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Tekkit Pt.57 |I Like Gold LLC.| Completed filter machine

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Scuf Controller: http://scufgaming.com Coupon Code "MEATY" (caps) 5% off Thank You for watching, look around my channel for a good variety of games. Enjoy! Ratings and comments are greatly appreciated meatwagon22 Meatius Meaty Chris x https://twitter.com/#!/meatwagon22 http://www.facebook.com/meatwagon22 Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/meatwagon22 Crazy fun Co-Op Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/YouAlwaysWin Games I play past present and future: Call of Duty world at war zombies custom zombies Call of Duty black ops call of duty Black ops 2 Black ops 2 domination Black ops 2 search and destroy call of duty modern warfare 3 mw3 minecraft meatycraft survivorcraft Dumb and Dumber minecraft Gladiator minecraft Borderlands Borderlands 2 co-op mp campaign far cry 2 far cry 3 co-op campaign "call of duty" "black ops 2" " Black ops 2 zombies" "Borderlands 2" "far cry 3"
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Text Comments (192)
TB games (1 year ago)
Meaty is so stupid in this episode and the crafting episodes
tzman22 tzman22 (2 years ago)
cobbl not stone
Bill Johnson (2 years ago)
Bentley media sweat under your house to your secret place
bz nees (2 years ago)
Thats stobe u idiiy
Diana Huiberts (4 years ago)
Parker Little (4 years ago)
I think it is boring to not
Diana Huiberts (4 years ago)
Way you so Boeing
xZedXx (4 years ago)
I like FILTERS!!!!!!!! I also like gold and DIAMONDS!!!!!!!!
korey kane (1 year ago)
me to
Jacob Anderson (4 years ago)
What to do? (4 years ago)
in the filter generator
What to do? (4 years ago)
yeah that was stone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacob unger (4 years ago)
try to make the town with villagers and stuff liek that!
Frank Cilantro (4 years ago)
you not shift clicking items hurts my head
Noah (4 years ago)
you could of made a klein star
Lee (4 years ago)
that not alot he has like a stack of dark matter in his bag
Melissa M (4 years ago)
from chowder get ur purple nurples
Lachlan Bartlett (4 years ago)
You all should know that this series has been finished for a long time now, so don't bother telling him what to do.
Jacob Gordy (4 years ago)
Meaty your building a machine that makes fli
TheCrafters580 (4 years ago)
purple nurples hurt like a s.o.b
MiniRacer 58 (4 years ago)
Burple nurple is from chowder
MiniRacer 58 (4 years ago)
That was stone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clark Linan (4 years ago)
Burple Nurples are from chowder
Derek Thornton (5 years ago)
His frame rate is killing me
lusie176 (5 years ago)
7:26 i noticed its day time
White Fish (5 years ago)
you used stone meat.you need COBBLEstone.
MrRainbowBrush (5 years ago)
No, people are mistaking your flying ring. So, when you upgrade to the next ring "The Ring of Arcana" it doesn't take fuel to fly, but that ring is expensive, you needa make all the other rings and 5 redmatter. Look into it if you haven't already.
Cole Rodych (5 years ago)
Wat sword is that
Cole Rodych (5 years ago)
Purple Time!!!!!
King Neptune (5 years ago)
also can i join your server
King Neptune (5 years ago)
what texture pack do you guys use
vinny moreth (5 years ago)
You're right Bentley you twist a nipple.
Carole Tarpey (5 years ago)
well duh stone is alot like cobble.it just looks different.and it turns into cobble when u mine it.
Carole Tarpey (5 years ago)
and don't ever set of an red matter explotion IT WILL CREATE A GIANT WORMHOLE THAT WILL EAT THE SERVER
Carole Tarpey (5 years ago)
haha 07:43 you said backside
Benjamin Ingenito (5 years ago)
so colorful!!! hurts my eyes
Derek Thornton (5 years ago)
He knows how to make a Nuke plant but he does not know how to make a simple machine
Masre Super (5 years ago)
14:34 - 14:38 full is going down
The One and Only MASMC (5 years ago)
Ikr, my sp world crashed from ten timers set at 0.2 seconds. I had to get back in and walk 0.0000001 steps per minute to get to them and destroy them. Then I replaced on 1 second. Worked just fine afterwards.
hagoopeeshoo123 (5 years ago)
When they said purple, I knew they were going to say purple nirple.
JD Johnson (5 years ago)
What texture pack do u use?
Drag0n Cyborg2040 (5 years ago)
you can call a purple nurple a titytwister
Taj Woods (5 years ago)
thers not alot of gold
SaintMainstream (5 years ago)
Wouldn't just be more messier.
jacob christopher (5 years ago)
no shit
Adam Fox (5 years ago)
Can I be part of ur I like gold llc
kifaiyat chowdhury (5 years ago)
Meaty ur such a retarf
ReubenLL28 (5 years ago)
Dude they proved you wrong. Did you even watch the video?
