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Top 5 Xbox One Games Rated E E10+

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Thanks for watching! Subscribe! I made this video because the last one, which was exactly a year ago, got 1000 views! Thanks again! Here Is a recap of all of the games: 5. Minecraft Story Mode 4. Disney Infinity 3.0 3. LEGO Dimensions 2. NBA2K16 1. FIFA 15/16 CYA!
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Text Comments (11)
how old are you i think 11
Coin Sea (11 months ago)
nice thumbnial
MineCraft Gamer PC 64 (1 year ago)
is all the 2015 Video games
Egg Shells (29 days ago)
MineCraft Gamer PC 64 how can you be that dumb
T Cress (1 year ago)
I think it's viceversa
[]Weekly[] (1 year ago)
Love the games! New sub!
it's pretty fun um, as you can see it's pretty fun 1:23
kev p (2 years ago)
SergioVfx (2 years ago)
FIFA Mostly
Alex Smits (2 years ago)
Plants vs zombies GW2
Lukester (2 years ago)
Great list Emory! FIFA and Minecraft: Story Mode are super fun to play! (Only know what those are like because I have them.)

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