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10 True Dogman Encounters

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The Supernaturalist Channel Presents 10 True Dogman Encounters It’s our 100th episode!! Thank you so much to everyone that has been part of this amazing journey! As a special thank you I present this episode to you, with the help of Swamp Dweller, Blackeyed Blonde and Darth Moose! Don’t Miss Your Chance to Scream, Creatures of the Night!!
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The Eternal Wanderer (2 days ago)
American garbage horror
Deridivis Star (10 days ago)
People say they have shot this thing. The wolfman, and that no blood was shed. They think it might be paranormal. A little werewolf lore I read up on Google. 1. Werewolves have extreme healing capabilities, like wolverine from the x men . This could explain the bullets going in, and no blood being found . But I'm leaning towards this second thing I read about. 2. WereWolves can't be killed unless you use the metal of purity, Silver. This means you can hurt them with other types of weapons, but can't ultimately kill them. Unless you cut their head off, or Stab them right in the heart... Which means you have to get right in their face, and have inhuman reflexes, and be proficient with bladed or blunt weapons. Sure you could use a gun, but again, if you miss.... Maybe make modified silver shotgun shells for an AA-12 military shotgun? That's what I would do, seems like a good choice for poor shots such as myself, and a much safer alternative in case these things are too fast to get a clear Shot at the head or heart. Especially in the darkness of night. 3. Quicksilver also kills them. The name for Quicksilver nowadays is Mercury. Which makes sense considering how poisonous Mercury is if a large amount gets on your skin. Imagine how deadly it can be if it's injected directly into the blood steam. Especially if it's weaponized and used with another weapon. Like an RPG, or a paintball gun with modified, sharp and piercing capsules. This might affect their healing capabilities... Its science damn it haha! 4. Wolfsbane. Its a poisonous plant, and I'm not really sure if the juices from the plant kills it, or if the actual plant parts hurts it. Its not really specified on Google. All I know is that you can't just buy it. You can buy the seeds, but you can't just "purchase" Wolfsbane. You would have to find it in the wild, or grow your own. Chop it into pieces and make modified AA-12 shotgun shells! (I'm a fan of the gun, same gun I would use on Bigfoot.) Anyways, hope you enjoyed this little knowledge in case one of you badasses decide to be a demon Hunter haha. I've actually thought about it, but I don't wanna go by myself. 😎
Julio Cantu (10 days ago)
Is the dogman your favorite monster? I ask, because there seem to be more dogman stories, than other monsters here. But either way, I still enjoy watching your videos.
Crypto PTSD (13 days ago)
I like your Thumbnail!
Jorge408 (16 days ago)
Dogman vs werewolf ????
Chad Mckee (17 days ago)
Tried to send you an email but it said it couldn't find your email address, do you have a new one? Let me know, thanks.
Chad Mckee Which one did you try??
bryan Blair (19 days ago)
I have a story for you that is so scary you won't believe it.
bryan Blair (19 days ago)
Like your show but many of your episodes sound extremely quite. Love the stories but can't really hear them very well all the time.
Iwentintohidinggoaway (19 days ago)
Grant us eyes?
inquizative44 (20 days ago)
How come they never blast these things? They need a high power rifle scope, hit it at the base of it's head And neck, separate it. It will be dead before it hits the ground. That will give it something to howl about. Dogman stew!!😎😋
christine paris (11 days ago)
inquizative44 There is a good account of a man out fishing with his big pitbull when a dogman (or whatever it was) started wading out on two legs in response to his pits growling and barking...he was very afraid his pitbull would jump out of the boat after it and he grabbed his big revolver and emptied 6 shots right into its chest and neck...which had no effect. He was a very experienced woodsman and was confident that he hit it. Dont know the answer, but it's not the only account of hunters firing at them at close range without stopping them ..
MMA Fighter (19 days ago)
inquizative44 people have said that the hide of Dogmen is extremely thick edging on bulletproof
Jeremy Harrison (20 days ago)
Thanks guys ,some really good stories. 🤤😨👀 spooky even.👍
Ms.DogMan Girl (21 days ago)
With all The Dogman out there why do I never hear of a "female". Along the line there must be a female somewhere? Hmm
MMA Fighter (19 days ago)
Jenni Lee it’s rarer to see female animals especially Canids due to them usually guarding young of a pack so unless someone was to stumble into a dog man Den there will be little female sightings
Rol Pfeiffer Müller (22 days ago)
Thanks airing the outstanding narratives concerning the cynocephaly.blessings at your endeavors.
