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Video Game Legends Rap, Vol. 1 - "Heroes" by JT Music

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Text Comments (3962)
Dillon Hume (38 minutes ago)
0:46 Eminem? 🤔
Bobby Bedolla (4 hours ago)
Hey mr jt im a huge fan of yo uhhj and your music evan the video game ledgond one do you think you can make a forth verson only call it cartoon ledgonds rap you mickey mouse spongebob tom and jerry all those guy its just an idea i would like it👍🖒🤘🤘
Fusion Breakdown (2 days ago)
Master chief part Nice my name is reference by Eminem
Gaming Links (5 days ago)
What happened to Agent 3?
Sem van den Tillaar (5 days ago)
Da bullitdodger (7 days ago)
peach just bake him a cake ... hell be happy XD
Vincent Malpera (7 days ago)
Mario's name is just mario mario.
Gohen The sayian (7 days ago)
SCP- 173 (8 days ago)
If task force 141 is real i will litterily join them
Tim Moroz (6 days ago)
Heroes pt. 2 Samus Simon Belmont Donkey Kong Ryu Chell Chris Redfield B.J. Blazkowicz Corvo Attano Nathan Drake Bayonetta John Marsten Cloud Strife
Arabella Munarriz (10 days ago)
Walker Thompson (10 days ago)
My only complaint Why is SAMUS NOT HERE
SMG3 Villan (12 days ago)
Where is chell from portal?!
reveneant sub zero (14 days ago)
Sub zero is the hero bro
MATTINATOR1027 (14 days ago)
Master chief, Lara, Link, Altair, Mario, and the arbiter, would, in my opinion, make the ultimate video game team of heroes
moustapha diaby (14 days ago)
Sonic's the name, and speed is both his and my game!
Flappy Henderson (16 days ago)
HATCHETSHREQ (17 days ago)
STOP Copying eminem!
project юзер (17 days ago)
Arabella Munarriz (18 days ago)
Skyrocket xv (18 days ago)
He's irate the murderer of Olympus and the titans just because he was mad. He is considered a hero.
I came for *Sonic.*
Raider Yant (20 days ago)
sorry, JT, but Mario's first name is Mario and his last name is Mario, his full name is Mario Mario
korra for ever (20 days ago)
Oh yeah
Pearl Palkia Gaming (24 days ago)
"he's slaughtered titans and gods alike" yet he was killed by a knight with a blue shovel
Alexandrea Blemler (25 days ago)
Best ever
VD30 (25 days ago)
(Whisper) dragonborn (More whisper) sole surviver (Even more whisper) Todd Howard (Screams) BETHESDA IS AMAZING!!!!!!
Pearl Palkia Gaming (26 days ago)
why is pac-man a "hero"
JesterGames (27 days ago)
0:51 anyone get the Eminem reference?
PixelNugget654 6 (29 days ago)
The one about master chief “He needs no introduction.” Hell ya
TheDar kPhoenix (1 month ago)
Nostalgia bomb
Evan Reimer (1 month ago)
spencer ward (1 month ago)
2018 any one
Apex Predator (1 month ago)
1:07 This came out in 2014, but Breath of the Wild came out around 2017. How did this get information from the future, and at that, gameplay from it?!
dimitar gondolqn (22 days ago)
de queen its older game not breath of the wild i think
X. P. (1 month ago)
where's Minecraft Steve?
Harvey Buckley (1 month ago)
If Mario and Gordon freeman can be put on the same song, where is crazy dave from pvz?
Jocular Ranger5 (1 month ago)
Time flies
Spartan Sharpshot (1 month ago)
JT Music why did you change the name
Michael Donila (1 month ago)
how the hell did you get footage from breath of the wild back in 2014
Rick Sanchez (1 month ago)
You always respect your elders
Captain F-Bomb (1 month ago)
Captain F-Bomb (1 month ago)
He kills innocents but KRATOS!!!
Fortnite Valor (1 month ago)
Wait... Scorpion is a hero?!?😑😕
Whiteshark GMA (1 month ago)
No Nathan Drake ...
Aisumeiji (1 month ago)
1:08 is that a clip of breath of the wild in 2014
Squeguin Gamer (1 month ago)
Hero list: Gordon Freeman from Half Life Master Chief from Halo Link from Zelda Lara Croft from Tomb Raider (My personal favorite) Altair from Assassin's Creed Solid Snake a.k.a Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid Mario from Mario Kratos from God Of War Captain Price from Call Of Duty Commander Shepard from Mass Effect Sonic from Sonic Scorpion from Mortal Kombat Pac Man from Pac Man I think he should'v included Issac Clarke from Dead Space
Squeguin Gamer (1 month ago)
Lara Croft is my Tomb Raider
Sansy Skelly (1 month ago)
Master Chief 😍 sonic eeep🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
TITAN MASTER 57 (1 month ago)
Wow man... i got chills. I got chills. But where is doom Guy?
