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Top 10 Gamers Swatted On Live Stream

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Text Comments (26809)
SMASHBRO 64 (53 minutes ago)
How stupid can you be to call 911 and say your going to kill people
Gacha Kai (1 hour ago)
Wow the one of mega man must’ve been embarrassing as hell
Alex D Leon (1 hour ago)
I wonder why they got swatted
i might just move to britian
if i am ever swatted, the swatee will need to apply for witness protection
Lauren Griggs (2 hours ago)
Bitch wtf why do people fucking swat people it's ridiculous
ObiWan Shinobi (3 hours ago)
how the fuck did they bust in some of these doors without a warrant?
chiliman (4 hours ago)
The police are just doing their job, the real assholes are the people who have nothing better to do than issuing false reports to waste everyone's time and detract attention from actual problems just because it's a 'funny prank'
Cyclomage (4 hours ago)
Cyclomage (4 hours ago)
Mem (5 hours ago)
That motherfucker playing LoL is telling the cops to wait?
Alex DeadPool (5 hours ago)
(Brazil) o que realmente aconteceu? Para eles ter ido em suas casa ? Sou muito curioso para isso, gosto demais do trabalho da policia do mundo a fora e vendo eles entrando assim, sei la é como se eles tivessem alguma coisa! Quem soube do que realmente aconteceu, para eu entender melhor.
mohammad goodarzei (5 hours ago)
WTF is wrong with them ? Definition of loser just has modified
Paweu (5 hours ago)
2:45 CT went 2 deep
Myotiplayer 05 (6 hours ago)
0:38 why the fudge?!?! Swats are so stupid
Kasmais (6 hours ago)
What are the Canadians like...
GamingTV (7 hours ago)
sorry, livestreaming is not a job, livestreaming is a hobby kids do while making money doing it, actually jobs has health benefits
spaceLem (7 hours ago)
Glad I live in the UK, not the US. Those guys look like they'd rather shoot first.
jackelines becerra (8 hours ago)
holi siht
Dos Ngi (8 hours ago)
Kabobohan yan
Jojoflo (8 hours ago)
So many people do it just for fun. What they don't realize is that it wastes the policemans time, and the YouTuber then has their dream crushed because 1 person hates them that much.
Jojoflo (8 hours ago)
And some of those people are the ones who disliked this video
a h (8 hours ago)
when authorities lower their voice when screaming it makes me cringe sometimes
Tsuga Senpai (12 hours ago)
When your watching hentai and the police smashed your door and you were there fapping and the police was shocked and the police said *OK*
Atmine Takeshy (13 hours ago)
Cops u fake u just want to be on yt right? (°v°)
Atmine Takeshy (13 hours ago)
#swatted for life
Atmine Takeshy (13 hours ago)
Why the civilizition do this to yt (°¿°)
Nickes Garage (13 hours ago)
Laughing my pants off. How is it possible for the Police to raid a home like that? Someone plays a videogame and the Police comes rushing in.... They dont even need proof that a crime is being commited or what? Very strange. In this country if the Police gets a call, they doublecheck before raiding a home. Because it comes down to peoples rights not to get their home raided just because of a prank call. And the prank caller gets busted.
Judy Neptune (13 hours ago)
Not cool
CasedMurr (14 hours ago)
2:37 rip the speedrun :'(
RONALDO CR7 (15 hours ago)
Sub me n type
Crystal Ninja (15 hours ago)
*introducing gta realistic mode. So real that you can feel the bullets!*
Q8i_eagle_Gamer 1 (15 hours ago)
And why they did that ?
Rainbow Dash :3 (16 hours ago)
This is insane.
TrolaOmega (17 hours ago)
so what i gathered from this is that fuckers in the chat call the cops on them? why and for what purpose ?
Why they going to SWAT them?
gamer girl (19 hours ago)
Zexy Zek (19 hours ago)
1.00 from f the police
it seems that it is quite simple to do the muggle swat
saucy (20 hours ago)
6:48 I love how the cops know that it’s Black Ops 2 and that she’s streaming...
Kendall Burns (21 hours ago)
He still kept playing.
Freddy Richards (22 hours ago)
What is this, an episode of South Park?
realivetruplaya (22 hours ago)
Why would you do this?
Cute~lil~pupper (22 hours ago)
Femzzy (23 hours ago)
9:25 " every takeaway has been summoned" that's what I call a true gamer
Nasty Pasta 754 (1 day ago)
Holy shit I used to watch WhiteBoy7thst
codogg (1 day ago)
if you're life is that shitty where you swat a kid for fun fucking kill yourself what lowlife piece of shit would do that
jason yang (1 day ago)
They seriously jealous this people who playing game can earn hundreds or thousands of money in a day so they decide to destroy their life by making fake claim calling the police but ended up with putting themselves into the jail.
Eyad Halawy (1 day ago)
Why?! The man play game so lose to get swat?!
Joshua Munn (1 day ago)
Getting swated with Minecraft music playing in the background
if this things happen on brazil, the police blast you door down with shotgun and ask after if you not die in the process. sad but true.