Anita Ares (23 days ago)
Loup Garou...
Faith Ruckdeschel (23 days ago)
Well, I should probably stop being furious with YouTube, because I thought they did something unnecessary to ur channel like they're doing to lots of others. It's so wonderful to hear from u again. That crackling fire and ur narrations comforts me.
lisaandtheword (23 days ago)
Cool video, interesting. I always wondered what was up with the myth of werewolf, now it makes a little sense to me. I think it's a supernatural entity. Here's a pic of one maybe, doing a ghouly photo-bomb, I found on Pinterest. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/548383692122852511/ Also, on Dead Files "The Beast" Amy describes one during her psychic walk. https://www.typologycentral.com/forums/arts-and-entertainment/76450-sketches-dead-files.html scroll to the bottom.
mike long (24 days ago)
We all know hunter bone was the MVP here😂
Dan S (23 days ago)
mike long yes, twice!
Paula Brown (24 days ago)
Thank You soo much hunny for the New dogman uploads as I've previously told you (don't know if you remember me) but you were my first youtube subscribing) in a sence, you created a monster......ah hahhahaha.....lol😂👍😉 Thank You Supernaturalist.....also.....don't know why because I have the bell icon on to alert me to every new upload of yours but they haven't been alerting me at all.
kevin williams (24 days ago)
Ummm I live about 30 miles from LBL... creepy.
Justin Kenney (24 days ago)
Jen Lynch (25 days ago)
Great storys keep up the good work😊
Hulk Smash (25 days ago)
This is why you're my FAVORITE horror YouTuber, we had a HUGE thunderstorm last night here in Dallas and I began playing your vid. Let's just say perfect timing thank you Mr supernaturalist and company. Hope you narrate my story one day. I played this vid since last night at least 10 times. Thank you thank you.
*Great Stories Brother*
The Cryptid Hunter (25 days ago)
Dark waters
Paula Brown (23 days ago)
Dan S yup......sounds like him to me. And he had said that same thing (about a narrator only answering questions of young attractive females) about Benton Sawin. I beleive that was him but I may be mistaken, it could've been someone else but reguardless, he's a JERK flat out through and through.
Dan S (23 days ago)
Paula Brown ikr! I used to defend him everywhere until he kicked me off chat for asking an innocent question! I tried to reach him but apparently he just answers young women's comments,,,also, when he has his live shows, when he started getting an ego, there was no content, he would just repeat, hey what up Shannon? What up Miss Kitty?,,what up .....so on and so on lol,
Paula Brown (23 days ago)
Dan S ......oh totally......and that was just the beginning. Do you hear the way he refers to himself? What the hell kind of self important pompous ass is he. I hate the way he talked about Swamp Dweller who is really young first off and just trying to put his narrations out and here comes this asshole......I just I really used to enjoy DW's narrations but I refuse to support a Bully and someone who thinks their shit don't stink.........at least that's what it sounds like to me. He may suffer from little man syndrome as well.😂👍
Dan S (23 days ago)
Paula Brown ditto! he got to big for us, unless we pay him to hear his glorious voice, we have to wait for 10 minute teaser stories that yes you have to pay to hear the rest of,,,screw him
Paula Brown (24 days ago)
Junglistic Soulja lmfao.......right on😂👍
Willow Raevynwood (25 days ago)
100 Episodes! Way to go!!
michaellynn19721 (25 days ago)
Welcome back bro
didier banegas (25 days ago)
Why the long empty gaps between narratives?
Dawn Stone (5 days ago)
Reese Daniel oh see I wondered if my phone was glitching!
Doris (21 days ago)
So you can get something to eat, something to drink and go to the bathroom, pause ruins the momentum of the story.
Reese Daniel (23 days ago)
Also, the "Bayou Dogman" story played twice in a row, with very long gaps between each one.
