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Lollian1 - CS:GO Ace, final round, doubble kill. GGWP

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not an everyday ace, but a perfect end to the game. :) (i know it says "MissMurder" killed them, but i was playing on her account at the time :D) Song: Awesome to the max - Ephixa
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lollian1 (3 years ago)
just want to inform people that i am busy for maybe a year. i apologize
Miss Murder (3 years ago)
Lollis FTW <3
SataTheOne (3 years ago)
WP ! :p
lollian1 (3 years ago)
thanks man :D
Gjesten Fra Skogen (3 years ago)
lollian1 (3 years ago)
prøver å få henne til Silver 3, da kan jeg spille med ho på min main :p siden jeg er nova 1
Gjesten Fra Skogen (3 years ago)
Booster du missmurder?:P
lollian1 (3 years ago)
takk :D
Artysta (3 years ago)
best nick, kids ..

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