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Super Smash Bros. Wii U E3 Presentation, Wii Fit Trainer Reveal, Mario Vs Mega Man Gameplay

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Animeist72 (5 months ago)
Is Bill on the Mic?
Son Omni (1 year ago)
At first on brawl i didn't like fludd But then i realize how useful fludd is I can use it to interrupt recoveries
Ese Rigbone (2 years ago)
Man, who was gonna tell back then that this small demo with Mario and Mega Man would end IN THE MOST INCREDIBLE GAME EVER WITH RYU, SONIC, CLOUD, BAYONETTA AND PAC-MAN!!!!!!!
Son Omni (1 year ago)
Ese Rigbone Fucking CLOOOOUUUUD!!!
Vinson Games (3 years ago)
5:38 Ok multi hit move with no knock back.
MagcargoMan (4 years ago)
smh at the idiot at 1:50 that says "Nobody cares".
Gabo2oo (2 months ago)
There was another video where he's right at the recording person's side, and he CLEARLY says "yoga pants".
ChrisGHD (6 months ago)
Justin Neagle (3 years ago)
+Emmett Long He deffinitely said "Nobody cares"
MagcargoMan (3 years ago)
+Emmett Long It's sorta hard to make out but it could be that.
E L (3 years ago)
He said yoga pants
jinoto (4 years ago)
if it had a story mode we would have to unlock chars
Son Omni (2 years ago)
The story mode was badly interviewed
Insert Name (4 years ago)
The wii u should have a story mode.
Son Omni (2 years ago)
It was badly interviewed So they don't have it I'm actually mad about that because I love cinematic scenes
Thing Thang (4 years ago)
I think it's hilarious that they made this announcement in front of everyone at E3 instead of playing it safe and doing Megaman. Those random character inclusions are part of the identity of Smash Bros so I'm happy that despite i's increasing popularity (which would encourage them to stay away from bold decisions like this) they proudly present something so obscure yet fitting (pun intended).
Pub VHS Fan (4 years ago)
narutopet112 (4 years ago)
im getting both. wii u to get the full smash bros experience
Gael (4 years ago)
Miyamoto is the best father of the best people
Super koopa (5 years ago)
Masahiro sakurai in pose at 7:04
D'Juan Butler (5 years ago)
mario get you next time megaman!! lol
Not enough changes to mario's moves get rid of the fludd.
Koblenix (5 years ago)
Suck potatoe mr cagada
Thomas Paine (5 years ago)
Reign (5 years ago)
Did you not read where I said I don't know much about SF?
boxfullofhamsters (5 years ago)
Well, YEAH! haven't you played SF alpha 2 on the SNES?
Soupah Mario (5 years ago)
Wait, so Miyamoto is (according to a video online where they were talking to Mario) Papapiya Mario?
MLGF (5 years ago)
A high level competitive Melee tournament was streamed at the biggest fighting game tournament on the west coast. The name of the tourney was Evo. The amount of people who watched the final match on stream was 135,000. What you're saying is indirectly insulting at least that many people due to the way they enjoy a game. If you insult people without any real facts behind it, expect people to raid on it for being ignorant.
MLGF (5 years ago)
You hate (at least) 135,000 people, judging by the people who watched the Melee Evo stream, just because they play a game differently then how it was intended? Get a life before you start insulting others how to live theirs kid.
MLGF (5 years ago)
Then it's ever dumber then I thought. GG Bro.
MLGF (5 years ago)
If they didn't have fun with the game, they wouldn't play it. Stop believing only your way of playing a game is fun
destruccionH (5 years ago)
MrHolloway44 (5 years ago)
@izzeceb yeah man i know what you mean BTW! if your bored check this good time waster! => bit.ly/10IPePO?=jqqse
TheIeven (5 years ago)
You can have fun with competitive play.
Superflighter (5 years ago)
i call her final smash attack of a thousand women. love how she works, it's hilarious. :D
Raddder (5 years ago)
I get what you're saying. But what you mentioned had to do with every character in the game, not just the Wii Fit Trainer.
Raddder (5 years ago)
OP is overpowered. In other words, (i'm assuming you know a lot about the tier system in ssb, and this is another word that refers to that) broken.
Raddder (5 years ago)
It looks like she's a pretty good character though. I don't see how no one will have fun since she looks like a pretty strong character. Unless you mean she is OP.
Shadowfan108 (5 years ago)
7:09 lol
Shadowfan108 (5 years ago)
at the match it kind of feels embarising for them XD
XDLugia (5 years ago)
well deserved too.
XDLugia (5 years ago)
mokana713 (5 years ago)
Its probably still in development.
dreed138 (5 years ago)
How come they have the game but we dont
Animeist72 (5 months ago)
Because they are the makers of the game
William Parkman (5 years ago)
wait marios dad is shigero miemoto? THE MYSTERY IS SOLVED!
