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TOP JET CRASHES COMPILATION 2017 | Top 10 Fighter Jet Crashes

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TOP JET CRASHES COMPILATION 2017 Top 10 Fighter Jet Crashes SUB : https://goo.gl/fBGfw0
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Text Comments (635)
Fred Barendse (4 hours ago)
old stuff.
Россия возлюбленная моя, родные берёзки тополя, будто путь ты для бойца родная Русская земля
Antoshka/ RAK (1 day ago)
А что все крушения русских истребительей годов этак 90-х?
Harmesh sharma (2 days ago)
Kush fighters russian hae aur kush American hae
Riddick tonn (2 days ago)
Hey you forgot to put the wheels down!... 🤣
Gary Corbier (2 days ago)
Most of the crashes appear to be Russian aircraft.
Shanta Hsieh (3 days ago)
I did it quickly and efficiently with instructions from Avasva webpage.
Clickbait image needs a pak-50
Roy Grisson (4 days ago)
its a UFO flying through the jets. my phone can't stop quick enough to catch it please somebody check it out for me. it's there.
billt460 (4 days ago)
Music was too annoying to watch the video.
Mark Lynch (4 days ago)
This knucklehead is 11 eggs short of a dozen!!
Dick Horner (4 days ago)
Leave out the SHITTY MUZAK!
margaret hall (4 days ago)
lockheed martin - bolling - drugged up, uneducated air craft assemply
Jim Rose (5 days ago)
Eject pilots
Jim Rose (5 days ago)
God damet those were some horrible crashes
mentiroso porto (5 days ago)
140млн иванов-дураков
Edinson M. (5 days ago)
Stupid music, good videos.
T U (5 days ago)
You suck at making video's
JOHN G (5 days ago)
Crazy music and u used to much zoom this gave me a headache watching this!
Nadejda Schmidt (5 days ago)
For god sake it's a mess with 2 different kind of misic same time,
Phouvan Vihaphat (5 days ago)
Pasado lo que estoy viendo ahora estam9s2018
Phouvan Vihaphat (5 days ago)
Eso paso 10años atrás
Arkady Nalegach (6 days ago)
Хуета какая,какая хуета....
Numa P (6 days ago)
military the World? US military in deed. WHY do you show a Russian plane going off an Air Craft Carrier if it did not??? Get LOST biggot. The Real laugh are the American Pilots. Get lost
Max Schiller (6 days ago)
У создателя этого ролики, неувязка со слухом но
Hannah 22Eyes (6 days ago)
dude, if you wanna be an asshole and do the clickbait thing... at least step up your photoshop game - worst thumbnail pic ever! thumbs down because you're an idiot. oh yeah, music is shit too.
денис smi (7 days ago)
Музыка гавно, а этак норм
李玉峰 (7 days ago)
HORSE SIX ZERO (7 days ago)
Jesus fuckin Christ, this fuckin stooge video gets almost 8 million hits and my gaming videos can't even break 1000 and my editing and sound management are 100 times better than this shit.
Eugen Eugenius (7 days ago)
Фанарь ваще и музыка тоже
Rustam Akramov (7 days ago)
Эх пилоты земля пухом вам
Roger Leggott (8 days ago)
You incorrectly spelled subscribe
SimonFoxxxxxx (8 days ago)
Звук это попросту ёбаный позор!Неужели ленность отредактировать?Наложил одинешенек саудтрек поверх другого в итоге кровь из ушей!Похоронные мотивы вперемешку с весёленьким роком....Чтоб для тебя двое суток не вынимая этот треш внимать.
.. Доцент бы принудил...
... Если вы не верите, сможете- проверите... ... Какой дурачина туда пойдет...
jOsHuA -why- (8 days ago)
The music is annoying
حوراء Huraa (8 days ago)
Макс Иванов (8 days ago)
дизлайк нахуй
бля, говнище плохое
Christian (8 days ago)
The music it's idiot like you...
BackSeatHump (8 days ago)
Shit. Ouch!
MrKloetenklaus (9 days ago)
US Military? :/
Patrick Atkinson (5 days ago)
MrKloetenklaus gospel music
Foxy plush (9 days ago)
Gabriel Rojo (9 days ago)
Hey breakfast frist
Alcibiades Troncoso (9 days ago)
Thomas Sylvester (9 days ago)
Almost 9 minutes of my life I will never get back.
Juan Lopez (10 days ago)
Most of the jets aren’t even us military jets
Ah soo, wo sind das Trencias de Colore?))
Влад Ипатов (10 days ago)
ты что руских обосрал мкдила если конечно для тебя пизда
Roy Bennett (11 days ago)
Awful vid.
