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Minecraft: MissionCastle FAIL Part 4: The Almost 7000 Steps

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Remember to leave a like/comment to show your support! This is the failed recording of Missioncraft; Immortal didn't record his audio so we'll record the ACTUAL season 2 Later. This isn't season 2 of missioncraft. 'Nuff said. Minecraft Multiplayer playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF35D41568CB1CCCB&feature=viewall ----------------------- Da' Peeps so far: ----------------------- ImmortalHD: http://www.youtube.com/user/ImmortalHDFilms Utorak: http://www.youtube.com/user/Utorak007 Mitty: http://www.youtube.com/user/MittyMoxx Jake: Doesn't have a channel.
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Text Comments (42)
si11ygir1bs (5 years ago)
So is immortal Russian?
Nick Hunsicker (5 years ago)
Immortals name is Alexander....which in short is Sasha. You're welcome.
Izzy R. (5 years ago)
Immortals name is Alecs (i dont know how to spell it) and Jakey calls him Sasha
memelord srei (5 years ago)
The rails for Luciee? She falls off things a lot....
GoldenBlackHawk (6 years ago)
Because then the ambient sounds would still be from my point of view.
Kyubi Uzumaki (6 years ago)
well if immortal forgot to record his audio why didnt u put the audio from mitty, utorak or yourself?
` (6 years ago)
Going to sub for Mitty... Cutest voice ever. >_<
Lukas Nordqvist (6 years ago)
Wtf is gg
Thomas Dasilva (6 years ago)
hennyM5 (6 years ago)
Mitty sounds like Kristen Schaal
Andrey Chichagov (6 years ago)
Trending #pityfromMitty ????????
crazydog1223 (6 years ago)
MAKE SNOW GOLAMS!!! Theyll walk around and put snow everywhere :)
m0nopoly (6 years ago)
omg im dieing to see the top of the place but this guy just wont go up! lol
Dan Smith (6 years ago)
@TheProjectHacker i so proud of you for figuring it out all by your self :'(
Dan Smith (6 years ago)
Does anybody else find it painful to watch him play? im here from Utorak and thats why im staying cuz this is some funny shit but watching hime play its like, just go up the steps already!
jjfreaker1 (6 years ago)
Jack Nesbitt (6 years ago)
i got set here because of immortal, and i got sent to immortal because of sly. ur all great youtubers and keep it up :)
TheAveragePerson (6 years ago)
Utorak is a babe
LewisIsFail (6 years ago)
Mitty will never be the new mel :)
burritosteelersdanae (6 years ago)
Immortal/Alex is awesome
ImpostorGrim (6 years ago)
is immortal name sasha?
unifred248 (6 years ago)
@thomas27031 Nobody cares :)
Thomas Hubbard (6 years ago)
i ate crakers while watching this video
AcidxJuice (6 years ago)
missioncraft. best series ever.
Syddy (6 years ago)
@pylon17 same here :3
Reactionz (6 years ago)
Utorak is the leader of this squad ;D
FEGATRON_69 (6 years ago)
mitty sounds a bit like Mel (GirlOnDuty)
AnimeFan982 (6 years ago)
jakeybabs (6 years ago)
watched something i already did once and new all plot twists before seeing them therefore dragon born
dank_69_420_memes (6 years ago)
Need snow... Therefore Dragonborn.
Wilson Wong (6 years ago)
@sambucktooth yeah
SoakedLlama (6 years ago)
sokerroks11 (6 years ago)
utorak's new obsession: STAIRS
Starclipse (6 years ago)
Almost fall down hole, therefore Dragonborn.
Sam .Bucktooth (6 years ago)
@MrWilsonres5 and a cute laugh
Wilson Wong (6 years ago)
mitty has a cute voice :)
Brandon Richmond (6 years ago)
Hey... DragonBorn... SO COOL!!! I bought Modern WareFare 3 Today as well! ~Nerd
Jake Page (6 years ago)
Mike Galuszka (6 years ago)
ZombieMafia903 (6 years ago)
2nd :3
Jeremy Desforges (6 years ago)
as soon as i finish last episode i see you uploaded this :D

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