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African Rebel CALLS KIDS PHONE on COD!

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NEW patron-only videos HERE: http://bit.ly/AfricanRebelScaresTwoKids ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The adboycott has made revenue for my channel non existent Consider pledging $1 for more videos: https://www.patreon.com/virtuallyvain ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions or comments? Or just wanna chat with me and subs? Discord: https://discord.gg/yQBKmaR ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Intro Track "Gianni Marino & ICHI - Pray" : https://fanlink.to/pray Main Track "ICHI - ABRACADABRA" : https://soundcloud.com/plenumrecords/ichi-abracadabra ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Full un-edited version of this video.Not entertaining in any way, only intended to prove this video was not set-up http://bit.ly/2t0Yvom ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animation built with help from: Brian Tsui: http://bit.ly/BrianTsui -------------------------------------------------------------------- Caller I.D spoofing used in video https://fakecallerid.io/
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Text Comments (15560)
The Will (1 year ago)
Everyone in the comments talking about waiting a year for a new video and I'm over here on his patreon watching all his new videos. 😏
Fr3zzy (9 days ago)
Cuz ur dumb enough to waste your money on some internet dude lol
Ya Boi (1 month ago)
holy shit you have 14k likes
idfk (1 month ago)
My heart kinda sank just a little bit
EllAyeZeeWhy (1 month ago)
he had to do that because other people were doing the african rebel thing and he tried to blackball them out lol one was a an actual african american kid but whatever lol 'virtually vain yesssss!"
catherine Evina (1 month ago)
Hayop ka
Sohan Magar (3 hours ago)
Omg when you said the devil offers you yes or no I was thinking about hell but I keep thinking yes yes yes and no no no
Carol Lewis (4 hours ago)
Sigh for Cain plez.
DAVID TRAN (9 hours ago)
I dont get it.. are you just using some type of voicechanger or what
Joe Wright (9 hours ago)
This is brilliant than
Myron Andrey Mikhail (10 hours ago)
Ahahaha Mannnn!!!!!U so fuckin Good man💯😎
THE GAME PIRATE (14 hours ago)
Savage lvl 1000%
henlo (1 day ago)
Even though scaring people is hilarious how comes you have that kind of a power which lets you learn their adress phone number and real life. Thats not just damn cool any civillian shouldnt have that power at all. How comes people know if you or anyone who has that power doesnt abuse It? And trust me you should censor every private information but you nearly show them all dude.
Jan Van Eygen (1 day ago)
So funny and so cool xd lol
mr.freeze1982 (1 day ago)
Alexxxxx ....pick up the phone 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
MickeyNineLives (1 day ago)
Americans are such pussies, I would talk to the guy
die (1 day ago)
I'm not playing with you.
daffy jillypie (1 day ago)
so this guy is a hacker we hope you dont use your skills in bad things dude
Dav Bur (1 day ago)
since 1 guy wrote in the comments, that his videos are staged or fake, i don't want to watch it anymore..and my meaning is that the guy sucks totally cocks for putting these staged videon online. or is it the guy who exposed it, who i don't like now? doesn't matter. it's staged. it sucks. YT was never only real. but nowadays youtube is faketube. or how would GANG*STARR say: 'all for tha ca$h man...!' hang yourself! *opens hand letting the mic drop* i'm out! *leaves stage"
Fliyo MB (13 hours ago)
It isn't. check the description for the link of the entire un-edited video.
GavallEEER (2 days ago)
twitch tv mrgava
6lackTheCreator (2 days ago)
bill parnell (2 days ago)
These videos are amazing but it’s scary how easy you ca get peoples details
EenYouTubeGamer (2 days ago)
How does he get that info
Hasan Aydin (1 day ago)
Simple he looks up their gamertag and from then on he searches.
Adi Miller (2 days ago)
This would be a great ad for a VPN.
VULTRANOS (2 days ago)
Flqrix (2 days ago)
How do you do this????
Siimuka Susah (2 days ago)
Do it to shroud and dr.disrespect please 😂
MOBN GAMING (3 days ago)
Kinda late getting here but damn dude your a savage
Casey Jones (3 days ago)
Only kids would think the Devil's henchmen is cool as fuck.. lmao!
Yosua Krisena (3 days ago)
Kevin became Kiven, what the accent
Nathaniel Selemon (3 days ago)
Theking_ 68722 (3 days ago)
Alexander Tharpe (3 days ago)
these are my favorite videos on the internet. no doubt
rambo I lov da bidio u command mi I lob u bidio
Anton EightBall (3 days ago)
Africans would be cool if they were Human.
Son Goku (3 days ago)
Fuck Alex bitch ass
Horror From Below (3 days ago)
Can someone explain this to me. I have no idea what’s going on
Black Ninja (3 days ago)
Ivailo Markov (4 days ago)
this is GOLD :D
Bear Allen (4 days ago)
Yo what is that beat
ambesa1 (4 days ago)
That phone call had me rolling. 😂
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 thats gold
iZqy (4 days ago)
its fucking scary that u can find out who a random person is and where they live and u can just come and kill them-....
iZqy (4 days ago)
its fucking scary that u can find out who a random person is and where they live and u can just come and kill them-....