Anonymos Amine (11 days ago)
ces avions militaires c'est clair
Demondaze (11 days ago)
Great video.....muted.
Alan Peterson (12 days ago)
Who the Hell comes up with this Horrible music?
Home Cook Food (12 days ago)
Подводная Истребитель баевую задачки на полгода подводой
Не падают лишь те, у кого уже нечему упадать)))
george hinckle (13 days ago)
one time i crashed one of these planes and i was walking it off, you know, parachutes dragging me back and all. so, i bust out my checkbook and i was like, how many zeros in a billion again?
Автор видео целый олень!!! Начал олично , а позже повторы и одинешенек эпизод на полный ролик. Тфу, ты создатель дебил, лишь пора на твоё говно издержал.
logan ultragamer (14 days ago)
The thumbnail was photo shopped
click bait...top 10 or top 20 min???
comcastjohn (16 days ago)
Need to learn to distinguish between aircraft as well, not all we’re American.
J. Bror Erik Bergkvist (16 days ago)
Brought to you by Sukhoi, sponsored by RT.
Frankly Frank (17 days ago)
idiot music
Arqam Khan (17 days ago)
You don't know the spelling of SUBSCRIBE. LOL😏😏😄😄😄
Randy Watson (18 days ago)
Музыка канала ООЮ
3玉響 (18 days ago)
Only in Russia
Ice reinis Ice Reinis (19 days ago)
Mark Atkinson (20 days ago)
Not a great video. Try editing next time.
В схожую ситуацию может угодить хоть какой боевой истребитель,- по другому это хореография на, а если компютер на даст пилоту что-то сделать, что не вписывается в его программку, то это не военный самолёт, этак будто лишь лётчик знает где больше шансов выжить либо эффективнее полететь, там не до запретов!
ああ ああ (22 days ago)
Daniel Ramirez Cruz. (22 days ago)
good vídeo..
Matthew Smart (22 days ago)
Misleading cover, music overlapping, last part with the 4 Russian SU-25s is long and boring...
Nothing for Indian air Force Indian air Force have a record to crash it's in aircraft
Thai Duong Tran (23 days ago)
đôi khi trục trặc động cơ và cũng đôi khi phi công quá tự tin mà họ gây ra 1 lỗi mà kg thể nào lấy lại đc
Sing paeh siah tah jelema garelo teh
nick beaman (23 days ago)
Playing the same video multiple times just to make the video longer is very annoying. And what’s with the 2 songs at once?
Tengiz Gelashvili (24 days ago)
Dr.Uwe Dietrich (24 days ago)
Phil Brenner (24 days ago)
How do people go about this? Let's find the crappiest camera on earth and start filming interesting stuff?
Chen Yao (24 days ago)
First, music is stupid. Second, those incidence are not at all happened in 2017.
loki4145 (24 days ago)
истребитель 5-ого поколения откажется? даже если нужно удалиться от ракеты? нахрен тогда он нужен?
Judy kim (25 days ago)
Andrei Mirzakhamidov (25 days ago)
Пидор ты сука а в американской армии взгляни куда ни плюнь все херня
Harry Kuheim (25 days ago)
Pilot Error...Pilot Error... Pilot Error....it's the same 90% of the time. You're Kaput /Obsolete Jet Jocky's...Bring on the UAV's...
PianoMan Smith (25 days ago)
Ejecting is a good way out but unless things have changed, the MINIMUM altitude normally required ( over land ) used to be 300-feet, giving the 'chute a chance to open and take effect to slow you down before landing. Any closer than that to the ground and you just might land pretty damn hard.
Bengt Lindberg (4 days ago)
Isn't that how it was about 60 years ago? Now the chairs go up to enough altitude.
Snipes P4k1 (25 days ago)
Wrong music u retard
Samay Singh Gandhar (26 days ago)
A like fighter planes very much ✈️✈️
ايمن المصري (26 days ago)
ZOID (26 days ago)
Says US millitary *clearly shows a russian mig jet in the thumbnail and the first video*
дудки блять Вы желали чтоб всё выходило с первого раза в ж*** однако не обучались вытирать с первого раза а здесь техника для этого и происходят ли не Ровк
Rajeev Kumar (26 days ago)
This not 2017 video's
Howie Feltersnatch (27 days ago)
take this sorry fucking music and shove it up your mothers ass
ToughAncientSpark (27 days ago)
Had to turn that god damn music off.
Carmen Aguilar aguilsr (27 days ago)
633181852 s,sxcort por el kulo 5 pavos la hora
Vic (27 days ago)
Worst music ever !
Aniceto Maldonado Jr (27 days ago)
Thumb down for that awful soundtrack. Reported for clickbait.... Fucking bullshit filler replaying the same crashes

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