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Welcome to Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Walkthrough Part 19. This is a full game playthrough with commentary by Igor of GamingAwesome. Thank you for watching, rating, and commenting. Subscribe for more videos today. It's free... Mutants approve: http;//www.youtube.com/GamingAwesomeYT Twitter: http;//www.twitter.com/GamingAwesomeYT
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Text Comments (15)
Pumblingcat (2 years ago)
he ate his arms and legs
WaterViking (2 years ago)
Hey Igor do you think there will be a sequel?
Dr Ren (1 year ago)
Nocturne I hope so.
Benja Tapia (3 years ago)
no me carga tu puto video
Captain Momo (3 years ago)
The video isn't working! *falls on hands and knees* NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jack Ball (3 years ago)
Jonathan Mccarthy (4 years ago)
That's one mo fudging ugly dragon, and igor norton threw bryllcream in and he ate his own arms and legs to survive
Luke Slatter (4 years ago)
Ninja you should make all your titles shorter it would look at bit more professional e.g Sunset Overdrive Part 19: Dragon Boss!
GamingAwesome (4 years ago)
I appreciate the suggestion but including popular tags that people search for are much more important in a title than looking professional. If you look up mostly any Sunset Overdrive playthrough it will have the words "gameplay," walkthrough," or "playthrough" in the title. That's not a coincidence. It's the best way to have people find your videos on YouTube. Thanks for watching.
He ate his own linbs
needler (4 years ago)
He ate his legs and arms.
Royal Potato (4 years ago)
Yes THN they did cut off his legs and arms, well sort of, when he was thrown in the truck you could see him with all limbs so this means when he said he did what he needed to survive meant he ate his own limbs
Giovanni Nunez (4 years ago)
Also I'm first and second comment
Giovanni Nunez (4 years ago)
Yay I love this series I don't have an xbox or a ps4 only ps3 so I'm watching this
Boat Float (4 years ago)
I love your vids and this series. And have you considered playing the Deadpool game?

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