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New FlyTrap Skin!! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja

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Text Comments (16989)
Ninja (3 months ago)
Thank you all for 13 MILLION SUBS!!! I love you guys!
Multifandom Princess (4 days ago)
Here goes the last comment phew😂
Laura Slayton Garcia (2 months ago)
LOPI (2 months ago)
Ninja Like like
Happy Different (2 months ago)
GaF_Talent (2 months ago)
Hani Makdah (9 hours ago)
Hani Makdah (9 hours ago)
Live View (1 day ago)
You are the best FORTNITE player I want to be like you
Antawn Shaw (1 day ago)
Ninja your asome
BrokenDabBro MHT (4 days ago)
Ninja why do you use burst a lot
Oliver Moberg (5 days ago)
👍l like this skin.
superkaos theory (6 days ago)
Youre my hero
superkaos theory (6 days ago)
I have a mental disabilitie and I'm disleksik but when I watch youre videos I feel normal
superkaos theory (7 days ago)
Ninja you are my hero
concord_gaming23 (7 days ago)
Noelia Vera (7 days ago)
Hola negro como estás puto omagid jejdjdjvevozisdk
Bent Ice (7 days ago)
He seems pretty g@y
Damian Cameron (8 days ago)
i liked the video that your wife did u guys should do more fortnite videos together
Fortnite Playz (9 days ago)
I like u better than Ali A because u ain't scam...😎😎
fuck ninja ok??????
Ariel Diaz (11 days ago)
Ninja porque rozon no te gusta la scar si es chetada
Abraham Perez (11 days ago)
You are a best fortnite player
Can Boran (12 days ago)
Me too
megan hughes (13 days ago)
guys! omg just got tons of V Bucks from here! W W W . O V B U X . W I N
Daku Sauk (15 days ago)
Sharon Moore (15 days ago)
Ninja is my best friend ever
Jessica Bell (17 days ago)
Frend me on epic my name is Belllegond
Shateria Hodges (18 days ago)
Default skins are not noobs they just don't spend money on the game
Aidan Bergman (18 days ago)
I have the flytrap
momen absi (19 days ago)
Anna Vazquez (19 days ago)
Ninja I have been watching you for a long time and you are my favorite YouTuber of all time
Nieves Kowal (20 days ago)
dang, *vbuxgo 2018* is great. search it on google.. wont be let down.?
Sourabh Kulkarni (20 days ago)
In my 10th game I got 3 headshot
Stacey Kilman (20 days ago)
You are my favourite youtuber!
Shann Sidhu (20 days ago)
Could you add me
Shann Sidhu (20 days ago)
Shann Sidhu (20 days ago)
Thank you
JiggleJerry 123 (20 days ago)
3:24 Ultra OWW after that look at his hp 😂😂
Tai Luganič (21 days ago)
giv mi this skin
Alessandro Bacchin (21 days ago)
You are best player off fortnite
DEVON WALKER (21 days ago)
9:37 Llama what r u doin up ther
Craig Hazlewood (21 days ago)
Haw menie wins do you haf
Craig Hazlewood (21 days ago)
Ninja do you have a dog
Jessi Bella (21 days ago)
Me:I’m good at this game *watches ninja video* oh
Joshua Stiles (21 days ago)
ZOZO zozo (21 days ago)
Good job Ninja
FLAMIN GAMES (22 days ago)
Don't worry ninja homie I do that too
hana kafri (22 days ago)
ninja why you don't like the scar
ZOZO zozo (22 days ago)
I love flytrap
Alberto Moyano (23 days ago)
I'm a kid I don't have one solo win
Exploding Bruno (26 days ago)
I hope you enjoy the skin.................... I have the skin also
SuperX sqaud (26 days ago)
see the power of aimbot at https://linksad.net/s27ccGX just verify yourself by recaptha
EvilAlmarouf (26 days ago)
9:48 Llama sunscreen... lmao
Info Marcotte (27 days ago)
Can I have million robux and a gift card
Saxton G (27 days ago)
So dumb get the jetpack
Saxton G (27 days ago)
You left the golden scar
Emile Kassab (28 days ago)
Why you drop the scar
slo vlog (28 days ago)
wtf gold minigun nob
oliwek rudnicki (28 days ago)
Cohen Blueboy (28 days ago)
Cohen Blueboy (28 days ago)
qUAcK dUcK777777 (28 days ago)
One of the most underrated skins in the game.
Catherine Peixoto (28 days ago)
The burst isn't inaccurate, you are.
Dedo Gamer (29 days ago)
Dont destroy ur keyboard
Skacle Games (29 days ago)
Hey cool video! I have a 17k Following on Twitch looking into Youtube. Hmu if u wanna collab sometime.
Anne G. (30 days ago)
How come not this car it’s a good weapon in fortnight get rid of it for the minis
Anne G. (30 days ago)
Why not the score it’s a good weapon in fortnight
هلو هلو (30 days ago)
keviscool klimas (30 days ago)
Ninja why do you drop that scar
don tapp (30 days ago)
Hi ninja I love you videos keep on doing the good work
Mike Latone (1 month ago)
Ninja do you have everything in Fortnite
Mike Latone (1 month ago)
Ninja do you have everything in fortnite
Rafael Bp (1 month ago)
17.004 you have those comentaries
Lucrecia Aldana (1 month ago)
When I watch your video ninja I am like 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵
Mo Omer (1 month ago)
Chris Bohon (1 month ago)
don't want to be rude but why did you drop the scar sorry if i was rude.
Sokhany Sieng (1 month ago)
RedemptionReptiles (1 month ago)
Has a conversation with the lama
Gaimsley Laine (1 month ago)
You are the best player in fortnight
Dorien Crain (1 month ago)
Hi ninja
Nemer Kasir (1 month ago)
I like flytrap skin a lot
Nemer Kasir (1 month ago)
You are the best
Moneyball Productions (1 month ago)
Best skin in the game
Ákos Nagy (1 month ago)
lysia guipie (1 month ago)
Why did you drop your scare
VisionShot 696 (1 month ago)
What keyboard was this
Leo Messigician (1 month ago)
How u sooo good I’m a noob luv u pls sry for a late view i didn’t notice this vid I need a <3 pls
sebastian ramos (1 month ago)
juegos de fortnite (1 month ago)
Money & Snacks Johnson (1 month ago)
In the first minute this man gets a scar a bolt action and a gold brust
Money & Snacks Johnson (1 month ago)
In the first minute of the video this man gets a scar a bolt action and gold brust
kalisto super (1 month ago)
I love this skin LETS GO NINJA!!
Genesis Santiago (1 month ago)
Ur a boss man
Nemer Kasir (1 month ago)
I love this skin ninga
Ricky Tatoy (1 month ago)
Ninja i build that wood from sw 9minites
Frankie Rembulat (1 month ago)
Why forget your scar epic
Danii B (1 month ago)
Love you videos
Robyn Denton (1 month ago)
you are awsome
Roger Haworth (1 month ago)
王轩 (1 month ago)
golden loots when landing was purple scar and sheild and farmus and sniper without anybodyelse in T city. How lucky
Asia Dello Tore (1 month ago)
You and hacer
david ogando (1 month ago)
El mejor es ninja

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