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Top 10 Gamers Swatted On Live Stream

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Text Comments (33528)
Spacebound (8 days ago)
**NEW** Top 10 SCARY Moments Caught On TWITCH Live Stream! (2018) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcFQqEMf38Q
Spacebound (1 day ago)
im back
Phillip Valdez (1 day ago)
Spacebound what happened to you
Paul Randle (4 days ago)
Spacebound p
Sean Plays (5 days ago)
Fuck Da Police Comin Straight From Da UnderGround da young nigga got it bad cuz im brown
MrArmenian17 (53 minutes ago)
the UK are doing these confrontations so much better. That's how you fuck around and end up shooting someone who didn't deserve to die when you just go and stick a gun in their face. Makes me sad
angel acurero (3 hours ago)
At 56 secs the swat team for got to defuse the bomb
Ezekiel (5 hours ago)
Can they identify who made the call and have charges on them instead?
D e S p A c I t O (7 hours ago)
*StOp YoU'vE vIoLaTeD tHe LaW*
Yovry (7 hours ago)
Swatters are assholes
only1Ren (8 hours ago)
The last guy was G as fuck! Never stopped gettin his hustle on.
Caleb Boon (10 hours ago)
How do they get called in?
JJ12 (11 hours ago)
Vaultgames (11 hours ago)
Geez if any of this happened to me I would be scared who agrees
ArmandoB12 (12 hours ago)
Ashley Kissinger (13 hours ago)
whutch gaming (13 hours ago)
Dude why you got to waste the cops time for this shit
bart schnurr (14 hours ago)
why is this top 10 most of the clips are a waste of time srsly
O SAPHIA! (14 hours ago)
and that is why i love and hate swat
Moocha foop (14 hours ago)
When you wen uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiuiuuuiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuiq2i2i2726shh#
helena arcilla (18 hours ago)
Is this a prank or what
Esme Deer (18 hours ago)
What’s swatting? And why did they get swatted?
jtphenom0811 (19 hours ago)
People who swat others should have their extremities cut off and their tongue cut out, and never be allowed near technology again.
Roberto Buonanno (19 hours ago)
Dj Carr (20 hours ago)
How is this funny .
Zineddine Blacko (1 day ago)
What the hell have they got swatted for!!???
Mike Ze (1 day ago)
Chad Thompson (1 day ago)
Wow the UK cops make American cops look pretty bad lol especially at 9:20 the dog jump at the cop he just backs away and doesn't even mention the dog and keeps talking to the kid. Our boys in blue would have wasted that pooch. Embarrassing and I'm a pro cop guy all the way tbh
DipaNshu Gupta (1 day ago)
GamerPro294 (1 day ago)
Why do Gamers get swatted????
•Roxy TheWolf• (1 day ago)
The UK police are nice :) Good thing I'm in the UK! But then... the US police -_- Don't wanna talk about it
DeeperHavoc (1 day ago)
There is a way to still track these false tips being called in, right?
That’s tuff
ViperGamerTv ! (1 day ago)
Me:Attacking The Fib on gta5 FBI:get on the grou...wait is that us dressed in fib suits?
jacob Otoole (1 day ago)
Bhhhb Tgvbb (1 day ago)
6:56 cops: shes playing black ops2.. 😂
Musketeer Order (1 day ago)
It is so funny that guy played CS and get a "Counter-Terrorist Win" and in a minute the real counter-terrorist officers came in with their M4 rifles...
Miguel Petersen Ⓜ (1 day ago)
0:52 - Bomb has been planted lul xD
Why would people do this?
Default ;-; (1 day ago)
Holy shit 0:39
Ruzkiy Vodka 420 (1 day ago)
0:54 swat comes in everything is clear and the only thing they hear is "bomb has been planted" xD
Jonathan Vang (1 day ago)
I will find all those pranksters that do this.
monstercandy v2 (1 day ago)
Dude I feel bad for the people that get swatted cus they’re innocent and they’re playing around with THE POLICE
Elijah Playz (1 day ago)
lol at 0:54 the perfect timed “Bomb has been planted”
Lemonade lemon (1 day ago)
How do they get the address????
ReferenceNumberX (1 day ago)
Is this dude at 09:00 really play forward when the police is in his room? Savage
Charlie B (1 day ago)
I love that number 1 goes back to playing while talking to cops. He is freaking dedicated. Who wouldn’t want that loyalty in their guild / party??
cloud only (1 day ago)
tell me why are cops in their house?
parazjt (1 day ago)
6:16 "say som funny!! sayy iiit!"
Jarratikan Solo (1 day ago)
swatting is a shittyy thing to do to people i mean wtf?
Joel Charette (1 day ago)
Fuck cops dirty fucking pigs
The Epic gaming (1 day ago)
What are you doing you are playing and you are using ilygaly why!
Tom Clansy (1 day ago)
Swat=Pro Gamer=Noob
Those people that wanted the gamers to be swatted live is actually salty of their good skills and want them to be swatted
n3cotraf (1 day ago)
Finally understood why they are called pigs.
PJ G (1 day ago)
😂why would you give out your home address and full name to people you don't know
Joakim AXIS (1 day ago)
Why are they even swatted?
HIGH Anime Is Life (1 day ago)
Swats are bad they must be banned Edit:they must need to know what is happening
KaspikC (2 days ago)
9:26 "Every take-away in this area has been um.. summoned" LOL
Dan B (2 days ago)
its like its somehow cool to have the little men from the video games to come and do some cosplay in your house in front of the camera where all your make believe friends can see
smash64smash (2 days ago)
1:30 they cuffed him because they’re fucking retarded
Xorxe Villalobos (2 days ago)
So, warrants are obsolete, police can pose as callers, call swat and boom.
