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Nintendo Switch - Before You Buy

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The Nintendo Switch launches with a big Zelda game and not much else. Is the hardware worth the early adoption? Jake breaks it down. ★Follow Jake on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jakebaldino ★Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jakebaldino/ ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/gameranxTV *Photography/camera operation by Thomas Johnson
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Text Comments (11486)
gameranx (1 year ago)
It's pretty awesome, but not without substantial problems. Leave us questions and we'll try to answer as many as possible in as many threads as we can :D
motion memer (1 day ago)
its got one of the biggest butts
gameranx nothing broke except the screen has a tiny tiny scratch and I love my switch it’s my go to console all I play is the switch and will u pls sub to my Chanel I dont have any subs
Mafioso1731 (25 days ago)
How durable do you think are the thumb sticks? For example I feel playing a game like smash bros will destroy the thumb sticks. Do they feel like they are strong?
Jeff G (1 month ago)
You really do the hate the switch dont you
Jesus Sowood (2 months ago)
When is the legend of Zelda going on ps4
Oscar Jeffery (1 hour ago)
Does the joycock/tv adapter come with every switch
Luke Finch (15 hours ago)
Ice got one and dont regret getting it. Incase anyones bothered
AYE IT YA BOI ED (15 hours ago)
When he said it's got a bigger butt i luaghed so hard
BlitZ DrawZ (1 day ago)
hh i really want to get a switch but me broke ;_;
vocalpunk97 (2 days ago)
A year and a half later I just picked one up. I'm liking it so far, just wish there were more games. I picked up Zelda and Crash Bandicoot and they are both running great, just wish there were a little more options.
Reptiles on the Move (2 days ago)
Man. Now we have Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee on the Nintendo Switch
Crono683 (2 days ago)
Should pry do an update video on this
James Jones (3 days ago)
The screen is hard to crack
Darren A. Chilton (4 days ago)
Would be nice if you did a new video on the Nintendo Switch
DOCTER SKIPPER XX (6 days ago)
They slide off easy
Dustin Kennedy (8 days ago)
I have had issues with my joycons staying connected, mainly the right one but it’s not that big of a deal as long as I don’t cover the IR sensor at the bottom. The main thing I wanted to point out is that the kickstand is very flimsy and I accidentally broke mine off. Luckily I was able to easily reattach it without much difficulty. Other than those 2 things, I don’t have anything else negative to say about it. I’m not disappointed
PepDogg101 (8 days ago)
this is why nobody buys nintendo
Sir Jeffrey (9 days ago)
If you spill something on a joycon, run to dry it off as fast as you can. LOL
ilongjake223 (9 days ago)
its almost christmas and its been almost a year since this came out and now its amazing with online fortnite legend of zelda fortnite super mario and fortnitei reccomend buying this now (this is coming from a person who doesnt have a nintendo switch)
Displayjackgamer Yt (9 days ago)
Before I buy another one
XxxAce GachaxxX (10 days ago)
Before you buy huh? Well you already bought one
B1ack1nfern0 (12 days ago)
I want a switch so bad for Christmas I have some games that I wanna play with my friends and family but I am poor and so is my family I wanted it ever since the direct but I doubt that will happen
current games (12 days ago)
And now theres overcooked 2 on the switch
Lolo poméranien (12 days ago)
And.the price should drop down to 160
Durail Colvin (14 days ago)
Jake you're literally my super crush... Just saying
Dovless (15 days ago)
I couldnt be happier with the switch im loving it
Baqer Khalid (16 days ago)
Nintendo isn’t a competitive gaming company like Xbox or pc ps4 no because their connection sucks and all their good games are single player not competitive and again Nintendo isn’t competitive their only competitive games are ones like smash bros but those games no one can hate because even if you say it sucks that means you didn’t try it
jordan self (16 days ago)
I have one i dont really like it at all
Inspectah Loud (17 days ago)
He clearly said DILDO 7:28
Ya Boi nub (17 days ago)
Please remake this
Oi (17 days ago)
Dont get it
Dom sugar (18 days ago)
This video was made in 2017 beginning of the year it's already November 2018 I had got the system got like 7 games I have to buy me another Nintendo switch just to have it for backup because I love this system not much the only thing I don't like it's some of the games take up too much memory and the memory sticks cost too much other than that I love it I love playing online Mario Kart got 2 have
DarkMigs//King Dark (19 days ago)
can i play pokemon on it?
Tony Whilding (19 days ago)
99.99% then
Layce Lee (22 days ago)
I really want one but am thinking of holding out till the next version when they've fixed all the kinks but i don't know if i can wait that long lol XD
Godvision (23 days ago)
Guys guys... I think he is a Nintendo hater!
Tom (25 days ago)
Lmfao, it already has more killer apps than PC.
Thomas van Veen (25 days ago)
lots of bull in this vid tell something usefull and u talk to much crap
ShadowShard (26 days ago)
I think the Nintendo switch should cost less than 300 $ because its way too expensive and there are cheap plastic parts and it has weak hardware
Ahmed Badawy (28 days ago)
My problem with the switch is the game library...all the games i have played to death since 5 years. Except for the new mario no new games. Wii U was my fav Nintendo console
Joe W. (28 days ago)
Wtf, the ad on this video gives a price point of $700!!??!! I mean, I got mine about a year late, but I would never pay more than the $300 I did for it.