TumchieTheScot (5 years ago)
you don't need fuel to fly but you need fuel for the other abilitys
Ethan Mendrikis (5 years ago)
Guys you need to use fuel in the new version of tekkit look it up on the tekkitwiki before you say that
zums123 (5 years ago)
Bentley if you saw my previous comments in survivor craft I'm sorry you are awesome in Tekkit and the other series
strong man (5 years ago)
i said this a few dozen eps back
calvin reimer (5 years ago)
TheNixTaco (5 years ago)
You put in stone meaty! Instead of cobble.
Melanie Hartung (5 years ago)
But if any one lets me on there whitelist sever never op me
Melanie Hartung (5 years ago)
I wish I could join you guys or any one else and if any wants to let me join a whitelist sever my minecraft name is honeydew98678 that's my minecraft name
TheNixTaco (5 years ago)
why don't you guys check the quarries?
TheOnlyReliva (5 years ago)
but its not.....i reaserched it and tested it.
DerpsDaCake (5 years ago)
it uses it because it is a tekkit 3 bug thumbs up so he can see
MarkTheMathShark (5 years ago)
thank god you changed it
MarkTheMathShark (5 years ago)
you put stone not cobblestone
Invidia Snow (5 years ago)
you need to get some more experience in life lol, and learn the real differences between kids and grown-ups. How old do you think Meatwagon22 is?
edawg8888 (5 years ago)
I'm 16. Is that bad
J Wyatt (5 years ago)
it is thats a perpell nerpell
xxTeBo25xx (5 years ago)
u cant they dont have an emc value retard
TheOnlyFonzie (5 years ago)
Meaty, you guys should go nuclear testing! (Perhaps under Bentley's house!)
Asuna Yuuki (5 years ago)
kleinstar ein then ks vier, sphere, omega.
Septimus088 (5 years ago)
Meaty make a red matter Morningstar
Adkins (5 years ago)
You guys should really try to invest in teleport pipes because if you really want to make the factory nice and neat teleports are the way to go
Syrnian (5 years ago)
I love my Klein Star Omega. Loads of EMC storage.
MickFix95 (5 years ago)
great grammar dude
zalto16 (5 years ago)
You cant do that noob. They have not emc. :P
MR COOOOOOOut (5 years ago)
Or just energy condense filters
Fake Skin (5 years ago)
Meat heads!
Jennie Kim (5 years ago)
I think it is quantum armour !
jessie mata (5 years ago)
Gold gold gold and more gold
werewolf914 (5 years ago)
I need a link to Bentleys channel I'm to lazy to go to my sub box
werewolf914 (5 years ago)
@MRDAGAMER99 Quantum Charged although Inferno Armour could be argued as the best but Inferno you still take damage so its not quite as good I still perfer Inferno though
Sean Sang (5 years ago)
Actually I believe it is Quantum armor with 100% damage reduction as long as it is charged. So it depends on what you are looking for.
fRos (5 years ago)
@MRDAGAMER99 it is gem armour.
ENCOVIC (5 years ago)
whats the best armor in tekkit
ENCOVIC (5 years ago)
get guns in this series
True Nightmare Gaming (5 years ago)
use a Klein star to keep your fuel, it wont take items out of your inv until it runs out and the more you upgrade it the more it hold. you charge them in a transmutation tablet and also take the charge out with it aswell :)
smilingsnorlax (5 years ago)
are you guys going to show off all of the mods like rail craft or the coke ovens
Mrdarkblade200 (5 years ago)
u should use blueletric furnace for the filter machine. It will give you a reason right now to have blueletric power. like so he can see!
erchawiner (5 years ago)
use a ring of arcana it does not use fuel to fly but to do it's special ability
sambuddy5 (5 years ago)
Meaty instead of making all of those timers, you can just make one and connect it to all of the filters with the red alloy wiring. Also, I don't know if you will end up having a problem with this, but if you have a lot of timers set to a really short time (like you have yours set to 0.2 seconds) they can create some pretty massive server lag. If you have them set to 0.5 or even 1 second you'll still make things extremely fast while avoiding some potential lag issues. Great series, hope I helped!
THEVET100 (5 years ago)
he put stone instead of cobble
Taelor Jock (5 years ago)
Meat please make infernal armour
TheXtory (5 years ago)
in my tekkit i don't need fuel i never put it in my inventory
Barqs1968 (5 years ago)
Your really going to need to slow some of those timers down or you fill the crafting table with to many of the wrong thing.
Barqs1968 (5 years ago)
The filter will draw out what the filter has. With nothing it will draw out everything it can. The furnace only has one slot to draw from thus that is all it will draw.
MrGamerman98 (5 years ago)
meat, you could probably put one energy collector between two condensers and it would give energy to both
Ramires 'Lair (5 years ago)
13:00 Meaty confuses stone with coble! kkkkkk
wondersquack (5 years ago)
Making machines that make parts that make the machine that makes the parts.
Benjamin Barnes (5 years ago)
Yeah make a kleinstar and yes you do run out if you don't have a fuel source
Kieran Gray (5 years ago)
Vid not bus
PouchCotato (5 years ago)
Make a Kleinstar there basicly impossible 2 use all of it
Davinder Purba (5 years ago)
you put stone in cest
bloodfall98 (5 years ago)
Use a kleinstars for fuel
Kieran Gray (5 years ago)
This is wat I love bout meaty bus everyday
FastestCores (5 years ago)

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