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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link (The Movie)

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 The Missing Link is an add-on for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, developed by Eidos Montréal in co-production with Square Enix and was released on October 18th and 19th 2011. The Missing Link explains what happened to Adam Jensen, the main protagonist in Human Revolution, during his three-day disappearance after he left Hengsha a second time. Waking up tied to an electromagnetic chair that inhibits augmentations, Jensen bears the torture of the base commander, Pieter Burke and his aide, Netanya Keitner, who believes he is a spy with government or company affiliations. After the torture equipment strangely deactivates in Keitner's absence, Jensen flees the area in an attempt to escape.
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Text Comments (33)
Albert Richter (2 months ago)
Very good, Now If only the Game itself were for sale!
RustyGhost (1 year ago)
haha du är svensk! man kan se på knappgrejerna. det står BLANKSTEG!!!
RustyGhost (1 year ago)
men man kan ju se också på din logga
Foxtrod (1 year ago)
HAHA! Fan va galet!
Sexy Ass Mutha Fucka (1 year ago)
Daaaaaaaamn, an HOUR and 24 minutes of Cutscenes/Dialouge.. IN A DLC? fuuuuuuuuck, i guess im going to HAVE to play this bitch.
great work, you captured the atmoshpere of the game perfectly
JCDenton 2012 (2 years ago)
10:32 I cringed at that. "STOP!!" And stabbed in the balls. XD
lidia k ISIDOR (2 years ago)
mostly capitalize c. printing largest words okay
wig smey (2 years ago)
Are the graphics worse in this dlc or something? I swear they were much better in the base game.
flightJazzCinema (2 years ago)
Nice, thank you, great huge work, nice dialogs, nice script, nice 3D modelling.
vlad THRASHTILLDEATH (2 years ago)
I love this haker he speaks funny in russian XDD
williss11 (2 years ago)
Wow i always thought he just slept there for all those days...but to think there was a side story like this. Its hard for me to say if he did the right decision in letting the doctor die but i want to believe he did. Besides i think its wrong using humans as computer parts,working in that buisness has already been destine for death. Its sad that the commander died but really nice how Reed is regard like a legend. But what "truth" was the ending i wonder?
Necr0Fenix (2 years ago)
+williss11 this was a DLC added later, as he never specified how many days he spent in stasis in the main story. there is a way to save the doctor and the rest of the people by disabling the gas, but that is very well hidden. i think the truth they refer to is that Reed was actualy doing the experiments willingly and not being forced to.
MC94 (2 years ago)
Damn good editing!
Mioda (2 years ago)
+MichaelChin1994 It's unreleased soundtrack. Looked for it myself and haven't found anything :v
cr4yv3n (2 years ago)
Track at 38:40?
farrar101 (3 years ago)
Love deus ex but man I thought these graphics were amazing at one point haha
Ian Campbell (3 years ago)
Anyone know where the launcher barrel is for quinn's quest?
s0nnyburnett (3 years ago)
Better be the right fuckin boat this time, cracks me up.
Rama Dhani (1 year ago)
I watcched The MMMissing full movie here https://twitter.com/0a659481fa266a178/status/834598796365492224
Michael Kun (4 years ago)
the next time you do one of these movies PUT A WARNING NEXT TIME! theres so much graphic violence here that im sick! lol
Jeffrey Malone (2 years ago)
That just rude
Michael Kun (2 years ago)
+AlexZebol this comment was 2 years ago why reply now?
AlexZebol (2 years ago)
Lolwut? Welcome to the internet, kid.
JCDenton 2012 (2 years ago)
Don't worry, it's not blood. These people just bleed Prego.
Uncle Fester (4 years ago)
How did you hide the conversation options? 
Foxtrod (4 years ago)
I edited them out.
Farhiaosman (4 years ago)
Lasta en bomb
Ivan (4 years ago)
+Eagle6355 There is a way to save both the doctor and the prisoners. Refer to part 13 of the non-lethal walkthrough done by Deusex4life.
Sam M (4 years ago)
So...is it better to watch a Deus Ex: Human Revolution movie before or after watching  Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link movie if I am unfamiliar with Deus Ex game?
Foxtrod (4 years ago)
+Sam M Deus Ex: Human Revolution 
Sam M (4 years ago)
Understood, except for one question that came up when I was reading your reply to my comment/question: What does DSHM acronym stand for?
Foxtrod (4 years ago)
You don't necessarily need to play DSHR to understand the story in the original Deus Ex-game. It's a prequal-game, so you only need to play it if you want to learn more of the backstory in Deus ex, like its characters, organizations and some vital parts of its story. Human Revolution is, on the whole, a backstory to the original Deus Ex.  And '"The Missing Link" is part of the storyline in DSHR ;)

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