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How To "Profit" In CSGO: 2018 Edition

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Results may vary. Trading can be tedious and it may seem like you are never getting anywhere. Especially if you have the wrong items. I am here to try and help ease the pain and hopefully help you out in the long run. However don't let this video be your only stop. check out all of my other trading related content and subscribe if you'd like to see more in the future. Humble Bundle Monthly: Get Civ 6 + DLC + Owlboy and more when you sign up soon, it helps me out, it helps you out but most importantly it donates to charity! https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?refc=m0dw57 Websites I buy skins from: www.bitskins.com www.opskins.com As i said in the video there are definitely other sites out there but these two are the best in my opinion.
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Text Comments (74)
Logman Driveabus (2 months ago)
bitskins is a good site
Logman Driveabus (2 months ago)
Gnomey i guess what happened was it was a scammer that acted like a trade bot i am sorry for being ignorant
Logman Driveabus (2 months ago)
Gnomey dude the bot got trade banned its all good
Gnomey (2 months ago)
Thats not on bitskins thats on valve, valve implemented a 7 day item trading ban on every item
Logman Driveabus (2 months ago)
i accepted the trade offer to sell my skin on the website and the bot kept the skin and i am looking to rectify the problem
Gnomey (2 months ago)
Bitskins.com functions as opskins.com does. The only way you got scammed was by either going to the wrong website with a similar name. Or you didnt actually get scammed and you aren't looking to rectify the problem.
HeyItsRitzy (2 months ago)
Like 20% of this video is an ad
Blockgame Player (4 months ago)
*cough* 7 day trade restriction *cough*
Aley Afifi (24 days ago)
that shit is soo annoying
Angelo Cella (4 months ago)
Couldn't you just hide your e-mail?
injection (5 months ago)
i made 10 keys profit today im happy
injection (5 months ago)
Gekko look up how to trade with keys on YouTube and watch a couple videos
injection (5 months ago)
Gekko just buying skins that people are trying to sell fast and cheap and reselling
Gekko (5 months ago)
Haptic injection how ?
Aniket Sharma (5 months ago)
Please help me ... How do i start off trading with one key and a Voilent Diyamo (StatTrak) ??
Diggy Hazard (6 months ago)
Is it worth to buy keys in opskins? They are pretty cheap, wouldn’t you be making profit.?
Blockgame Player (4 months ago)
lol obviously
DeadHaunt (6 months ago)
You sound like nick bunyun
Billy (6 months ago)
csgo trading is pretty aids. I've been trading with keys for a bit and everyone wants overpay.... in fucking keys
melas (6 months ago)
Is a Huntsman Slaughtetr MW with an angel pattern on both sides for $125 okay?
Flou (7 months ago)
How can i make profit with 4 keys?
Oscar Armstrong (24 days ago)
just get some more money lol
Denisz Neymar (25 days ago)
Flou simple, you don’t
finn burns (7 months ago)
Gnomey, currently have a Marble Fade Bayo w/ playskins. I put 30 into csgo roll and profited around $450. What would be a good way to start trading from where I am at this point in time?
Doctor_Dubb (7 months ago)
i just shark with kato's, i got shadow daggers vanilla worth 37 keys in one trade from a kato i paid $4,99 for on OPskins...EZ
Viral (9 days ago)
Robert Gotch (6 months ago)
sucker I got sharked by a guy doing this and now I’m trying to shark someone else so I can get my money back
bosten07 (7 months ago)
What’s a good knife/skin to start off trading with 100$-$200 range
Augie (7 months ago)
Where should i trade? reddit and trading servers still? cause csgolounge/steam forums will always be bad
GUMPTON (5 months ago)
Augie yes.
TheIcyCrook (7 months ago)
what are the best cheap knives people want?
Pancake (7 months ago)
can i get independent advice :)
Paxy (7 months ago)
Well I don't know about other countries but here in Sweden people are buying stuff for like 60% market value and then selling them for 80% market value. See a lot of people buying for 4$ and then selling for 6$ but it goes up in higher valued items as well.
p4nc4k3 (7 months ago)
Staferson (7 months ago)
I just haven open trade profile people can come to me for items anf if the deal is good they get it i dont look for people anymore they are bots anyway
Yash (7 months ago)
hi gnomey i like your videos please make more videos
Best way to profit is to bet on games won a Karambit Ruby out of 30$ just betting on the major games
Rage (7 months ago)
What site do you use to match bet?
