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Bus Mechanic Simulator Game 3D (By Amazing Gamez) Android Gameplay HD

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Bus Mechanic Simulator Game 3D (By Amazing Gamez) ★ Bus Mechanic Simulator Game 3D Android Gameplay ★ Bus Mechanic Simulator Game 3D IOS Gameplay ★ Let's Play / Walkthrough / Gameplay ★ Donate: https://goo.gl/nR392m ★ Subscribe: http://goo.gl/JJkfow ★ Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amazing.gamez.bus.mechanic.simulator&hl=en During the bus transporter task some busses got damaged. Now drive the bus into your auto mechanic workshop and put all the acquired skills of car mechanic simulator and car repair to get this public transport running and on the roads. Sports car mechanic, bike mechanic games are past now roll out your wrench as the real bus mechanic of the town! Buckle up your car mechanic tools belt and upgrade your mechanic workshop as the bus transporter will soon be delivering the damaged buses to your repair garage. You have played many car fixing games and have some hands on experience in car mechanic and auto repair but this real bus mechanic workshop game will require different set of auto repair capabilities. Combining the functionality of car repair & car fixing game, this mechanic simulator game also lets you be the bus driver. Once you have fixed, modified & done some bus tuning you can take the bus on a test drive. Own your mechanic workshop garage and become the mechanic manager of the hood. Being the car modifier, car tuner, car fixer or pimping cars are talks of the history, it’s time to welcome the coach bus in the garage and get ready to enjoy a remarkable mechanic simulator experience. As an experienced mechanic manager expand your repair service skill sets become the best vehicle repairing workshop simulator in town. Unlike a truck mechanic or car mechanic, be the bus engine mechanic the life of the mechanic workshop and live the dream of being the car repair simulator; fixing, tuning and modifying bus at the service station games. You would have enjoyed car mechanic simulator, truck mechanic or car service games but this Bus Mechanic Simulator Game 3D offers you the best of all these car modifying and mechanic simulator game. Get ready to set up your personal service station as the vehicle mechanic; your duty as the car tuner, car modifier, car fixer simulator is over and now make way for the buses in your auto repair service station. With Bus Mechanic Simulator Game 3D play one of the best vehicle repairing & auto mechanic fix simulator games. Features of Bus Mechanic Simulator Game 3D: ► Superb Auto Fix Quality HD Graphics ► Best Auto Fix & Engine Building Sounds ► Simple Mechanic Controls And Easy Gameplay ► Your Bus Mechanic Workshop Will Be Open 24x7 ► Detailed Buses For Epic Fix Simulator Experience ► Fully Equipped Car Workshop With Top-Notch Mechanic Tools ► Engaging Bus Customization & Tuning Mission For Real Modification ► An Absolute Treat For The Lovers Of Car Fixing And Car Workshop Games
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Santosh Kumar Mishra (27 days ago)
Santosh Kumar Mishra (27 days ago)
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Linda Moore (1 month ago)
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Jami Al Zidan (1 month ago)
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suresh prajapati (2 months ago)
govind dudhamal GD (5 months ago)
Ashok Sirvi (8 months ago)
Ashok Sirvi (8 months ago)
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Ashok Sirvi (8 months ago)
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Eyup Bavli (10 months ago)
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Kim Phuong ddfy
Kim Phuong (4 months ago)
toys are kidscar (10 months ago)
Great video 👍😍
Guddu Khan (20 days ago)
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Kemara Reid (3 months ago)
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soabdel (7 months ago)
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Elizete Silva (1 year ago)
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Arvind Ar (10 months ago)
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