HN songs (4 days ago)
Do pubg prank
caliber ninja (4 days ago)
this is REAL NIGGA , lovelly sound
Hellfire (4 days ago)
How do you find their info
sakkie viljoen (4 days ago)
Look for this hacker and end him
Jezra Labayo (4 days ago)
Brandon Bauer (4 days ago)
"Could you invite me to your party please?" "Sure" big mistake lololol
Leonardo Sashev (4 days ago)
HOWWWW 🤣🤣😍😍😍😍😍
What's the name of the programme, please?
Frode Skibrek (4 days ago)
So staged😂😂😂😂
chris becks (4 days ago)
FAke as katie prices tits
Lexis Kitten (4 days ago)
Pretty sure this guy is in breach of data protection. Just takes 1 person to do what he does to others and take him for every penny.
Richard Oakley (4 days ago)
Brill content be even better if was real just a shame your not really a African drug load but don't take my word for it check it out for your self......http://uk.businessinsider.com/how-virtuallyvain-finds-your-info-for-the-african-drug-lord-videos-2016-8
AJEEB #23 (4 days ago)
fuck you african
Stiles Kuchiki (5 days ago)
Lmao does anyone ever say you're racist for this? Although it's pretty hilarious.
SKIN DAWG (5 days ago)
Call Trump!!! Lol say “why you call de muthaland a shithole country lol
HARLEY D (5 days ago)
This is fckn hilarious!!!!!
Crap Bucket (5 days ago)
I’m trying to decide if I should beat my meat or not..
Steve Lezama (5 days ago)
Miss playing this game
Trippy Kidz (5 days ago)
Bro that’s cool but scary how did u do it
Junior ksi (5 days ago)
What does he use to find there ip and info
RnG Antz (5 days ago)
How do you get info about them
Julisu # (5 days ago)
Hahaha omg😂
exzar centeno (5 days ago)
PHUK Paying for this, my xbox and sony accounts are expensive yearly speaking as it is. Commanda, i love your show. It's ludacris how u use the system for this type of gigs. Butting into ppl's busniss for profit/fun.... Not a patron, but i hope to have more fun wathing these yet uncensored and legal videos.
Rick Sanchez (5 days ago)
Dis is so gud
Michael Gray (5 days ago)
Bro howd u get all there info
mo sami. (5 days ago)
Rene Mencia (5 days ago)
Lukáš Bukový (5 days ago)
lol very nice:)
sadman fahim (5 days ago)
new to this channel...loving all the videos...post new video....
CJ 2532 (5 days ago)
LOL WHEN UR FRIEND SO BAD “its a. good deal take it”
Dragaan (6 days ago)
Spokeo skills. impressive....
Dragaan (6 days ago)
for everyone asking how to do this you just need to pay for an account to a site like spokeo (used to be free :( ). Once you get their IP address, the rest is easy. Just gotta pay for it. Get yourself a patreon account to pay for it. :)
O.G Peter Rabbit (6 days ago)
Oh naw I needs the link to that patreon this is gold right here
unicorn donkey cow (6 days ago)
I hate this guy
Black Mom (6 days ago)
Why is his voice lowkey telling tho
GingerkidRighthere (6 days ago)
Just turn it off stupid
Table Eccentric (6 days ago)
If religion was real that really would of been a good offer.
Brochacho III (6 days ago)
“This is so cool” Random guy calls house phone and knows relatives name from COD. So cool
Max Bloi (6 days ago)
How did he get those information??? 😂😂
Ceratus146 (6 days ago)
Are you CIA retired employee
Denune Galang Prawira (6 days ago)
player 2 joinded (6 days ago)
Are you real hackersss?~?!?!?!
Blake HL (6 days ago)
How he do the voice
Vanisty (6 days ago)
Is that ownage pranks???
Vanisty (6 days ago)
I heard the orange prank laugh
Renji ツ (7 days ago)
Great work bro keep up the work
Drew Secky (7 days ago)
Alex has really bad friends 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀
PixelBoard (7 days ago)
Fainx (7 days ago)
how does he pull ip lol?
A. C. E Gaming TV (7 days ago)
Lmao u think u r scaring them....Nup
Joseph ololade (7 days ago)
this is the Best channel ever.. soooo cool
Leonardo Vieira (7 days ago)
What softwere he uses to take his ip addreaa by the way cool video
Kiante Johnson (7 days ago)
This shit is too funny. Lmmfao 🤣 😂⚰️
Fattymatty. (7 days ago)
How come he doesn’t upload anymore?
Tipmonster (7 days ago)
Eww Cain and able
Jusa 167 (7 days ago)
Everyone is talking bout da prank But how did u record PS3 footage?
MR.K (4 days ago)
Jusa 167 it is called a captcha cad my brudda
The Creator (6 days ago)
Capture card, bud.
CaZtv (7 days ago)
*_Why you bully me?_*
Ameer Hamza (7 days ago)
Hyy. I I'll fuck your mom. If you have any Dare so come fight with Pakistan
Carlos Colon (7 days ago)
So where’s Alex ?
Lekteris (7 days ago)
You should've said something scary at the end and hang up, let the guy live in fear lol
Num Nutz (7 days ago)
What software did u use
Uzumaki NarutoMC (7 days ago)
That is savage!
Ethan Hughes (7 days ago)
How is this not illegal

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