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ヅHowヅtoヅcheatヅonヅyoヅgurlヅandヅtotallyヅgetヅawayヅwithヅitヅ [Ad:] Check out my current Giveaway w/ G2A: http://www.g2a.com/biggestsaleoftheyear Marzia: https://www.youtube.com/cutiepiemarzia Emma Pickles: https://www.youtube.com/emma
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Text Comments (29057)
Ana Müller (6 hours ago)
and to think that are some girls out there worried with the possibility of being cheated by their boyfriends with other women, when actually their boyfriends are gay.
Edward Hau (9 hours ago)
Good morning ;)
Crash Loaded (10 hours ago)
Dat save
Stevearonisoup 13 (15 hours ago)
Tray Williams (15 hours ago)
pewds respeks whomans
Tray Williams (16 hours ago)
“or whatever” like she’s a teenager
starksosexual jd (1 day ago)
Marzia pEwds is cheating on you with Brad
KingOfMelos (1 day ago)
Matthew Pershing (1 day ago)
0:26 um he looks exactly like iddubz
kakashi hatake (1 day ago)
the ending= top ten anime betrayals
Noxilex (1 day ago)
Hey Pewdiiepie, who's that Monica I keep hearing about uh ? You even made a song about her ! Explain yourself !
Alvin John Embuido (2 days ago)
so cute 😊
Timber Pascoe (2 days ago)
😂😂what is that end card??
Feminist post? Or possesive
Conza (4 days ago)
oh man long outro, well done Pewds
Melanie Smith (4 days ago)
I was about to fall asleep when I herd my name like 5 times lol
Pickle rick Lord (4 days ago)
I only cheat on sundays
Marijeta Krajina (4 days ago)
11 18? 23 31 😂😂😂😂
Alexander Fundin (4 days ago)
Felix is good at counting.
XxNiteZodiacxX (5 days ago)
I’m ded 😂🤣🤣
Noah Riley (5 days ago)
yall are so great.
C&H Linsson (6 days ago)
00:27 you look a bit nervous
C&H Linsson (6 days ago)
it wold never work to say that your going to a "friend"... you don't have any friends😂
Peekabootickle (7 days ago)
Are u cheating on me pewds
sc toss (7 days ago)
What if the girls parents died for 21 xD
Blaze (7 days ago)
Good morning
Sally SepticFan (7 days ago)
3:15 lmao 😂😂
The queen Is here (8 days ago)
the ending is everything 😂😂😂😂
Valerie (8 days ago)
8:52 fav moment when she said *salty*
Madeleine Gutierrez (8 days ago)
Marcia looks so pretty!!!😍❤️💕
shakeera davis (9 days ago)
Pewdiepie looks like a sexy Harry Potter with that hoody and glasses
Est Crit (9 days ago)
i like how this suddenly became about Marzia.
Lou's Bkh (9 days ago)
A year later, he proposed and she said yes
Mikołaj Krzeski (9 days ago)
Why Music from Bloodborne ?
Mcchicken ! (9 days ago)
They are the cutest couple ever
Coolgal676 (9 days ago)
Wait a sec........ HE UNFOLLOWED Taylor FRICKIN SWIFT O. M. G. Beef is about to happen *BTW I know this is an old vid*
Michael K (10 days ago)
Nice girlfriend !
daddy alex (10 days ago)
I love her voice 😂🙌💗💗
Koko Hekma (10 days ago)
Our Queen. You're so cute.
Metal Head (10 days ago)
The woman who wrote that needs help lmao
Baldemar Ortega (11 days ago)
When the cameras off they're probably fucking eachother
Canberk Hancan (12 days ago)
even with my man pewds and marzia talking about this dogshit feminist thot's ass long shit I couldnt stand more than 3 minutes Im sorry pewds for this vid im not a loyal sub :) I just cant stand a pathetic beta fat and ugly feminazi and her poop ideas.
Baikam Sangma (12 days ago)
Omg Im a cheater
johnatan delacuso (12 days ago)
Hey are you paranoid? Are you completely and utterly insecure about your relationship? Are you jealous of every woman that comes in to contact with our boyfriend? Well don't go to a therapist to resolve these issues with the one you love. Let us confirm every single dark thought you have in your head and drive your relationship further into a deep abyss of self destruction from which you will never recover again.
Jason Iskandar (12 days ago)
felix looks kinda like logic here
Pixel Fyxe (12 days ago)
Doing any of those things with the _same_ gender is _also_ micro-cheating. Hello, it's 2018!
Darren Atm (12 days ago)
5:14 Cohabiting means having sex in a relationship before even getting married. so yeah, it is a serious issue if you had sex and yet you diminished your own relationship.
Deplorable Bias (1 day ago)
Darren Atm No. Cohabitation means to live together
Allah is gay (12 days ago)
2018 anyone?
