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Assassin's Creed 3: Connor Meets Charles Lee

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Text Comments (162)
Starlight 0487 (1 day ago)
I'm a general! _WHEEEEEEEE!_
Free Subscribers?? (2 months ago)
It actually isn’t Charles Lee who burnt down the village, it was George Washington
Lucy Roanapure (2 months ago)
Young Connor looks like a loli
Lisa Plambeck (5 months ago)
Four grown-ass men against one little boy? Damn Templar cowards.
Regina George (5 months ago)
Charles Lee's hot! Would bang.....
Yuqi’s gf (9 months ago)
Haytham recruited the wrong guy...🤨
Yeet msp (9 months ago)
Chelsea Forbes (10 months ago)
I find it so odd that he hurts a mowhawk boy but Charles Lee married a mowhawk woman and had twins. I found this out from a video about the character Ac3
Pierre - (10 months ago)
fuck Charles Lee
Lucy Oakdew (11 months ago)
now I want the game 😂
Connor: What... is your... name? Charles: Charles Lee. Why do you ask? Connor: So I Can... Find You.
When he says he looks familiar is he Talking about Haytham or Ziio
Kaitlyn Kittle (1 year ago)
Probably Haytham, I think. Because personally I think he would recognize his Grand Master easier than a woman (correct me if I'm wrong) he had only met a few times. But it is possible be that he recognizes the little bit of both of them without realizing what he's seeing.
Vince (1 year ago)
Damn. Charles Lee saved Conor's life on accident
Preston Bryant (1 year ago)
hes not unkind
Derek Turner (1 year ago)
Derek Turner (1 year ago)
Alex Mercer (1 year ago)
What the hell happened to lee he acts completely different than when he met haytham
Matej K (1 year ago)
I'm a general, WHEEE!
Hansel And Gretel (5 months ago)
Not throwin away my shot
toffee (1 year ago)
Connor most of the game: *jabbering in vague native American language* charleslee *more jabbering in vague native American language*
Hamza Khaliq (1 year ago)
An older Connor would have killed everyone in this scene in less than 20 seconds.
Kevin Thunder (1 year ago)
Saw this the other day on my game. And to think that I actually kind of liked him during the Haytham sequences in the beginning. How I want him and that bearded fellow to die! lol 😇😎
Marcos Janjão (1 year ago)
Bryan Gil (1 year ago)
Charles Lee is such a dick!
Dixie Normis (1 year ago)
Bryan Gil well that's pretty much the point, he's the main antagonist of Assassin's Creed 3 lol
RedStellars (1 year ago)
He's a dick character,no question but i gotta admit,the voice acting is superb...
Karam Rabah (1 year ago)
Anyone else noticed it?
Karam Rabah (1 year ago)
2:18 that is Connor voice!!! when Charles Lee says his name it's actually Connor's future voice (when he grows up in the game) I know his voice, that's lame ubisoft, really lame...
Smol Might (1 year ago)
uh..that was not noah watts you know.
rainbowremo (2 years ago)
Jesus Christ these graphics were bad
Hamza Khaliq (2 months ago)
Who cares, this game shits on Unity and the newer ones.
wolvie45 (4 months ago)
Shaiku Agreed. Honestly dissapointed with Rogue. Its like they haven't decided if they'll do the warm colors of the Caribbean in North America/North Atlantic or do AC3 dull realistic color during that time period.
Shaiku (8 months ago)
Man...play it on PC. In a good PC, dont be an idiot, the game is beautiful
Gabriel Uriza (10 months ago)
Rat kid
Darkicegaming 19 (1 year ago)
rainbowremo1 still better than unity with its bugs and glitches
Caleb Helsel (2 years ago)
Don't do a thing, history will prove him wrong!
The GalacticSeaHorse (8 months ago)
We have a war to fight, let's move along
my Shadow heart (9 months ago)
Abhilash G (2 years ago)
bought this game today to play again
Noice Roice (2 years ago)
"I'm a general. WHEEEEEE!"
I Hate Ants (6 months ago)
I'm sorry, is this not your speed?
Christopher Kantz (6 months ago)
The GalacticSeaHorse (8 months ago)
Arm Mra (1 year ago)
Larry Jones (2 years ago)
damn Charles was so racist to native americans telling them the live in the dirt like animals and calling Conner a savage the fu#c ubisoft why so racist almost seems so real.
psgaming101 Craup (2 years ago)
+Larry Jones I think he meant that is how white we all once were.
Larry Jones (2 years ago)
+Mike Carr then we'll are ?