SouthernStyleGamer (1 day ago)
So let me get this right if I am better than you on a game online you call the police on me? Ok whats funny about that? You know if the police get spooked and shoot there are no reset buttons in real life, YOUR DEAD!
This is beyond sick...But that Brit just kept playing "come in sit down" and he is still playing..the UK cops are nothing like the usa ones.
JakyBF (1 day ago)
Not cool
all pixels matter (1 day ago)
cops should see them playing a game then they should relaize that they are innocent and someone had tricked them etc
piewiffer (1 day ago)
British dude doesn't give a fuck just keeps playing League.
Blank (1 day ago)
Anyone who swats should instantly be 5 years in jail.
Sniper Gunner (1 day ago)
This is so stupid not your video the people that think it's funny to try to get other people arrested or even killed I can't even bro
Hugo Stiglitz (1 day ago)
I feel worst for Whiteboy because he had weed in his house and they illegally arrested him for it. I think he eventually beat it in court but he still got taken in and had to go to court all because of some faggot kid on the internet.
Eric Peterson (1 day ago)
$1.00 donated by F The Police 😂😂😂
miamiwax (1 day ago)
How can they get your address?
SFOD Clan (1 day ago)
American are so stupid,
saucy (20 hours ago)
Umm this isn’t an American only issue? The guy at 9:30 was British you moron
ganp (1 day ago)
top 10 youtubers who have Swoooooooorn
Wolf Night (1 day ago)
Good Thing I don't have those games an anyways I don't like those games at all 😐😐😐😶😶😶
666 (1 day ago)
I Am A Swat. I Also Don't Swat Other People. *TRUST ME*
Alexya (1 day ago)
0:39 That's how to give heart attack and send a sensitive human to hostpital.
Bendy Girl (1 day ago)
Ooo omg 0:35
Bendy Girl (1 day ago)
JarheadPlaying (1 day ago)
"Welcome to the States, maggot."
natetube (1 day ago)
Why the cops arrest them they just playing video games
magical potato (1 day ago)
This is so fucked up
Iveth Vigil (1 day ago)
Hands on the grawnd sed the 🐖
TheBurstingWolf (1 day ago)
and why don't you post the link of the disc so we can analyze it
TheBurstingWolf (1 day ago)
and why only streamers
TheBurstingWolf (1 day ago)
these are literaly fake thats nut these are pranks and who fell for that those is dumb
Fabian Ortiz (1 day ago)
0:37 when ur mom tells u not to something but u still do it
Bilet V (1 day ago)
i hate screaming swaters. they are screaming all at once like dumb and you can`t understand what they are screaming, but if you don`t understand then they only scream more.
guy with no iq (1 day ago)
The youtubers with a surprise SWAT was released for false arrest.
Lewisyeung (1 day ago)
MrHundredScopes (1 day ago)
Damn... nerds are dicks
Wiser (1 day ago)
murrica is fucked
Willy Wonka (1 day ago)
Get a life you dicks
Craig Stalmer (1 day ago)
On a positive side some cops understand what happens.
Craig Stalmer (1 day ago)
I wonder if lets say that happens and the innocent gamer jumps up and the cops shoot him dead. Is the one that did the Swatting now responsible or are the police at fault?
Dr Insanity (1 day ago)
Reasonable brits <3
Dr Insanity (1 day ago)
fuck police are paranoid as fuck. Schizophrenic society responding to its own fuck ups.
Erick Alvarez (1 day ago)
How come none of these white kids with thrown a beating by these cops oh yeah that's right because they're white
Hunter Gomersall (1 day ago)
Did that last guy seriously keep playing the game when the cops came in....
sonor1981 (1 day ago)
Trigger happy as fuck
Dustin Black (1 day ago)
People do this think it's a big joke until one of those asshole cops shoots someone for holding a remote this is so dumb
Nashiro Mations (1 day ago)
They didnt use incognito mode Oh wait that only works on the FBI...
Abhishek Choudhary (1 day ago)
I don't know why police are trying to catch this steamers ...?
Doskoi Panda (1 day ago)
I wonder if it ever got to the point where the Streamers ended up persuading the Copps to start live streaming...
Riley Buntin (1 day ago)
Man,you know i was thinking about streaming when i get older,but on the other side there is people with no life waisting police on steamers sooooo idk
Sylvia Ha (1 day ago)
How come youtubers got swat on live stream
Stylish Music (1 day ago)
i would like to know the reasoning behind all of why they got swatted.
GreatSavageLevel (1 day ago)
Probably all of them are acting
Richie Play's (1 day ago)
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Gary Maher (1 day ago)
WTF is wrong with people? Somebody could be in a life or death situation across town and the police are being sent somewhere they aren't needed. Get a fucking life.
brokenupbeat (1 day ago)
If you call the police you're a snitch and a bitch.
brokenupbeat (7 hours ago)
Officer Flat Foot snitches get killed these days. Period.
Officer Flat Foot (1 day ago)
brokenupbeat snitches get stiches 😠😠

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