Sanosai (5 years ago)
e tous malakes , ti trollia htan auth?
Dreq the Dreck (5 years ago)
this is great and all but the one thing i'm hoping for the most is for another story mode, like the subspace emissary
Deadmeme64 (5 years ago)
well i think im gonna be broke for a long while...
ALoserIsFred (5 years ago)
When does this come out? I can't wait. Looks awesome.
SkywardPrimeGalaxy (5 years ago)
Finally, a video of the Smash Bros. showcase!
fusorlpm6666 (5 years ago)
waaaaaaaa nesesito ponerle las manos ensima a ese smash!!
Oscar The Supreme (5 years ago)
They should have called up Seth Killian to play as Megaman and Sakurai play as Mario
SayaAensland (5 years ago)
Definitely not the only one.
RIO LOP (5 years ago)
why does mario still have that stupid water move?! its useless! i miss his spin attack thingy :/
ChocoboKid (5 years ago)
he is busy with Luigi's mansion and Super Luigi U to do E3
Phantom286 (5 years ago)
Wait this is the Year of Luigi....why isn't Luigi introducing people?
bte hiphop (5 years ago)
Nintendo should put "Geno" and "Mallow" (From Mario RPG) in the new Smash Bros game!!!!!!
100Marshmallows (5 years ago)
when mario says papa <3
KillerPikmin (5 years ago)
This is cool, but their whole presentation is kinda awkward...
mondelsson (5 years ago)
Just saying, since gerudo valley appears to be on the 3ds version, (cause OoT3D) we may see the return of young link.
sherrie harden (5 years ago)
hello. i'm back WILLIAM and please put the victory poses back in please. and the four ghost from pac man in the game BLINKY RED THE GHOST. INKY PINKY AND CLYDE THE ORANGE GHOST. IN THIS GAME PLEASE.
sherrie harden (5 years ago)
hi. i'm William and Please nintendo please. put LOUIE FROM PIKMIN 2 IN PLEASE and put PAC MAN AND MS PAC MAN IN THIS GAME. please for everyone?
sherrie harden (5 years ago)
hi. i'm william and NINTENDO. put LOUIE FROM PIKMIN 2 IN THE NEXT SUPER SMASH BROS GAME. PLEASE? for Everyone? Please?
link1000 (5 years ago)
Look at that guy just standing there Like "yeah bitches it's happening, we made that happen".
GameRevolution GR (5 years ago)
At the presentation they had a guy with a camera that Martinet could see the feed from. I didn't see him from where I was standing, but I think others saw him behind a circular booth they had for Nintendo 3DS games.
GameRevolution GR (5 years ago)
Shucks for those competitive types. I've always had fun playing Smash Bros with friends ;)
Reign (5 years ago)
Has there ever been a Street Fighter on a Nintendo console (honest question, I don't know much about SF)? That's a requirement, they need to have been on Nintendo before.
lemguin (25 days ago)
How do you feel looking back now and knowing Cloud's in smash?
boxfullofhamsters (5 years ago)
I wish Ryu will end up in this game...
Mr. Random (2 months ago)
boxfullofhamsters congrats! He is!
WECKmaster329 (5 years ago)
Well, Shigeru Miyamoto did creata Mario, so it makes perfect sense
Lady Leora (5 years ago)
Im going to have sooo much fun with her. Every time I land a hit ill yell "feel the burn!"
Mitagitsu (5 years ago)
The pro controller for Wii U it looks like.
Dynasty Heroes (5 years ago)
Young Link or we riot
Edward Tarr (5 years ago)
Wii fitness trainer, I'll still buy it but what have they done.
adf asdf (5 years ago)
Terrible commentator.. made it really stupid.
El Andru (5 years ago)
Where is charles martinet is he locked with a microphone?
El Andru (5 years ago)
With what controller are they playing?
pgj1997 (5 years ago)
...Its just a fourth wall joke. might I remind you off "press start to rich"?
pgj1997 (5 years ago)
ScianOperationS (5 years ago)
Love to play as Snorlax!!!!
Pete Kachew (5 years ago)
I need a wii u quick
Pete Kachew (5 years ago)
Thumbs up if you will play as wii fit trainer
Hatch Plays! (5 years ago)
It's not being released until 2014. By then I'm sure the Wii U will have a price drop, so just buy the damn console instead of pirating.
Lay4jumper2 (5 years ago)
i hope they someone makes a wii u emulator soon really want to play this game.
thepokemonmaster85 (5 years ago)
zonkabe (5 years ago)
why is mario so angry?
o0DeusExMachina0o (5 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks Mario calling Shigeru Miyamoto "papa" is one of the cutest things on earth?
Le OREO (5 years ago)
More super smash bros. videos please

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