Jan Kaspar (29 days ago)
can you use hyperx headset on nintendo
David (30 days ago)
I don't think you're being very rough at all man lol.
maĸĸ áśz (1 month ago)
0:55,you tried to predict it but a lot of people bought nintendo switch devices 1:44 nahhhhh the weight of the switch is roughly as heavy as a ps vita and a phone from 2018 and i get that they made the switch more portable but still the ps vita is more portable even though it failed and not as powerful but its an old device keep in mind
Freddy K31092009 (1 month ago)
360$? In England it’s only £260
Lorenz Soriano (1 month ago)
I see what you did there 5:39
The Caydenator (1 month ago)
*the Nintendo switch has one of the biggest butts.*
Soccer Unbox TV (1 month ago)
i think the games are too expensive for something that is half of a console
Lil RitZ (1 month ago)
Should I sell my ps3 to get his
mango bomb (1 month ago)
Maby you shut the f**k up
alepiu saja (1 month ago)
Bought this because of zelda botw. If zelda has port to pc then i would not buy this.
AvaTheGreat 7 (1 month ago)
He’s just making it sound bad
Jackson Knaub (1 month ago)
Well the last issue that s not really a issue now in 2018
Andres Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Bought two of these for my wife and I.. Really wish they had more 3rd party , mainstream games..
I’m waiting for Play Station 5
I eat pussy Is fun (1 month ago)
*no Bluetooth connections* well I’m fucked
Kijjion Lee (1 month ago)
Pleeeeease. Now that it has been out make a video review re do?
Dick Gori (1 month ago)
I bought a switch, but hearing so much about the dock I don't even want to use it, I don't want to buy the screen protector just because nintendo screwed up with the dock. is there a way to play table top while charging it? What do I need?
Will Kadzis (1 month ago)
I bought a switch
AM1NAT0Rz (1 month ago)
Such a scam it's just 2quaters of a Wii u game pad, a toaster, a tablet from 2017 and a little tiny piece of plastic to hold it up
Owen Kovacs (1 month ago)
Boy were you wrong!
Andrew Cole (1 month ago)
The switch appeals to me because, during most of the year, I'm at home and can have it docked. However I spend at least 2-3 weeks out of the entire year on vacation
I am considering to buy the Switch. I never owned a single Nintendo console and I want to. Can someone tell me if the 3DS XL is also a good alternative.
Malhar Athavale (1 month ago)
"this has big butts"
Emory Kemp (1 month ago)
I'm a somewhat Nintendo fan who owns an Xbox One. I've grown up with both of them which is what makes this choice so hard. I've been thinking seriously about selling my Xbox and buying a Switch for a while. My biggest issue is that there isn't a very big game library for it yet. That along with Halo Infinite as well as Spyro releasing soon REALLY makes me want to just wait. But thanks so much for the great video! Super helpful👍
Universal Juan (22 days ago)
If you can afford it, keep your XBOX and get a Switch in addition
Cheese Crumbs (2 months ago)
I cant use e shop on my nintendo it says it’s not available in your country
David Kurniawan (2 months ago)
You're right about the Zelda machine, only Breath Of The Wild knows Switch the best, so far. Others are awesome too like AOT 2, but not like Zelda awesome.
Darragh Foran (2 months ago)
0:56 Boy you were 100% Wrong
Nick Mozzicato (2 months ago)
I would prefer the switch not be portable and beef up the graphics and fps. But they went the half and half route that makes it seem like its lacking as a console and more of a glorified portable.
Ìlion demoen (2 months ago)
If your pc player give me the Nintendo
Doge This! (1 month ago)
are you joking?
MegaSaSoRi101 (2 months ago)
Toooooooo late 😆
Jason dp (2 months ago)
Botw worth getting a switch for ?
Beamist Number (2 months ago)
why am i watching this after i bought it 5 min ago
Dwayne Arroyo (2 months ago)
No Netflix, YouTube or web browser yet.
Sean C (2 months ago)
Somebody likely has, but it needs to be pointed out that there (apparently) seems to be an issue with the dock, mostly because a moron was the designer of the thing. Docking it = the unit is almost completely sandwiched between 2 pieces of plastic, and the vents are blocked, both of those = heating increase & cooling decrease. Bad bad bad. Any PC gamer can tell you heat = death when it comes to these things, and there have been more than a couple cases of the device actually warping because of it.... To be clear, I meant warping in the way of physically bent or twisted out of shape, not warping in the FTL space-travel kind of way.....one of those is cool, the other is not.
The ChăØs NY (2 months ago)
Fortnite is on Nintendo switch i will freaking buy it
School is Hell (2 months ago)
will have it in 11 dyas! cant fuckin wait!!
Michael McNease (2 months ago)
I won It today in a crane game 2 try’s $4 I know!