Hint! You cant make profit because everyone is crying if you lowball 1 cent
Nesa 13 (7 months ago)
I have a M9 Stained Ww and i get 0 offers for it.
Ponies In My Life (7 months ago)
I bought a karambit marble fade for 330 a couple of days ago. Was that a fair price?
Tax (5 months ago)
B Misawa He thought he meant 330 keys lol
B Misawa (6 months ago)
@Gnomey Why would he be screwed if he bought using keys? I mean why is it not profitable?
Ponies In My Life (7 months ago)
Nice, thanks dude.
Gnomey (7 months ago)
way to go thats a good move on your part
Ponies In My Life (7 months ago)
Cash and I immediately got an offer of 210 keys for it.
Yayo (7 months ago)
I have a M9 Doppler PH3 and someone offers me a Kara Black Laminate BS, is that a good deal?
I Suck At Rhythm Games (7 months ago)
I don't know, it's a BS knife, the demand is much lower.
Lodin (7 months ago)
Yayo if u want, up to you
Yayo (7 months ago)
Lodin He just said that he would add a Boston Cobble on the Kara on top. Should I go for it?
Yayo (7 months ago)
Lodin Yes im also thinking about that. I guess i will try to search someone with a Kara Ultraviolet MW. Much nicer knife :D
Lodin (7 months ago)
You get 10 dollars profit, but i think the m9 doppler is much nicer, but if u are trading for the profit, i would have done it, but it is up to you and i am not sure if its that many that is interrested in that knife
BL1NK (7 months ago)
who else watches gnomey's vids for his voice? ")
NextDoorGuy (7 months ago)
wow he uploaded. The more you know
Pigeon (7 months ago)
CS:GO trading is cancer, I tried it once I made like 2-4 keys in one week. Went back to TF2 trading made 700 keys in 6-7 months.
Pigeon (7 months ago)
I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not. If so it's not 100% about the players it's about the profit margins. Now it would be easier to make profit with a lot of players as more demand but you can buy shit for 30-60% off +.
Emil Laursen (7 months ago)
Pigeon thats why so many people play tf xD
Pigeon (7 months ago)
It's defiantly not a better market now. But if you start with 50-100 keys it is easy to make profit. You can start with less but takes a bit to get your way up.
Faker senpai (7 months ago)
Pigeon i used to trade in 2015 tho Is the market better now?
Boy Kid (7 months ago)
Love yo content and no bullshit attitude. Keep it up.
Ranperu (7 months ago)
Hey, I was thinking about buying a knife. Should I just buy the knife instantly from opskins/bitskins or buy keys from opskins/bitskins and try to buy a knife at a quick sell/discount?
Ivan Van Hese (7 months ago)
Go to OPskins and look for the knife you want and filter it at the lowest price or look in the sale section. You will get some great deals!
Gnomey (7 months ago)
Its up to you, buying it instantly may or may not cost more depending on the person selling it at qs, but that also means you will have to deal with another person who could start some bs during the buying process.
ViperCS (7 months ago)
So i tried trading with 100$ I tried reddit, cs go trading server 24/7, trading groups and all that for week, only scamm offers like 20 of them, Got tired gambled and won 300$ tried also trading for 2 weeks and zero trades, also a shit ton of scamm offers. Thats anoying (btw i lost 300$)
ViperCS (7 months ago)
i changed to crpytocurrency stocks its better and not depending its not like 'ey how do you make this money' 'oh its from cs go skins' 'oh you mean you play games only and thats all fake oh ok bye kid' 'but...'
Gnomey (7 months ago)
its sad but this is what most of the community is now but hopefully youll get lucky and make something back, gl friend gl
Taidgh Burgess (7 months ago)
He's back! Good to hear from you.
Juicy Juicebox (7 months ago)
I searched trading in 2018. Uploaded 30 minutes go. Best timing?
Gnomey (7 months ago)
Machko. (7 months ago)
Hey Gnomely love you and thanks for config again!

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