Final Page (1 month ago)
Why wasn’t ratchet and clank on here I mean there more of a legend than sonic for crying out loud
Thunder Wolf (1 month ago)
Final Page sonic is more of a legend than some of the characters
Bacon Bita (1 month ago)
Scorpions and pacman are good guys?
dimitar gondolqn (1 month ago)
Spider man :D
jonahs games smith (1 month ago)
awww yosh
PandyTehPanda (1 month ago)
Scorpion isn't a hero but still master chief and scorpions rap part was awesome
AU Gamer (1 month ago)
Where's chell (from portal), Batman(from arkham knight), Ryu ( from street fighter), kirby(from kirby), Crash( from crash bandicoot), and Samus(from metroid)?
Assassin Subzero (1 month ago)
Were is doom guy???
that one gamer (1 month ago)
Brynt Barrera (1 month ago)
How about Starcraft?
Kylikar D (1 month ago)
À litle of Hungry for another one
The Smøking Skeletøn (1 month ago)
Wtf. Samus Aran was in the thumbnail. Where is she??
christoper fallis OG (1 month ago)
4:45 pac man
exotic potato77 (1 month ago)
BrownieCat666 YT (1 month ago)
I'm a little surprised Marcus Fenix wasn't in here (gears of war)
Axshot (1 month ago)
How about an third Hero Rap with Charakters like: Prophet, Adam Jensen or Aiden Pearce
DaRealOlso (1 month ago)
RIP my favourite heroes: Cuphead and Mugman , Michael Afton , Henry (BATIM)
Alan Holland (2 months ago)
You should do a song with nerd out please like if you agree
Alan Holland (2 months ago)
Loved the chorus
Aj Manalang (2 months ago)
why not make a Doki Doki Literature Club Rap?
Daniel Blake (2 months ago)
All the peopel who are saying they are anti heroes so what they still legends
K1ngW4ffle_V (2 months ago)
I LOVE that Eminem “without me” reference at Master Chief’s verse.
Riley A (2 months ago)
What about ryu?
Luke Cormier (2 months ago)
Super Smash Cheif 22 (2 months ago)
Kyle Bayona (2 months ago)
you are my hero sonic
Little Jimmy (2 months ago)
I have listened to this so much how about everyone else
Xmaster256 (2 months ago)
Who heard during the Master Chief part it sounded like "Without Me" from Eminem?
Cade Cowan (2 months ago)
i see mario im like "yay" then i see god of war right after im like oh sh!t
trueninja01 (2 months ago)
2018? anyone?
3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 (2 months ago)
With the gameplay they use for Snake Isn't that Big Boss and not Solid
LGA TV (2 months ago)
Where is doomguy?
Raven (4 days ago)
I wouldn’t call him a hero I mean he went to hell for a puppy
FNAF Sniper (2 months ago)
Bruh, you make the BEST songs ever. I can’t stop listening to them.
Flaming Gaming (2 months ago)
wheres a doom guy?
Noodle Doodle (2 months ago)
I love the way it goes from “sonic has quite an awesome motely crew” to “hell spawned undead assassin”
DW_energyBoys 111 (2 months ago)
Where the heck is Ratchet and Clank?!
ralph velado (2 months ago)
Kratos is a legend
melinda martin (2 months ago)
I'm sorry to tell you that Pat shed a little light on Mario and parently Mario's a villain
The crew Channel YT (2 months ago)
Take peach to bed and make bowser a cake 🎂 he”ll be happy That was funny
ralph velado (2 months ago)
So cool jt so badass
Jonathan Formosa (2 months ago)
Peg May (2 months ago)
Kinda sad that there was only one female.
Video game Clash (2 months ago)
*Sees kratos and Scorpion* Me: ,,lol" *Doesn't see ryu or Kirby* Me: ,,NOT LOL, I'M TRIGGERED!"
It’s me Andrew (2 months ago)
i dont wanna go (2 months ago)
Halo raised me
henry osei (2 months ago)
is scorpion really good?
King Mimikyu (2 months ago)
The games that didn't make it in this video Rampage Crash bandicoo Spyro Doom
Jamal Rivers (2 months ago)
"Does that make him a God or just god damn right." I loved that line way to much
Diego Arzate (2 months ago)
Link may be a boy but is more manly than 99% of us
genji cat (2 months ago)
2:07 that screech gives me shivers
Eggman might not be able to just stop Sonic but all of his bad games will
Thunder Wolf (1 month ago)
the Koopalings Big Brother no
The pac man was the best one

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