Dan the great (2 months ago)
I'm considering buying this tried the gamestop demo the joycons feel sturdy unlike the ps3 feeling like hollow plastic
Marije Hammel (2 months ago)
I just bought it and it's just so good. Everything works as promised and it's so beefy considering it's basically a tablet with some tiny (but lovely) controllers.
Ludwig Von Koopa (2 months ago)
Honestly Nintendo games look amazing on a nice big HD flat screen and they're without a doubt the most entertaining games out there so I'll never understand how so many ppl would rather play PS and X box those systems and games get so boring real easily
A1 Face (2 months ago)
I love Nintendo switches and I’m saving for the switch and Mario cart 8 deluxe
I Play Minecraft (2 months ago)
0:37 but but its got a big but
Sem (2 months ago)
Periphery Lover (2 months ago)
Hence why I waited this long to get my switch (still haven't bought in probably will get it in the coming weeks 😁)
Kyle Filbig (2 months ago)
Only my left hand works and I can't play all the games, 😥 but for the games I can play I really like the fact that the joy-con is smaller. Good job Nintendo. 👍
PetBros Ftw (2 months ago)
Well one year later I'm still spending lots of hours on mine. Games like Zelda, Mario odyssey, hollow knight, Mario karts, Rayman, overcooked etc etc etc it's the ones I can remember I spend hours on single player or multi with friends. Defo worth my £350 and I highly recommended. My brother, a very addicted pc gamer, got himself one jut cause of zelda and hollow knight and yet up to this moment he plays every day. Switch is not about graphics and 4K blah blah blah, it's about the enjoyable gameplay that keeps giving you hours and hours or pure gaming joy. Btw I'm not a nintendo fan boy and that's my first nintendo ever just to take that off the occasion
Anabelle Ferreira (2 months ago)
The dock is a big chunk of plastic you are right! Literally just one little circuit with a chunk of plastic for 120 Canadian dollars. What a rip off.
Alex Fannin (2 months ago)
being over a year in i love my switch. I was on the fence for a while and now whenever i think about it i say "why did i wait so long to buy this?" now the library of games has grown quite beautifully so id say deff bick one up
Starfire Magic (3 months ago)
Watching in 2018. I am watching as many videos like this because I want to make sure that this is what I want
Nathalia Retana (2 months ago)
This vid doesn't really make it justice. I've had mine for a couple of weeks now and I have reported zero problems. Maybe the only thing is the Bluetooth thing, but I don't really like cordless headsets, so maybe tha¡s why I dont see it as a problem. Games as Doom, BoTW and Mario Kart have me pumped! And the line up of coming soon is great. I hope to buy Skyrim soon.
jean (3 months ago)
meh. (3 months ago)
I only think the switch as a homebrew machine.
Y_u_no_ Come (3 months ago)
Finish? Bezel? What is this, a watch review?
Dr. Love (3 months ago)
To pay 430euros just to play Bayonetta 2 and 3 OMG i hate Nintendo fuckin i9diots they could have more money if they make games for all platforms
fabian mac (3 months ago)
I want to buy it to play Smash, am I making the right decision?
Abenyu (3 months ago)
fabian mac yes, smash will be an amazing game if you’re a smash fan, also games like Botw Oddyssey Mario Kart are great on the go or on the couch
GoingToKermitSuicide (3 months ago)
I can’t find any switches for under $200!!
poppin potatoes37 (3 months ago)
mine broke is there insurance for it :(
A beautiful Apple (3 months ago)
Am i the only one having minor problems with my switch? What i mean by that is that, the left joycon goes up and down slightly while attached to the mini screen as well as half of my right joycon going forward and backwards because the rail is a bit flimsy. The last problem is that the right upper side of the screen is a bit out but i don’t think i can push it down meaning its probably ok. I am just putting it out there to see if i should replace my switch but i don’t know if i can since the store i bought it from is a bit strict when it comes to exchanges and a bit risky since they try to repair my switch instead of giving me a new one and if only it is not repairable they then switch my switch.
TalenGio (3 months ago)
A beautiful Apple I feel you with the OCD, if the joycons move even the slightest, I go nuts. I usually just open the stand and use the joycons wireless.
A beautiful Apple (3 months ago)
TalenGio well its not back and forward exactly. Basically the rail is a bit messed up and when i have it on the grip for example i can push half of the joycon infront. Well its not really a problem though its just my OSD hehe. Thanks for reading dude really appreciate it
TalenGio (3 months ago)
The joycons are gonna move up and down SLIGHTLY....but back and forward? Not normal.
TheChosenOne (3 months ago)
Cat King (3 months ago)
Nintendo switch? More like Nintendo Thicc
For some one who watches videos in 480p the switch is perfect
Communist Memer (3 months ago)
I'm going to get it eventually like on black Friday so it's much less expensive last time I saw it for 250 and maybe even less this year because its been out longer
The Amazing Spider-Man (3 months ago)
PS Vita>>>>>>>>>Nintendo Switch
Mario & Cappy (3 months ago)
I am fine with as low as 720p

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