SSJ- ROSE (2 years ago)
that's how white were then we'll are
Larry Jones (2 years ago)
sorry I meant to say they live
MaggieH2 _ (2 years ago)
Frederick Lam (2 years ago)
charles lee looks like trevor philips in gta 5
MitchyBoi (2 months ago)
Frederick Lam lol true.
Zyzor (2 years ago)
Charles was a great antagonist and loyal Templar
Zyzor (1 year ago)
+EmptyMan000 your version of good qualities differ from others'.
EmptyMan000 (1 year ago)
You don't do crap like this and call yourself a good man. Anyone who does obviously has a sociopathic form of reality.
Zyzor (2 years ago)
I knew him personally he was a good man
slantyrock (2 years ago)
Lee looks like Timothy Dalton.
Fraser Whyte (2 years ago)
Holy crap he does a little :))
Ja Na (2 years ago)
Say what you want but charles is hot af
Pastel Goth.Cosplays (2 years ago)
he has true swag....
Pastel Goth.Cosplays (2 years ago)
Even though he's a templar(not anymore anyway) this does count as child abuse...if he's a native his father is kenway...Even though he hates him....
bill sykes (3 years ago)
what's your name lee:charls lee why do you ask conor:SO I CAN WRITE YOUR NAME IN DEATHNOTE:D
Shay Cormac (3 years ago)
the Charles Lee i briefly met never pinned little girls to trees
Youssif Samir (1 year ago)
Shay Cormac pure savage...
Zyzor (3 years ago)
where are you Charles?
TheKpa11 (3 years ago)
Man that glow in Lee's eyes man
Cagri Kose (3 years ago)
Lesson learned.If I ever decide to be bad guy,I would kill all potential murderers of me regardless of their age and gender :)
mitrooper (3 years ago)
The voice acting in these Assassin Creed games are top notch.
Hamza Khaliq (2 months ago)
wolvie45 Altair's Syrian accent shouldn't have even been in the game. They should have kept his American accent from AC 1.
wolvie45 (4 months ago)
mitrooper except rogue with that atrocious irish accent. It beated both Ezio fake italian and Fake Altair Syrian Accent combined.
Jack Murphy (3 years ago)
"But i am not unkind" Said he who was notoriously unkind.
jak9509 (3 years ago)
i love the fact that they played the ac revelations theme song....super eerie 
iLiam (3 years ago)
I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.
Kevin Thunder (1 year ago)
Ultimate Ashura lol yeah xD
Ashura (3 years ago)
Dianna Bishop (3 years ago)
"So I can find you..." 5 year old Liam Neeson right here!
Hamza Khaliq (2 months ago)
Liam Neeson is just an ant compared to Connor.
StoneBanks (8 months ago)
Dianna Bishop 4*
Anarch3 (3 years ago)
Where is Charles Lee?
wolvie45 (4 months ago)
Tanoshi of M Anarch3 asked WHERE not WHO is Charles Lee.
Caillou (1 year ago)
Tanoshi of M (1 year ago)
He was a British soldier who fought during the French and Indian war, and during the American Revolutionary War he was a General of the Continental Army. He had a rivalry with Commander Washington. In AC universe, the bastardo was also a member of the Templar Order, becoming second-in-command of Haytham and after the latter's death, the Grand Master of the Colonial RIte of the Templar Order until his death.
D (3 years ago)
2:12  He knows your name, He knows your face; Oh yeah, HE...WILL...FIND...YOU!!!!!!
WarDragon72345 (3 years ago)
I started laughing when he said he wasn't unkind.
walküre (3 years ago)
He's a fucking dick for treating a child like that, but you gotta admit that he has what kids today call "swag".
Kyro (3 years ago)
+Silver Pudding you're right he does have a lot of swagger to him the way he walks, talks and overall carries himself, He's very confident and thats what we call "swag"
Cold Rush (3 years ago)
Don't know about the swag part, but i loved his voice acting :)
Michael Golden (3 years ago)
ugh this game sucks major ass. It's so cold and boring. No honor, no brotherhood of assassins, nothing. And raton sucks as a character. 
Michael Golden And you swollow.
Kevin Thunder (1 year ago)
Michael Golden you don't need a Brotherhood. Connor is a one-man army
Larry Jones (2 years ago)
then stop watching AC 3 watch ezio let us enjoy the new assassins
TheMegaUzumaki (3 years ago)
+Power100 The only thing that falls off a cliff is your bigotry.
Savage _Tv (3 years ago)
+Power100 Connor wasn't dull or boring. You're also racist.
Charles Lee (4 years ago)
My eyes sparkled that day.
Connor Kenway (11 months ago)
Just like they did the day you died. >:D
Eahk Lx (3 years ago)
you lil shit
Masi I (4 years ago)
2:11 oohhh snaappppp
Official Filmilen (4 years ago)
I understand why Connor hates Charles Lee, he chokes him and insult his people
Connor Kenway (4 years ago)
Charles Lee is one to underestimate. Because of that trait he lies in the ground.