Anna Banana (25 days ago)
Swamp dwellers voice is retarded
JoAnn Oeser (25 days ago)
Both werewolves and the dogman are different but both are sinister evil Dominic demons, their nothing natural , they are not a creature of GOD they are a abomination to him and our worst enemy, I gave mine to JESUS CHRIST and the HOLY BLOOD of The Lamb.
Veldtian1 (24 days ago)
You know Karl Jung wasn't an atheist, also the fine tuned nature of the Universal Constants and the astoundingly complex nature of Cell Biology prove the existence of a Grand Designer. See Stephen C Meyer.
Junglistic Soulja (24 days ago)
Of course they are not a creature of god, he doesn't exist.. : )
Priscila Castaneda (25 days ago)
I truly enjoyed your stories, thanks for sharing them.!!!😮🐺😘💯👏
Nadzya Octo BJ (25 days ago)
Thank you. Your channel is awesome.
Tim Svea (25 days ago)
Great job on this video, Supernaturalist! I really liked how you knit together these different eyewitness accounts in a compelling and entertaining manner. You are a master of your craft. Keep up the good work, man.
Queen Shadis (25 days ago)
Awesome, awesome! Thanks for the video.
Lisa Scalabrini (25 days ago)
Why don't you add a paypal account above, so we can donate occationally. I'd really like to be able to, you work hard at this & are an excellent narrator.
How do I do that? I didn't even know you could!
I have missed this voice. Not hating on darkness prevails its just you sometimes vet tired of hearing some voices over and over again
Ms.DogMan Girl (25 days ago)
Also, I want to say Hello to Swamp Dweller...I know that voice anywhere. Keep up the Awesomeness!!
Ben Linville (25 days ago)
Great to see you back. The channel is awesome. Keep it up!
Ms.DogMan Girl (25 days ago)
Great job. I love your content. I'll let ya know if I run across a Dogman. I live in Michigan so wish me luck..😉
Ms.DogMan Girl (21 days ago)
Reese Daniel Right!👍👍 Even though out of all the Cryptids I'd rather stumble upon it would be a Dogman for sure. Some stories I have heard of them being inquisitive, or closest to human feelings. I think my chance is better if I stumble onto one. Forget The rake forget a skinwalker and forget Bigfoot I'll take a Dogman any day.😉
Reese Daniel (23 days ago)
You mean "wish you bad luck" ; /
WolfNcurry 30 (25 days ago)
It’s been far too long!!! I love your channel!
Gregory Ellison (25 days ago)
Holy shit, what a treat!
Gabriel Johnson (25 days ago)
Good video! Thank you!
rodrigo sarpi (25 days ago)
please excuse my ignorance, but what is the fine difference between a werewolf and a dogman? i hear the terms sometimes used as being the same, and sometimes used to depict slightly different species
christine paris (11 days ago)
Richard Jenkins I love how people are completely convinced they know exactly what they and aren't, in spite of having zero personal experience and no way of proving they know anything about them. It's just opinions based on personal belief. If you're a Christian, you think it's a demon, if you're a alien enthusiast, you think ufo's being them.
christine paris (11 days ago)
Reese Daniel Omg...
christine paris (11 days ago)
Lisa Scalabrini Whaaattt?
Richard Jenkins (18 days ago)
Interdimensional sasquach and aliens dropping off dogmen on earth... some of yall are super looney. 😂
Reese Daniel (23 days ago)
Werewolves are humans inhabited by a demonic entity that requires them to change into a werewolf at certain times in exchange for something (certain people who are high level occult/satanists and practice evil). Also known as skin walkers. Dogmen are also supernatural but interdimensional creatures, part flesh, part spirit (fallen angel genetics). They are able to go in and out of our dimension through portals. Same for Sasquatch.
A jar of pickles (25 days ago)
Thank you for giving a voice to those who society refuses to hear. I know people who have been publicly shamed for telling these stories so thank you
A jar of pickles I am here to help!
Kylem (25 days ago)
yay dogmen and welcome back
Nancy Maschio (25 days ago)
So good to hear you again. I am happy I waited.💕 and you brought the best of the best with you. Nice!
Nancy Maschio Thank you! It feels good to be back!!
Akrum Abdel-Rasoul (25 days ago)
finally!!! we've missed you man!!
GOD&GUNS (25 days ago)
Nice bro
Alicia Franco (25 days ago)
Adriano Pinto Coelho (16 days ago)
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