John_the_MAN69420 (2 days ago)
I never got swatted but one time 3 men came in my room and started having sex with me. I told them that I'm not gay so I wasn't in the mood but apparently they didn't hear. I need to wear an adult diaper now thanks to those fuckers.
Baby Emu! (2 days ago)
Now I feel like I might need quit youtube now :(
Ginnn vester (2 days ago)
0:40 that guy got embarrassed after he saw the camera 😂 😂
Captain Strangiato (2 days ago)
New User (2 days ago)
Nothing of value was lost. "Gamers" should be thrown in prison.
Izzie (2 days ago)
British cops are awesome America, cmon fam.
Izzie (1 day ago)
JZjzred I live in America calm down bro.
JZjzred (2 days ago)
Oh your cops are so polite in the UK that they landed a chopper with 9 police in the middle of a garden party because a song was on making fun of Osama Bin Laden and was deemed Islamophobic, even though it just came on from a random playlist. They confiscated the karaoke machine and charged the people who lived there with a hate crime. Look it up.
Izzie (2 days ago)
The fact that there iS a top ten swatted streamers is...idk...
Ethan Foss (2 days ago)
Show me your hands? show me your fucking warrant wtf
Izzie (2 days ago)
They don't have to show you the warrant tho💀
The British police were so nice! What the fuck?
Fake CoryxKenshin (2 days ago)
I like Serious cops :D
GAME STORM (2 days ago)
Guyz, you are all welcome to my channel. do a visit.
AidanDoesRobloxxUD (2 days ago)
*clicks download* FBI OPEN
KotaBro (2 days ago)
Wow haha that was so good! I just started doing social experiments/pranks hopefully I can be as good as you one day too!
dabeast (2 days ago)
*Country where no one has a gun* "AMERICAN COPS ARE SO MEAN, HURRAY UK COPS" well in America we all have guns dipshit. So cops have to go in ready for anything
Lil Lunatic (2 days ago)
Is playing games illegal?
Awallthat Youknow (2 days ago)
If people are such dicks then eventually they will stop streaming and what happens then huh
nick4204204201 (2 days ago)
The difference between the U.K. officers and the U.S. officers is horrifying..
JZjzred (2 days ago)
Oh your cops are so polite in the UK that they landed a chopper with 9 police in the middle of a garden party because a song was on making fun of Osama Bin Laden and was deemed Islamophobic, even though it just came on from a random playlist. They confiscated the karaoke machine and charged the people who lived there with a hate crime. Look it up.
Spook boi (2 days ago)
Whoever swats should be crucified then rot in fucking hell fuck those dumb cunts
Pixel Player (2 days ago)
Wait why are they getting swatted!?!?!? This is so stupid!!!
Number 9 got swatted because he was downloading minecraft blood mod
BOMB has been planted! SWAT team busts down door
Adam Callaghan (2 days ago)
Lol this video makes cops look like tools and robots. Hahaha hahaha ha. Wow. How does this even happen
dustin reed (2 days ago)
Damn all the first guy did was play a game really
Noah Alan (2 days ago)
FBI opening up
Doge (2 days ago)
Uk police are chill af.
JZjzred (2 days ago)
Oh your cops are so polite in the UK that they landed a chopper with 9 police in the middle of a garden party because a song was on making fun of Osama Bin Laden and was deemed Islamophobic, even though it just came on from a random playlist. They confiscated the karaoke machine and charged the people who lived there with a hate crime. Look it up.
Baa! (2 days ago)
All fake
joedaman75 (2 days ago)
🤣🤣these white kids got a taste of what we go through in the hood for just walking down the street.
Benn Dover (2 days ago)
Thiiiis niggaaaaaaaaaa hahaha. #2 he said "the person that's playing gets pissed off and finds out where they live" dead haha
LightningRB - ROBLOX (2 days ago)
I'm in UK 😅 anddd no one carezz
Mike Williams (2 days ago)
I think streamers need to get thrown in jail ! They are some the most cocky people in games and make money just playing games and being dumb !
Caltos Virnam (2 days ago)
thats the most retarded thing I've ever heard
Dawid Dawid (2 days ago)
Noah A Hahn (2 days ago)
Lucian kept farming under duress.... atta boy Lucian
Parker Ohio (2 days ago)
Cops are so dumb. Maybe if they had just one person shout out directions it would be much easier to understand their commands
Red Rascal (2 days ago)
This is fucking dangerous man someone could get shoot over this and be killed. This is wasting cops time to try and save other people or stop real threats. And if the streamer gets shoot it's all the person who called them in the first place. And Idk care if the person is jealous of the streamer or something ,still doesn't give them the right to call the cops on them.
GotCupsOn MyEars! (2 days ago)
American police: GET DOWN! British police: hands behind your head Canadian police: hullo there. How are you?
John Golpe (2 days ago)
Rainbow Six Siege in a nutshell
Ben Clarks (2 days ago)
How tf does this keep on happening especially when they realise it was just another hoax which continuously happens
Angel Lone (2 days ago)
Uk police is nice
Urdadlesbian Urmomgei (2 days ago)
US police are retarded just like its uneducated people
The Amazing Brady C (2 days ago)
Did any one notice in the last one someone said ef YOU POLICE MOTHER TRUCKER
Tikiwizard (2 days ago)
Kid gets Swatted

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