Joel Veronelly (13 days ago)
Jesus all these “tips” are how my girlfriend acts all the time. I didn’t realize that all women weren’t super jealous and all that :////
Xeno Entertainment (13 days ago)
Women cannibalize each other...Especially once they've found a mate
Ariana Hayes (13 days ago)
Names Dustin (13 days ago)
Just wanted to let you know this from the future but you’re engaged now
Some Body Once Told Me (13 days ago)
nice to meet you pewd - why is the FBI here?
space butts (13 days ago)
i still have to know who is susan
Amy Pelino (13 days ago)
I love marzia 💚
xhandxofxhonorx (13 days ago)
3:51 how did pewdiepie aim that high 5? must have cut out 500 fails or something
Helmet God (13 days ago)
*Fucks Brad anyway
SgtMaggi (13 days ago)
Dear lord, her voice. So cute
Reverie King (13 days ago)
SgtMaggi why are you watching this
Stitching (13 days ago)
It’s weird that the article starts off by considering both females and males but just a little later it’s only on males
aveRAGE joe (13 days ago)
More like Normal Whamen = Marzia vs Psycho Feminist Bitch over reacting to everything her overly insecure mind sees as Flirting. Men don't hate whamen, we hate Psycho Feminist bitches making us look bad for no reason.
Yippikokoxiao (13 days ago)
9.33 is susan the youtube lady?
Batchi (13 days ago)
what a disgusting Soyboi
Arnò Mezzanotte (13 days ago)
ITSSKYLOL is the one Pewds is micro-cheating on. LUUL
The Confesser (13 days ago)
*G O O D M O R N I N G*
blacksclera 04 (13 days ago)
a year later and theyre engaged 😂
DANK MEMES (14 days ago)
That outro gave me epilepsy
Noodles Soups (14 days ago)
5:45 wot.jpg
WhiteBoi 55550 (14 days ago)
Marzia scares me
WhiteBoi 55550 (14 days ago)
Chopperman (14 days ago)
The fact that Marzia isn't only a cute face, but is actually funny too.
Ale PinFer (14 days ago)
Isn't anyone else cringing at rhe fact that pewds likes t. swift so much? guess it's just me
Painteon Eeveelution (14 days ago)
The face of the lady who wrote this is next to “obsessive girlfriend” in the dictionary
Adnan Khan (14 days ago)
Pewds looks totally different in beard
Oscar F (14 days ago)
Pewds u look like iddubz in this (in the begging that is)
HONEY KUN (15 days ago)
Oh my goooooood it so cute T^T
how bou dah
Adith Krishnan (15 days ago)
Kristen Guidry (15 days ago)
I love how cute they are in these type of videos like they're jokes and how comfortable they are about discussing habits
Reverie King (13 days ago)
Kristen Guidry i Love you
CoconutCreamPie (15 days ago)
Pewds: I NEVA GIV TIPS! Me: Pewds, serving you is enough of a tip.
Johnny Maze (15 days ago)
When your adopted sibling texts you 'good morning' and now you have to defend yourself with, "Since we're not related, it'll be ok."
KingPenguin0202 (15 days ago)
I just want to acknowledge that, either marzia is tall or felix is short
Patrick Fletcher (15 days ago)
2 minute outro 10 mins
Nicholas Anthony (15 days ago)
Lol Bloodborne music.
Aiman Latheef (15 days ago)
I couldnt understand what happened on this part of the vedio 3:32
Alex Halstead (15 days ago)
Pewds, i reeeeeeeally don't mean anything by this, but, is it the camera or did Marzia like ... Break her nose or something... Looks crooked affffff
Annika Rayner (16 days ago)
these two are so fucking cute together I love these kinds of videos they make together
Chaos Zombie999 (16 days ago)
Before anyone calls Felix a bad person, it is considered Disrespectful to Tip a waiter in Sweden
Patrick (16 days ago)
4:35 Pewdiepie confirmed furry?
Rich Bick (16 days ago)
I love these two! <3
Kitt Delorean (16 days ago)
Shadow Leage (17 days ago)
Great outro
south paw (17 days ago)
last one... ahhahha
Exotic Glyphs (17 days ago)
Sure micro-cheating is bad but the following are worse: Molecular cheating Nano cheating Cheating on a subatomic level Midget cheating Particle cheating
Tanmay Baijal (18 days ago)
Annnnnnnd demonetized.
Josh Wick (18 days ago)
I like how he is just pacing around in the back for each one becuase he doesn't know if he is doing it or not and once Marzia tells him he doesn't do it he responds like he just won something... buahahahhaha
Ishaanjav (19 days ago)
Finally 63M I am just waiting for 69M
Ark O. (19 days ago)
I sound stupidly weird but i gotta say these two are so good together
TheRedTomahawk (19 days ago)
Marry a hot blonde swede not a stunning italian du. hahahaa do jelous.....
XP (20 days ago)
Emir Barajas (20 days ago)

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