 year ago)
Thor almost shit in his own pants. It was hilarious! xD
E Minor (2 years ago)
Did you guys know that black widow didn't lift because she knew she could? She didn't want to lift because she didn't want to upset thpr
Steven Sanchez (1 year ago)
ItzTheLight ! (1 year ago)
SSG (Super Saiyan Gamer) what the
StellArts (2 years ago)
Clint was so unamused with Bruce And Thor and Steve were just amused And then Nat was kinda just like "whatareyoudoing"
Sherwin Yu (3 months ago)
StellArts Because thor and cap recognized banner. And those agents knew hulk will kill them so they're cautious(straight face) nat has a soft side to hik
strangeTV (2 years ago)
sparkles plz
jeffairlin rousseau (2 years ago)
If Cap lifted that hammer,it would've been civil war between him & Thor
Gulroz Bano (15 days ago)
Hlo guys
John Manzuki (2 months ago)
Except when Cap takes Thor's powers, then Thor got no chance.
yoval kuleshov (3 months ago)
jeffairlin rousseau dude thor would kill him with ease
MuboGamingTr (2 years ago)
Why didnt they lift the fuckin table? ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Thats way they even lift that hammer?
Un critico mas (2 years ago)
banner pretending turning into the hulk. so funny
Gamingcheftaku (2 years ago)
cap and the hammer is either a foreshadow to a future plot, or a nod to the comics
dai kidley (2 years ago)
captain America should have jst lifted it up and done the helicopter like whos the boss now bitch lmao so class
smokey 3616 (2 years ago)
he moved it, He fucking moved it xD
Liger595 (2 years ago)
Cant believe Falcon and Deadpool aren't here to see and do this.
Dawn Glitterwind (2 years ago)
Captain America moved it slightly!
Luchia Basso (2 years ago)
it would be so funny if after all of that black widow go's there and picks it up
Berk Demirtaş (2 years ago)
Look at thor's face ahaha LOOLL
Cristian Segovia (2 years ago)
ohhhh shit...Thor's going out of business
Kevin Navarro (2 years ago)
Tony stark is funny
EscapedMentalPatient (2 years ago)
Tony: Come on, Cap! Steve: (moves hammer slightly) Thor: O_O *What*?
Ryan Exe (2 years ago)
Did nobody consider that Cap was worthy to wield it, but decided to then pretend he could not to savor the friendship he has with Thor? He knows how much that hammer means to Thor. He would never take that away from him.
So sad for thor this face mean
izzy 2427 (3 months ago)
Lol too bad hella did
David Reynolds (3 months ago)
Ryan Exe He would never steal Thor's........thunder
Sherwin Yu (3 months ago)
its just worthy or not. there is no semi worthy. if u can pick it up yes but if not no there is no in between.
Caristalalala Tan (3 months ago)
Cap is actually worthy. Looking back, honestly I just think that he was being nice. If he had picked it up it would have been so embarassing and awkward for Thor and it'll probably ruin the party so he stopped. Plus Thor is god and look at his face when the hammer moved. There's no slightly worthy or a little unworthy, you're either worthy or not, so if Cap could actually move it, he probably is worthy and stopped trying when he realised he could. In addition, I think Joss Whedon said "Was he not worthy? Or did he stop?" or something along that line, implying and hinting that Cap might have held back and was just being nice. There's however another theory that says he couldn't lift it because he didn't tell Tony about Bucky, which I don't think is the case.
raju miah (2 years ago)
perhaps cap moved the table lol
uj u
Gilmer QueQue GQ (2 years ago)
Jajajaja nothing
Quang bui (3 years ago)
các siêu anh hùng ăn đũa kìa
formeitwastuesday (3 years ago)
This scene actually was the best scene in the entire movie.

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