Best Knife Fighters (3 years ago)
+Crippled2 He said IN the ground, not ON the ground. Lee is in his grave, isn't he? I bet you wouldn't leave a corpse in your tavern either...
Charles Lee (4 years ago)
Fuck you savage!
Vítek Le Quoc (4 years ago)
i like charles, not him but his role in this game, perfect
Elite Chief (3 years ago)
+Charles Lee you did not kill him, what could possibly go wrong.... oh!
Charles Lee (4 years ago)
Thanks...I guess
James (4 years ago)
At first I thought Charles Lee was going to kidnap connor :P
BakedBunny (4 years ago)
You've got to admit, this is probally the most epic speech in gaming history.
Tataogy Jóta (4 years ago)
Charles Lee looks like my ex german IT teacher!
Charles shoulda never bullied him that way Connor would've learned that it wasn't really him who burned the village.
Michael Labarge (4 years ago)
lee probably wouldve made his life a lot longer and alot of his problems fixed by just killing connor right there. good thing he didnt tho... honestly the blue coats woulda been fucked...
22kingdomheartsfan (4 years ago)
What a bastard.
Puffthecarrier1 (4 years ago)
"My youtube videos do not suck.  I get mad moabs, nigga."
Darkicegaming 19 (1 year ago)
Puffthecarrier1 talk to him cus
menslady125 (4 years ago)
What a jerk!
Megaproductions302 (4 years ago)
How could Haytham let a monster like Charles Lee get away with such terrible atrocities...
SSJ- ROSE (4 months ago)
Because haytham was a monster
Chelsea Forbes (10 months ago)
Daily?Bryan Vlogz AND MORE! I wish that Connor was more like Ezio but he actually got a Haythams stubborness and his ignorance, but to me I feel that connor was just blinded by hate
Not Daily Bryan. (1 year ago)
Megaproductions302 yep especially trying to choke his own son lol
psgaming101 Craup (2 years ago)
+guns854 Lol Conner can take on an army and destroy all of home once he gets inside and starts using others as human shields.
Lee kinda sounds like Daniel Plainview, took me forever to remember where i've heard that voice before.
Bmx 12 (4 years ago)
dont frik with an assasin
Paul (5 years ago)
2:11 on wards, most epic moment of epicness, of epic proportions
Calvin Jacob (5 years ago)
Bitch I already killed you
Sam Fisher (5 years ago)
2:12 You fucked with the wrong kid, Charles
Charles Lee (5 years ago)
I'll kill you
Charles Lee (5 years ago)
Too late.
Guardsoul8Cross (5 years ago)
Charles Lee was a shadow of his former self. It's sick to see him act this way to little Conner. He got what he deserve in the end though.
Antony Day (5 years ago)
Haytham was better than Lee. His Ideology is much more logical and sensible than holding such free-will talk over... but in real life, it is our decision to choose. But humans are an imitative animal...
aleksandr geodakyan (5 years ago)
charles lee im coming for you
Vlad Xavier (5 years ago)
Big Tuna (5 years ago)
It's Kenway...
Avvaro Productions (5 years ago)
It's Kenthway Not Kenway...
Calvin Jacob (5 years ago)
Why Ezio?
TheRagnarok1210 (5 years ago)
Really from what he told Connor in this scene and even the assassin creed wiki says Lee hated natives
wolvie45 (4 months ago)
TheRagnarok1210 didn't he married native woman in real life?
Gabriel Freitas (5 years ago)
But he had a relationship with a native woman, and he had tow sons with she.
TheRagnarok1210 (5 years ago)
Lee was really racist against the natives
Douglas Peixoto (5 years ago)
The britain accent is much better than the american!
Ezio Kenway (5 years ago)
ditch please, I already killed him in one of them taverns in the frontier!
Ultimate CT (5 years ago)
- You look... familiar. Where have I seen you before? - Mah dad is ur fuckin Grand Mastah, BEETCH!
wolvie45 (4 months ago)
And if Connors robes doesn't give out Edward Kenway vibes IDK what will.
Kaitlyn Kittle (1 year ago)
Literally me watching that part.
Fizzy Orange (5 years ago)
Fizzy Orange (5 years ago)
HOW DARE YOU FATHER! MOTHER WAS THERE FOR ME! My heart is with her always,but you,you are dirt to me.
Hoile T (5 years ago)
lol what kind of father are you!!
Billy Laing (5 years ago)
I wonder who voiced connor when he was a little boy.
Rick Thornebush (5 years ago)

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